How Google Kills Millions Of Blogs A Year Through SEO

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This is a guest submission by Luke Guy

SEO, it’s on everyone’s minds. To have traffic flow from Google could raise profits and grow readership by leaps and bounds.

Millions of sites/blogs go up every year, hoping to receive favor from this monster size of a search engine.

They hear of the success and the life people live when receiving traffic from the largest source in the world.

They think heaven has arrived when Google is sending them the massive traffic of their dreams. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well have you ever heard “What comes easy goes easy.” ?

The benefits from Google is great, but many depend on Google like it’s a life-line. It’s their only hope (they think), and this is never good.

I’ll explain.


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How Google Kills Profits Even For The Big Guys

Sites like eBay have clashed with Google before, and it’s never pretty.

Some even speculate up to $200 million was lost one year because they “Weren’t getting the new buyer traffic from SEO” -Bob Swan (eBay Financial Officer).

This was caused due to one Google penalty.

Google is powerful because it’s where people go when having a problem.

When they need to sell the smartphone (for instance) they may type “sell used iPhone” and find eBay there.

Now if that person already knew about eBay, more than likely, they would go straight to

But if you don’t know where to go… Where do you go? Google.


Other Scary Traffic Stories

Problogger, Copyblogger and others have written how traffic dropped off because of changes made by Google.

Like for instance Darren Rowse (back in 2009) once announced that his rankings had dropped overnight along with his traffic.

He stated no link-selling was happening and that no explanation was coming from Google.

Here’s what he said:

“Both had page ranks of 6 yesterday and previously ProBlogger was a 7. Even has been hit and it’s on a subdomain. Looks like something’s going on over at the Googleplex – is anyone else noticing changes today or did someone over there take offense at something I said? Maybe they don’t like that I took AdSense off ProBlogger (joking).” -Darren Rowse

Andrew Youderian, founder of, once talk about the Penguin update and how it affected his business.

80% of traffic tanked after the new update. Simply because of the new changes Google had made.

He had two businesses online. One business he created the traffic for (by guest posting, networking, email list etc.), and the other traffic was created by an SEO firm.

The one that was ran by the SEO firm was the one that fell almost to it’s death (the one dependent on Google).

The other survived, but can you afford a 80% decline in your traffic if you’re unlucky?

Do you have time to listen to every Google announcement?

Other Brands That Have Been Penalized By Google:

  • Mozilla
  • BBC
  • Interflora
  • Overstock
  • JC Penney
  • Washington Post
  • BMW
  • WordPress

If these guys have been penalized by Google, who are we to be any better? Sooner or later it’s going to happen to you. Are you ready?

“Each year, Google changes its search algorithm around 500–600 times.”

Here’s the thing: It only takes one to crash your business.

View Google’s Update History Here.

So how in this cyber-world can you prevent such a drop in traffic?

If you’re depending on Google, you can’t really. Sure you can prevent some drops in, but not all of them.

Future updates could even get worse. Backlinks may not be of any value unless linked by a high ranking blog.

It’s already getting to that point now, but soon I see this getting stricter.

Backlinks still count these days, and little quality blogs still help a lot.

But soon they may not hold water. The more high quantity/quality links the better.

Which has been true for a while now, but Google will define what quality means by a stricter level.

Just wait.

So if you’re thinking passive income, and that traffic, is just a link away from Google… You’re right… But not for long.

You must capture that traffic somehow. You must control and contain that traffic power or it could mean the death of your business.

Neil Patel (SEO Expert) saw 228,418 visitors disappear in a single month because of Google. Not pretty.

So what is the solution to all of this?

You must capture all that traffic, because more than likely they will never come back anyway.

But how do you do this?



The Epic-Traffic Capturer: The Email List

Gaining traffic with SEO can really give you a boost, and it can happen in a short amount of time.

You just need to capture that traffic. You do this by getting their emails.

Like wild stallions, that traffic is uncontrolled when coming from Google.

Is it possible to receive 50k-80k traffic a month and never come back? Yes it is, I’ve seen it.

That’s why you need a list, and that’s why you need to leverage your traffic sources.

Stop putting all your eggs in one basket, grow with other traffic sources, and then capture them with your amazing email collecting system.


Examples Of Traffic Sources Like:

1.Social Media
2.Comments On Other Blogs
3.Guest Posts
4.Email Signatures
7.RSS Feeds
10.Social Bookmarking
11.Directly from business cards, billboards, newspapers etc.

So what you do is build traffic, from these traffic sources, and send them to your site.

Then build an email capture system such as pop-ups, side bars, embedded opt-in forms etc. to capture those emails.

From there you send that email list content every week and make their lives easier.

The longer you send that email list content, the stronger that traffic power becomes.

If your open rates are going down, that means your content quality is going down.

What’s the point?

At first it may seem pointless to be sending free content for months, but your growing that list to build traffic, community, and profit.

It’s worth it. If that list contains even 500 hot fans, somebody is going to buy what you have to offer.

This is how successful launches are built, and that’s by putting the hard work up front.

You send free content for in exchange of payment one day. No one expects you to work free… Well some do, but you don’t have to.

Build that list and drive that community crazy with some amazing content directly from their leader.

Then offer a product, affiliate links, consultation and watch that profit grow.

What does this look like in strategy form?

1. Build Blog
2. Write amazing content
3. Build Email Capture System
4. Build traffic from outside sources
5. Capture emails
6. Email that list once a week
7. Send them to your blog
8. They share the article and you capture their friend’s emails
9. Repeat steps 4-9 from here out
If you love presenting creations before an audience, then this strategy is for you. And that’s what today’s subject is all about.

Helping, persuading, creating, and building. Not living for Google.

It’s hard work, but very much worth it.

So don’t depend on the monster size search engine.

Depend on other means of traffic and capture them with that well built email system.

If Google decides to help with traffic, then great!

If not, that’s okay too, because you were ready for that anyway.


Author Bio: Luke Guy is an email marketer and blogger. He consults for businesses on how to keep open rates high and how to make their emails most effective. 

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He's living his dream of being location independent, and having traveled the world, thanks to internet marketing.

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  1. Hey Luke,

    I think you're right and that's exactly what every website owner should do: not having all eggs in one basket.

    Don't rely on SEO, but still use it. Same with Facebook, Twitter etc. and together it will give a nice big stream of high converting traffic to bring home the bacon 🙂

    And the best: If one source disappears you still own the business you generate through email lists and other sources.

    Well said Luke, thanks.

  2. Chelsea says:

    Hey Luke,

    I like your point about building an email list as the epic traffic capturer.

    From what I've seen, this is really the only traffic you can remotely count on: it's your audience that you built. You own the email list and have 100% control over how you treat it, which really isn't so with search engines or social media.

    Nice article!