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This post yet again comes to you from my second favourite coffee shop.

I was feeling lazy today and it's closer to my apartment than my number 1 place but was a bad choice as the WiFi keeps cutting out!

Iced Cappuccino Thailand

Iced Cappuccino Thailand

On the plus side the iced cappuccino's are tasty, cheaper and larger than the other place.

Just a shame the women who works here is so miserable and rude and doesn't understand the concept of customer service (common in Thailand to be fair).

As always it's hot as hell in Bangkok but things are relatively quiet in the streets still after the Thai New Year celebrations. Seems not all business and street vendors have opened back up yet.

Last week I posted for the first time a 'weekly hack' and said it was going to be a weekly feature.

Due to the amount of time it took to create that post and the lack of real interest it generated I cannot justify making it a weekly feature.

It will likely morph into a monthly feature instead.

However people did seem to enjoy the 'niche of the week' aspect of it so let's try to make that a weekly feature, all good?

OK, let's get on with it then...



Niche of the Week


Summer is just around the corner.

With the warmer weather approaching it's time for the 56 million Americans who go camping each and every year to dust off the tents and equipment.

OR start buying new camping gear.

On average each of these 56 million Americans spends $1,852 making camping a $100+ Billion industry!

On top of the money spent look at the huge search volume on the topic....

Camping Monthly Google Keyword Volumes

Camping Monthly Google Keyword Volumes

Camping is for hugely enthusiastic people who take their hobby super seriously.

They buy tons of equipment, always want the newest and best gear, and upgrade their stuff almost every year meaning lots of repeat custom.

There's an almost endless list of products to sell them and not just limited to camping gear either but digital products and how to videos.

Amazon has over 330,000 products available and Clickbank over 50 products.

camping amazon searches


There's hundreds of dedicated eCommerce stores and affiliate programs catering to the camping crowd too.

Coupled with 100's of camping blogs, forums and social media groups this makes it easy to find your target audience online.

All those factors makes a great niche for an authority blog.

Here's how can you make money in this fanatical niche....

Well as mentioned above it makes a great topic for an authority blog.

All the factors are present – enthusiastic buyers easy to find online, lots of competition (always a sign of a healthy market), easy to reach audience, lots of products to sell, lots of advertising and big name brands.

To get a head start on camping niche domination you could grab some done for you keyword research, product video reviews, graphics, and articles on the subject...

>> Get a done for you niche pack and dominate the camping niche.


Or if you'd prefer to do something a bit different here's an example of a cool site you could emulate.

It's similar to but niched down and features cool and unusual camping products with the 'wow' factor.

The sort of products camping enthusiasts share in a frenzy on social media so the potential to go viral is there.

I talk more about creating a viral site like this in the $20K Per Month Affiliate post.

It's easy enough to set up a site like this, there's a manual way and an automatic way.

Manual way...

Get a theme like Pinfinity and manually search out cool products to add.

Load up the site with 100+ products to begin with so there's plenty to keep people occupied.

Drive traffic through social media and relevant forums and blogs.

Encourage people to share on social media to increase the chances of the site going viral – being active in relevant sub-groups on Reddit can help with this.

There's a camping sub-reddit here  and a hiking one here with over 80,000 readers between them.

There will be other relevant sub-reddits too.

Engage in content marketing by having a blog as part of the site, this will allow you to draw in search engine traffic, engage in guest posting, link out to authorities, blog comment and get involved with forum marketing.

It will take some time to get the sites content up and a big enough following on social media to gain traction.

Automatic way...

There's also an automatic way with the viral wordpress theme.

This allows you to automatically generate your own Thisiswhyimbroke style site in any market of your choosing by simply entering your niche term / keyword like 'camping' for example.

It then grabs relevant product images and descriptions and loads them into your site.

Like TIWIB the site is designed to convert (essentially they've copied all the best part of TIWIBs theme).

Any time someone clicks on an image or button they are sent off to Amazon and a cookie is set – even if they don't buy the product they've clicked on but purchase something else you'll get commission.

Even if they buy nothing on the first visit your cookie is set in their browser so if they go back to Amazon later and make a purchase again you'll get commission for the sale.

The viral theme is built to make it easier for your site to spread like wildfire across the net by making it for your audience to share than ever.

With one click they follow you across all social media networks and share your products.

It's designed to get email sign ups with a clever 'wish list' system that automatically adds people to your list when they see products they'd like to buy.

With the one click install you could have your own viral camping site up and running today...

>> Launch your own viral camping site today.


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[ois skin="12" split="13"]


Weird Niche of the Week

I know you love the 'weird' niches that I share on Niche Hacks so here's another one for you....


Bearded Dragon Care.

People actually keep these freaky looking creatures as pets and there's a huge demand for information and accessories to care for them.

The bearded dragon niche is profitable!

Look at the screenshot below and see how many people are seeking out information....

bearded dragon kw volumes

The fact the search results are filled with small websites over known authority sites or well known brands also means it's not a too competitive niche and easy to rank a site – a nice bonus.

These days Huffington Post,, Amazon, Wikipedia etc seem to appear in every result regardless of what you search for.

bearded dragon SERPS

It costs around a minimum of $400 just to get started and buy the pet and all the accessories needed to care for it (Source)

Tanks cost around $150 and screen lids $30, heat lamps $30, UV lights $20-$30, furniture $10 and the lizard it's self around $60 (Source) for example.

So a lot of money is spent and spent on a regular basis.

Bulk food is needed to be bought and as the dragon grows upgrades to tanks and equipment is required.

All these products (thousands of them!) are sold on Amazon and there's digital products on Clickbank too.

There's scores of blogs on the topic and over 10 dedicated forums with followings of 10,000+

Social media groups are in abundance with over 50,000 active members of bearded dragon groups on Facebook alone.


You can grab a done for you niche pack on bearded dragon care on the link below...



An analysis of some of the top sites on the net reveal that these are hot topics...

  • Bearded Dragon Tips
  • Everything You Need To Know About Bearded Dragons
  • What Are The Different Types Of Bearded Dragons?
  • What Do They Eat?
  • Bearded Dragon Nutrition Guide
  • Bearded Dragon Behavior

And these some of the most linked and shared pieces content that you can improve on...



Bearded Dragon Care makes another great 'weird' niche for an authority blog.

>> Find out how these guys created a $1  million a month authority blog


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Recession Proof Niche of the Week

I'm a big fan of marketing in niches that make money even when the world is broke.

Where people have to spend money regardless or money simply isn't an issue to them.

That's why targeting 'luxury' markets can be a solid plan of action.

You'll know that pet care is a huge and booming industry with hundreds of sub-niches contained within it.

Dog care being one of the biggest. People treat their dogs like family members or as if they were their kid.

In fact in the USA today 47 million homes have 'mans best friend' and there are around 79 million domestic dogs.

The 'average' dog has $350 per year spent on it meaning the market is worth $27 billion.

However what if you didn't focus on the 'average' dog and instead on man's best friend who's used to the finer things in life....

Their are wealthy people all over the world spending more than $350 per MONTH (we're talking thousands of dollars) on their dogs buying high end items.

So focusing on 'luxury' dog accessories is a win win situation. It's not only an evergreen and profitable niche but you've got high end buyers too.

And you know that rich people LOVE to spend money on designer accessories and equipment for their dogs to show them off.

dog accessories kws

Promoting luxury accessories from clothes to dog bowls to leashes to collars and much much more could be super profitable for you.

The sort of people that buy clothes for their dogs and over priced collars are the types that buy new items ALL the time – to keep up with the latest doggy fashion trends.

Seems crazy to me but what do I care? If they want to spend money on it then a smart marketer like me is going to sell it to them and I know that you're a smart marketer too.

And the great thing is you're not limited to JUST selling luxury accessories.

If someone owns a dog they'll also need pet health insurance, medical treatment and all sorts of other products you can upsell.

It's HUGE and profitable with so many opportunities and best of all it's never going to stop bringing in money.

If you want a head start you can grab a pack of done for you niche research and content.

The pack includes 100's of profitable keywords, 60 high quality product video reviews, professional banner and graphics, over 500 articles and 15 research reports.

So literally everything you need to be top dog in the luxury dog accessories niche and turn these 'rich bitches' (see what I did there?) into cash in your pocket...

>> Be top dog in the luxury dog accessories niche with this niche pack.


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Done For You Niche Of The Week

You know I'm a big fan of being able to 'hack' my way into new niches by grabbing done for you content, research and sites.

And I know you are too.

Cuts out a lot of mind numbing and time consuming research that none of us really likes doing.

Here's a solid opportunity for you to get involved in a multi-billion dollar industry.

Globally this will be worth an estimated $100 billion by 2015 (Source) so now is the right time to get into it.

What's the niche in question?


One barbie doll is sold every 3 seconds somewhere in the world.

The toy industry generates more than the movie and music industry combined.

It's worth £2.9bn in the UK alone and over $11bn in the US.

This is a HUGE niche and it's growing!

Let's look at the search volumes....

toys kws

As you know Amazon sells everything and it sells a LOT of toys.

But as you can see from the search volumes not everyone looking to buy toys goes direct to Amazon.

And here's where you come in.

You can have your very own online toy store that has all the latest toys and games AUTOMATICALLY added to it as soon as they are released.

So this saves you having to figure out what's currently hot and what's not.

You don't actually have to hold any stock or sell anything as all products featured on your site will link directly to Amazon with your affiliate link.

These stores can be set up in 5 minutes and feature the best selling, top rated and highest quality toys which means you've instantly got a high converting affiliate store ready to make money.

They feature the ability to search by brand, age group, price range and more so your visitor can find whatever they are looking for and buy it – you'll be doing them a favor by helping them make a purchase decision.

All images, product descriptions, video reviews are loaded into the site so the content creation is already taken care of.

There's also a blog if you want to do a little content marketing to draw in more search engine traffic, guest post, blog comment or link out to other authority sites to network.

Pretty much everything you need to instantly launch you own online toy store in the billion dollar indsutry.

If you want a piece of this $100 billion industry then stop playing around click the link below now to instantly get started...

>> I'm ready to stop playing around and get involved in this $100bn niche.



I hope you enjoyed this 'niche of the week' post and found some good ideas.

Every niche featured here has HUGE potential to be profitable – just look at the demand for every one of them.

With the vast amount of products on sale between Amazon, Clickbank and others there's no end of items to sell as an affiliate.

Coupled with the fact they all have huge online communities on social media, blogs and forums means it's easy to get traffic and network with others.

If you're struggling to find a profitable niche then pick one of these and get taking action, there's no point in waiting around for that 'perfect' one to appear as there's no such thing.

Taking action is better than doing nothing! Even if you fail you will learn a lot and through learning you can improve the next time round!



Anyway, maybe it's time for me to get going.

I've been sipping on this seemingly never ending iced cappuccino for about 2hrs now and it's starting to make me feel sick, too much cream and sugar maybe.

Plus the a fore mentioned miserable women who works here is giving me evil looks signalling that she wants me out despite the fact I've been the only customer in the shop since I arrived.

Way to make a semi-regular customer feel welcome, eh?

Oh well time to call it a day and grab some food I think....pad ka pow gai (stir fried thai basil, chilli, and chicken) or rad na moo (pork and noodles in gravy) is the question?

Pad Ka Pow Gai - Stir fried thai basil (ka pow) with chilli (prik) and chicken (gai)

Pad Ka Pow Gai - Stir fried thai basil (ka pow) with chilli (prik) and chicken (gai)


Rad Na Moo (Wide Noodles In Gravy & Pork)

Rad Na Moo (Wide Noodles In Gravy & Pork)

The only thing that is certain is that either one is going to be washed down with an ice cold Leo Beer.

Decisions, decisions.....

What dish would you choose?



As always I appreciate feedback and comments from you.

So tell me what's on your mind in the comments section below -I reply to EVERY comment.

Are you going to get involved in any of these niches? Think they are good / bad / OK?

Any questions?

Just want to tell me what food you'd choose, fine....

Post below....


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Comments (20)

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  1. Nath says:

    Gotta say, I'm loving the niche ideas your giving out here Stuart, I've just gone into the "Dog Friendly holidays" niche, so hopefully that works out good. Looking forward to more posts from you buddy, and keep up the good work!

    • NicheHacks says:

      Cool niche. I saw that discussed some time ago but can't remember there. Maybe the luxury dog niche ideas will be of use to you too - remember you don't JUST have to promote dog friendly holidays these people are need everything else a dog owner requires i.e. medical treatment, insurance, dog accessories, food etc.

      Let me know how you get on.

  2. mike says:

    I really enjoy your niche idea posts. I'm sure they are a lot or work to research and write and I appreciate you taking the time to do so. You have also pretty much cured any desire I might have had to live in Thailand. Why do so many Brits move there.
    Thanks again.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Mike, glad you like the niches.

      What puts you off about Thailand? It's an incredible place to live with everything from big cities to jungle to small towns and villages to islands and beaches.

      So many Brits move here because the standard of living when you have even a little bit of money is out of this world

      Less than £200 a month gets you an all mod cons apartment with swimming pool, gym, maid service, WiFi, cable TV, and tons of facilities on site like restaurants that deliver to your room, massage, grocery store, laundry etc...some even have a bar in the complex.

      You want to pay more then you can and you'll get some real luxury.

      You can eat out every night feasting on deliciously spicy Thai food for as low as a quid. Local beers and spirits are dirt cheap.

      So you never need to do any of those boring things like cleaning, laundry, cooking etc.

      Bottle of local whisky or rum at a bar with ice and mixers will cost you less than £10, any not drunk goes behind the bar for the next time you arrive.

      People are generally easy to get along with and friendly (aside from the miserable women in the coffee shop).

      The women are slim, feminine, cute and friendly.

      It's never a dull day. You never know what's going to happen next and every day you see something that surprises or shocks you (keeps things interesting).

      It's easy to travel around the rest of Asia as Bangkok is a hub. Bangkok was also the most visited tourist city in the world last year!

      Need I go on? :D

  3. David says:

    Hi Stuart,

    Another great info niche idea. May i ask, how do you derive all these very useful states, some wizard piece of software?

    I'll back you up %100 regarding living in Thailand....especially your comments about the women : D

  4. NicheHacks says:

    Some of them come from software, some from a plugin which is no longer on sale, some I just hear or read about, many pop into my head as I go about my daily life tbh.

    If you always have your marketer hat on you can discover a lot.

  5. Massive research, great post- i really enjoy coming around here for cool ideas on niche stuff. But from my understanding ( i stand to be corrected) this niche seems to be a season kind of niche. it is not the conventional all year round kind of niche. i am looking forward to hear from you on this regard.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Camping would mostly be done in summer yes but it's still a year round niche - a lot of people go into the outdoors in winter still and need camping gear.

  6. Krista says:

    Stuart, thanks for these awesome ideas! I've been researching all week looking for a niche to start an authority site in and hadn't come up with anything that I thought could work. The content you have on this site is awesome and truly helpful, I finally have 3 solid ideas that I'm going to research more and narrow down to 1 to finally start my site.

    I hope Google starts to send some more love to your blog - I did so many searches over the past few days looking for help on finding a niche and only just came across your blog today after a rather random search. Nearly everything I found in the Google results up until your site was pretty much useless

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Krista, thanks for commenting and glad you like the site. Google is actually my second biggest source of traffic. I'm ranking for a lot of 'niche' related keywords.

      I don't try and go after Google rankings however as it's too unpredictable. Prefer to focus more on traffic I have control over.

      Hope to see you around again.

  7. Neo says:

    Hey Stuart

    I'm loving the blog and learning so much, thanks! I just wanted to inquire; however, on the covert store builder and toy store clone products that you used as links in this article. Are you an affiliate for these products? I did some research on the covert store builder and found some disturbing info about the site not abiding to Amazon's TOS for prices in thei r[Amazon's] affiliate program. I would really like your opinion on these two opportunities before I invest in them.


    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Neo,
      Thanks for the comment and good questions.

      Yeah I am an affiliate for both of those.

      As far as I remember Amazons TOS states that prices cannot be static on your site and must reflect the current price displayed on Amazon. If Covert Store Builder does not do that then they are breaking Amazons TOS but I would be very surprised because these guys are long time product builders who often create sites that work with Amazon so it would be a huge oversight for them.

      I'll need to look into it further and find out.

      Don't purchase for now.

  8. h says:

    If you put up a list of excellent niches wouldn't everyone on this list Go and do that and become the best in that niche and take it all ?

    Or am I being wrong in my thinking and there will be enough pie for everyone ?

    P.s I'm new to the game

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Harry, thanks for commenting.

      Good question.

      But no.

      A lot of people will see the niche and think "it's not for me" or find a reason not to get involved.

      A good amount of people, even the ones who liked the idea, will never get round to doing anything with it.

      Out of the few who do take action many will give up at the first hurdle.

      Such is the way of internet marketing.

      So don't worry about that.

      There's enough pie for everyone even if lots of people do get into the niche.

      Thanks for your time.

  9. OK, so what does Bangkok have to lure you there again other than really good Thai food of course. Hope you're having fun...

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Alan, this is an old post from when I was in BKK before. I'm currently in UK still but I will be back in Thailand soon.

      Good food, warm weather, great value for money meaning you can live like a king for low prices, fantastic street life, great nightlife, cute, slim and feminine women everywhere, loads to see and do (culture, sport, history, nightlife, art, people watching etc) etc etc etc.

      It's in my top 3 favorite cities in the world.

  10. Diane says:

    I really love reading your blog Stuart. It's very educational especially for a not-so-newbie in the online marketing world like me. Keep up the good work!!!

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