Thinking Of Starting An Authority Blog? Take This Simple Test To Find Out If It Will Work

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Authority Blogs are the perfect way to start a Niche Business.

The scope for earning is limitless, from: Coaching, Courses, eBooks, Standalone Products and Accessories.

You have the ability to take any side of the business you like and make an endless amount of money.

Getting started can, however, be a real struggle.

Because the world of Authority Blogging is plagued with “What if?” questions:

  • What if my blog is too niche?
  • What if I don’t have an audience?
  • What if I can’t think of any content?
  • What if people stop caring about my niche?

All legitimate concerns.

But, they can also be beliefs that prevent you from making your start and actually making money from the Niche you so desperately want to write about.

But, do not fear! NicheHack’s is here.

I want to help you take the sting out of endless market testing, and give you the blueprint to help you choose whether your niche is the right fit for an Authority blog.

So, set your timer for 20 minutes, grab a pen and paper and be ready to answer some simple Yes or No questions about whether this is the right decision for you.


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1. Are You A Relative Authority?

Put simply – do you know more than your audience?

You don’t need a PHD or 10 years experience in the field to start an authority blog.

But, you do need to know more than the average reader on the site.

If you’re starting a blog purely on a whim, and not because you have something worthwhile to say, you may be doomed before you start.


2. Does It Solve A Problem People Are Aware Of?

Lots of people start Authority Blogs, but they fall down at the first hurdle.


By trying to solve problems people don’t know they have.

If you have to try and convince your audience of their problem, you’re already swimming upstream.

An Authority Blog on Food Allergies is great.

Because, people are fully aware that they are allergic or intolerant to a food. And, they are looking to understand it more thoroughly.

Starting an Authority Blog on Boosting Digestive Enzymes isn’t great.

Because people aren’t aware that’s a solution until after they have discovered an authority blog.

See the difference?


3. Are There Other Authorities In This Niche?

This question can make or break your whole entire blog.

If there is nobody else blogging about your niche, there’s a reason.

When you’re answering this question, look at the following factors:

  • Are there at least 10 other Authorities in this niche?
  • How many Google page results are there? Anything less than 5 figures is too low.
  • Are there any Forums, Facebook Pages or YouTube Channels?
  • How many relevant, recent, news articles are there?

If you can only find limited information, low numbers and dormant authority blogs, chances are this is going to be too niche to be profitable.


4. Does It Tie Into The Big 7?

When you’ve outlined the topic of your authority blog, think of whether it ties into Jon Morrow’s Big Seven of content:

  • Parenting
  • News
  • Personal Finance
  • Self Improvement
  • Gadgets and Technology
  • Business
  • Social Media

If your Authority Blog fits into one of these categories, that’s a good start.

But, how many of the others can you make it relate to?

Can you write about it from a Parenting angle?

About the current gadgets surrounding your niche? Post about up-to-date news or research about it?
If not, you need to spend some time broadening your niche.

Being founded in one of these niches isn’t enough for an Authority Blog.

In order to survive and profit, it needs to be accessible from multiple angles.


5. Are There Any Products Available?

This can be anything at all.

Kindle eBooks, Podcasts, physical products, services, Udemy courses, multi-national corporations or local businesses.

Is there someone else out there successfully making money from your niche?

If you can’t find any products or money making affiliates to your niche, it’s not worth starting an Authority Blog around it.



6. Can You Write 20 Headlines Around It?

Ideas don’t work in a vacuum.

They happen sporadically: in the shower, in the car and walking the dog.

Because, well, your brain is good like that.

When it comes to having an Authority Blog though, you’re going to need a constant stream of content.

At least two posts per week to get started.

How well can you create ideas based around your niche, then?

  • What catches your audiences attention?
  • What do people need to know?
  • What should they be scared of?
  • What are the pain points?
  • What are the pleasure points?
  • What are the main arguments or topics surrounding it?

If you can’t generate 20 solid headlines based off this information, your blog probably isn’t going to survive in the long haul.


How Well Did You Do?

Lets look at a quick break down of the scores and see how well you did:


All Yes Answers: You’re in solid shape to go out and start your Authority Blog.

Take a look at our Ultimate Guide To Generating Web Traffic, and you’re good to go…


3 or 4 Yes Answers: You may struggle to gain as much traction as if you ticked all the boxes with a Yes, but there is still some solid money to be made.

Just ensure that your content is good, you’re well researched and you go the extra mile to set yourself apart from the rest.

Have a read of our How To Start A Blog That’s Epic Guide to really stand out in the crowd.


1 or 2 Yes Answers: You’re going to want to broaden this niche slightly. Although in some cases it’s excellent to be completely niche, for a blog it’s better to be a little wider.

Take a look at your current topic and try to expand upon it somewhat. How can you make it bigger, better and more accessible?


All No’s: Your niche definitely isn’t suited to the Authority Blog style of site. Which leaves you two paths you can follow:

1. Market it Differently: Maybe your niche will be more profitable as an Affiliate Site.
2. Go Back To The Drawing Board: Luckily for you, I have a resource of 1781 Niche Market Ideas for you to take a look at and start a new approach.


(P.S. If you'd like to download a free checklist of 31 blog traffic secrets click here or the image below)



Creating an Authority Blog requires you to be a little less niche than other forms of business.

Take this blog for example, our Niche is Niches. Which, as you may have noticed, is an incredibly broad topic.

However, everything written here doesn’t determine the profitability of your overall niche. Each niche is profitable in it’s own way.

It does however determine if your blog will survive as an authority blog. Don’t fret if you found that it wouldn’t, though. There’s always another niche for you to work with.


Author Bio: James is addicted to the three C's: Coffee, Copy and Creativity. He uses all three to power his Freelance Blogging business. And you should definitely hire him.


James Johnson
James is a Freelance Blogger from Manchester, England.

He specializes in the topics of blogging, growth hacking and content marketing.

You can read more topics from James by clicking on his name.

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  1. Hey James!

    I've always been one for authority blogs. I have a few small niche sites here and there but I don't focus a lot of time or effort on them.

    My biggest issue early on was the topic. Instead of checking if my topic tied into the Big 7 of content, my topic actually was one of those topics - technology. Yep, a general tech blog. You could imagine how that turned out I'm sure.

    Couldn't retain an audience to save my life. The site made money but if I had drilled it down further and found a smaller niche I could've made way more with a similar amount of effort. Obviously for an authority blog I didn't want to get too specific but trying to cover an entire trillion dollar market was far more than one person could ever do.

    I had fell for the "follow your passion and the money will fall into place" advice which in my opinion is downright horrible. As you said there's got to be a market, there's got to be problems to solve, there's got to be products for sale. The way I see it, if you want to make money like a business you've got to treat it like a business.

    I look at a lot of these factors before I start a new site, although I've never taken the time to write them down. Next time I get asked by someone if their niche would make a good fit for an authority blog I'll send them over here to this article.

    Thanks James!

    • Hey James (great name by the way),

      Love that response. I'm a big believer in the Pareto Principle: focus on the 20% and the 80% will follow.

      If you try to take on too much you end up carrying too much and fall flat on your face. Be niche, solve problems and make money. That's about the bones of it for me!

  2. Lem Enrile says:

    I also believe that following your passion will help you attain the success that you want. Even if others find this advice as horrible, well, I'm not one of them.

    • NicheHacks says:

      It's much easier to work on something you are passionate about but it has to be profitable as well obviously. If your passion is rock collecting then it might be difficult to make money from that, I'd imagine.

    • Hey Lem,

      I *do* believe in following your passion. Because, after all, if you don't want to get out of bed and do your work, your life is going to be a long, drawn out struggle.

      However, like Stuart said, there is a market for some passions and others there aren't. You have to make the right decision for the long term.