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This is a guest submission by Luke Guy.

Like a binder to a book, so is the email list to a blog.

So today I want to show you how to get your first 100 email subscribers.

Increase the effort and you can go from 100 to 1,000 email subscribers.

Cool thing about this is once your email list is large enough, you can make money as you go.


(P.S. If you'd like to download a free list of 34 ways to grow your email list click here or the image below)


So How To Get Started:

There are many ways to go about this, let me show you your options:


1. Guest Posting

Guest posting is amazing when it comes to growing the list and probably one of the most rewarding.

It takes a lot of strategy to land the pitch of a popular blog, but it’s not impossible.

But if you ever publish on one famous blog, it’s only matter of time before you’re publishing on all the others.

I have had the opportunity to write on most blogs that deal with marketing, which is truly a blessing.

It has open doors and could lead to a career for you one day.

Imagine writing for Forbes and having that as part of your resume.

So it’s just landing that first pitch in which could mean everything.

It could mean growth to your blog, email list, profits etc.

The benefits are endless really, but let’s focus on how this could grow your list initially.

By writing for a blog that get’s at least 300 shares per post, it shows the traffic coming to it.

There are other ways to learn about the size of a blog. By using the below tools, it could save a lot of time.

Here are some tools to learn the stats of these blogs:

By using these tools you can learn the blog you’re wanting to post for.

Research my friend is everything when it comes to success.

Write down these blogs and sign-up for their newsletter.

Get a feel of their style and see if it matches your niche.

Join them on social media. Put yourself on their radar.

Be a regular commenter.

Once they become familiar with you, they will warm up to you.

If you see they accept guest-post, it’s only a matter of time before you’re up on their blog.

Find what’s missing on their site and be that missing puzzle piece.

Take some days to write that amazing post and just do some serious research.


So let’s break this plan down into a list:

1. Make a list blogs you want to write for
2. Study their traffic and do some research on them
3. See if they do guest post
4. If so, join them on social media and their newsletter
5. Comment on their blog
6. Learn their site
7. Pitch the Guest Post
8. Link to your site
9. Become Famous:)


Once you’re accepted, include a link within that post to you.

Let it be on topic about the subject and actually to the conversation.

If you stay on topic and master it, when you guest post you’ll have plenty to link to at your own site.

Also that traffic that flows from these guest post will be in niche also. Which is what you want.

You’re bringing people to your site who would buy your products, join your list, and become a fan.

Simply because you stayed on topic and became the figure for that subject.

Like me, I talk about email, and I stick with that.


2. Facebook Ads

If you have money, you can get your first 100 subscribers tonight.

I wouldn't do this unless you're sure you can make profit with this list.

Because if you’re spending money, you’ve got to be making it back some how.

The great thing about targeted ads is that you zone-in on the audience that clicks.


Learn the below to expose your ad to the right people:

1. What age is your audience
2. What’s your competition
3. What’s something else that’s related to your niche but not in your niche
4. Is your field dominated by females? Great:) They have the money anyway. Focus on females


The tighter you can make this list the better.

It may be more expensive, but it makes them more valuable to your list.

By doing surveys and figuring out these people, you will be able to speak their language.

Once you do this, create a tab on your Facebook fan page and embed an email sign-up with a great reason to join.

It’s not only cheaper to do this, but the conversion rates are higher.

You may also want to give something away on your fan page, but require an email and name.

Your goal is to build the list.


3. Forums, Social Networks, and Q&A sites.

People have questions, and you have the answers.

By simply answering questions and making one’s life easier, you will become the super hero.

Do this consistently, and soon you’ll be amazed how your list will grow.

Find questions related to your niche and answer it (use this to get ideas on what post to write).

Talk about your list a lot and how people can join.

Once you answer a question, ask that person to join. Don’t be spammy, but be resourceful.

If that person had the question that’s related in your niche, that makes him/her a potential reader, subscriber, customer.

By helping one, you’re helping thousands.

Soon people will search that question and you’ll pop up with the answer.

They will follow the links you offer, and they too will join the list.


You can do this with:

1. Forums
2. Social Networks
3. Q&A sites


Just keep the conversation natural and actually help the person.

Tell them you focus on this subject and you know a lot about it.

By finding that related question upfront, it makes everything else so easy.

A great way to generate high quality traffic to your site is simply answering questions.

It doesn't take but one visitor with a million dollar company to hire you to be their consultant, marketer, or writer.



4. Contest

Another cool way to grow the list is by doing a contest.

By offering a prize that’s high demand in your niche, it will gain attraction from people you want on your email list.

The prize doesn’t have to be expensive either.

I’ve heard of $80 products gaining thousands of visitors.

All you need is an amazing contest with some traffic.

Having a list of a few thousands really help with this, but there are other ways to get attention for contest.


Like for example:

1. Writing to bloggers and letting them know about your contest
2. Get bloggers to share on their social networks
3. Publish your contest to giveaway sites
4. Email all you blogger friends about the contest
5. Guest post about the contest
6. Submit to Reddit, Stumbleupon, social network groups
7. Tweet about it like crazy


Study The Prize

The prize is just as important as the traffic, if not more, when it comes to contest. So by studying your contest prize you can make that list grow tremendously.


Do some research with these tools:


Make a list of prizes that you know your niche would want.

Use the above tools and compare the demand for each.

Figure out the prices and see which one you can afford.

You may be able to work out a deal with the company in giving it to you.

I’m not promising that will happen, but it just may.


How Long Should The Contest Be?

Unless your list is huge, I’d suggest 15-30 days.

Soon you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t.

By installing Google analytics to your contest plugin or blog post, you can see what exactly is sending you the most traffic.

Social networks is what sent me the most traffic for my contest, but the guest post brought higher conversion rates.

Also remember once that contest is over people will want to unsubscribe.

Urge them not to un-subscribe, and tell them you may put on another contest soon.

Tell them to stick around and enjoy the content you’ll be sending them their way.


(P.S. If you'd like to download a free list of 34 ways to grow your email list click here or the image below)



Final Thoughts

This is a strategy I’m using today and it’s working great.

Once you learn how to monetize that list, the list will explode.

Reason being is that you’ll be able to advertise and spend more money promoting it.

So don’t give up and keep working at.

There are so many ways to grow the list.

You will figure out some other ways and soon you’ll be writing how you grew your list to 10,000 people.


Author Bio: Luke Guy is an email marketer and blogger. He consults for businesses on how to keep open rates high and how to make their emails most effective. 


To date, Stuart has revealed well over 1,500 hot niches.

He's living his dream of being location independent, and having traveled the world, thanks to internet marketing.

The aim with Niche Hacks is to help you live your dream thanks to online marketing, whatever that may be.
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  1. Great tips Luke.

    Starting off a site, guest posting definitely is the best performer especially if you tailor a landing page for the guest post but my fav is still the Facebook Ads route. Aside from the regular feed ads, FB also made adding script for remarketing (which also allows uploading an email list) easy as hell.

    I haven't done your #3 for a while. I definitely need to do those again. I've been answering too much on Quora recently and not even trying to get them to opt in was probably a pretty bad mistake on my end.

    Keep up the cool work Luke!

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Dennis, thanks for your insights. I'm experimenting with FB ads and Perfect Audience to retarget through Facebook Ads. Failing with FB ads and getting some small results with retargeting, super cheap clicks!

      Any tips?

      • Dennis says:

        The answer is always "Depends on the niche and copy" but to be honest, based on my tests, the end offer (sign up on emails, just be a lead, traffic to blog) or product is more important to start with.

        Like, if I wanted leads, building a webinar or video landing page is really effective for leads coming from FB ads. There's even software that could send email to those that reach only up to certain points of a video.

        Retargeting is totally different though and more expensive. Ive had the best results with uploading my email list. Retargeting blog traffic (separate audience based on specific pages) work well to drive traffic back (If you stick with 1 style for a while then it's fine, but the work involved to improve copy and update it to be relevant ads is well, a bit too much at the moment for me. So if you have a dedicated manager that could run this, then it's fine)

        I've seen Matthew Woodward do FB retargeting. Compelling offer -> landing page signup. Simple, effective.

        I havent tested PA yet, I've been with adroll. Still making sure I test it fully before checking PA.

        • NicheHacks says:

          Retargeting is more expensive?

          I've been getting really cheap clicks using Retargeting thorugh FB Ads using Perfect Audience than I did with straight up FB Ads. Though I'm new to the whole thing so it could have been total luck. 😀

          Thanks for your detailed reply. Good to get some insights. I need to spend a lot more time on it. I'd like to really focus on paid traffic going forward.

        • Luke Guy says:

          Ultimately the offer makes/breaks the campaign efforts. I agree with this.

  2. Great post Luke. Guest blogging has come to the top of my priority list as I try to build my audience. Another incentive for guest blogging could be the fact the some major blogs pay for their guest posts. This allows the guest blogger to make some money while gaining traffic. Here's a post I wrote about paid guest blogging.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Thanks for the commenting and the link Dan. NicheHacks has been live 10 months now. I've been meaning to do some guest blogging all this time but never got round to it - just finishing up my first guest post this weekend finally.

    • Luke' says:

      The benefits are endless: Back-links, Profit, Traffic, Subsribers. The list goes on! Thanks for reading.

  3. emanuel says:

    I agree anyone looking to increase their e-mail subscriptions should try the contest giveaways. I used it on one of my niche blogs with a social locker so before they optin in they need to share my post then they are able to opt in. That grew my email subscriptions fast. Nice post!

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Emanuel, so to let someone opt into your blog you first made then share your site?

      That to me seems counter productive as you're putting an extra step in the way of letting someone sign up and it will annoy a lot of people. They WANT to join your blog but you force them to share it on social media first before they can do so.

      Did you test this against simply letting them sign up without a share and see what results it had?

      • emanuel says:

        Yeah the only reason I did this was to get some more exposure on social media obviously the ones that are seriously interest in winning the prize do all the steps and once they do I get some more exposure through social media. I have it optimized for seo but they are long tail keywords and do not bring in to much traffic most of my traffic is through social media but yeah next month I'm going to remove the social locker and it should bump in my opt in but this was just a little trick I did to increase my exposure on SM. Even though it's annoying alot of people do it lol. I get atleast three a day. My niche blog is about 2 months old. Thanks for the reply and the posts keep them coming! 🙂