21 Weird Little Niches

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The internet is full of weird little niches.

Despite not having huge demand many have incredible potential to be profitable due to lack of competition.

Most internet marketers prefer to go after lucrative (yet more competitive) markets instead.


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Here's a list of 21 weird little niches waiting to be dominated with their monthly exact search volume for Google USA....

1. Puppet making (2,400)
2. Bone carving (1,600)
3. Abalone Diving (1,000)
4. Wizard of Oz Collectibles (1,600)
5. Baby Apparel (1,000)
6. Pie of the month clubs (1,900)
7. Arborist Supplies (1,000)
8. Luthier Supplies (1,600)
9. Hypnosis Weight Loss (1,600)
10. Elegant Prom Dresses (1,900)
11. Gold Panning Equipment (1,300)
12. Home Air Conditioner (1,900)
13. Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce (1,600)
14. Outdoor Jacuzzi (1,900)
15. How To Build A Cat Tree (1,900)
16. How To Build A Compost Bin (2,400)
17. How To Be A Mentalist (1,000)
18. Push Lawn Mowers (1,000)
19. Muslim Clothing (1,900)
20. Raising Goats (2,400)
21. Tea Gift Baskets (1,900)



How did I find these weird little niches?

In a mix of ways.

I wear my marketing hat at all times and take note of anything I see and hear of, I'm always thinking like a niche marketer and you should be too.

I also do a lot of searching around in Google, Amazon, Clickbank and other sites listed in the 101 Niche Resources page.

And there's a freelancer I work with who's continually performing niche and keyword research for me using a variety of tools like Keyword Snatcher.

Through those methods and others I can find a lot of weird little niches.

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Plan of action:

Pick a niche and build a blog, write content on the main problems the target audience face (look for common questions asked on forums and blogs) and target buyer keywords in your posts.

Due to low competition the site will easily rank in Google for long tail keywords.

Drive direct traffic from blog commenting, guest posting, forum marketing and social media hubs.

Take advantage of the $1 Aweber trial on this link to build an email list and send information and product recommendations to visitors.

Each of these weird little markets has products on Amazon and / or Clickbank.

There's very little competition from other marketers which means they have fantastic potential to be profitable.

Get involved instantly to experience niche domination success in these weird little niches!

Do you currently market in any weird niches like these?

If not are you going to try now?

Tell me in the comments section below now...


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  1. Craig says:

    Awesome list, I especially like the look of 'push lawn mowers' could be a nice site if built correctly.

  2. Hieu Nguyen says:

    Thanks for your great lists! I'm trying to digest your guide to find profitable niches :D

  3. Helen says:

    It would be very helpful if you would provide an example of this plan of action:

    Pick a niche and build a blog, write content on the main problems the target audience face (look for common questions asked on forums and blogs) and target buyer keywords in your posts.

  4. Kulwant says:

    Your damn awesome ideas are killing me, Stuart. :)

    I don't know how I landed on your blog, but now I am going to read each and every article on your blog to get awesome money making ideas.

    21 out of 21 are new for me . :P

    Thanks for putting great efforts.

  5. RJ says:

    These are surprising, I mean the niches that you have listed. Thank you. I have one question though. What products do you suggest creating for these niches? Would you do info products or physical products?

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