Discover The Secret To Making Money Even When The World Is Broke

Filed in Niche Research by on December 9, 2013

If you're going to enter into a new niche you want to make sure it's not one where people stop buying when times get tough financially.

The secret is to compete in recession proof niches that way you don't have to worry whether the world is broke or not.

Some niches are more recession proof than others but here are 7 niches that aren't likely to be affected even in a recession....

1. Rich people activities and hobbies.

The rich are rarely affected during a recession and continue to spend money regardless.

Some hobbies and activities that spring to mind are yachting, golfing, fox hunting, polo.

Then there's luxury travel, cars and homes.


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2. Pregnancy & baby care.

People have to care for their new born regardless of their financial situation.

They have to buy baby food, diapers, push chairs, clothes, toys and other products whatever happens.


3. Mortgage & home closure.

Financial recessions usually mean mortgage defaults and home closures.

People will look for advice on how to save their home, try to re-mortgage, take loans and more.

A profitable niche in a bad financial time for sure. Just make sure you do things in an ethical manner.


4. Loans.

Loans are always big business but even more so in a time of financial hardship.

People are looking for loans for all sorts of reasons including pay day loans which pay substantial affiliate commissions.

Again make sure you operate ethically.


5. Health care & illness.

Sick people don't stop being sick just because they are struggling to make ends meet.

Regardless of financial situation they need to buy medicine and get treatment.

Just be sure you're not giving unqualified medical advice to people who are looking for genuine solutions to their health problems.


6. Dating.

Dating is ALWAYS profitable because there's always lonely people out there looking for love.

Especially when times are tough financially people look for happiness elsewhere and a relationship can be a distraction form money woes.


7. Jobs & employment.

When people are struggling for money and out of work you can guarantee they'll do almost anything to find work.

There's scope to offer them employment advice, resume / CV help, hooking them up with job agencies, interview advice and more.




Hopefully these 7 recession proof niches give you some ideas for online projects that will continue to be profitable regardless of the financial situation.

Instead of competing in markets where people are broke go after the rich guys or niches that flourish in tough financial times.


Are there any other recession proof niches you know of?

Do you currently compete in any of these niches and are you finding you make as much money as ever regardless of financial situations?

Tell me about it the comments section below....

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