Supercharge Your Email List Growth - 4 Strategies From The Experts

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This is a guest post by the co-founder Gareth Bull, of EmailOctopus - Email marketing for next to nothing.

Constantly looking at your subscriber list gradually trickle up? Thought so, well you’ve landed on the right post to maximize your email list today.

Getting an email subscriber is one of the hardest but most rewarding way to market any business online. Infact, Matthew Woodward values each of his email subscribers at a whopping $17.81!

I’m going to go through four of the best techniques that are proven, high quality strategies that you simply can’t ignore - from some of the best internet marketers in the business.


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#1 The Content Upgrade by Brian Dean

Brian Dean of Backlinko made his name in the SEO world, but more recently he covered a particular subject that appeals to a much wider audience, email marketing.

Brian didn’t think to himself “I need more traffic to get more subscribers”, he concentrated on improving his conversion rate of his most popular blog posts.


The Technique

Firstly, Brian added a free downloadable checklist at the top of his post, shown below.




This is a great way to entice the reader into actioning, a call-to-action as us internet marketers would say!

Brian’s content is superb and if the reader has reached the bottom of the post, they’re clearly interested and want to learn more and are now much more likely to subscribe - conversion opportunity central, right?!

To capitalize on this conversion opportunity, Brian added a (this time huge) downloadable checklist to the bottom of the post.






The Results

A massive 785.01% increase in email subscribers compared to the previous month!

Find your most popular post in Analytics and start the content upgrade from there.




#2 Ugly Optin Boxes By Stuart Walker

Stuart Walker of NicheHacks actually called out Matthew Woodward directly on his blog, showing Matthew exactly what he’s been missing out on to gather more email subscribers.

One of the best points Stuart made was; ugly opt-in boxes, we all think they look horrific but they convert like hell and Stuart Walker is the king of these!

Check out some screenshots below from Stuart’s blog, remember the uglier the better, test it out today and see how they convert!



Put this into place...

1. Using Analytics, find your most popular post (the more traffic, the easier to test)
2. Add your ugly optin boxes, you can even make your content upgrade ugly
3. Test, test, test. Find the colours/design that converts the highest with the conversions section in your Analytics software.


#3 Convince & Convert By Kevan Lee

Kevan Lee from the famous Buffer Blog wrote this post back in June of this year.

One point in particular stood out massively for me and it’s something I never really thought about but it’s so simple to apply to your blog.

I’ll show you how to apply the convince and convert below.


2 step guide to the convince & convert
  1. Find your place to add the convincer, a sidebar subscriber widget or a popup, basically anywhere you’re sucking up email addresses.
  2. Add your social proof, either your subscriber count or a testimonial from a recognized industry name works well too. Something that will convince your readers you’re the real deal!


Depending on how many optin boxes you have, this is a very small job that’ll help you enjoy more subscribers without more traffic!

Kevan split tested their HelloBar (which is so easy within the backend of HelloBar) and not surprisingly the convincer, the “social proof” mentioning the 20,000 subscribers converted the best!

Here were the exact HelloBars Kevan tested:




#4 Distraction-free Landing Pages By Eric Siu

Eric Siu of Single Grain wrote this epic article on Eric dives into distraction-free landing pages which are a sweet way to get maximum conversions from your paid marketing.

Pointing the user to a proven high converting landing page template LeadPages is the easiest way to convert high from day one.




Matthew put together a superb actionable step-by-step video below:




These four tactics are proven methods by some of the biggest players in this market. How can you ignore that?

If you’re serious about growing your email list, put each method in place to supercharge your subscribers.


This is a guest post by the co-founder Gareth Bull, of EmailOctopus - Email marketing for next to nothing.

To date, Stuart has revealed well over 1,500 hot niches.

He's living his dream of being location independent, and having traveled the world, thanks to internet marketing.

The aim with Niche Hacks is to help you live your dream thanks to online marketing, whatever that may be.
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  1. Jon Haver says:

    Stuart, thanks for sharing these tips. Definitely like the one from Backlinko.

  2. Amen to that ugly opt in Gareth! Stuart knows that eye-catching works, whether folks think they're ugly or simply, attention-grabbing. Some of my most hideous opt in boxes and forms do the best jobs converting because even though some are repelled by these boxes most folks really vibe with them, on some level, as they enter their information into the boxes.

    As for the good old fundamentals, I find my 6,000 word or longer, in-depth, researched, well laid out posts reel in subscribers pretty freely. If you put an eBook out there each week for free value seems to find ya. At least it does in my case 😉 Really, whatever you put out there freely returns to you multiplied, as it's all karma. Give freely, receive easily, and that's why I'm blogging from paradise.

    The other techniques seem like they work pretty well too. Brian's huge on giving away a ton of valuable content, and again, big lists grow exponentially if the list owners/builders keep sharing that good, valued content with their audiences. Give, receive, to see optimal results.

    Gareth, smart approaches here! The ugly one makes me LOL but it's true. A bit of testing and some possibly garish, less than simple, plain forms, will do the biggest converting. Weird when you think about it.

    Thanks for sharing!