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A review of Digital Product Machine by Alex Jeffreys. A six figure marketer with many successful students and customers (including Joey $58k in 7 days' Xoto) who've gone on to do their own successful 5 and 6 figure launches.

In this course he shares his insider secrets revealing from start to finish everything you need to know about launching your own profit pulling digital products.

Despite costing less than $10 this product contains information worth thousands of dollars and is essential for anyone looking to get into product launches, doing launches but not satisfied with the results or struggling to currently make money online.

I thoroughly recommend Digital Product Machine.


Alex is renowned for quality products and this one is no different.

It's a video course and I usually hate video courses as I can read quicker than anyone can talk so it annoys me having to sit through them rambling on for ages

With this product once I pressed play my frustrations disappeared because the information was not only straight to the point it was incredibly valuable too.




As the name of the product suggests it's an in-depth, start to finish guide, on how to create, sell, and make money from your own digital products

BUT it's MUCH more than some generic product creation guide.

If you're not familiar Alex Jeffreys has been doing product launches since 2008 so is a bit of an expert.

Many of his customers, including total newbies, are generating tens of thousands of dollars using his product and simple checklist.

Including Joey '$58k in 7 days'  Xoto, one of his customers, who shows how he made $58,000 in the first week with his own digital product.

As someone who is planning to launch some digital products in the next couple of months this came at the right time for me.

This is some real inner circle sh*t right here and it's being leaked out into the public domain for those of us who are smart enough to snap it up.

And just so you know I have snapped it up here's my purchase proof...



So let's look at what Alex is sharing with you here...

You're going to find out EVERYTHING about digital product creation.

From how to get ideas, create the products, to sell them and to get others selling your product for you.

Literally no stone left unturned including inner circle secrets.

The bit I like the most actually is the video about how to find and persuade affiliates to promote for you.

Most product creation courses are really vague about it

Or repeat the same stuff over and over "add your product to the product launch sites" and "build relationships with others in your niche".

But that's not really very helpful or specific.

Alex shows you some VERY clever ways to find new joint venture partners and affiliates and how to go about getting them on board for your launch.

Including sneaky Google search results to reveal 'hidden' affiliates you're just not likely to be in contact with otherwise.

I'm going to use some of these tactics to drive traffic to NicheHacks

So to re-iterate you get EVERYTHING you need to know about creating your own digital products that sell like hotcakes.

Even if you are a complete newbie with no product ideas, no reputation, and no connections and it works for ANY niche.


Let me be totally clear...

  • This IS newbie friendly as Joey '$58k in 7 days' Xoto, Ryan Phillips and many other newbies who've been customers of Alex can testify.
  • It IS a great way to make REAL money online without any obstacles. You're not hustling for 4% commissions on Amazon or trying to game Google.
  • This CAN be used in any niche and is being used in everything from IM to salsa to forex to hypnosis to dog training and more.
  • This is NOT a short term money maker it's a long term, and sustainable earner, that doesn't rely on Google or anything else that you have no control over.
  • You do NOT need much, if any, money to get started here - this is a low cost method.
  • Experience in product launches NOT required (or any other aspect of internet marketing) for you to see success here.
  • Technical skills are NOT required - you just follow Alex's guide and it's all very simple.
  • Paid traffic is NOT needed - this is all free traffic. Most of the selling will be done by other people if you follow the step by step instructions.


  • Everything you need to know about launching a successful, high earning, product is included so you can simply copy what the experts do.
  • How to find affiliates and JV partners to promote the hell out of your product on launch so you have a high selling and money making launch
  • Inner circle secrets revealed so you know what the experts are doing to guarantee success every time.
  • Newbie friendly advice on advanced topics it'd take you years to learn by yourself.


Who's It For?

If you're struggling to make ends meet at the moment and your make money online dreams aren't quite going as you'd hoped then consider this...

The richest internet marketers are the ones launching their own products not the affiliates (their are exceptions to that rule of course).

So if you're looking to finally turn those dreams into reality and live the life you deserve (freedom, independence, no 9-5, travel etc) you owe it to yourself to check this out and see if it's what you've been waiting for.


If you're already launching products and think they could do better then this is also for you.

Or maybe you're currently trying affiliate marketing, blogging MLM, SEO or some other method and just not having any luck then product launches could be the big ticket you've been waiting for.

Like I say most of the successful and richest internet marketers are the guys with their own products, so why not attempt to emulate their success with a blueprint from a guy living that dream...



Pros & Cons


  • Possibly the best product creation course on the market with literally nothing missing.
  • Bargain price for so much valuable information.
  • Insider secrets are being leaked out into the public for those of us smart enough to pick this up.
  • Alex is a stand up guy with a solid reputation for helping newbies and in some cases making them VERY wealthy – as Joey '$58k in 7 day' Xoto found out.
  • You'll find everything you need to know on product creations and launches with this guide.


  • Video only so if you're not a huge fan of video could be annoyance – however I usually don't bother with video courses and I loved this so give it a chance.


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Price & Guarantees

Considering how in-depth and complete this course is it could easily have been turned into an expensive course or training program.

And sold to you for a few hundred or possibly even thousand dollars.

You have to look at the return people buying it have achieved - Joey Xoto went from newbie to $58k in 7 days.

Yet it's priced just under $10.

You can't even get a couple of beers for that price at the pub these days.

On top of that there's 4 powerful complimentary bonuses thrown in worth over $1000.

Including the prized product launch checklist Joey Xoto used to launch his successful $58k first product.

And an incredible 'hottest money market of 2014/2015' guide showing you which markets are currently hot and ripe for the picking - this is gold!

In all honesty even if I had paid $50 just for the video on finding affiliates and traffic I'd be more than happy because that's information I haven't seen anywhere else.

To make it risk free for you Alex has a 30 day refund period where he will refund without hassle for ANY reason.

So with the incredible action packed value and the amount of insider information

Not to mention the newbie success stories, the low price, the bonuses and the guarantee this really is a no brainer for you.

If you're not making money online yet or you want to make more so you can live your dream life this is as good as an opportunity as you'll ever get – try it and see what happens you might just be surprised.

Who knows how long this will be around for or if it will stay at such a low price forever so be quick and click the link below now...



Members Opinions

I found it really hard to find genuine reviews of this product.

Most dominating the first few pages of Google are fake and biased reviews only designed to get you buying from their affiliate link so can't be trusted – most clearly hasn't even bought it.

I know it's hard to trust reviews on sales pages but Alex has 2 testimonials from well respected marketers and product creators who I don't believe would risk their reputation by reviewing something they didn't fully stand behind.

In the last 90 days I've made over $100,000 profit. I'm so grateful to Alex and what he's done for me” - Anthony Tilley

“Since working with Alex I've built 3 successful businesses and have generated over $1.2 million dollars. It's safe to say Alex Jeffreys has changed my life” - Marc Millburn


I also found these reviews across the web...

“Is Digital Product Machine a scam? No it isn’t, you do get several hours of video for your money and the advice and information is informative.

If you haven’t purchased an Alex Jeffreys product before then it’s not bad, and might be worth the $10 bucks.

If you have purchased any of his previous products though, then you might find a lot of this content is similar in vibe if not outright identical.

This rehash of products and the lack of consistency with the sales page and the actual product page may seem like minor issues to some people, but to me they are negative marks against the product.” -


“Ok so why am I telling you all of this? Well because I want to explain the reason I strongly support Digital Product Machine.

Because its a great training program that teaches you how to make money in a way that I 100% know for sure works. I know it works because its how I make money.

This is quality training by a product creator that does so many sales that he makes me look like a ‘small fry’ and teaches a way that is for sure proven to make money.

I really cant say anything bad about it.

Even the price is awesome. Its about $10. Heck even the upsell is awesome.

The upsell is $17 for a live training with Alex. That’s a fantastic deal in itself and I recommend you strongly consider “



The product creation and launch course that's generally considered the best of the best is “Product Launch Formula” by Jeff Walker (no he's not my dad).

But the last time I checked that was a couple of hundred dollars and this is less than $10 but packed with so much value it's worth $100 easily.

So I'd say you'd be better saving your cash and getting Digital Product Machine for now.


Final Opinion of Product

If you're looking to get into product creation or the other methods you're trying online simply aren't working for you then give this a chance.

As I've said several times now most of the really successful (and rich) online marketers are the ones putting out their own products.

They are the ones living the dream life, having the nice house and car, travelling the world and so on - isn't this what you want too?

There are of course exceptions to every rule but in general these guys make the most money with their regular 5 and 6 figure launches.

The product has everything these guys are doing, all the secret and inner circle details, laid out for you to follow.

I'm planning to launch some products before the year is over so I'll definitely be putting it to good use and I think you should too.


Do I Recommend It?


I found more value in the one video about finding affiliates than I've found in the past few years reading about the topic.

There was so many methods for finding affiliates packed into their that I'd just never seen anywhere else.

That on top of the fact that EVERYTHING else you need to know about product creation and launch is included means it's an essential product for any budding product creators.

And with Alex being such a success in this area and having helped create guys who are now making 5 and 6 figures regularly thanks to his advice makes it a must purchase IMO.

If you'd like to follow in the success of Alex and his customers like Joey '$58k in 7 days' Xoto then all you need to do is click below now...




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