Hot New Diet Niche In The $20 Billion Weight Loss Market

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Mediterranean foodIf you're a regular reader you'll know that every week I try and evaluate a hot niche market, show you why it's profitable and how you can dominate it.

This week I'm looking at a hot new niche called the 'Mediterranean diet' part of the huge and lucrative $20 billion dollar weight loss market.

This diet has really picked up steam recently and is one of the top 3 searched diets on the net after paleo and atkins.

People like this weight loss method because it allows them to eat tasty food that is actually good for you - fresh fish, meat, nuts and vegetables are in abundance.

Compared to other diets this one allows people to eat a wider range of foods and doesn't restrict their eating too much.

This hot diet niche will only continue to grow in popularity.


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Let's Look at the Demand

Here's the monthly search volumes on Google for the niche. As you can see it's in huge demand and some great keywords.

mediterranean diet keywords



And here's the Google Trends data showing the popularity of the diet...

medi diet g trends



Reasons to get Involved in this Profitable Niche

The weight loss market is worth $20 billion and there's enough room for you to grab a slice of the pie with this profitable sub-niche.


People who go on diets rarely manage to keep the weight off and will try on average 3-4 diets a year – meaning they keep coming back for more and more products = repeat sales.

Do not underestimate how profitable the diet market can be.

You're not limited to simply selling your audience information on this diet – they'll also appreciate information on other new diets, fitness tips, recipe books, cooking guides, healthy foods and more.

Over 5,700 products on Amazon on the topic all with over 50 reviews – hot selling products that YOU can promote.

mediterranean diet amazon

10 core products on Clickbank with 70% commission rates and thousands of other related products on weight loss and diets – meaning huge commissions for you.

Over 30 blogs listed on blog search engine – great for networking, getting content ideas and driving traffic and that's not including general weight loss blogs.

mediterranean blog

Over 13 million results on Google for the term meaning lots of demand for the information you'll be providing.

3 dedicated forums on the subject and thousands of other weight loss forums – endless supply of traffic to your site through forum marketing.

Top 5 Facebook groups on the niche have over 20,000 likes – hugely popular market to make money from.




How You Can Hack Your Way Into The Niche

As always I recommend if you're going to do this do it properly and build a niche authority site on the subject.

You'll need the following:

  1. Dedicated hosting designed for WordPress such as WP-Engine
  2. Self hosted WordPress install
  3. Cheap domain from a trusted registrar like NameCheap
  4. Premium theme from a trusted site like Studiopress as they create incredible responsive themes,
  5. Aweber to grow your email list – get a $1 trial here.

Scope out the best content on the net by checking the most popular blogs and seeing their most shared content or entering your keyword into to see what's heavily shared THEN set out to better it.

Or alternatively outsource it to pro writers or enthusiasts in the niche.

Drive traffic from the many forums, blogs and social media groups on the subject to your site – don't just limit yourself to Mediterranean diet but any general weight loss or diet sites.

Build your email list with Aweber and update your audience of new content and send the occasional marketing message promoting one of the many Amazon or Clickbank products.


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  1. Shalu Sharma says:

    Mediterranean diet niche looks really promising. It is a good one as we all are passionate about health and food and you combine them together, you have a great niche. In addition, there will be no shortage of blog posts from videos to recipes. Great topic for affiliate marketing. I bet even Adsense will go well with it.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Shalu, yes this is a good niche. Huge too. So what are you waiting for? Get involved! 🙂

  2. Kulwant says:

    Stuart, I am very much impressed with your efforts and ideas..

    Can you please let me know how do you do this? Means any special tools or just with the help of Google Keyword Planner tool?

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Kuluwant, do which bit exactly?

      Find niches? Lots of different ways, keeping my eyes and ears open and always figuring out if something is a profitable niche, keyword / niche research tools, browsing online market places and affiliate networks and more.

      I discover dozens of new niches every day just by keeping my marketing hat on at all times.

      Hot Tip: I heard last night on BBC News the Muslim Clothing market is worth $96 billion globally....

  3. Writer Town says:

    Stuart, this is great. You remind us all that infiltrating a market is not impossible, no matter how saturated it may seem. In fact, it is saturation that allows us to network and build relationships with other people in the niche. This concept applies to the Mediterranean niche, the general weight loss niche and any other niche under the sun.

    Keep up with your great content, man, and nice to meet ya!

    Elvis Michael
    Fellow Warrior

  4. Chris M says:

    Hi Stuart, awesome post here. I am passionate about keeping in shape and eating healthy and also looking to get started in internet marketing. This sounds like a fun niche that I think could do very well. What do you think about the potential of an authority site centered around specifically the mediterranean diet?

    • NicheHacks says:

      Yeah there's potential there Chris but you'd have to really look into whether this diet is long term and sustainable or is it a fad diet?

      Google Trends can give you some information on how popular it's been over time and if you could find out when this diet started and how long it's been popular for that would be a good indicator to whether it has longevity.

  5. Prasad says:

    Bro i just want to say your Awesome.Great articles about affiliate marketing tips ,keywords,Niche ideas,Etc...I think ur site is a bunch of all Affiliate things at one Place.Thanks for Sharing these type of Informative articles.Keep going