How to Write Insanely Shareable Articles with Influencer Marketing

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This is a guest submission by Antonio Tooley

Content is king. If you don’t know that yet, you do now.

Presuming you did, you have probably pulled all the stops and spent a lot of time creating great content.

You are very proud of what you’ve done and figured it will get a lot of shares and likes for it.

Well, you figured wrong.

No one bothers to share your content, so not a whole lot of people are reading it, except maybe for some of your most avid followers.

One of the reasons for this might be you’ve just started your site recently and haven't had enough time to build your reputation as an authority on the subject.

However, you don't have to be an expert to have insanely shareable articles.

One of the most effective ways to accomplish it is to make a round up article featuring the experts in your field.


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Identify Trending Topics

You need to know that is trending in order to capture the most attention to your posts.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by using Buzzsumo, which tracks the number of shares certain content garnered on major social media platforms.


1. Buzzsumo


Just enter your main topic and see which articles have been the most successful on social media.

Here's what has been trending most over the last week in content marketing.

You can also use Ahrefs Content Explorer which does the same thing, but surprisingly, the results are different.

You have to give your payment information before you can start a free trial, though.

Once, you've seen what's trending, choose an idea and a headline to which you can contribute something unique or new for your post.


Conduct An Influencer Research

Now you have to get some interest going.

You need to find out the top influencers in your niche market.

You yourself might already be following a few of them, so you have some place to start.

Go ahead and get their contact information so you can establish a relationship. It would be great to feature 20 or more influencers in your article.

You can use certain tools to help identify as many of them as you can.
Buzzstream Discovery Tool does a great job at identifying key influencers in your niche.

Just type in the name your sphere and you'll get a nice list of experts who you can sort by the number of Twitter followers or frequency of publishing new posts.


2. Buzzstream


If you click “View full profile,” you'll get a page with different information, including links to recent posts. It also shows how active they are and how many shares their posts get.


3. Profile


You can also try using Followerwonk Bio search.


4. Followerwonk


You’ll get a list of influencers and their Twitter profiles using either Buzzstream or Followerwonk.

You can also try contacting them directly on Twitter, but since they’re influencers, there are so many people tagging them.

Any message you send likely to get lost in the crowd

You might have better luck shooting them an email.

Most people will also include a link to their site on their Twitter profiles. If they do, go to their site and look for their contact info there.


5. Joe


If they have a contact form, use that, too.


6. Contact


A good rule of thumb is to establish contact with twice as many people as you actually want in your article. Not everyone is going to respond or give you a comment, so more is better.


Reach out

Establishing first contact is the first step in reaching out to your influencers.

The first contact should be a brief email or message to ask if your influencer would be willing to contribute to your article. Mention your headline.

After you get a positive response, send the question you want them to answer.

Make sure the question is clear and takes no more than 5 to 10 minutes to answer.

Show that you understand the time of your experts is limited and that you value whatever they can spare.


(P.S. If you'd like to download a free checklist of 31 traffic hacks click here or the image below)


Write an Awesome Post

After you have collected enough comments to give your post a good shot of credibility, write the best post you can.

Make sure to break up your text with images and screenshots, videos and/or infographics.

Pure text is hard to read, and it can be boring without graphics. If you need help, get a professional writing and editing service to help you out.


Promote like mad

As soon as you publish your post, waste no time in promoting it.

Share it multiple times on social media for at least a month, using different text and image versions of the same post.

The most important thing is to send your influencers notice that the post is live, and include the URL so they can simply click on it.

Most people would be happy to share a post in which they are mentioned, let alone had a contribution. This will expose your post to their huge following, and you will be sure to get a lot of shares and clicks to your site.

Another good tactic for your social media marketing is to post a quote on social networks from each influencer and tag the author.

They are likely to share your post, and you'll increase your own authority because the world will see that these people participated in your post.

You can use Buffer to schedule these posts, which saves a lot of time.


7. Roberto


This is a particularly kickass strategy that works like a charm.

I've been doing some guest posts for a writing service Edugeekslcub and one of my posts which featured 6 influencers got 1.8k+ shares.

Imagine if it had been at least 20 influencers I had mentioned!





It takes time to build a reputation online if you do it from scratch.

Any content you post, no matter how great, will not get the exposure you need to help you build your authority on the merit of greatness alone. You need a little established authority on your side.

You can get more traction on social media if you feature influencers in your niche market in a round up article.

It will take a little work, but much less than if you try to accomplish it on your own.


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  1. dlad says:

    Awesome post Antonio..Never heard of followerwonk but I took a look at it and it's definitely going in my arsenal...
    Also the quoting strategy is genius, people love talking about themselves when other people mentioned them...
    Do you have a website that you operate?

  2. Kléber says:

    Good tips, I have used some of these strategies to create great content, I have noticed in my niche that articles with more than 2000 words has given more social actions. Some tools mentioned, still didn't know. I'm going to try.

    • Longer, epic content seem to be more shareable, but really it depends on the audience.

      Some websites strive on 50 word articles, some depend purely on pictures / videos.

      What's your favorite tool Kléber?

  3. Joseph Donnalley says:

    Thanks for your useful strategy and tools Antonio. You really opened my eyes to blog post potential.

  4. Darren says:

    This is wonderful stuff, great advice and thank you for sharing it.

    I have found that nearly all advice about growing your blog and outreach is self promotion. Nothing wrong with that but here is an alternative approach and I think it is really worth the effort especially if you find that someone does you the honour of mentioning your name in their own post as a result of you doing the same. It has different connotations attached to it when the referral comes from an authority.

    Thanks once again for sharing some great advice.

    • Hi Darren

      I agree. This is the better route if you're trying to build yourself a brand, rather than a tiny site that is merely surviving with products and keywords.


  5. Thanks to Antonio and Nader for the wonderful article. I use Ahref content explorer and it works like a charm.

  6. renin says:

    Great article.!! Ahref is also one of the powerfull tool.