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The arts & crafts market is expected to exceed $40Billion US by 2015 which is almost the same size as the US film industry.

It's currently seeing a huge resurgence in both the UK and US and a boom in developing countries such as China which emerged as the worlds largest auction market for fine arts in 2010.

The reasons for the boom in the market are varied but include more people taking a DIY approach as people look to save money by making products themselves.

Craft items such as sewing, cake making and jewelry making supplies have seen huge increases in sales. People enjoy not just saving money but the process of making the items themselves over buying them.

Does this mean it will die out when the economy picks up again?

Not likely as it's been growing steadily for years and it's predicted that with the improved economic situation consumers will have more disposable income to spend and the major retailers will pick up on the trend



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1781 niches [new]
So how can I hack my way into this $40 billion market?

Well the first thing to do is pick a niche within the arts & crafts market.

Whether that's 'collage making', 'decoupage', 'knitting' or 'creating balloon animals' (yes that's a niche!) there's literally thousands of niches to explore and an incredible amount of sub-niches.

Once you've picked a niche you'll need to quickly learn as much as you can about it and evaluate it for profitability through using some of the techniques I talk about in the Ultimate Guide To Find A Niche Market  and How To Create Content In A Niche You Know Nothing About.

These including using Wikipedia to understand the basics, browsing through Amazon books for inspiration on topic ideas, checking both Amazon and Clickbanks market place to see what sells, joining popular forums and reading blogs to see what issues and problems people have within the niche and so on.

Or you pair up with a knowledgeable hobby blogger or forum member in the niche as talked about in my 10 Authority Hacks post.  

From there you could launch a blog on your niche of choice, create information products solving the main problems in the niche or even create a price comparison or niche e-commerce site

E-commerce is getting bigger every year and niche e-commerce sites are booming. The beauty is you don't even need to hold stock if you hook up with a dropshipper who fulfills your orders.

I really like the idea of a niche e-commerce site as people in the arts and crafts niches buy a lot of stuff and tend to by often though it will be more work than a blog promoting affiliate products.

So let me see these arts and craft niche ideas...

They are arranged in A to Z order and they also come with the monthly exact searches for USA from the Google Keyword Planner tool.

All of the arts & crafts niches listed have over 1,000 exact monthly searches and there are products selling on Amazon, Ebay and Clickbank plus a host of niche and boutique retailers.

They are all listed below but if you'd like a downloadable excel sheet copy of the list so you can further examine the list and arrange by search volume or simply keep for later you can get access by sharing on your favorite social media site....


Keyword Exact monthly searches for Google USA
Altered books 4400
Animation 165000
Antiques 90500
Architecture 301000
Art History 18100
Art Supplies 49500
Artist trading cards 3600
Assemblage 22200
Azulejo 12100
Balloon animals 12100
Basket weaving 5400
Bead Neckless 12100
Beading 14800
Beadwork 4400
Bodyart 6600
Bone carving 1600
Bone china 14800
Bookbinding 6600
Butter sculpture 2400
Button Design 2900
Cabinet making 3600
Cake decorating 60500
Calligraphy 165000
Candle Making 40500
Candle Making Supplies 22200
Candle Molds 18100
canvas 450000
Card making 18100
Cardmaking 1900
Carpentry 22200
chasing 14800
Chip carving 2400
Classical Studies 1600
Collage 368000
Collage Maker 368000
Comics 201000
Costumes 201000
Craft Supplies 40500
Crafts 90500
Crochet 246000
Crocheting 14800
Cross-stitch 60500
Custom Bumper Stickers 5400
Dance 368000
Decals 33100
Decorative Candles 5400
Decoupage 201000
Design 450000
Digital 135000
DIY 823000
Doll Making 2400
Dollhouse 110000
Earthenware 6600
Ébéniste 2400
Egg decorating 2400
Embossing 22200
Embroidery 110000
Entertainment 165000
Fabric Painting 9900
Felting 12100
Floor Lamps 55000
Floral design 14800
Frames 135000
Fretwork 3600
Friendship bracelet 18100
furnishing 4400
Glass Candle Holder 18000
Glass etching 12100
Glass Mosaic 4400
Glassblowing 1600
Glassware 22200
Graphic Design 201000
Handmade soap 27100
hat making 1600
Home Landry Detergent 22200
Home Laundry Soap 12100
Homemade Soap 12100
Homemade Soap Recipes 3600
How to make candles 22200
Humanities 40500
Hurricane Lamp 22000
Illustration 74000
Incence 111000
Incence Burners 27100
Incense Sticks 33100
Intarsia 14800
Iris folding 8100
Jewellery 201000
Jewelry design 12100
Kirigami 33100
Knitting 90500
Knitting 90500
Lace-making 1600
Lapidary 14800
Leatherworking 8100
Literature 90500
Luce 33100
Lucet 2400
Macrame 74000
Marbling 6600
Marquetry 8100
Metal 201000
Metalwork 8100
Millinery 12100
Miniatures 12100
Mosaic 165000
Mosaic Tile 22200
Mosaics 12100
Movies 3350000
Mural 110000
Music 2240000
Needlepoint 12100
Needlework 4400
Online Writing 1600
Origami 823000
Paper craft 27100
paper folding 9900
Paper making 3600
Paper marbling 1900
Paper toys 22200
Papercraft 165000
Papier-mâché 1600
Parchment craft 2400
Party Decorations 33100
Patchwork 246000
Performing Arts 14800
Photography 450000
Pietra dura 2400
Pop-up books 5400
Porcelain 74000
Pottery 49500
Printmaking 14800
Puppet making 2400
pyrography 12100
Quilling 90500
Quilting 40500
Radio 2740000
Rhetoric 110000
Ribbon embroidery 8100
Rubber stamping 1000
Rug hooking 4400
Rug making 1600
Sand sculpture 1300
Scrap booking 2900
Scrapbooking 201000
Scrimshaw 22200
Sculpture 74000
Sewing 40500
Shoe making 1300
Silicone Soap Molds 8100
Silversmithing 2400
soap making recipes 3600
Soap Making Supplies 18100
Soap Mold 9900
Soap recipies 6600
Spinning 201000
Stained glass 49500
Stamping 12100
Stickers 246000
Stoneware 14800
String art 14800
T-shirt art 1300
Tapestry 74000
Tatting 14800
Television 368000
Terracotta 60500
Theatre 135000
Tie-dye 110000
Typography 135000
Vegetable carving 9900
Video 3350000
Visual Arts 14800
Wall Art 135000
Wall Decals 135000
Wall decals 135000
Wall Hangings 9900
Wallpaper 3350000
Weaving 18100
Wedding candles 14800
Wholesale Candles 8800
Window Stickers 8100
Wood 165000
Wood burning 6600
Wood carving 22200
Wood turning 8100
Woodturning 12100
Yam 165000


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  1. Betty says:

    I am not sure what to do with the information here. I mean I have been doing craft shows for over 30 years. I have never made over $250.00 at any show. They love the eggs they just don't want to pay for them. My eggs sell for less than half of the eggs in the U.S. So I got a web site, yes that went well. Was up for 4 months not ONE single email Not ONE sale in all that time. So I have pretty much given up .I just think eggs are not something anybody wants I really regret spending money on a site that went no where at all. I am really thinking of taking it off of google altogether. Why make something no one wants. I am retired and can't afford to spend anymore on this problem. By the way YES I did buy some google AdWords another waste of money!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks Betty

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Betty,

      Sorry to hear that you're not having much luck. I can't give any advice about craft shows but websites and traffic I can. Simply having a site online isn't enough. It being in Google means nothing especially if not at the top of Google for related searches for people looking to buy what you are offering.

      You need to go out there and get traffic to your site yourself, no one will send it to you. Adwords can be one way to do it yes but you have to know what you are doing or otherwise money will be wasted and quickly.

      Traffic, regardless of site / niche, is about knowing WHO your target audience is and WHERE they hang out online then having a presence there through content or adverts.

      Though before you launch a website you do need to evaluate whether there is actually any demand for what you are offering and if you've been trying to sell these eggs for 30 years and no one is buying then I think that tells you there's not much demand for them, right?

      So a website probably isn't going to generate much money.