40 Lessons Learned From Over 6 Years Of Internet Marketing

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I've been blogging and running websites for over 6 years now.

Over that time I've learned a lot of valuable lessons, usually through failing, that would have been great to know straight away.

It's actually good to fail because you know what NOT to do next time.  And really it's only a failure if you give up.

If you examine why you failed and then work on doing it right next time you haven't really failed.

You just haven't quite succeeded yet.

You can speed up your path to success by learning from other peoples 'failures' and avoiding them yourself.


Thomas Edison

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work"

- Thomas Edison


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40 Lessons Learned From Over 6 Years Of Internet Marketing


1. Don't buy domains until you are ready to use them immediately otherwise they lie empty and cost you money. Chances are you'll never use them.

2. Google is NOT the only source of traffic and it's risky relying on it so diversify because sources like blogs and forums can actually be more engaged anyway

3. Writing about things you enjoy makes it much easier and more likely you'll make money.

4. You don't have to be the worlds expert in your niche to create a site about it. If you know more than someone who knows nothing or is new to the niche you're already in a better place.

5. Network like crazy with others in your niche for accelerated growth. Don't see your 'competition' as the enemy but as someone who you can forge a beneficial relationship with.


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6. If you want to make money you have to be willing to spend it.

7. Provide tons of value otherwise people will never buy anything you sell or promote.

8. Internet marketing is simply about discovering problems and offering a solution.

9. Be honest, open, and upfront at all times your audience will respect you for it.

10. When people say “the money is in the list” listen to them – building an email subscriber list is the wisest move you'll ever make for your online business so do it from day 1.

11. Don't put all your eggs in one basket but don't stretch yourself too thin either.

12. Your content must be really great but great content isn't quite enough – you have to promote that content like crazy too.

13. Don't be afraid to sell or promote – if you don't you'll never make money.

14. Do market research not just keyword research.

15. It's hard to travel and work at the same time so make sure you have enough funds in place to cover the periods when you're getting little work done.

16. Shiny objects and new systems just distract you stop buying them unless you have an urgent problem that can only be solved by purchasing them.

17. Don't try and do everything yourself outsource to those who are experts at it.

18. Don't be cheap – buying cheap content, graphics, hosting etc leads to poor quality work and services.

19. Interact with your audience. People connect with real life people not faceless marketers and sales copy.

20. If you have to ask yourself “should I really be promoting this to my audience” then then you probably shouldn't be promoting it.


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21. You can have the best website or product in the world but if you don't tell anyone about it they'll never know.

22. It's difficult to outsource unless you're familiar with the process yourself and understand what needs done (though obviously not impossible).

23. Create a plan and a strategy and work out how you will achieve your goals before jumping in head first but don't spend forever planning as there's no perfect time.

24. Eliminate bad customers from your business immediately.

25. Write for your audience not for yourself.

26. Treat your online business like a REAL business and not a hobby if you want to see business like results.

27. Internet marketing requires a lot of work, patience, persistence and focus it's not as easy as the banner ads and sales copy told you.

28. You distract yourself more than anyone else does so stop making excuses and get focusing.

29. You have to make sacrifices if you want success.

30. No one will truly get what you do unless they do something similar themselves.

31. Everyone will doubt you to begin with so don't tell the world you're going to strike it rich online before you've actually struck it rich online.

32. No amount of traffic in the world will make your badly converting website convert higher – you need to work on conversions first and THEN ramp up the traffic.

33. Learn marketing and you'll be good at internet marketing.

34. Focus not on 'making money' but on how to provide solutions to peoples problems and they will in turn throw money at you.

35. Be nice to people and in turn they'll do you favours and help you when you need it.

36. People buy what they 'WANT' and not what they 'need'.

37. Appealing to peoples desires and dreams helps you sell more.

38. You don't have to be a master at copywriting to make sales you just have to build up trust with your audience and deliver value and they'll be willing to buy.

39. Get reliable hosting straight away and avoid cheap, shared, hosting at all costs or you'll probably end up regretting it.

40. Use a tried and tested premium theme from the beginning because changing later can be a REAL hassle.


Is there anything you've learned through your experienced you'd like to share?

Tell the NicheHacks tribe below....


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  1. Thomas Edison's example? I think he just perfected the bulb with the help of Nicola Tesla? Edison was just a rich industrialist who knew how to buy ideas.

    By the way these 40 lessons are really helpful. 6 years experience is quite a lot. 🙂

  2. Warwick says:

    Hey matey,

    What's your preferred premium theme these days?

    Warwick (Australia)

    • NicheHacks says:

      Here on the blog I use WP-Radiance which I like but it can be a bit problematic so I'd probably advise against it.

      Otherwise Genesis Generate is great or any of the other Studiopress themes or Thesis by DIYThemes comes well recommended.