7 Ways To Attract Easy Traffic and Create Early Momentum for Your Blog Posts

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So, you’ve written a detailed blog post after hours of hard work and research.

You’ve discussed the post topic in great detail and tried to make it as actionable as possible.

Surely, it’s enough to convince anyone that you’re a niche expert.

……..If only someone was there to read it!

You see, traffic isn’t generated just by creating high quality content.

You also need to have an aggressive content promotion strategy.

You can write as many in-depth blog posts as you want, but it’s of no use if there’s no one to read them.

But I’m assuming your content is great, and offers real value to the readers.

To attract traffic, however, you need to build early momentum by aggressively pushing your content forward in a number of ways, and on a variety of platforms.

Here are a few things you should do, the next time you press the publish button on your blog.


1. Content Syndication, Curation and Social Bookmarking Websites

Content syndication and curation is one of the best ways to expand your content reach.

Not only will it give you quick and easy traffic, but also help you gain valuable backlinks from other more established blogs.

Here are some of the websites and platforms you can use for this purpose.

Scoop.it – Thousands of users curate topic specific web content on Scoop.it. You can search the most followed scoops in your niche, and submit your post to them. If they approve it, it will be visible to their followers with a backlink to your blog post.

Business2Community – Business2Community has hundreds of blogs syndicated with it. It has a massive audience in different categories that can boost your blog traffic instantly. You need to submit your blog to be considered for syndication.

Kingged – You can attract some easy traffic and blog comments by submitting your post to Kingged.com.

Blogengage, BizSugar, Blokube – These three websites are quite similar to each other (all content curation platforms), and can expose your content to a large audience.

Digg, StumbleUpon – Share your post links (original, not shortened) along with an engaging description. Don’t just Digg and Stumble your own stuff, share relevant content from other people as well.

Reddit – Reddit is very different from other social networks. It has a largely young audience that loves to talk about cool stuff and viral content.

But it can also send thousands of visitors your way.

To make your social bookmarking and content syndication efforts more effective, I recommend using Fiverr.

You can find a lot of freelancers who’d post your content to different social bookmarking and curation platforms for just 5-10 dollars.


(P.S. If you'd like to download a free checklist of 31 blog traffic secrets click here or the image below)



2. Social Media Groups and Communities

No content promotion or traffic generation strategy can be complete without the effective use of social media.

But to be really successful, you need to regularly engage with other social media users even when you’re not promoting your own content.

The best way is to follow the 80-20 rule i.e. 80% of the times you promote other people’s content and 20% of the times you share your own posts.

This is when people really respond to your updates and share your content.

Anyway, here’s what you can do immediately after publishing your posts.

LinkedIn Groups – LinkedIn groups are very lively places. A lot of business users actively engage in discussions on LinkedIn. Join as many relevant LinkedIn groups as possible, be a part of different discussions and share your posts where relevant.

Facebook Groups – Facebook groups can be a real jackpot in terms of traffic. There are lots of niche specific groups where you can post your content and attract traffic.

Facebook Advertisements – I personally find Facebook ads as the most cost effective paid method of generating targeted traffic. When you publish a post, spend $10-$20 on a Facebook ad campaign to give you a quick traffic boost.

Google+ Communities – Just like Facebook groups, Google+ communities are traffic hubs. But you need to be a regular participant in order to effectively promote your posts.

Just ReTweet – I just love this website. Just ReTweet gives you hundreds of natural retweets in no time. It works on the simple formula of “you scratch my back, I scratch yours”.


3. Influencer Outreach

If the top guys in your niche endorse your content and share it with their followers, you can get a significant traffic boost.

Twitter Feed is a tool that can help you with blogger outreach. This tool doesn’t boost your traffic immediately. But it can be used as a part of a long term cotent promotion strategy.

You can use it automatically Tweet the latest blog posts by influential bloggers.

By regularly sending social love to the influencers, you get in their radar.

So when you post something, they respond with an RT as well.

But just to make sure, mention them in your Tweets and let them know you’ve published something new.



4. Submit Content to Blog Roundups

Many blogs, in different niches, run weekly or monthly blog roundups (also known as link parties) in which they invite other bloggers to submit their best content.

Find such blog roundups and approach them with your posts.

You can find them using Google search terms like:

  • [your niche] + blog round up
  • [your niche] + link party
  • [your niche] + best posts of the week/month
  • [your niche] + weekly industry round up


5. Schedule Social Media and Email Updates

Sharing on social media isn’t enough to attract regular traffic.

You also need to schedule your social media updates regularly and at the right times. I recommend using Buffer for this.

If you have an email list, use it to generate traffic on your new posts.

For example, Neil Patel sends two email updates every time he publishes a new post.

The first one is sent immediately after the post is published, while the second one is sent 24 hours after the first email.

You can take this even further and add a weekly or monthly blog update email as well.


6. Industry Specific Forums

There are hundreds and thousands of industry specific forums, platforms and discussion groups where you can submit your posts and attract traffic.

But just like social media, to find success you need to engage with people regularly.

Here are some of the forums I’ve found very useful.

Triberr – It has almost every top internet marketing blogger as its member. It’s a great place to build relationships and long term partnerships. But if you’re a regular user, you can also generate a lot of traffic by sharing your posts.

Inbound – Another internet and content marketing platform with dozens of influencers.

ManageWP – If your content has anything to do with WordPress, you can share it here. But don’t overdo it. Share posts from other users as well, otherwise you’ll be blocked.

Apart from these three, you can use other niche specific sites like ImNewsWatch.com, Serpd.com, Tipd.com (very popular for the finance market), BetterNetworker.com, DesignBump.com, DesignFloat.com, Tutorialized.com, and Pixel2Life.com.


7. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is one of the oldest content promotion techniques, and it still works.

It doesn’t have any SEO benefits now, but it can certainly send you natural traffic.

While commenting, though, you need to keep two things in mind

You should target popular blogs that have a large social media following, and receive regular comments.

They should be relevant to your niche, so that you attract only relevant traffic.

You can also be more specific by targeting blogs that use the ComLuv plugin, so that the link to your latest blog post is displayed with your comment.


(P.S. If you'd like to download a free checklist of 31 traffic hacks click here or the image below)



Attracting quick traffic and creating early momentum is crucial in order to maximize the online exposure of your blog posts.

By aggressively pushing and hustling your content on different platforms, you can create the snowball effect and spread your content far and wide.

You can then combine these techniques with the more long term strategies like list building to convert your traffic into business assets.

So, did I miss anything? How do you attract quick traffic on your posts?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


Author Bio: Jawad Khan is an experienced inbound marketer and a freelance blogger. He helps small businesses, tech startups and entrepreneurs strengthen their brand image with high quality blog content. Follow him on his blog, Writing My Destiny.


Jawad Khan
Jawad Khan is a content marketing consultant and a freelance blogger for hire. Follow him on his blog, WritingMyDestiny, Twitter and Google+

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  1. Hi Jawad,

    I am huge on blog commenting.

    Great tips, all super smart.

    I comment on relevant, authority blogs regularly and have seen a nice spike in traffic through this technique. I take it a bit beyond though. Meaning, I comment primarily to grow strong bonds with other authority bloggers.

    These bonds lead to prospering opportunities for all parties involved. I snagged some world-renowned endorsements using this approach and some neat speaking gigs too.

    Really, if you're willing to chat for a bit, the world is your oyster.

    Stop by, post your opinion for free, and many readers and fellow bloggers will be more than happy to connect with you, to read your blog, to subscribe to your list and to simply prosper you, as you've prospered them.

    All comments are content. If you write a mini guest post, you're adding really helpful, thorough content to posts. Most pro bloggers know this and appreciate it, deeply.

    Win-win for everybody involved.

    Jawad, thanks for sharing and Stuart, thanks for sharing your platform.

    Tweeting now.

    Merry Christmas guys!


  2. Raja says:

    Awesome ideas shared you in this blog, I just looking forward to see this type of feature. Thanks

    Happy merry xmas

  3. Nzaman says:

    Really this is a nice article. Blog Roundups are totally new for me. Thanks

  4. Missed this post first time around with all the xmas rush.

    Another excellent guest post, the author really deserves kudos for a very high quality article. Great info and some traffic sources I was unaware of!

    Hopefully I can find some free time to use this info!

    Also, well done to Stuart for finding these great bloggers. I am impressed and a little jealous!!

    Best of luck in business guys;


  5. Stephanie says:

    Great tips! And a few I didn't know about. I recently shared a link on one of the subreddits and got a huge boost in traffic. It's a lot easier to rank on the smaller subreddits than the front page. Bonus is, it stays on the page for a day or two.

    I am just starting with facebook ads and have found them easy to use. They also give you a lot of information about your audience so it's easy to target and keep your click price low.

    Thanks for the informative article.

  6. Peter says:

    Nice one there! These are very helpful, I just made a list of them. This time around I shall surely implement them to see the outcome. Hope everything turns out to be good!

  7. Siddaiah says:

    I never heard of blog roundups, i will try there to get some traffic to my blog, rest of the things i am doing as of now, thank you for your information about Blog roundups.

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    Hi Jawad, Thanks for your complete guideline. As well i am New Blogger i was looking for "How to Boost My Traffic" And i got your Article on Google. By reading your Article, i got a lot's of important points. I am going to follow them from today