Exposed: A $1.2 Billion Niche That 60% Of The Population Suffer From. And I Bet You Do Too?

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That’s right, billion, with a B.

A $1.2 billion niche with 60% of the popular suffering from it.

Are you ready for more?

Here I am again, ready to share with you another hot niche.

You can profit in a BIG way in this essential and rising market.

I will make it clear why it's profitable and how you can dominate it.

The niche in question is....managing and relieving stress!


In the world today, people are STRESSED OUT!

  • Stress if you are employed
  • Stress if you are unemployed
  • Stress if you are older
  • Stress if you are younger

Stress is not a discriminator. We all have it to some degree, some more than others.

145 million Americans. 60% of all adults in the US say their lives are overly stressful.

People are searching for a way to cope and enjoy their lives in the fast-paced and unstable world of today.

Help is on the way by promoting products and services within this niche.


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Let's Look At The Demand...

You can see from the keywords below alone the stress niche is a huge and in demand niche and these are just from the obvious searches.




According to a Prudential Healthcare Survey, 1/3 of the U.S. population makes New Year's resolutions to begin stress management programs.

Yearly, $400 Million is spent on stress management audio and video self-help and another$300 Million on “anxiety pills.”

Well over 150,000 searches are made for stress and relief every month on Google!

This is just a fraction of this $1.2 billion mega-niche. People NEED and WANT your help.


Reasons To Get Involved In This $1.2 Billion niche...

This niche is exploding.

One market for this is with the age 18-33.

The newest adults seem to be stressed to the max! They appear to have the most trouble managing their stress

They are struggling in the world instability.

-Financial bailouts
-Terrorists Threats and Attacks
-Job Market
-Political Unrest
-Student Loans

Another large portion of the market share is with the middle and upper class consumers that have the time, means and desire to pursue a better life quality through stress management products and techniques.

When people find relief, they will remain loyal as customers and certainly give referrals.

So this means that stress relief is a very profitable niche that you should be pocketing from.

There's over 1600 stress related products on Clickbank with up to 75% commissions, which again shows just how profitable this niche can be for you.

Amazon has over 200,000 products listed for stress relief including books, tapes, supplements, audios, videos, homeopathy, aromatherapy, or massage tools on

With more than 1000 Facebook pages dedicated to stress and its relief and 1000’s of fans for them who are ready and willing to become stress free and spend serious money on it if only someone like YOU will promote it to them.

Google shows over 4 million pages indexed on the subject so you'll easily find content ideas and traffic.

There's at least 10 dedicated stress management/relief forums with over 100,000 members you can use to network, market and promote your site on.

I think you're beginning to see just how profitable this $1.2 billion niche is, right?


How You Can Hack Your Way Into This $1.2 Billion Niche...

This niche will work well as an authority blog aimed at young adults and everyone else for that matter!

Or you can have a product review mini-site reviewing a particular supplement or technique.

Infoproducts and ebooks on dealing with different reasons for stress are also very lucrative.

Due to the huge number of websites, blogs, forums and social media groups on the subject it's a pretty easy niche to hack your way into.

With the sheer volume of products on Amazon, Clickbank and other retailers ranging from cheap to super expensive there's a lot of products for you to promote and make commissions from.

The repeat sales opportunities are endless as people always want to expand their audio library or need refills of supplements, oils or scents. It is limitless.

Finding your target audience is simple due to the huge presence online.

Drive traffic from other blogs, forums and social media groups back to your site.

Use popular content on other blogs as inspiration for your own and find common question on the stress related forums and offer solutions through your content and products offers.

Build up your email list so you can continually drive traffic back to your site and promote products whilst building a relationship.


What You'll Need To Get Started:

  • A reliable web-host from the likes of WP-Engine (or Bluehost if you're on a budget)
  • Image & graphics from Photodune from $1 (don't take images from Google you'll end up in legal trouble)
  • An auto-responder to build your email list and contact your customers – Aweber is just $1
  • The number #1 email capture tool on the market – OptinMonster, so you can grow your list fast.
  • A set of 12+ free tools that'll blow up your email list and exponentially grow your site from SumoMe.


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  1. Ruth says:

    Just one question, what made you stopped your extensive research??? Comparing to previous posts what happened now?

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Ruth, as we talked about in email. To do the huge intensive niche research style posts I did in the beginning takes weeks of work and then only half a dozen people take an interest in the niche then maybe if lucky 1 person will take action on it.

      It's just not cost or time effective to do such in-depth research and reports on individual niches as most people aren't that interested in them. Look at the social shares most of those niche posts received....not many.

      Most people just want a brief overview. If I could outsource all the in-depth stuff to a freelancer I would but I've tried time and time again and it's so draining as most just don't have the ability to analyse a niche like someone who knows what they are doing can.

  2. sadika alloush says:


    How would managing and relieving stress be considered a niche? It is highly competitive. Googling the term I would have to compete with webmd and mayoclinic they are a number 5 on page rank and have tons of back links.

    Please explain

    • NicheHacks says:

      People are stressed. That's a major problem. They need a solution. Problem niches like these are always very profitable. It's definitely a niche.

      Don't worry about competition, that's a FANTASTIC thing. Competition means it's profitable, in demand, easy to find customers, money being sent, lots of products and so on.

      And definitely don't worry about Google. Google isn't the internet. A 101 ways to get traffic, see the "traffic" tab on the blog here for ideas.

  3. Sadika alloush says:

    Thank you very much for the reply. But being so that it more competitive it would be much harder to rank num 1 in google?

    I'm new to all this but really want to give this "internet thing" a shot.

    Thank you tons


    • NicheHacks says:

      But as I said we're not focusing on Google.

      Rankings aren't guaranteed, are unpredictable, they don't stay forever. You might never rank. You can't build a business around something you've very little contol over and don't fully understand (no one knows Googles full algorithm for ranking).

      Like I said check the "traffic" tab on the site for much more ideas on traffic.