9 Quick And Easy Methods To Become An Overnight Growth Hacker

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Growth Hacking on the Cogwheels.

I’m going to take a second to read your mind. Okay? Okay.

There are two things you love as a Niche Marketer:

1. Quick Growth: Because, the more people who visit your site, the more money you make.

2. Free Marketing: You  started your Niche Site with a marketing budget of, well, $0. So the more you can get for free, the better.

How close was I?

Well, I am trying to do it from my couch in England. I think it’s safe to say I was on the money though.

That’s because you start your Niche Site. Pour all the money you do have into getting it online. Then leave yourself the uphill battle of getting it out to people.

You don’t really have a traditional background in Marketing.

And to be honest, you don’t have the: time, budget, staff or room to fail that Traditional Marketer’s have.

But you have no idea how to get either of the above either. Quick Growth seems like a myth and Free Marketing seems forever out of your grasp.

However, there are some truly effective ways to develop both that are right under your nose.

That’s where Growth Hacking comes in.

If you’ve never heard of Growth Hacking before, don’t worry. You’re going to find out what it is in a moment.

But Growth Hackers the world over are replacing Marketing Executives because of their cost saving, powerful ways of making products and services grow.

For example, Dropbox hacked growth to become a $4 billion company whilst spending almost nothing on advertising.

Did you ever see a Dropbox billboard? Thought not.

Imagine if you could harness some of the power for your Niche Site.

And turn it into a cash generating, well visited, high converting website.

You can.


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In This Article, You’re Going to Learn:

  • What Growth Hacking is
  • How to save lots of time, money and effort
  • How to thoroughly test your products (before you launch)
  • 9 quick and easy methods to Growth Hack your niche site
  • When it’s time to adapt, change or quit
  • How to grow your site by the end of this week


What Is A Growth Hacker (And Why Is It Important For Niche Sites?)

Growth Hackers are magical people who turn nothing into something.

Everything they do must correctly answer the question, “Will this make it Grow?”

Or, as Sean Ellis of Start Up Marketing puts it:




If what they’re doing doesn’t make you grow, they stop it. Or, they change the product based on what the audience wants. Such as Instagram, who started out as an app called Burbn with the option to take photos with filters.

This can be done through a few simple methods:

  • Audience engagement: What do they really want?
  • Testing: Is there even a market for it? If so, what are they looking for?
  • Using Metrics: What truly gets the best results?

All of which you’re going to learn how to do in this article. However, you’re not looking to become a Growth Hacker. You’re just looking to steal from their bag of tricks.

After all you’re not just the Marketing Director. You’re the CEO, Product Developer, Content Creator and Social Media manager as well.

So, how is this beneficial to your Niche Site? Simple. The more you understand about what works for your site. The more you can do it. That means more cash, less effort and peace of mind.

Just be sure to always spend time on what positively answers the question, “Will this make my Niche Site grow?”


How To Save A lot Of Time, Money And Effort

“Your opinion doesn’t matter.” - Brian Massey

Let’s be clear on something. What you think is best for your Niche Site doesn’t mean anything. What’s important is what your customer thinks.

And they definitely don’t care about your opinion.

You can save yourself a lot of time, money and effort by leaving your ego out of it. Because that gives you much more freedom to start running tests.

If you don’t you run the risk of ending up like this guy.

No, not lining all of your worldly possessions (and face) with Copper Mesh.

But being $10,000 out of pocket, with no profit to show for it. Because you never bothered to find out if customers actually wanted it.

It doesn’t matter how much passion you have. How much belief you have. Or, how you view your products. If you customers don’t like them, they won’t sell.

Now thankfully for you, we have done most of the Niche Market research you could possibly think of. And there are tonnes of guides to make sure you’re finding a profitable one.

Just because your site exists doesn’t naturally mean you’re going to start making money, though. Instead, it’s important to test what is going to start making you money.

For your Niche Site your tests should answer these:

  • What brings in the most high quality traffic?
  • What creates the highest conversions?
  • What gets you the most cash?

Because these are the three basic parts of your Niche site.

If you don’t have traffic, you don’t get conversions or money. Without conversions, traffic is worthless and you don’t make any money. Without money, you’re not getting high quality traffic or conversions.


What Do You Need To Test, Then?

This depends solely on your Niche.

What converts well for an Authority Blog on Independent Comic Books isn’t going to work the same for a Gut Health Supplement niche site.

However, all of the same parts of site are testable:

  • Headlines
  • Landing Pages
  • E-mail List Conversions
  • Logo’s
  • Content
  • Website Colours
  • Website Layout

And lots more. Which means that, if you wanted to, you could maximise every inch of your website. Growth Hackers do this pretty often.

However if you don’t have the time and money to do that, let’s focus on efficient tests that answer those three questions.

What really matters is:

1. What brings the most traffic to your site? Test to see if Guest Posts, Podcasts, Adverts or SEO bring in the most traffic.

If you find that it’s for example, Guest Posting, then you know where to focus your efforts.


2. What creates the highest conversions? Do people join your e-mail list at the end of your post, or through your Hello bar?

You can begin to build your site around these metrics, simply and easily.


3. What generates the most cash? Which product makes you the most money?

If your eBook makes you $1000, but you course only makes you $50, you know what type of products your customers want.

You don’t even need a site to run these tests yourself. You can find this information through Google Searches, Alexa Rankings, online growth reports.

Or, rifling through your competition’s site statistics.

But, I suggest that you do run these tests yourself when you have a site up and running.

You can do that on platforms such as:

  • Facebook Adverts
  • Twitter Adverts
  • Unbounce
  • Google Analytics
  • Keyword Planner


Example Test

To show you how, I ran some tests on my Freelance Copywriting Website with some Sales Copy (and to make a little money too).

I wanted to test the following:

  • Which headline brought the most traffic? (Call to action vs. Curiosity)
  • Which one would make me the most money?

I kept everything the same throughout, except for the headline. Oh, and I did it all on a budget of $5.

Headline 1 looked like this:




Headline 2 looked like this:



Both Facebook Ad’s ran for 3 days apiece, targeted at exactly the same audience of people.

I discovered a couple of things:

  • Headline 1 aroused more interest (people clicked ‘read more’ on the content box) but fewer people converted to the site.




  • Headline 2 created more direct interest in my content. Despite reaching 800 less people.




  • From Headline 2, more people were likely to click packages with longer names.




Therefore when I now create sales copy for my website, I know that I need to:

  • Use headlines that make you Curious
  • Create longer names for my packages

It’s only a simple test. But, when it comes to Growth Hacking a site, that’s vital information.

Take a minute to think of the tests that will most benefit your Niche Site.

Just remember to try and answer these three important questions:

  • What brings in the most high quality traffic?
  • What creates the highest conversions?
  • What gets you the most cash?



Listen To Feedback (Or Risk Losing Money)

In a moment, you’re going to learn ‘x’ growth hacking hacks.

But first, Have you heard the saying, “no plan survives contact with the enemy?”.

Simply, what’s going on in your head isn’t always what’s actually going to happen. And no matter what you wanted your customers to buy, it’s not quite going to happen like that.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t launch at all.

It means that it’s insanely important to listen to feedback. In fact, Growth Hacker’s careers depend on it. And so does the longevity of your Niche Site.

When Instagram was initially called Burbn, it was a ‘check in’ app for people to say where they were. Somewhere between 4-Square and Facebook Check In.

But they noticed something – people were downloading their app just for the Photo’s and filters. That’s what made them unique. That’s what set them apart.

They gave the people what they wanted.

Now it’s your turn. Your products solve a problem. They teach. The help. They benefit. They scratch an itch.

So, listen to what people want. Or, pay attention to what they do.

If 10,000 people buy your ‘How To Grow Epic Sunflowers’ book, but nobody buys your ‘3 Minutes To Better Olive Tree’s’ book, this highlights a few things:

  • Your customers want How-To Products
  • Your customers might hail from a particular place (where sunflowers can grow)
  • You don’t need to make products about Olive Trees
  • There may be a market for more Sunflower Based Products

The more you can give them what they want the better.


(P.S. If you'd like to download a free checklist of 31 traffic hacks click here or the image below)


9 Growth Hacks You Can Use Instantly

Now’s the time you’re going to learn how to apply some real Growth Hack’s to your Niche Site.

Simple, quick and easy methods that you can apply straight away. Then you can sit back, sup a coffee and watch what happens.

None of these are rocket science. They’re probably so simple you think that they can’t work. But, they can.

These methods are going to show you how to:

  • Naturally increase your shares
  • Drive more quality traffic to your site
  • Increase your conversion rates

However, there is one caveat. There is no short cut to massive growth. These techniques will do all of the above. But, they won’t guarantee you Twitter style growth.

They will make you much more money. And make you a lot more efficient at marketing your niche site.


#1: Forced Sharing

Okay, you can’t force someone to do anything. But you can give them no other option but.

Forced sharing is giving someone the incentive to share your content, for a reward. Or to access the rest of the content.

For example, Growth Hacker Jon Yongfook worked on an online gaming system where you had to share the game to get to the next level. Which ended up in over 10,000 subscribers is days.

I would use this method sparingly, but definitely on valuable and long-form copy. Suck them in, and then make them engage to find out how it ends.

Such as: ‘want to know the #1 reason for high body fat? Share this article to find out’

You can use plugin’s such as PayWithATweet to make this a true success.


#2: Create List Posts

If you’re not writing list posts, you’re missing out on a lot of traffic.

People are hardwired to enjoy lists. They want to know all of the facts, laid out in an easy to read format.

So, give it to them.

These are easy to create. Don’t need a lot of content. And, can go epically viral.

You just need to look at Buzzfeed to see their Growth Potential. Just be sure to keep them relevant to your site.


#3: Create An (Internal) Social Conversation

Social Media sucks for lead generation and click through’s. Especially when you don’t have an active audience of over 1,000 people. Because users don’t always enjoy engaging with a Brand.

So, why not create a conversation on your website?

The Spot.IM widget allows you to start a chat room on your site, where people can discuss hot topics, articles of why Phil Collin’s still has a record deal.

It’s also great for content generation, audience retention and improving your overall conversions. It also removes the ‘Brand’ factor, because the conversation is with other people.


#4: Guest Blogging

Get in front of other people. Not once. Not twice. But as often as you can.

I’ve written about Guest Blogging in depth on NicheHack’s before. But, that’s because it’s so vitally important.

  • Find a relevant blog
  • Pitch an idea
  • Write some great content
  • Reap the benefits of their audience
  • Repeat

Use this method consistently and you’ll see an incredible boost in traffic in no time at all.


#5: Hello Bars

Growth Hacker’s need a Hello Bar in their life.

Think of it as a simple, easy to use funnel that stands out on your site.

It’s a plugin that sits at the top of your site. It’s fully customisable, always there, and can put people onto your e-mail list with an immediate call to action.

Just looking at the placement of Growth Hacked’sites. From Noah Kagan’s OKDork, through to the likes of Groupon, they all have one thing in common – the e-mail is the focal point.




#6: Social Proof

Want to organically grow for free? Fill your site with social proof.

People choose their decisions based on the actions of others. It would be safe to say that most people who come to your site need convincing before they buy in.


So, give them something convincing.
Even if you have nothing else, try using these two methods.

Testimonials: From people who love what your site is all about. Get one from a reputable source and people will know you mean business.




Logo’s: From the places you’ve been featured. An image goes a lot further than just saying where you’ve been.

Put these in prominent places on your site where people are reminded. Their first impression will be high. And with good content, it will just keep on rising.




#7: Member Get Member

Create an ‘invite incentive’ scheme. Where people share for a reward.

Make your forum (or ‘mastermind group’) invite only.

If someone invites they get a reward. But only if the person contributes.

Your community builds. Your traffic remains targeted. Which is important. Because you don’t just want any old schmuck to land on your Niche Site.
There’s no benefit of ‘Tractor Dave’ joining your Financial Investment Blog.


#8: Integrated Sign Up’s

Will and Kyle from Start Up Bro’s ran a video about testing. They went through three steps to thoroughly test your products.

Their video isn’t what I want to talk about though. It’s what happened in their video.

In the middle of the video, Will explained that you get a $100 Adwords certificate if you joined their mailing list.

But instead of just hoping people would sign up. They stopped their video and put in a sign up box that looked like this:




They turned a ‘cold’ trigger (“sign up below”) into an instantly hot one.

Stuart follows a similar method, by putting sign up boxes in the middle of his posts. You aren’t obliged to sign up, but subconsciously you’re urged to.



#9: Write Killer Headlines

There are no copywriters (myself included) that underestimate the value of a good headline. In fact, headlines are the most important part of your copy.

If it doesn’t draw attention, there is absolutely no point in your content existing. Because nobody is going to read it.

You might feel slightly dishonest by ‘tricking’ people into reading your content. But don’t. You’re just playing the system. If people don’t want to read you content, they don’t have to click through.

Which are your most likely to click?

10 Ways Banana’s Are Destroying Your Health


Which of these 10 ways is your morning Banana slowly killing you?

Damn. You want that second one to be a link, don’t you? And you’re probably going to avoid Banana’s for a week or so too.

The point is, a good headline gets shared. A good headline converts. A good headline is the bridge between you and potential customer.

Use it.


Time To Get Hacking (With A Juicy Challenge)

In this article you’ve learned: the important of testing, how to test and nine quick ways to instantly Growth Hack your site.

Now what?

Are you going to close your browser and keep this is mind like you usually do? Or, are you going to do something about it?

Well, I want to see you do something about it.

In fact, I implore you to do something about it. Your site needs to grow. It wants it. It’s crying out for it.

So, I present to you a challenge.

Choose one of the Growth Hacks mentioned above that you think would work for your site. Any one of them at all. Then, you’re going to follow the next three steps.

  • Step One: Comment on this article saying which you’re going to use, and why.
  • Step Two: Go and apply it to your website.
  • Step Three: In one week’s time, comment again with your results.

For extra brownie points, run some tests and see how much it makes your site Grow.

There’s no $10,000 prize at the end of this. Just the sheer satisfaction that you’ve started down the road of growing a truly epic Niche Site.

Which, could become a lot more money in your own back pocket.


(P.S. If you'd like to download a free checklist of 31 traffic hacks click here or the image below)


Author Bio: James is addicted to the three C's: Coffee, Copy and Creativity. He uses all three to power his Freelance Blogging business. And you should definitely hire him.

James Johnson
James is a Freelance Blogger from Manchester, England.

He specializes in the topics of blogging, growth hacking and content marketing.

You can read more topics from James by clicking on his name.

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