Use This One Simple Trick To Find Future Amazon Products (So You Can Create & Rank Sites About Them Before Anyone Else Does)

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hot amazon products


Would you love to know about hot, upcoming, Amazon products before anyone else?

You could create sites around them (or content on your existing sites) before anyone else even knows they exist let alone has created content on them.

By being ahead of the trend you could have your site firmly ranked in Google and 10 steps ahead of other marketers putting you in a prime position come launch day.

It's like making money from the future.


(P.S. If you'd like to download a free list of 1244 expensive Amazon products click here or the image below)


Here's how to do it....

Go to Google News (

Type “announced” (including the quotation marks) into the search box and hit enter.




Up will comes news stories that feature the word “announced”.

Many of these news stories will be about yet to be released but announced products.

Scroll through the news stories and pick out stories about products ignoring ones about shows, events and so on.

Amazon pretty much sells everything so you know the products are going to be sold there on release date.

There are obvious exceptions to keep in mind. Not many people buy cars for example on Amazon so you can safely skip past these ones.

In some instances for big electronic items Amazon even has a pre-sell option so you can be making commissions from these products before they are even released.





In the first 5 pages alone I found out about the following upcoming products:

  • Neverwinter Xbox One Game
  • Samsung Galaxy Alpha Cellphone
  • Spider Holster Medium Lens Pouch (for digital cameras)
  • Shin Megami video game for Nintendo 3DS
  • Little Big Planet 3 video game

These are clearly all going to be big sellers.

All you have to do now is create your standard Amazon product review style site and get it ranked in Google as soon as possible.

Try and pick products that are not due for release until a few months time so you have time to create and rank the site.

You don't want to pick one that's due for release within a matter of weeks and your site ends up in the Google sandbox and doesn't rank in time.

Using this one simple trick you can find hot Amazon products that have yet to be released, create a site around it, rank it and profit before anyone else even knows the product exists.

What are you waiting for?

Start making money from the future NOW!
(P.S. If you'd like to download a free list of 1244 expensive Amazon products click here or the image below)


What do you think of this strategy?

Do you use it already or was it new to you?

Do you have any other ways of finding hot upcoming or new products?

Let the NicheHacks tribe know in the comments section below...



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  1. George says:

    Great article!!!
    How would you handle the sandbox situation for this type of site?
    You would buy an expired domain and try to rank your site faster (even before the product is released)?
    Or buy a new domain and plan to promote products that will be released 6+ months after you start building your site?

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey George, either could work. You definitely need to start early either way as you want to be ahead of the trend.

  2. josh says:

    why are you fucking telling people about this trick wtf can't you keep your mouth chut

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Josh. I'm sharing it because this is a blog where I share information.

      This trick has been around forever and many people know it. Most people will read the post and go "oh that's nice" then never bother to do anything with it.

      Business as usual.

      • Usman says:

        Hey Stuart, You replied very nicely to Josh who even used slang language, Well, People like Josh are full of non-sense and pathetic as well as greedy in all terms.

        Sharing true and worthy tips and tricks honestly and guiding truly your readers builds user trust and its about users only, may be someone life changes.. its all about prays that a good blogger get from his loyal readers and earns respect.

        Regards, people don't bother to do anything even reading a post .. No one knows do they have resources or not, skills.. some people don't have financial freedom.

        I must say that you provided extremely helpful knowledge to readers while you have grip and researched data. So, please continue sharing your knowledge. Sharing true knowledge readers which even blogger is using not easy, its need a big heart to share something worthy to help others.

        I must mention Omer an instructor on Udemy gives free worthy knowledge and even telling how to forecast your earnings from a website. No one shares such stuff like this..

        Best Regards,

        M Usman

        • NicheHacks says:

          Hey Usman, great comment thanks for sharing. Yeah it's all about sharing the knowledge and that way we can all benefit.

  3. michael says:

    How would I go about setting up a review style site, when the product is not been released.

    In other words, how can I review a product that has not yet been released.

    AND, if I'm not writing reviews for this site before the product is released. What sort of content would I add to the site?


    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Michael, just because it's not released doesn't mean there's no information on it. I'm guessing that chances are you're not going to buy it before reviewing it even when it's released, right?

      Most Amazon affiliates never do.

    • Muddassir says:

      Hi Michael,
      Review style site is just an example. You can write anything related to the product like how-tos, pros-cons, comparison with other products, features, tutorials, first-impression, what to expect, faqs etc.