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Backyard chickens (also known as city chickens and urban chickens) are part of the urban farming or agriculture movement where people look to bring the countryside to the city by raising chickens in their yards or rooftops.

People in the niche like the idea of sustainable living and resort to raising chickens in their backyard because they are opposed to mass factory raised chickens which they believe is unhealthy and cruel.

They also want access to cheap organic eggs and meat that they have full control over, no worries about about how they are being raised or what is going into their diet.

It's also an environmental issue as they can opt out of factory farmed eggs, the chickens eat your left over food scraps meaning no waste and help keep your garden in shape.

Chicken straw can be used in compost, their manure helps your garden grow, they eat insects and weeds and scratch the soil which results in a healthy garden.

Cost effectiveness is also a main reason for people raising chickens, you have a steady supply of fresh, and organic, eggs without having to pay expensive prices in stores.

For some they simply enjoy keeping chickens as pets.





Popularity Of The Backyard Chicken Niche

Monthly Google Search Volumes

backyard chicken


Backyard Chickens
USA: 33,100
Global: 40,500

How to Build a Chicken Coop
USA: 9,900
Global: 12,100

Raising chickens
USA: 9,900
Global: 12,100

Urban farming
USA: 4,400
Global: 9,900

Backyard Farming
USA: 1,000
Global: 1,300

Other chicken coop related Keywords:
chicken co
op - 301,000

coop chicken - 301,000
chicken coops - 90,500
coops chicken - 90,500
chicken coop plans - 40,500
free chicken coop - 22,200
build chicken coop - 18,100
home chicken coop - 18,100
wineville chicken coop – 18,100


Niche Market Size & Growth

In the UK, the keeping of chickens has also grown in popularity with as many as 200,000 households involved (Source)

An estimated 3% to 6% of USA has backyard chicken and growing! (Source)

44,000 subscribers to Backyard Poultry Magazine and growing! (Source)

90,000 members of and growing! (Source)

As you can see this is a HUGE niche!


Google Trends:

google trends backyard chickens


Websites sold on Flippa:


Number of products on Amazon:

Backyard chickens: 1,613
Chicken coops: 6, 125
Raising chickens: 2,001
Chicken supplies: 17,307
TOTAL: 27,046




Number of products on CB

Backyard chickens: 10
build chicken coops: 12

Number of websites & blogs: 100+

Number of forums: 20+

Total forum members across all forums: 250,000+

Number of social media hubs: 50+

Total number of social media fans & followers across all platforms: 300,000+

amazon chicken coops


Reasons To Enter The Profitable Urban Chicken Niche:
  • It's a growing and evergreen niche due to more and more people looking to live a sustainable life.
  • It appeals to everyone from hipsters to middle aged couples to survivalists to environmentalists.
  • Lots of money spent on chickens, coops, equipment and health items (see below)
  • Lots of blogs, forums, social media hubs and magazines to find your audience in.
  • Strong monthly search volumes for a number of related terms.
  • Lots of physical and info products on sale with affiliate programs.


Lots of money spent:

  • Baby chicks: $1 each.
  • Full-grown, egg-laying hens: $10 each.
  • Cost of building a basic chicken coop and purchasing a simple waterer and feeder: $100-$250
  • Cost of buying an uber-chic pre-fab coop: $400
  • Cost of buying a fancy schmancy coop that might land you a spot in a national home and garden magazine: $4,000
  • Cost of chicken feed: $25.00
  • Cost of organic chicken feed so you can brag about your homegrown organic eggs: $40
  • Cost of making your own chicken feed from all local organic produce so you can brag about your homegrown organic eggs and copious amounts of time on your hands: $80
  • Egg production from two hens: 1 doz/week, or 624/year appx.
  • Cost of one dozen supermarket eggs: $3.00
  • Cost of one dozen “organic and free-range” eggs: $5.00

Pricing source: Mint.


Sub Niches To Explore
  • Urban Farming
  • Raising chickens
  • Incubating & hatching eggs
  • Building chicken coops
  • Raising baby chicks
  • Chicken health
  • Turning your backyard chickens into a business
  • Poultry shows & exhibitions
  • Other backyard poultry (duck, geese, swans, turkeys, quail, guinea fowl, pheasants and partridge, pigeons)

People in the niche also interested in:

  • Growing their own fruit, vegetables & herbs
  • Bee keeping
  • Backyard agriculture
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Urban farming
  • Sustainable living
  • Survivalists
  • Pet care
  • Environment


Problems, Concerns & Fears In The Niche

Where there are problems there are solutions and providing solutions is how you will make money.

The reason people get into raising backyard chickens is mostly because of...

1. Disdain for poorly treated factory raised chickens
2. Concerns about what factory raised chicken eats.
3. Wanting organic and fresh eggs free from salmonella.
4. Environmental issues.
5. Sustainable living.
6. Want to live a healthier life.

Problems they face when the start keeping backyard chickens....

1. Noise levels.
2. Keeping chickens healthy
3. Predators
4. Disease
5. Ticks
6. Not being able to care for them as too much hard work or time consuming
7. Some states in US it's illegal
8. Roosters not allowed
9. Expensive
10. Smell

All these problems have easy solutions that can be provided through a range of products both real life and info products.

If people are worried about chicken disease you can provide books or info products which deal with how to look after them and stop them getting sick.

If predators are an issue you can sell them a bigger and better coop with more security features (big money here!)

When cost is a worry you can give them tips on how to do things cheaper or for free.

Products on how to raise backyard chickens, keep them healthy, build coops, avoid predators and make money from the eggs are available.




Demographic: Who's The Target Audience

The core demographic for the backyard chicken niche is 30-50 year old married couples looking to live a more sustainable life.

It's often the wife who is most interested in but inevitably the husband who ends up building the coops.

There's popularity among 'hipsters' aged 20-30 looking to do something different and make a statement about healthy living, animal cruelty and sustainability.

The survivalist market is one not to be ignored either. They believe in being self sustainable and growing their own food so raising backyard chickens fits right in with this.

Most Common Google Search Terms

Use these terms to target keywords and build content around them as this is what people are looking to find out.

Download the excel sheet with over 1,000 backyard chicken related keywords below...

>>> Backyard Chicken Keywords  <<<


backyard chicken Google suggest



Easy To Rank Keywords
cheap chicken coops for sale 880
how to build a chicken coop free plans 880
simple chicken coop plans 880
chicken coops direct 720
large chicken coops for sale 720
chicken coop plans free download 590
large chicken coops 590
plans for chicken coop 590
used chicken coops for sale 590
a frame chicken coop plans 480
chicken coops uk 480
mobile chicken coop plans 480
pictures of chicken coops 480
plastic chicken coops 480


Common Questions Asked

These are a range of question and issues people have asked about on forums, social media and Q&A sites.

You can use these for inspiration for topic ideas or look to solve these problems through suggesting products which solve them.

  • How to deal with broody hens?
  • Chicken has green or yellow goo on it's body
  • What temperature should the incubator be?
  • Is it safe to candle my eggs?
  • Can I mix new chicks with older hens?
  • What to feed chickens?
  • What to do with roosters?
  • Are my chicks pipping?
  • How to build a cheap chicken coop?
  • How to build a chicken coop?
  • How to build a chicken run?
  • How to make chicken runs for free?
  • When is breeding season?
  • What do chickens eat?
  • How long do chickens live?
  • How do you get a rooster to be nicer?
  • Where to buy a coop?
  • What kind of fencing to use?
  • Is coal ash safe?
  • How much time do chickens spend in their coop?
  • Best automatic chicken door openers?
  • What to do with sick chicken?
  • Chicken is loosing feather..what to do?
  • Chickens dying, what's the cause?


Best Selling Products In The Niche

A list of the best selling products from Amazon, Clickbank, Kindle and independent retailers with affiliate programs.

Also a list of the best PLR products which you can use for content or products.

amz chicken coops


Chicken Feeder & Waterer
4 stars
39 reviews

Happy Hen Treats
5 stars
144 reviews

Ware Wood Nesting Box
5 stars
18 reviews

Organic Hen Supplement Kit
5 stars
10 reviews

Trixie Chicken Coop
4 stars
40 reviews

Trixie Chicken Coop With Outdoor Run
4 stars
25 reviews

Farm Innovators Air Incubator
3:5 stars
71 reviews

50 x 50 Netting For Pens
4:5 stars
41 reviews

Little Giant Poultry Waterer
3 stars
52 reviews

Zoo Med Repicare
5 stars
91 reviews

clickbank backyard chickens


Chicken Keeping Secrets
75% commission
Gravity: 0.11

DIY Chicken Coop Plans
75% commission

Easy DIY Chicken Coop Plans

Chickens 4 Wealth

Chicken Coop Video Guide

The Complete Guide To Raising Chickens

How To Build A Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop Guide

Incubator Maker



Backyard Chickens For Beginners
4 stars
131 reviews

Backyard Chickens Crash Course
4 stars
14 reviews

Best Chicken Breeds
5 stars
132 reviews

The Working Chicken

4 stars
44 reviews

Backyard Chicken Book Package
5 stars
70 reviews

Independent Affiliate Programs:

  • Converti Coops Chicken Coop Plans:
  • Chicen Coop Secrets:
  • Chickens For Sale:
  • Automatic Chicken Door Coop:
  • Backyard Chicken Health Supplies:
  • Chickens For Sale:
  • Chicken Coop Direct:
  • Urban Chicken Coops:


Google ads chicken coops

Products Advertised on Google

  • Factory Direct Chicken Coops:
  • Alibaba Chicken Coops For Sale:
  • How Are Chickens Farmed:


  • Keeping Chicken PLR Ebook:
  • 25 Keeping Chicken Articles:
  • 10 Chicken Coop Articles:
  • Chicken Coop Niche Blog:
  • Chicken Coop Blog:



Blogs, Websites, Forums, Social Hubs & Videos

Not only can you use these sources to get idea for content, to see what's popular, what works and doesn't and how you can compete but you can use these sources to drive direct traffic.

Blog commenting, guest posting, forum marketing, social media marketing and video marketing are great ways to drive targeted and direct traffic to your site without worrying about search engines.


Top Blogs & Websites:
1. Backyard Chickens:

2. Urban Chickens:

3. The Chicken Chick:

4. Tillys Nest:

5. Alaska Backyard Chickens:

6. Backyard Poultry Mag Blog:

7. Scratch & Peck :

8. My Pet Chicken:

9. Yard Birds Back Yard Chickens:

10. Urban Chickens Network:

11. My City Chickens:

12. Conneticut Chicken Coop:

13. Plain Old Chickens:

14. Success With Poultry:

15. Little Egg Farm:

16. Urban Chicken Underground:

17. Urban Chickens Blog:

18. Raising Chickens Blog:

19. Hen Blog:

20. Success With Poultry:



backyard chickens facebook


Social Media Hubs:
1. Backyard Chickens Reddit:

2. Raising Backyard Chickes Facebook Group:

3. Backyard Chickens Group:

4. Backyard Chickens Page:

5. Backyard Chickens:

6. Backyard Chicken Coops:

7. Chickens For Backyards:

8. Backyard Chicken Keeping:

9. Coop Design Pinterest:

10. Backyard Chickens Pinterest:

11. Backyard Chickens:


13. Backyard Chicken Twitter:

14. Backyard Chick:

15. Michelle Branch:

16. BY Chickens:


Top Youtube Videos:
1. Raising Chickens For Eggs (466, 296 views):

2. How To Raise Chickens (309,000 views):

3. The Hazards of Backyard Hens (288,100):

4. Backyard Chickens (220,456)

5. Chicken Coup Tour (169,246 views):

6. How To Build A Chicken Coup Fast (130,978 views):

7. How To Raise Chickens (115,678 views):

8. Backyard Chicken Coups (112,97 views):

9. Pet Backyard Chickens (94,567 views)

10. How To Build A Chicken Coop (81,221):


1. Your Chickens Magazine:,default,pd.html

2. Backyard Poultry Magazine:

3. Hobby Farms Chicken Magazine:

4. Urban Farm:

5. Hobby Farm Home:

6. Raising Chickens Newsletter:


1. Backyard Chicken Forums (90,000 members):

2. Backyard Poultry (17,000 members):

3. Backyard Poultry Mag Forums (5,000 members):

4. Backyard Chickens Yuki:

5. Australian Poultry Forums (28,000 memebers):

6. The Coop:

7. The Chicken Forum:

8. Community Chickens:


Top Articles & Blog Posts:

Some of the best articles and blog posts ever written on the subject of backyard chickens.

This will help you see what sort of content the readers want. Don't straight up plagiarize it but use it as a guide, write similar content, improve on it and stick with what you know works.

1. A Beginners Guide To Backyard Chickens:

2. Backyard Chickens Dumped At Shelters When Hipsters Can't Cope:

3. Raising Chickens 101:

4. Keeping Backyard Chickens:

5. You Absolutely Should Not Get Backyard Chickens:



not get chickens


6. About Chickens:

7. Adopting & Caring For Backyard Chickens:

8. 5 Reasons Why Owning Backyard Chickens Is For The Birds:

9. Hispters Off The Hook: Truth About Backyard Chickens:

10. The Basics of Raising Chickens:

11. Raising Chickens 2:0: No More Coops & Runs:

12. How To Raise Chickens In Your Backyard:

13. The Benefits of Raising Chickens:

14. How To Keep Chickens In A City:


Ideas For Info Products:

If you wanted to create your own info products then here are some common problems you could base products around.

  • Building coops & runs
  • How to keep chickens healthy / avoid disease
  • How to make money from selling their eggs and meat
  • How to protect from predators
  • How to raise and look after them.



How To Hack Your Way Into The Niche

This very lucrative and growing niche is perfect for 'hacking' you way into.

Creating an authority site / blog...

The best plan of action for the backyard chicken niche is to create an authority blog with a premium theme like WP-Radiance (theme I'm using on

You'll need a self hosted WP site, a WPEngine hosting account (if you are serious about your website and don't want it to be slow, offline or hacked, don't go with cheap shared hosting with HostGator or Bluehost) and a domain from

Set up an Autoresponder account with Aweber so you can build your email subscribers list.


Create a blog with some in-depth content that addresses the problems mentioned earlier in the report.

Create the best resource on the topic that's available online. Look for the best content on the subject already and improve on it.

See my Ultimate Guide To Niche Research or The Ultimate Guide To Blogging to see what that might would look like.

Include everything the audience needs to know on the topic, reference lots of influential people, link out to authority blogs.

If you found a popular post, i.e. "100 Reasons Why You Should Raise Backyard Chickens" you should create a "150 Reasons" post.

Go bigger and better every time.

All your content should be focused around solving problems people in the niche have from how to raise chickens, how to keep them healthy, how to stop predators attacking them and so on.

Don't just write articles but make infographics, videos, images, podcasts.

How to create the content...

You could partner up with a backyard chicken enthusiasts OR hire the best writers in the niche to work for you as per the blogging authority model.

If you can find an enthusiast your topic will be MUCH more believable. If you prefer to go solo see 'How To Create Content In A Niche You Know Nothing About'

Alternatively outsource on Elance. Look for a writer at $20+ for a 500 article to get quality.

Or grab some high quality PLR, see the PLR section of the report above.



Don't worry about SEO just create great content and get your target audience and the influential people in the niche looking at it.

When you're creating really good content people cannot resist to share and link to it IF they know about it.

There are many ways to get them to see it but the best way is to simply tell them about it.

Chances are they WILL be interested in it if it's a useful resource – so send off an email telling them you're a fan of their work and have something you believe they'd like.

It works best if you've already built some sort of relationship with them.

Network with backyard chicken bloggers, forum owners, social media hub managers, product creators.

Write a guest post for them or share something you know they'll like they may not have seen.

Continually share their stuff on social media.

Ego-bait them by mentioning them in a post that praises them or references them as an expert.

Comment on their blog posts – really get in depth in your comments and break down their posts detailing what you like or didn't like.

How else to get traffic...

Go where your target audience is so blogs, forums, social media groups,
Reddit (see the list of blogs, social media hubs and forums above)

Create great topics and post in other topics.

Find forums with clickable signatures and make topics that interest people, give out great advice and always be helpful.

Find Facebook groups and pages and share your posts and get involved in the conversation. Pin images and posts to Pinterest.

Find sub-reddits that suit your topic and again share others AND your
content to it.

Suggest your content to groups on Reddit,, Flipboard, and Rebel Mouse – this allows your content to be syndicated without any re-writing or additional work.

If you want instant traffic then go the paid route – check out Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Stumbleupon Paid.

You can use solo ads to build your email list – contact bloggers and forums who have an opt in on their sites.

You can also contact product owners.

Don't limit yourself to only contacting people who are in the backyard chicken niche anyone into backyard / urban farming, backyard food growing, bee keeping and so on would like have people on their lists who would be interested in urban chicken raising.

Try using Buzz Bundle to speed up your traffic generation.


Start by promoting affiliate programs via Clickbank, Amazon, JVZoo and
other retailers on ShareASale and

Later when you know what your audience wants you could consider building your own.

Product reviews and tutorials always work well.

Also ask experts what they think, for example reach out and ask a list of of backyard chicken experts what their favourite guide to raising chickens  or best chicken coop is.

People trust the opinions of experts. See my post I asked 8 IM Experts... for an example.

TIP: My conversions skyrocket when I add an image of my purchase receipt in any reviews or promotions I do when talking about a product.

Start an authority site in the backyard chicken niche today....



The backyard chicken (or urban chickens) niche is hot, growing, evergreen and very profitable.

The core demographic (aged 30-50 married couples) have disposable income to spend and there's lots of sub-niches and other demographics that have an interest in this sort of lifestyle.

There's plenty of affiliate products on sale both digital and physical on top networks like Amazon, Clickbank, Jvzoo, and ShareASale meaning it's easy to find products to promote.

With the endless amount of problems and issues apparent in the niche there's plenty of solutions to be solved which means money to be made.

Blogs, social media hubs and forums are in abundance so you can easily network, get content ideas and reach your target audience.

Follow the plan outlaid in the report to 'hack' your way into the niche and you'll be a backyard chicken niche domination superstar in no time!


What You'll Need To Get Started:

  • A reliable web-host from the likes of WP-Engine (or Bluehost if you're on a budget)
  • Image & graphics from Photodune from $1 (don't take images from Google you'll end up in legal trouble)
  • An auto-responder to build your email list and contact your customers – Aweber is just $1
  • The number #1 email capture tool on the market – OptinMonster, so you can grow your list fast.
  • A set of 12+ free tools that'll blow up your email list and exponentially grow your site from SumoMe.


If You've Missed Our Previous Niche Reports:


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What do you think about this unusual niche? Gonna hack your way to success?

Tell me in the comments section below...

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He's living his dream of being location independent, and having traveled the world, thanks to internet marketing.

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    Very detailed report, Stuart! Like your way to analyze this niche, enough data to build a authority site 😀

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    Btw if anyone has any niches they'd like me to research and publish feel free to suggest them though I predict not many people will post it publicly for obvious reasons. 🙂

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    Sunday - contributor

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  7. Hi Richard.

    I am impressed with the detail you go into in analyzing a niche.

    Would you have any interest to analyze the romance for women niche? A friend of mine is doing that one but didn't do much research. The site is growing slowly with social traffic. Not much traffic but the bounce rate is 15% which is impressive. No sales yet. Monetized with "Text The Romance Back" and some similar.

    I clicked on the share on Twitter to download pdf and it sent to Twitter but nothing happened after that.


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  9. Samuel says:

    That's a well though out report that you could easy converted into as a freebie for your email list building efforts.

    Me getting into this niche? I too busy for that I guess haha.

    I can see money here though if you are willing to put the work in.

    Just keep building very high-quality links to your website and you should see higher rankings that last.

    Thanks for the post!

    - Samuel

  10. Hey Stuart,

    Great article. Loved the way you did the research. This will help me in come up with a unique idea and building a new niche site (something that I've been putting off for quite some time now).

    I tried to download the article, however the social content locker doesnt seem to be working.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Jake, glad you liked it and found it useful. Sorry about the social locker it's quite problematic it seems. Myself and others are having trouble with it too but it's not consistent. Works sometimes and not others.

      Talking with the creators of the plugin to resolve the problem as we speak. I will send you over the report via email now.

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    Thank you for such a wonderful website and I have already learnt a lot. I am new to online business and am trying to build a web business soon. My girl friends suggested that I should choose from fashion jewelry, ladies fashion watches, baby apparel (in the 21 option list of yours), toys, knit clothing for women, etc. But I honestly have no clue if they can sell - I mean I know they can sell as I am a female consumer but when it comes to building a business I am not sure or rather I should say I don't know how to make decision based on data as what you just showed us in the above article. Can you please help conduct a brief analysis for one of them? I would really appreciate that.


  12. Swati Dasgupta says:

    Your niche analysis is really amazing. One can learn a lot while doing research
    for a profitable niche. I want to launch one authority site in this niche also. Thanks a lot
    for the detailed information you provided here about the niche.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Swati, thanks for commenting. Good to know someone is putting the information into action, what is your plan?

  13. Swati Dasgupta says:

    Hi Stuart,
    I have already selected one domain name related to this niche. I will buy it from Godaddy. I have already
    two themes from theme Junkie. Resizable theme and Newswire theme. Both have ad space in header and sidebar so that I can advertise some affiliate products. Both of them have optin forms also.
    Apart from that I am going through one of your post " 34 Ways To Increase Your Blogs Email Subscribers List". While reading I am writing down the main points covered in that article. I have lot of
    things to do. I have to create my free ebook Since English is not my native language I have to place order for articles ( at least 10 ). I prefer iWriter. Any suggestion ?

    • NicheHacks says:

      I've never used iWriter as far as I remember so can't comment on them, other options are ODesk, Elance and Warrior Forum WSO /services section.

      Make sure you pay for good quality articles - don't go for $5 articles as they will be low quality.

      The best thing you could do would be to pay people already involved in the niche to write for you - people who actually own backyard chickens and want to share their experience and don't know how to go about it or other bloggers in the niche.

  14. Larry says:

    Wow! Just got around to reading this post. Incredible work, Stuart. You've made it very easy to create a site in this niche. Looking forward to more!!


  15. Charlie says:

    We started into this niche in Jan. 2014, and I've already implemented a lot of the tips you said. For instance, it's been very helpful for commenting on other blogs, and participate in forums. Great tips, Stuart! Thanks for sharing!

    • NicheHacks says:

      No problem Charlie, hope you found some use in the guide then. Hows the website going?

      • Charlie says:

        It has started slow, and we aren't getting much search traffic yet. We are mainly getting referrals through our other (non-chicken) sites as we are promoting it. I've been starting to comment on other forums, blog posts, and soliciting doing guest posts on other sites. Do you have any tips on how to rank in SEO quickly for this niche? might want to supplement this post with recommendations on giveaways or promotions. That might help increase traffic too.

        • NicheHacks says:

          Thanks for replying Charlie. I'd recommend not worrying about unpredictable SEO traffic and certainly don't go spamming your own website with fake links to try and force a ranking, it'll bite you in the end.

          Just get your content / ads where your target audience already hang out through guest posting, blog commenting, networking, forum marketing, social media etc. Wherever they are you should have a strong presence there too.

          Network like crazy with others in the niche - tweet their stuff, email them, cooment on their blogs, send them cool stuff, do something good for them, link to them, ego bait them etc. They will eventually do it back if your content is solid

  16. Julius Kuns says:

    Would you be enthusiastic about exchanging hyperlinks?

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey julius, I don't do link trades. If someone links to me because they like my content fantastic. If they happen to have great content too then sure I'll link back bt I don't exchange links for the sake of exchanging links. Sorry.

  17. Lisa says:


    This is a cool niche =) How did you find this unusual niche? If you have some sort of premium product that cover this, I'd like to check it out ...

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Lisa, glad you like it. I honestly can't remember how I found this niche. But it's an interesting and very profitable one for sure.

  18. Stephanie says:

    Hi Stuart. Very informative post. I don't see many ads on Google for backyard chickens. Would you still consider it a good niche? Thanks for your blog posts.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Look at all the products available on Amazon, Clickbank and other sites that sell well. Look at the amount of people searching for information on backyard chickens, urban chickens and chicken coop plans...definitely a profitable niche.

      Check the amount of ads on display for "chicken coops" 🙂

      • Stephanie says:

        Thank you for your reply, Stuart. I appreciate your information on this subject. 🙂 Finding a niche can be a daunting task but this seems like a good one, just from the research you provided here. Thanks again

        • NicheHacks says:

          It sure can be Stephanie but it's not as hard as you might think to find a niche. Remember you don't have to find something that no one else knows about...someone else ALWAYS knows. There are no new niches only niches that are new to YOU.

          And if it was a new niche there'd be no demand, few customers, no products on sale and no one would know about how would we make money from it? 😀

  19. Thanks for the excellent research work done. It's amazing how you put this out for free time and time again. Have you considered offering a turnkey site with this info?. I will be the first to click your buy button.
    Meanwhile I tweeted the post and nothing . Kindly send the pdf to my mail. Thanks.

    • NicheHacks says:

      I did consider some done 4 you sites but haven't got it in place at the moment. Sorry about the social locker it doesn't always work depending on your browser.