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Vector email marketing conceptThis is a guest contribution by Kristi Hines.

Here is the scenario. You have created a niche website that has valuable content.

Whether you have one page of great content or dozens, you won't get traffic unless you promote that content.


In addition to a solid link building strategy that will increase your keyword rankings in Google search, you can use what I like to call discussion marketing to get traffic to your website immediately.



1. Find out where people are talking about your niche.

If you've chosen a popular niche, you will find people talking about related topics throughout the web.

For many niches, you will have to do a little deep digging to find the actual discussions versus competing niche websites.

Take online degrees, for example.

If you do a Google search for online degrees, you're just going to find all of the other online degree niche websites.

If you want to find discussions related to online degrees, you need to look on Q&A sites such as...

* Yahoo Answers
* Reddit
* Quora

Plus, you will need to look at forums.

There are going to be ones specific to your niche (in this case, Talk College Confidential) and ones not specific to your niche, but have sections for miscellaneous discussions.


2. Match questions people are asking to content on your niche website.

Next, you will want to search for questions related to your niche website's topic.

When you put a keyword or phrase into the Yahoo Answers search box, you will get some quick suggested questions.



On Quora, you will need to perform a few searches to find some great questions.




The same goes for Reddit.




Once you've done some searches, you will likely notice a pattern of the types of questions that are most often asked.

If you don't already have content that will answer the most popular questions, now is the time to create it.




3. Pay close attention to the keywords people use in their questions.

In addition to noticing the types of questions people are asking, you should notice the keywords people use when asking the question.

For example, not everyone uses online degree. They use online degree, online master degree, online computer science degree, degree online, and similar variations.

Note these keywords as they will be crucial in the next step.


(P.S. If you'd like to download a free list of 1,781 profitable niches click here or the image below)

1781 niches [new]


4. Create highly specific Google Alerts.

Google Alerts allows you to get notified when a new result appears in search for a keyword or keyword phrase.

You can have these search results delivered directly to your inbox on an as-it-happens or daily basis.

To create Google Alerts that will drive niche website promotion opportunities to your inbox, you will want to combine where people talk about your niche with the keywords they use to talk about your niche.

Here are some examples and how they work. "online degree"

This Google Alert will find new exact mentions of online degree in questions on Yahoo Answers. "online degree"

This Google Alert will find new exact mentions of online degree in questions on Quora. "online * degree"

This Google Alert will find new mentions of online degree in questions on Reddit.

The * will allow you to get new mentions of any words in between online and degree, such as online psychology degree, online computer science degree, online master's degree, online master degree, and so forth. "online * degree"

This Google Alert will find new mentions of online degree (plus variations) in questions in LinkedIn Groups.

inurl:forum "degree online"

This Google Alert will find new exact mentions of degree online in forum discussions.

inurl:showthread "degree online"

This Google Alert will also find new exact mentions of degree online in forum discussions. "online college"

This Google Alert will find new exact mentions of online college in discussions on the Talk College Confidential forum.

You will want to create a Google Alert for all combinations of keywords plus places where people talk about your niche.

As you can probably tell already, this can become time-consuming process.

To simplify things, I created a Google Docs spreadsheet to build the queries. Simply enter your keyword or keyword phrase, and the spreadsheet builds your alerts.




You can get a copy of this spreadsheet by clicking on this link and using the options under the File menu to make a copy to your own Google Drive or download it to your computer.

This spreadsheet uses the =CONCATENATE() function to grab the keyword in column A and add it to the different sites in columns B through H.

The formula in cell B2 looks like this.


So when you enter "online degree" into cell A2, you can copy "online degree" from cell B2 into Google Alerts.




There is no way to import Google Alerts, so you will have to create them manually and customize their settings.

But after the initial work is done, you will start getting opportunities to promote your niche website delivered to your inbox.





Alternatively, for those who would prefer not to get alerts in their email, you can have them delivered as an RSS feed and add them to an RSS reader like Feedly [] for daily monitoring.


5. Review your emails on a daily basis and respond quickly.

Be sure to review your Google Alerts emails once a day.

When you find a great opportunity to promote a piece of content from your niche site, do it as quickly as possible.




The goal is to be one of the first people to answer the question.

By being first to answer, or as close to first as possible, you increase the following.

* The chance that your content will be the chosen as the answer.
* The chance that, in a system where people can vote for the best answer, yours will be selected.
* The chance that when others visit this discussion, they will click on your link instead of reading the rest of the posts.

The key to providing the most valuable answer and getting traffic back to your website is to answer the question and make your link the source for the answer.




Even if you are not the first or even the best answer, answer the question anyway. People who visit the discussion later may not like the first or best answers, but instead like yours.


6. Review your analytics.

As with most online marketing strategies, you will want to review the effectiveness of your discussion marketing via Google Analytics by looking at your Traffic Sources report under the Acquisition section.




This report should help you determine which websites' discussions drive the most traffic to your niche website.

Pay attention in particular to the pages per session and time spent on site, which will alert you to the traffic that is most interested in your niche website's content.

You can dig deeper into which specific discussions drive the most traffic by using this custom Full Referral Google Analytics report .

Once installed on your niche website's profile in Google Analytics, you can access it using the Customization menu. It will give you the following information.




That way, you can determine which sources, questions, and keywords drive the most visitors.


In Conclusion

Discussion marketing can be a great way to build traffic while you are working towards increasing your organic search rankings and other traffic generation strategies. If you've used this approach, be sure to let us know how it works for you in the comments!


(P.S. If you'd like to download a free list of 1,781 profitable niches click here or the image below)

1781 niches [new]


Author Bio: Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and ghostwriter. In addition to developing blog content for businesses, she maintains niche websites related to mal-shis, online education, and photography.

Kristi Hines

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  1. Hey Krisit,

    thanks for sharing these tips. I've only tried Reddit and Yahoo Answers before, maybe I should give Quora a shot.

    I also like the full referrer template for Google Analytics where my data is still very rough, Guess I have to work on that 🙂

    Thanks again!

  2. Carl Radley says:

    Thank you so much for this great post. I have heard about there being ways to do this but had no idea it could be set up so quickly!

    Great strategy to get more traffic and engage more people! Many thanks!


  3. Howie says:

    Thanks for this article and ESPECIALLY the spreadsheet for helping to streamline getting those alerts entered. I had always had very basic Google Alerts set up and they have helped spark more than a few ideas for some of my best content.

    However, I didn't realize how specific and targeted you could make those alerts, let alone reach to specific forums and answers. Really great stuff! I am looking forward to seeing what comes through, as my niche is one that people are typically engaging in comments and forums. This will save a bit of time and takes some of the tedious work out. Much appreciated and all the best!

    • NicheHacks says:

      Yeah it was new to me just how targeted you could make them too, that's pretty useful.

    • Kristi Hines says:

      You're welcome Howie! I was using Google Alerts for a while before I realized you could use Google's advanced search operators to create more customized alerts. That's helped me get the emails down to just what I need. 🙂

  4. Hi Kristi!

    What an awesome article. Yahoo Answers was one of my main ways of driving traffic to my website when I first started out, glad to hear it's still effective. I stopped using it when my account was banned for spamming, which I felt was a bit odd because around 40% of my answers were voted as the best answer for the questions I was asking, and all of them were genuinely helpful replies.

    Hopefully they've become a bit more lenient. These days I still use Yahoo Answers to figure out new ideas for articles, although I had never thought of using Google Alerts to help me out with it. I never knew the alerts could get so specific either, so thank you for that! I'm certainly going to have a lot of new uses for the tool now.

    Never used Quora, I'll have to check that out as well.

    Thanks Kristi!

    - James

    • Kristi Hines says:

      Thanks James! I think Yahoo Answers has become a bit more lenient - I don't spam and my answers are 100% relevant to the questions, but I'd say only one out of five is link free. So far, it's been alright.

  5. Qoyyuum says:

    I knew about the Google Alerts but never knew how to use it until now. Thanks for the tip! The tactics you set out were very intense on building direct marketing. I should definitely give this a try sometime once I go aggressive on marketing.

  6. Kristan says:

    Are you kidding me??!! Every single post of yours that I read is absolutely packed with great, actionable info, but this one... THIS one takes the freakin cake. I've been using alerts, but I wasn't setting them up correctly and I had no idea!

    And the Google Alerts Creator? Holy Lord, you've outdone yourself.

    I'm not a huge fan of Yahoo Answers - the activity on there always seems really dated, at least for the searches I'm conducting. Are people still using it??

    Thank you for always providing valuable content that I can immediately put into place. You are awesome!

    • NicheHacks says:

      Glad you like this post Kristan. Kristi did a great job with it.

    • Kristi Hines says:

      Thanks Kristan!

      It really depends on the niche you are trying to promote as to whether Yahoo Answers will work for you. I've found that people are asking questions about online degree programs on a nearly daily basis, so it gives me lots of opportunities to promote my site. 🙂

  7. Bobby says:

    Just wanted to throw my "thank you" into the ring as I've always wondered what the best approach was. Also another thank you for the template. I too have ignored Google Alerts b/c I didn't want to have my email flooded with irrelevant alerts.

    Do you ever (or have a method to) research questions that receive the most traffic?

    • Kristi Hines says:

      Hi Bobby! There is one tool that I know of that actually gives search volume for questions - It's $19 for the first month, and $9 thereafter.

      You can use the free version to get the questions delivered to you in CSV format, then copy those questions and paste them into Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

      Another option is to go to, Yahoo Answers, and similar networks, type in your keywords, and look at the questions that come up. A lot of times, you'll come up with common themes. 🙂