Review - Click Multiplier: Is this the method to Facebook Riches?

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ClickMultiplier sounds like a promising piece of software, yet I want to be clear that after reviewing it, ClickMultiplier is a method that comes with software.

Let me simplify the method for you - track what is working and do more of that.

What they are saying is that it is essential in knowing what pages convert best on Facebook.

The software makes these pages track-able by adding link tags. But I digress, I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let’s look at what the program says it does and what it actually does.




What is Click Multiplier

Click Multiplier is a method perfected by Matt Stefank and Chris Blair.

I have no doubt that I would want these two guys working by my side on my Facebook marketing campaigns. And when you watch the welcome videos, no one can deny how excited Matt is about this product.



weighted display option



Click Multiplier offers a method of marketing on Facebook that claims it’s full-proof, easy to use and works amazing.

In fact, I’ll never want to do anything else again. And they are right, I won’t.

Test which page or page element converts the highest and build the campaign around the page converting the highest. Genius!

Read more about it here...



What they say it can do

I feel like I need to clarify two things here.

One, they promote a method which they support with quite a few explainer videos on the How-To’s of Facebook marketing and campaign creation.

And two, a software that supports this method. I don’t have a problem at all with their method, it’s that they say the software is doing all these nifty things.

Much of which (either I am not using it correctly) or it just doesn’t do.


Click Multiplier capabilities



Let’s Check it out

After you purchase the product, Click Multiplier offers Welcome videos that explains the method.

Under that main video, if you have questions about the specifics of setting up a Facebook campaign, they offer quite a few in depth videos that cover many aspects of advertising on Facebook.


Click Multiplier Facebook Tutorials


After you got the method down, which to be honest gets lost in the excitement of Matt’s voice, it’s time to test this puppy out and get a ton more clicks.

So now it’s time to set up our first campaign. There are a few things to keep in mind here.

First - Set up your pixel first

Second - Set up your pixel here for Facebook campaigns:

Ok, so now it’s time to name the Project.


click multiplier project



The project is like the overall folder that will hold your campaigns specific to that website, marketing strategy or client.

Like I mentioned before, set up your pixel next since you need to select one in the campaign section.



click multiplier pixel screen



Once you have your pixel created it’s time to set up the campaign.

In this area is the real magic and essential component to the Click Multiplier Method.

Without giving away the goods, I’ll sum it up loosely.

Facebook analytics does not track which link converted, Click Multiplier adds a link tag.

So when you check your analytics you will see which link tag converted so you’ll know what landing page to put more money to.

Which in turns makes more sales.

Did I give away to much? Hopefully not. Let’s look how this works...



As you setup your campaign, you get to give it a link name, which will track in your analytics separate from Click Multiplier.



Naming Click Multiplier page


There are parts of the campaign section I do see value in. Such as the Advanced Link option.



link options


A side note before I jump in here, you can not add an advanced link after the campaign is set up.

So if you want to use one chose it now or forgo all editing options after it’s said and done.

Fortunately, it is easy just to set up a new one. Lesson learned.

Where Matt gets super excited in the Method explanation video is the Weighted Split Test option.

And I agree, I do see this as an excellent and easy way to split test your pages in Facebook.

I also like that after you set up the Weighted Split Test campaign, you can go back in and edit both links.

So if you have a campaign running and a link goes down, you can always switch it out.



Click Multiplier Weight Link Option

Yet, where I get lost in the program is where does all that data go?

The program does not report on which url did better.

All it shows is how many clicks came in from the campaign. Yet, I get much much much more data from Facebook itself.



click multiplier dashboard



Now part of the method does speak about re-engagement and tracking the efforts of that engagement. Yet it still all boils down to this - find what’s working and do more of that.

To learn more about the method click the link below now...




Let me sum it up

Facebook tracking pixels do not track where the sale came from with organic traffic.

So if you have the url tags from Click Multiplier, you can check them in your analytics and get more detailed data.

Click Multiplier allows you to add that link tag to a custom url to track that data in your analytic program.

And, that’s about it.

Like I said, you are purchasing the method they use to create big sales, namely around T-shirts with catchy slogans.

I can see benefits of the split testing capabilities and being able to edit link on the fly that you have traffic coming to.

Overall, I’d say save the cash you’d spend on this and boost a few posts. If they convert - boost them again.

If you are looking for which landing page converted the best, then try Click Multiplier.

Yet thanks to it’s inability to actually show any results I’m not sure what you would glean from it.

I don’t want to take away anything from the creators of this product.

I have no doubt that in a private coaching situation, your Facebook marketing efforts would explode.

If you had that opportunity, which is available in an up-sell - that is where I think you would find the most value.

Until you have that opportunity, Click Multiplier the method can very well be a straightforward way to market with Facebook.

The software that comes with it is more like a click tracker that lacks any bells, whistles or useable data.


To check out Click Multiplier for yourself then click the link below immediately...




Thanks everyone and Happy Marketing!


If you have Click Multiplier - what do you think of it?



Author Bio: Laura Cruz has been in the affiliate marketing industry for 11 years and now works as a freelance consultant, writer and speaker on all things online marketing!

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