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Mans Best Friend Explains Niche Marketing [Infographic]

Niche market definition: “A small sub-set of a larger market”.

The way for ‘bedroom marketers’ like yourself and I to make money online is to REALLY focus on very specific markets rather than being general and trying to appeal to the masses.

Create content and market to a VERY specific type of person or promote a really specific type of product rather than try to target everyone.

Using the pet care industry and specifically dog care I’ve created this infographic to explain the idea of niche marketing.

It will also show you how to ‘niche down’ into really specific sub-markets or ‘niches’.

Niche Marketing Infographic

This is my first ever attempt at creating an infographic, and I’m about as creative as a brick, so this is a bit of an experiment for me.

It could be an epic failure. :D

Does this infographic using ‘mans best friend’ help you understand what a niche market is?

Or is it back to the drawing board for me?

Please tell me in the comments section below now your opinion on it….

33 thoughts on “Mans Best Friend Explains Niche Marketing [Infographic]”

      1. I thought I just replied, but don’t see it. Maybe it’s moderated, if so you can delete this duplicate comment. But yes, is my site.

  1. I think it’s a great info graphic! It clearly shows how to breakdown a niche and why! Good job – for your first one!! My friend recommended you – you provide great info!

    1. Hey Crystal, thank you for commenting! Glad you think it shows how to breakdown a niche. I spent ages trying to come up with an example.

      Checking out nichesitetools now. Thanks for the share.

  2. I, too, suffer from “creative as a brick syndrome” but this looks pretty good to me.

    I could definitely see people on IM blogs/forums sharing this. Have you experimented with that yet?

    1. Hey Paul, glad you like it. As for sharing on forums well I did post to a couple and people commented that they liked it but not sure if they shared it anywhere.

      Why don’t you be the first? Go to your favorite IM forum or blog and share it. :D

      Would be appreciated.

  3. Love the info. Love the graphic. Can you share how you did that or where you go to do something like that? They are very popular now and I would love to be able to drop and drag something like that into a great graphic such as you have done. Hopefully, it’s free…..

    Thanks ;)

    1. Hey Dianne, you can get one made on Fiverr. You just have to provide the content and they will do the design work.

  4. hey stuart this is nich in my industry
    web development > php > php framework > laravel
    in my country laravel is search avg 1600 it’s so specific for me
    i plan to create many mini nich site about bootstrap and jquery

    many thank for you

  5. Hi Stuart, first time visitor from your blog. I found my way here from Marc Andre’s.

    This is an amazing infographic. It’s a juicy yet shows simple idea of how to target niche in a very specific manner! Most people are having a hard time doing keyword research because they don’t dig deeper on the ideas shown in Keyword research tools. When someone types in a term in GKP (keyword planner), a common mistake would be to simply look for the keywords with the good number of monthly traffic while not thinking of the competition and comprehending the audience in that particular search term.

    Thanks again. I’m sharing this one :)

    1. Her Fervil, thanks. I thought the infographic was quite good myself but it didn’t get much love. Share it around. :D

      Marc is running a great blog. Glad you found me through him.

      Thanks for commenting. Hope to see you around more.

  6. Great infographic, Stuart. Gets your point across in a most excellent manner.

    I think everyone is as creative as they wish to be. It’s a simple matter of mindset.

    Keep up the good work,


    1. Thanks Wendy, took me a long time to come up with a good example that showed ‘niching down’ in action. Plus everyone loves dogs, right? :D

  7. It’s really good for a first attempt. Very easy to understand.

    Stuart, I sent you a PM on the warrior forum. I don’t know if u received it.

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