How To Make Friends & Influence People....On Auto-pilot! [NinjaOutreach Review]

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I have one question for – Where were you when I was an affiliate manager and recruited affiliates full time!!!

Wow, they are a solution to anyone looking to build an affiliate network, look for influencers for blogging and just get the word out about their products.

So what problem are they solving and how is solving it? Well, let me tell you.

It is a pain to compile a list of potential influences, bloggers and affiliates that can write about your product you want to get out into the online blogesphere.

Not only that, you have to track down who to contact, the contact information and you have to rely on what traffic they get through glimpses on websites such as alexa and compete. does all this work for you based on your keyword! And the program keeps track of all email correspondence.

Let’s break it down.


(P.S. If you'd like to download a free list of 1,781 profitable niches click here or the image below)

1781 niches [new]




Finding Influencers

First, why would we want to find people who are already targeting a niche we want to get our products into?

Well, that is a rhetorical question.

Yet if we take it seriously, there is a ton of reasons we would want to use this program.

  • You are looking for affiliates
  • You are looking for content that would make sense for a backlinking strategy
  • You are looking for blogs where commenting would make sense for you
  • You want bloggers to write a review about your product or place a sponsored post
  • You would like to buy link placement for an affiliate link
  • You are looking for specific niche people to interview
  • You want to follow people on social media that blog about a certain niche topic
  • Who knows, there are many more instances. . .

When you open you simply type in the keyword you’d like to gain some insight on.

For this example, we are going to use the keyword “bunny slippers”.

Mostly because I am wearing a pair of them right now.

Then hit search.


ninjaoutreach keyword


NinjaOutreach brings up incredible detail in a very quick period of time.

For instance, you will see the contact information for the site, the social links and SEO metrics.

You will also see the klout score, website traffic, average number of blog comments and social shares of each post!

That is incredibly helpful information to have.


records found


The last area I’d like to point out is the Special Features column.

Here you can find specific tactics the sites themselves take part of.

So if you are looking for a Give-A-Way post, then this is the column to focus on.

Included here are Sponsored posts, Give-A-Ways, Product Reviews and Guest Posts.

To be honest, there are more sites listed without any notes in this column, so I wouldn’t rely a 100% on just searching through these yet it is a place to start if you are looking for a specific marketing tactic.


tactic search


On top of this, you are able to filter the content found.

So if you want only records that include a telephone number than simply check that box.


detailed filter ninjaoutreach




Once you create a list of potential contacts for your campaign, you simply create a list to begin contacting them using the NinjaOutreach system.

By the way, I do want to take the time to state that this is a desktop program.

And right now, it only works on a PC. Which would be something to keep in mind if you are a mac user like myself!

If you are someone who does marketing on behalf of clients, you will love this next feature.

You can set up Clients within NinjaOutreach and assign campaigns and lists to them.


ninjaoutreach client setup


You are then able to set up a number of email templates using tags that will automatically prepopluate data from the contact information of the records the system found.


template details


Once you have your templates set up, choose the email you’d like to use for your correspondence, sending emails are a breeze.

Choose the record you would like to email, then simply hit next where the next record will come up.

Thanks to the templates provided, all information is entered to create a personal email.


email using template


Thanks to the ability to set up multiple email accounts, you could actually manage an entire outreach campaign from this one system.


email information set up


So literally, from you could be an influencer building machine for multiple clients.

And everything is managed within this one program.

NinjaOutreach is a must have for those wanting an easy, stress free way of contacting online influencers in your specific product niche.

What do you think? Could this a time saver or just another money waster?


You can check out Here!

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