Why Are You Still Going To The Office? Live & Work In Paradise Instead [Infographic]

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Why are you still going to the office every day?

If your answer is "to work" then the second question is why do you need to go to the office to work?

Most people get stumped when they ponder this question because the answer is almost too simple.

You don't.

Not all of us however.

One growing sector of society has decided to use technology in the way it was intended - to make our lives easier.

They're the digital nomads and they're having more fun than you are. (See here why you'll continue to fail as a niche marketer)

Of course telecommuting is not necessarily a new concept, but what’s unique about the nomadic lifestyle is it isn’t just about working from home or bootstrapping that start-up from the garage.

It’s about embracing humanity’s primal desire for freedom and exploration.

This infographic will show why you might not need to go to the office and how living abroad could be a sensible move for you financially...


Digital Nomads & The Remote Work Revolution


Made by: BargainFox


Your Thoughts?


The world is full of choices, places, and cultures.

It all comes down to what you desire and wish to live at while you work online.

You could be in London, but you would be much warmer in Bali

Or you could live in Thailand where the NicheHacks headquarters is based (ahem - Stuart ).

Where would you want to work? Leave your comments below...

Nader Qudimat
Forged by the iron and cold steel, Nader takes his knowledge and hulk smashes it into his bodybuilding blog, FitFrek.

He is Stuart's right hand man as a VA, and is dedicated to make a empire online and he's doing so while studying for his MBA.
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  1. hey Nader,
    I do not see the infographic 🙁

    as of digital nomadism, the rumors have it is not that fun actually 🙂 it is hard to be in a constant move and work efficiently at the same time.
    It is totally possible to work remotely and live in a warm country, but being a nomad means more than that.
    I recently saw a great article published on Hacker News, it is called "Is Being a Digital Noam a Lie?" (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10801841) , and the discussion was pretty interesting. In a nutshell, this lifestyle is not for everyone despite all of its attractiveness.
    Are you a digital nomad, Nader?

    • NicheHacks says:

      I am location independent but not that nomadic most of the time. I go somewhere and set up base and stay there.

  2. Harry says:

    I do love a good infographic! I would add that you really need to be careful in your decision of location when doing this because if you do have a successful online business and then decided to go somewhere with pretty poor infrastructure; you may end up losing quite a bit!

    I live in Laos and whilst it is certainly possible to work online here, there are various factors both social and technical that certainly don't lend itself to the whole work online thing!

  3. Zan says:

    Im in Chiba Japan. I love Japan. I wanna stay here and also bounce around. Getting off the grid is difficult. My biggest obstacle is focus. Too many domains, too many ideas. You've branded yourself well Stuart, keep up the good work. Im reading your blog posts!