How to Create and Promote Content to Get 200+ Badass Backlinks In A Month

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Let me guess:Backlinks outreach

You are reading this post because of its title.


I'm willing to bet you're looking to get a super flow of backlinks in a short period of time.

But here the ugly truth of life comes:

No one cares about your content or how awesome and compelling it is.

It begs the question:

What do you need to generate 200 backlinks in a month?

All you need is:

  • One-of-a-kind idea
  • Its proper performance
  • Strategically built contacts

But if it was that simple we would all have hundreds of backlinks for every piece of content.

But we don't, right?

And Google's first page search results still has only ten positions to rate us high.

Which means competition is fierce.

So let me show you how you can get your content on the first page of Google.

And get 200+ backlinks to your content in a month.

Let's do this...


(P.S. If you'd like to download a free checklist of 31 blog traffic secrets click here or the image below)


What You'll Learn:

  • How to generate ideas, using analytics
  • How to pursue ideas and create data-driven content
  • What style and design tricks to use for making your content viral
  • What tactics to use for building backlinks like crazy
  • How to win support of big dogs for promoting your content



One-Of-A-Kind Idea: The Pitfalls

"Oh no... I need a content idea... Again. Meh...", every content writer thought at least once.

No matter how creative you are, the problem of burnout has not been solved yet.

So, it's high time to change the approach and forget the words such as "creative", "inspiring", and "motivational" forever.

Now your favorite word is "numbers".

Have you ever noticed how many comments and other social signals come from analytical content?

Let's check Moz, Content Marketing Institute, Social Media Examiner...

You name it!

Every article, deeply researched and data-driven, is doomed to success.

If it contains some practical tips on what readers should do with that data, of course.

Fall in love with numbers.

They are awesome, even if you are a humanities-minded person (like me).

The trick is, you should know what to do with them.

Plus, data and numbers give you an endless stock of ideas to turn into articles, publish at your blog, or share with the audience of some top blogs to drive social signals, backlinks, and awareness of your brand.

How to come up with your idea?


1) Learn Who is Who in Your Niche (Competitors Analysis)

Lifehack: Never compare yourself to those equal to you.

Yes, you should know them and their strategy, but you should also know the big dogs in your niche and give it your best shot to reach them.

Make them your gurus and source of your motivation, a kind of leading light.

Tools to analyze competitors and determine leaders in your niche: SimilarWeb and SemRush.




2) Make a List of Top Content from Them

The things to take into account: social signals, backlinks, presence in Google SERP.

NB! Always check if the content is viral. It's not a problem today to get fake social signals, and if you see the article with 50,000 likes but 0-5 backlinks, I have a bad news for you: such content sucks.

Tools to find viral content: BuzzSumo, Serpstat, Ahrefs, Majestic, MOZ Open Site Explorer.




Done! What's next?

Go to Excel, do VLOOKUP to gather all the results, and then filter them by social signals, referring domains, and traffic. The first 15-20 are your best ideas to generate for your future content.

Done! What's next?

In the brave new world, you would take that content crowd and create something completely new. But unfortunately (or not?), we don't live in the perfect world.

Lifehack: Update some of that top content. And when I say "update", I don't mean "take it and add a couple of paragraphs".

Generate a kind of a sequel with new data, deeper research, and analysis.

Phew! A bit of brainstorming, and here it is! THE IDEA! You have it now.

Congrats! But your idea is worth nothing.

The way you perform it is a key.

WHAT is significant, but HOW determines your future content's success.

Thus and so, the interesting part comes now:

Before sharing your idea, check its validity:

  • Ask your audience (clients, community, social media followers);
  • Ask experts and influencers of your niche;
  • Take a poll and ask people if they like it.

Has your idea appeared to be interesting and valid?

It's high time to take a break because a more interesting part comes.


(P.S. If you'd like to download a free checklist of 31 blog traffic secrets click here or the image below)


How to Turn The Idea Into Data-Driven Content

Data-driven means full of data, doesn't it? But then it's reasonable to assume that you need data to generate this kind of content.

"And where the heck shall I take this data?", you might ask.

"Hello! You have the Internet!", I would reply.

Tools to get data of different niches:

  • Statista, Survata, Typeform, Google Consumer Survey – not free.
  • Reddit,, Twitter Polls, Quora – Create polls and surveys, ask people to get answers and gather data hereon.

After the data has been gathered, one more interesting part comes: it's time to create content you'll promote like crazy.

Design and style run the show here.

  • Rule 1: meet your niche expectations.
  • Rule 2: don't go beyond the scope of your image and position in the niche.
  • Rule 3: follow the style of top blogs you'll outreach with your content. If they need something conversational but you give them an APA-style essay, there are no guarantees to get a chance for editing.

Note: If your content is awesome, 99% is they'll give you a chance for editing it.

In the perfect world, you have advanced knowledge of where your content will go live. In a real world, you create content and start looking for a sweet home for it.

You can also check out the 7 Easy Steps To Finding Your Perfect Niche.


Things to take into account:

  1. The average length of posts at their blog. BuzzSumo can help here again:




  1. Their structure and style. Analyze 5-10 blog posts of theirs to understand how they structure content (lists, graphics, subheads, paragraphs length, etc.)
  1. Their titles. Pay attention to the way they write titles. For example, some blogs do like numbers, so if you see they use titles such as "101 Ways to Promote Your Post..." or "How to Get 200 Links from Top Blogs in 2016", don't forget about this nuance when outreaching your content to them.

Fine. Your compelling content is ready (finally!), and it's a moment when easy work ends.

The most interesting (and difficult!) part comes:


You need hundreds of backlinks, thousands of social signals, guest posts, and tons of traffic... in a month! Okay, maybe two. Whatever! The key phrase here is "as soon as possible".


How to Promote Content to Sink In the Flood of Backlinks

What is so difficult about promotion?

Unlike with idea generation and content creation, you can't predict the exact results.

It's a work with people, it's a building of trust, relationships, and networks; it's individual, and that's why it's so interesting and powerful.

Your best friend now is his majesty Outreach.

To please it, you have five lifehacks:


1) Be original




The screen shot taken from Brian Dean's article for Smart Blogger (How to Get Influencers to Promote Your Content
for Free

What to write in outreach letters? Let's learn from masters: )

The latest trend is video outreach!

It's when you take a short video telling about your content.

You can try it of course, but make sure it's appropriate in each separate case.


2) Be useful

Emailing a person, always think about what you give them. Why should they share your content?

Blog hosts and columnists get 100+ emails daily, so make it easier for them to distinguish your email from others. Start with a value, and only then tell what you want.

For example:

  • Tell them you've found some broken links on their website.
  • Tell you've noticed some bugs at the website.




And then, keep the ball rolling to the topic.


3) Be careful with pre-outreach

Brian Dean describes pre-outreach as an essential part of his Skyscraper Technique, and it makes sense by all means. However, don't make this stage too long; otherwise, it can turn into nothing but starry-eyed blah-blah-blah with bloggers or columnists, which is time-consuming and gainless for you.

So, help them (sincerely!), get their "thank you", and then ask if they are interested in what you can offer.


4) Ask for feedback

Write letters to experts in your niche, asking for comments and advice concerning your content.

Hi, [name]!

I have a post that took me ages to write. It seems I am at the final stage now: it's about [.....].

So, if you could do me a favor and take a look to provide some feedback, it would be great!

Thanks in advance!



As a rule, they are happy to help. (We all are pleased and proud when someone calls us experts, aren't we?)

Got the reply? Whoa!

It's high time to ask if this content could fit their blog and whether they want to share it.


5) Follow-up

Don't be shy to send a follow-up email if you sent the outreach two weeks ago but didn't get a reply.

It's fine to ask if they got your letter and offer. Be concise.




Sometimes, a busy person just forgets to reply, so he will be even thankful for your reminder.

All experts, influencers, and brands in your niche can be a good source for promoting your content and getting badass links to it.

So, don't ignore networking. Moreover, make it your #1 strategy for promotion.

A partnership with influencers will let you spread your content and build networks with others.

When choosing partners, check where they spread their content and think if you want to see your content there.

Tools to check where they have content: Ahrefs (check backlinks) and Brand Mentions (check mentions).


(P.S. If you'd like to download a free checklist of 31 blog traffic secrets click here or the image below)


Final Thoughts

To create and promote content that gets both backlinks and social signals, you can't simply make a list of top bloggers and send them your cold outreach asking to share your articles.

And that's what makes content marketing so exciting: you give something people like, you solve their problem, you inspire and motivate them…

And when you hear a sincere “thank you” from them, there is no person happier in this world than you are at that moment.



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