How To Write Emails That Win Product Launch Competitions, Beat Super Affiliates, And Make $8,320.24 In Just 6 Days

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As a fellow affiliate marketer I think you'll agree with me when I say:

It's REALLY hard to compete with the super affiliates and gurus.

It's difficult to sell anything in volume or make big commissions payouts.

They've simply got more experience and bigger lists than us.

And there's just so much competition with everyone promoting the same products.

It's really hard to compete....

Or is it?

Here's the deal:

It turns out you can dramatically increase your sales and affiliate commission.

And win product launch competitions

Beating the super affiliates and gurus

Even with a small list or as a newbie.

Simply using 6 different email templates.

That you can basically copy and paste for every single affiliate campaign you do.

So you're probably wondering:

"How do I win product launches and make thousands of dollars in commissions?"

Well today I'm going to make it easy for you:

I'm going to show you those 6 different copy and paste email templates

And the strategy you can use to make them product launch competition winning emails.

That make you thousands of dollars in commissions.

You ready?

Then let's get started..


(P.S. If you'd like to download a free list of 101 expensive affiliate niches click here or the image below)


Here's What You'll Learn:

  • What a product launch competition is and why they can be profitable for you.
  • How I've won the last 2 competitions I've entered (and how you can win your next 2)
  • The best strategy to win these competitions gaining you status and cash.
  • The email types you need to be using if you want to win leader boards.
  • How to differentiate yourself from every other affiliate out there so that people buy from you.
  • How often to send emails in order to get the best results without annoying your subscribers.



Busting A Common Internet Marketing Myth

But first quickly:

Before we get into how you can implement this strategy....

...let me share a quick story that busts a well repeated internet marketing myth.

Despite having a much smaller list than most of the super affiliates and gurus... which is made up of mostly so called "freebie seekers" (i.e. non buyers).

I can still outperform them on product launch competitions.

I'll often beat big names and well respected marketers who have been in the IM niche for years.

These guys have lists of 10's or even hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

So don't let anyone fool you into thinking you need a huge list of buyers to win these competitions, OK?

That's a common IM myth that's repeated over and over by people who have no clue what they are talking about

Here's the kicker:

If you treat your subscribers like gold.

And deliver real value to them.

Enough of them will trust you enough to buy

Whether they joined your list through a "freebie" method or through buying something.

Just because someone didn't start out as your customer.

Doesn't mean they won't become one later.

And doesn't mean they aren't buying elsewhere from someone else, thus having the ability to buy.

So let's get down to business...



What A Product Launch Competition Is

You might be wondering:

What exactly is a product launch competition?

If you're familiar with affiliate product launch competitions you can skip this part and start reading further down the page, OK?

If not continue reading this section...

A product vendor releases a digital product (info-product or software for example):

And in order to get a buzz around it and make sales

They run an affiliate competition offering 100% commission on the front end product

(and usually the upsells and one time offers too)

As well as cash bonuses as an added incentive.

So the affiliates who can make the most sales (usually the top 10)

Not only get their affiliate commission but generous cash prizes too.

This encourages affiliates to promote the product as they can win big cash sums.

And it gets the product vendors a whole new load of customers (potentially for life) into their sales funnel

They can profit from these people later.

Despite what you may think:

You often don't need to make huge amounts of sales to land in the top 10 and win a cash prize.

I found that out last year when I found myself in the top 5 after making less than 40 sales on a relatively big launch.

Prior to that I'd never really got involved with them much.

In many competitions since I have been outperforming “super affiliates” and “gurus”

Most of these have been around for years.

Have bigger lists than me

Are more well known

And have scores of product launches under their belt

As well as proven buyer lists to tap into.

Yet here I am with my relatively small list

Mostly made up of “freebie seekers”

(my list is mostly made up from people who subscribed to my blog not because they bought something)

And I'm dominating leader boards.

If you keep reading you can too....


The $8,320.24 Win Proof

Want to see some proof that I actually won first place and $8,320.24?

You'll see proof I won here.

You'll see I placed #1

I also Sold 280+ front end products (and another 50+ upsells)

And Made $2,820.24 in sales commission

An extra $5,500 in bonus cash prizes

All for a total of $8,320.24 in 6 days.


#1 on Launch Bible 2 by AJ red


Not bad for less than a weeks work, eh?

Here's one I did earlier in the month that was worth a couple of grand to me...


Adam Nolan Email 2



Again I hit the #1 spot even though I only promoted for the last 2 days of the launch.

And here's some other 1-5 spots wins from recent launches...




#2 on leaderboard 1


#3 on MDSV by AJ 1


So you can see I do know what I'm talking about, right?

However up until recently I was mostly landing in the 3-5 spots on leader boards.

Struggling to reach the top 2 spots....

....until I was recommended to check out The Commission Machine by Michael Cheney.

Since then I've a 100% win record

Placing #1 on every launch I've participated in.

If your list is still very small or your new to this:

Realistically you aren't going to win affiliate contents just yet

But you can net yourself some generous commission payments

And many contests now offer cash bonuses for as little as 10 sales.

Something you can achieve with even a list of 50 subscribers if you approach it right.

Want to find out how?

OK, let's get down to the nitty gritty...


The Strategy That Will Win You Product Launch Competitions

So you might be wondering:

When should I send emails?

How many emails should I send?

What should be in these emails?

Well here's the deal...

Before we go onto the 6 email types that make sales and win product launch competitions

Let's firstly look at the overall strategy first

Just follow these rules to have the most effective campaigns:

  • Only promote products you've actually used and have good results from or from vendors you've bought from numerous times in the past and can vouch for.
  • Be original, truthful, memorable and stay away from hype where possible to differentiate yourself from other affiliates.
  • Email every day the competition is running with a different email type every day (the 6 main types are revealed below)
  • Send an email in morning and then re-send in evening to anyone who didn't click the link in that original email (very low complain rate)
  • Be sure to make re-send headline totally different from original and you can double open and click rate.
  • Offer relevant and high value bonuses and mention them in every email
  • Use lots of screenshots to show results you achieved from the product as it increases clicks and trust.
  • Purchase proof included to show you have bought the product you are recommending.
  • 3 Emails on final day – 1 gentle reminder, one focus on bonuses, 1 final warning and then if needed to win or gain a spot offer a last minute irresistible bonus.
  • Don't send the same email over and over again with different headlines – take a different angle every day.
  • Use lots of social proof in your emails. If you have members of your audience who have given you testimonials based on products you've promoted or you see people sharing their results in FB groups or forum topics – use these as social proof.
  • By following the above strategy you're increasing your chance of landing on product launch leader boards.


Most affiliates follow the same format (you should avoid this):

  • Hyped up emails about products they've clearly never used
  • Poor bonus offer throwing in any old crap they have on hard drive in an attempt to give “value”
  • Using generic swipes provided from the product vendors (along with hundreds of other affiliates)
  • Sending the same email over and over with slightly different headlines
  • Mailing only a couple of times then giving up because they aren't seeing the conversions they expected (most people won't buy until they've been exposed to a product several times)
  • Promoting a different product every few days saying it's the next “big thing” or how it'll make you rich (how believable is that?)


Here's what the standard affiliates email looks like....


My good friend Mr Fake Guru has just released his new product's and it's the best ever.

You won't believe the results. I was amazed when I saw it!!!!!

It's so good that everyone who tries it is making $10,000 in just 7 days without any work.

You don't want to miss out on this incredible offer because it's the easiest money you'll ever make so click below now and be making $10K by Tuesday..

>> Link to spam product here


I'm throwing in $20,000 worth of crap PLR bonuses I found cluttering up my hard drive for free!

It's generic.

It's hyped up.

It makes dodgy claims that aren't backed up.

There's nothing to make you believe the person sending the email even knows anything about the product he's promoting

Let alone has tried it.

They'll then re-send this email to you 7 times or more over the next week

Until you unsubscribe from their list (good riddance)

You need to be different and it's not hard:

99% of affiliates are generic and just send hyped up crap that you know themselves don't believe in.

Add a touch of character.

Show actual results.

Vary up your emails

Promote products you've used and achieved results with

And you'll easily stand out.

Doesn't sound that difficult does it?

You'll learn EXACTLY what emails to write below...



The 6 Emails That Will Win You Launch Competitions

This is kinda crazy:

There's 6 different emails that are the most effective...

And these are enough for most launches

Want to know the best part?

You just create these once

And then use them as templates for each and every launch.

Modifying them to suit the product you're promoting.

Saving you time and effort.

All whilst making you easy commissions.

The numbers in brackets show the percentage of sales each of these resulted in for me personally on the The Launch Bible 2.0 launch

(you'll need to test for yourself)

1. Final Warning Emails (23.2%)
2. FAQ (20%)
3. Bonus Email (16%)
4. Story Email (12.8%)
5. Results based email (8%)
6. Checklist (8%)

(NOTE: These percentages only add up to 88% as in most launches there seems to be a large amount of “untracked” sales where they person didn't come direct from my affiliate link on that promo but must have been “cookied” still from a previous promotion)

Why write emails that you HOPE might work:

When you can just write ones that you can guarantee work?

Here's those 6 emails here...


#1 The Final Warning Emails

It's crazy how effective these are:

These are the most effective emails in the whole series.

They are obviously used on the final day to warn people the product launch is about to be over.

After most product launches the price rises or the product goes offline so you warn your audience about that

The scarcity or risk of paying more spurs them to take action.

You'll make the bulk of your commissions in the final day of the promo

Want to know the best part about these emails?

You barely even have to modify them from promo to promo.

It's basically a copy and paste job for every new promo you do.

Just switch up your affiliate links.


(P.S. If you'd like to download a free list of 101 expensive affiliate niches click here or the image below)


My consistently best performing final warning headlines are...

1. You've Got Less Than 8Hrs Left To Download Your Free Products Worth Over $1,000

2. This Is Going Offline Now [Final Warning]

These emails will bring you tons of sales but... obviously just can't send final warning emails.

As you need to warm people up to it first.

Do that with email type #2 as shown below...


#2 The FAQ Email:

Self explanatory really:

Answering those commonly asked questions people have before buying.

Use this nearer the end of the promo.

A day or 2 days before the launch is due to end.

These are the most common questions asked in any launch IME....

  • I'm on a budget can I do this on a shoestring?
  • I'm not a good writer can I still do this?
  • Are there upsells needed to get this to work?
  • Can this be done in ANY niche?
  • Is this product really responsible for people making $X or achieving 'X' result?
  • Is EVERYTHING I need included in the product or do I have to buy additional stuff to get it to work?
  • I've no existing list or audience is that OK?
  • Can a newbie who's never done this before really do this?
  • I'm not very technical can I manage this?
  • IS this legit as it seems too good to be true?
  • Is there any proof this works?
  • Are there any bonuses available with this?
  • Is there a guarantee?
  • Will I get support?

I learned a cool trick from Michael Cheney

In his awesome email and affiliate marketing course

Here's the deal:

Make sure you turn every question into a positive and a 'YES' answer.

Yes answer gets people on the “yes train” as he calls it

And far more likely to say “YES” when you ask them to buy the product at the end of your email.

So for example if someone asks...

“Is this a scam?”

You'd obviously want to answer 'NO'

But what you should do is re-frame the question into a positive one in your email such as...

“I've come across many scams in my time, is this product different?”

You can then answer....

“YES, this product is different. It's 100% legit and scam free, just look at the results I achieved from it....”

The FAQ email will put lots of your readers doubts to bed...

...and make a lot of sales.

But it's still not enough

So use email type #3 below to make even more commission...


#3 Bonus Email

It's really crazy how well this converts:

In this email you'll really focus on the incredible bonus you're offering for anyone who buys through your link.

These work well about mid way into a launch.

You should mention your bonuses in every email IME

But this one will be ALL about the bonuses

How they benefit your subscribers

What they are

How much they are worth etc.

Your bonus has to be unique.

Tailored to the promotion

And well thought out.

Too many affiliates think it's OK to offer any old generic bonuses they can find.

People don't want any old crappy bonuses

They want something that's going to make their purchase more valuable.

How many times have you heard that there's a $10,000 bonus available?

Only to download it and find you've got a load of PLR ebooks.

For example in the last launch I supported The Launch Bible 2.0 it was about digital product launches.

For my main bonus I research and compiled a list of 100+ niches that were profitable for digital product launches

This adds real value.

A lot of thought and research had went into it

And it was suitable for the product I was promoting.

Always make sure your bonus is super specific and will make your audiences lives easier.

This will skyrocket your sales...

...IF done correctly.

But it has to be done in tandem with the other 5 emails.

Learn how email type #4 below can boost your sales through the roof...


#4 Story Email

This one is kinda new to me, and probably you too?

I learned it from Michael Chenney again

(he's a bit of a master at story telling emails).

I've always told “stories” that were snippets of my life

Like something that had happened or my plans for the week

But I never tied them in with marketing messages

Or used them to provide lessons valuable for my subscriber (this is the important part)

So, you're probably wondering:

How do I write interesting stories that sell stuff?

It's easier than you think...

In this type of story you'll open with a strong curiosity based headline.

Follow up with an opening sentence that keeps people reading.

Follow on from there with a real life story that people can enjoy reading

Your story shouldn't hype things up

Or even try to promote

But instead tells a story people have never heard before.

For example it could be a story about how you became to know the product vendor

Or how something he taught you inspired you or changed your life

Or even something that happened to you recently.

Then tie the story in with a valuable lesson to be learned

And finally tell them they can learn that lesson by clicking on your link and investing in the product.

I'm not the best story teller in the world...

...and still these bring in on average 12.8% of sales

So don't worry if you think you aren't much of a story teller either

You can learn it.

During The Launch Bible 2.0 promotion

I told a story that started with the headline “My Creepy Obsession With A Crazy Welshman”.

This is the ultimate clickbait / curiosity based headline.

You want to click this to find out what's happening.

And it's a big change from the usual “Make $10K In Your Sleep” headlines we see so often.

I then went on to tell the reader how I came obsessed with the crazy Welshman

(Alex Jeffrey's the creator of The Launch Bible)

And started stalking him round the internet

After buying 1 of his products and it making me $2k in 4 days (all true including the stalking bit sadly).

The “lesson” I taught my readers

Was that if you want to be successful find someone who's already achieved what you want to achieve

In my case it was product launch success and emulate them.

You then tell them they can follow in your footsteps by clicking on the affiliate link and investing in the product).

It's actually not as difficult as it sounds

Especially when you understand a basic formula that Michael teaches in The Commission Machine.

Ready to read about the next email type?

This is my favourite and one that's so easy for you to do....


#5 Results Based Emails

It should come as no surprise:

People are far more likely to buy from you

If they see you've actually used the product your promoting

And achieved positive results from it.

Send this one out on day 1 as it shows you're credible from the start.

These emails show what you did and how you achieved it.

They show screenshots and proof so people can believe what you're saying.

Very few affiliates bother to do this.

Instead sending hyped up, generic messages, that have no depth or value and show they've never even used the product.

For example on The Launch Bible promo

I showed how following that strategy took me from making less than $150 per month per product

To over $2K in 4 days with screenshots to prove it.

How many affiliates bother to do that? (Probably because they can't prove it)


2k in 4 days


In the launch before that...

Adam Nolans Passive Print System

I showed how just 1 simple thing he taught me in his course

Was responsible for me signing up over 160 people to my membership site

And being worth over $5K in revenue. Not bad eh?


I can back all of this up with data and screenshots.

People know I'm promoting something that I've used and that works.

Always collect screenshots and provide data

If you haven't achieved any results from the product you're recommending

There's a crazy simple way to still get results:

Ask members of your audience if they've used it

Or other products by the vendor.

And put together a case study using their data and screenshots.

If no one in your audience has used it...

...Go to the Facebook page of the product vendor

And try and find some success stories there

Alternatively check out the sales page

And look for testimonials provided by happy customer.

And contact them to see if you can get more info.

If they are legit they'll likely be really happy to share their success.

See how easy it is to get real life data for these results based emails?

Now onto the final email of the series...

This one is easy to do and will make you lots of commission...



#6 Checklist Emails

This one was completely new to me until recently when again Michael Cheney introduced it to me.

What's the bottom line?

The idea behind it is to create a simple email based checklist.

In The Launch Bible promo (about digital product launches)

I created an email called...

“5 Things You Should Never Do When Launching A Digital Product”.

In it I talked about things you never ever should do

And hinted that there were alternatives

That would be revealed at the bottom of the email.

At the bottom of the email I told them all would be revealed on the link below (my affiliate link)

Which took them to the sales page.

The crazy thing is:

The “negative” checklists (i.e. things you should NEVER do) always outperform the “positive” ones.

On the same launch I sent an email “7 Things You MUST Do Before Launching A Digital Product”

It had similar open and click rates to the “negative” checklist but 50% less sales.


How To Get Your Subscribers To Thank You For Taking Money From Them

Want to know the best part of using this strategy?

It's crazy...

...but your subscribers are going to thank you.

Thank you for taking their hard earned money.

Here's the deal:

These 6 different email types are the most profitable there is

And the best part is you can use them in EVERY product launch campaign you take part in.

So you don't need to struggle to think up content ideas

Or how you'll approach the launch just create emails around these different templates.

Most launches last between 4-7 days

So this is plenty of emails to see you through a whole launch

Without having to repeat yourself over and over.

When I first started out promoting launches

I'd come up with 1 angle

And then just talk about it over and over again in every email but with a different headline.

And I bet you do this too, right?

Your subscribers end up getting bored of hearing about it.

When you mix it up every day they don't

And your complaint rate will be low

And your subscribers happy.

See the proof below of happy NicheHacks tribe members....


Audience Happy At Being Promoted To 2 Audience Happy At Being Promoted To


Imagine people THANKING you for taking money from them?

When done right it happens.

If you are “generic affiliate 1001”

And send the same hyped up crap

And swipe files taken from the vendors affiliate page

Forget about it

All you get is angry emails, spam complaints and unsubscribes.


(P.S. If you'd like to download a free list of 101 expensive affiliate niches click here or the image below)




Here's the kicker:

If you want to write emails...

That win product launch competitions

Beat super affiliates

And potentially earn you thousands of dollars in commissions

Not to mention cash bonuses

Then start putting the above strategies into place

Creating emails based around the 6 proven email types.

You likely won't hit the #1 spot if you've a tiny list or are brand new

But it will help you get there quicker as you'll be entertaining and educating your audience

Whilst making money from it.

If you already have an established list

And want to take your affiliate marketing efforts up a notch

Then this will help massively.

And remember often you don't need that many sales to land in the top 10.

I've placed top 5 on as low as 40 sales before.

The average affiliate cannot send more than a handful of sales

Because they send the same generic emails as everyone else and people just shut off.

If you need more inspiration on HOW to perfect your emails and increase your affiliate commissions

Then I thoroughly recommend Michael Cheney's The Commission Machine

As he's the email marketing master.

It's what's helped me secure my last 2 number 1 spots on my launches

And will no doubt be responsible for a lot more in the near future.

Are you ready to start winning product launch competitions?


Now It's Your Turn

Now that I've shared my secrets for winning product launch competitions and netting huge commissions.

I want you to tell me below...

...which of these email types you're currently using (if any)

And which are new to you and you plan to start using.

For example, your comment might look something like this:

"I'm currently using THE CHECKLIST email but the RESULTS based email is new to me"

I'd also be interested in hearing your results from these email types.

Let me know by leaving a comment below now...

To date, Stuart has revealed well over 1,500 hot niches.

He's living his dream of being location independent, and having traveled the world, thanks to internet marketing.

The aim with Niche Hacks is to help you live your dream thanks to online marketing, whatever that may be.
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      Each approach shared above pushes emotional buttons.

      Do that and you'll prosper, and more than that, your lovely subscribers will prosper too. What a delish scenario!

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        It makes me wonder why. Why does the FAQ outperform the Story by almost double? Very interesting.

        Really good actionable stuff here that people can use right now to increase their results.


        • NicheHacks says:

          That's a good question and I'm not sure I know the answer. I guess people have a lot of questions they want answered but can't find on the sale page (or they missed / too busy or lazy to look) and this email just instantly answers them without much work for the buyer.

          The more promos I do using these formats the more data I'll collect and I'll get a bigger and better picture of WHY each email type works so well hopefully.

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      Use exactly the same Kim. This works in all niches. Just tailor the FAQs to your audiences commonly asked questions