7 Places to Connect With Influencers In Your Niche

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Connect with influencers

This is a guest submission by Jeremy Page


Connecting with influencers is getting played out because people are talking about the same places.

This post will switch it up, giving you a look at 7 under-the-radar places to connect with influencers.

If there are a few "blogstars" in your particular niche, chances are there is a viable and eager audience for your brand of wisdom and if you try your best, you can rise to stand among them.

But how do you do that?

How do you figure out how to stand beside the biggest names and influencers in your field, especially if you're just starting to blog?

Every potential customer has a different learning style and your style of teaching could be the gift they had been waiting for to help them break through any issues they could not resolve on their own.

Your particular method of teaching, along with these 7 amazing places where you can meet and mingle with the movers and shakers in your industry are the perfect recipe for the blog success you need.


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Help A Reporter Out


There’s a good chance that the top blogs in your niche are creating articles that offer information that is timely and relevant.

To gather information for their outstanding content, many of them use HARO or HelpAReporterOut.com to send out queries for information and experts to quote or interview in their research.

If you sign up for HARO and receive their daily list of queries from reporters across the country, you will be privy to answering the call for information that could land you a link and a mention on some of the most notable websites and blogs in the world.




MyBlogGuest got hit by Google for over-optimized "guest blogging", but its still a great place to find other influencers in your niche.

It’s all about creating relationships with other influencers through sharing original content and this is a platform that will help you do that.

As long as it's top quality, you're good to go.




Maybe you’re not a novice blogger.

Maybe your blog is your business (see: Top Ten Reviews) and you really want a sure-fire way to connect with influencers in your field who can help you share your message.

Sverve, a platform dedicated to connecting businesses with high-impact industry leaders is a widely recognized tool for just this purpose.

When you sign up for Sverve, you are joining a complete social network where you can meet other influencers who will get to know you and endorse your skills as you share your content with them and connect with brands who want to reach your audience.

Only the most focused bloggers are connected with this platform and that is where you want to be connected with as well.


Blog Conferences



Regardless of your industry there is a conference for bloggers planned each year by ambitious bloggers like you who want to mingle and add credibility to their platforms.

If you're a food blogger, TechMunch would be the one. Fitness blogger? FitBloggin.



Find out which conference suits your niche and plan to attend. Once you are a part of this crowd you will get to meet the biggest influencers in your niche face to face.

Here are a few:

New bloggers don’t attend conferences, part-time bloggers often don't attend conferences..those who understand the power of the media platform they have created attend conferences and connect with others who also believe in the unflinching power of the blogging platform.

Get on their level.




In each niche there is a group that will pull together top influencers to offer wisdom to the clients, customers or fans, usually in the form of a webinar - an online event that people can attend on their laptops and interact with the leaders through live video or audio.

Attending these webinars from home could land you in your first direct contact with some of your industry’s leaders because they are actively following the participant conversation and engaging with them, usually through a chat box.

If you are actively participating you could find that your favorite industry influencer will read your name and answer your question directly, ultimately leaving an impression.

Not only can you attend the webinars pieced together by the industry’s top producers, you can also arrange your own webinars, associating yourself as a tastemaker in your industry.



When brands recognized how important bloggers were to their overall marketing plan, they rushed to find a way to incorporate blogging into their marketing strategies.

GroupHigh takes the guesswork out of which blog influencers will match up with the various brands, allowing a seamless relationship to be introduced and nourished where both parties meet their objectives.




PostJoint is a bit different from most platforms because of the fact that advertisers provide the content and bloggers can opt to publish the content as is. Advertisers can then decide which blogs they will publish their content. Very simple and easy way to connect with influencers.



Your blog deserves influencers.

Get out there and get some deals done.

Using these 7 outta-the-box places to find them, you'll take your blog to new heights.


Author Bio: Jeremy created Multiple Streams to help bloggers get bigger followings and fatter bank accounts. After a 9-month stint in Central America working from his laptop, he has since settled in Salt Lake City.


To date, Stuart has revealed well over 1,500 hot niches.

He's living his dream of being location independent, and having traveled the world, thanks to internet marketing.

The aim with Niche Hacks is to help you live your dream thanks to online marketing, whatever that may be.
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  1. Hey Jeremy and Stuart,

    Thanks for putting up this article about places to find influencers in any niche.

    I love reading this and i will share it on twitter.

    Take care and have a nice day ahead.

    -Oloyede Jamiu

  2. Hello Stuart (and Jeremy),

    Very nice article. Congrats. I knew only one methods of the above (webinars), so the other six delivered great value. Congrats again.

    I have just one question: Don't you think that the last one, Post Joint, would get some bloggers (not all) perhaps penalized by Google (supposing we care about that of course)? You probably remember the negative buzz created a while back around those little/medium-size bloggers who would publish sponsored content that added no great value at all. Do you think this Post Joint would raise just about the same kind of problems?

    I hope I was clear enough.

    Thanks guys 🙂

    PS: I will share today this article on our 57K+ newsletter. I am sure our readers will appreciate the content.


    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Davide, thanks for commenting. Glad you liked it. I don't see why it would there's nothing wrong with finding bloggers to work with. Publish low quality content however and you've got a lot more to worry about than Google. Your readers will not like you for it.

      • Hey Stuart,

        Yes, I definitely liked it. Oh yes of course, I care more about my readers than Google. It was just a doubt I had as soon as I saw that PostJoint, that's all. I will sure have a look at that more thoroughly. Thanks again for the great 7 suggestions.