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I like this formula - pick a niche, create a niche site and make money. It works, they key is picking a profitable niche, finding a keyword and ranking for it.

Easier said than done. Ordinarily, you need a few different programs to make this happen. Yet the creators of Super Affiliate Machine morphed all the needed pieces together to make a one-stop-niche-building-machine.

I like the premise of the program, there are parts of it that are a little rough around the edges when it comes to usability. If you know wordpress - then you can get around that easily.

If you are totally new to site creation then this program will be a help to you.

So let’s take a closer look at Super Affiliate Machine.

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Upon logging in, you will see several networks listed. What you will need to do first is actually choose a niche, the product and the network that has the product for the affiliate link to include in your site.

pick a niche
The issue here is that you have to know the niche you want to create a site for. While this program does help with keywords and potential domains, it does not help you find hot and in demand niches to build a site around.

That is still up to your wonderful creative little mind.

So here are some quick and easy ideas on finding a profitable niche:

8 Easy Ways To Find Profitable Sub-Niches In Any Market (Even When You Know Nothing About Them).

So the helpful part of the program comes in the next section in helping you find keywords within  that niche that could be ranked for.


niche keywords


After you have your chosen niche, Super Affiliate Machine works on the premise that finding an easy to rank for keyword is what you should build a site around.

So they help you find those keywords that you may have a shot at ranking for quickly.

Keep in mind here that most of the keywords will have low monthly search traffic. In that same token is where the profit lies with niche sites.

Niche sites like this is a numbers game. Not in how much traffic you get, per se, but the number of actual sites you have ranked and working for you.

Let’s do some simple math. Let’s say you have 10 niche sites ranked number one for keywords that get about a 1,000 searches per month.

Being number one for a keyword will bring in about 80% of those searches.

Hypothetically, you have 2% of those visits to your site actually convert on the product. For simplicity sake your payout for each of those products is $10.

So what does that work out to:

800 visits a month
16 sales a month
$10 per sale

works out to

$160 per site
x 10 sites

$1,600 of passive income


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Now create more niche sites and it’s a rinse repeat process.

Yes, I over simplified this, because you will also be adding unique content and links to keep that position on Google and ranking even for low volume keywords still has to follow the guidelines that Google is rolling out through Panda and Penguin but that’s in theory. Which is why this program is such a useful tool.

Once you choose your niche, the program will show you a percentage of a winning keyword and how much monthly search traffic you can expect.

Honestly, I’m not sure what the other data totally means and there doesn’t seem to be an explanation. I just go with the percentage of being a winning keyword!

After you find your keywords, make sure they are selected and click on the Check Domain to be taken to the next section.

Once here, you’ll see domains that are available, as well as expired domains you can bid on.

buy domains in super affilaite machine

If you already have hosting, you simply buy the domain through your hosting and you’ll integrate the domain in the next section of Website Building.

If you are new and need hosting then you’ll be able to click on BUY which will redirect you to Godaddy. I’d actually suggest HostGator over them!

So, now you have your domain for your niche site.

You will want to integrate your domain with Super Affiliate Machine in which it will install WordPress for you.

The next section takes you to build the actual site. And here is where it gets a bit tricky for me.

The idea is really fantastic in that you get a basic site made automatically for you.

The problem is it didn’t work the best for me. I tried it in both Firefox and Chrome so I’m not sure if it’s a browser issue or the user.

Any way, here is how the Build a Website section is set up.

make your site


You can add images and videos, which will pull from the internet based on your keyword and the same for an article. This is the point where I have a bit of a disbelief that you can rank a site like that high when it’s not unique content.

You can also choose from a list of pre-made headers to add some pizazz!



headers to chose from in super affiliate machine


Although it would be easier just to create a site like this, I think if you are really serious about this model you should create unique quality content and create a site that looks half decent.

Add your affiliate links to the content and you are good to go.

Again, if you are totally new this would be a start.

My Awesome site I made with Super Affiliate Machine.



my amazing site created with super affiliate machine

Honestly, I’d really like to see some of the sites created by people who gave testimonials for the product. I think it would be beyond easier to create the site yourself with WordPress.

On to the Google Automation portion.

Here is the secret sauce to bring in the traffic baby!



seo tutorials in super affiliate machine


Super Affiliate Machine brings you through a step-by-step process through a series of PDF’s that outline the basics of SEO.

They touch on social media queues, video and other ranking necessities.

Overall, I think the Super Affiliate Machine is a good starter program.

If you have experience in niche sites it may give you insight into keywords and potential domains to grab that are still for sale.

Make your own site and create you own unique content.

Put a link in the comments on the awesome niche sites you create with Super Affiliate Machine!


If you'd like to try out the Super Affiliate Machine for yourself then click below now...

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Laura Cruz

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  1. sreejan says:

    i would like to know what does SAM do with respect to SEO and ranking?
    getting ranked is not a click button job as is so vaguely advertised

    • NicheHacks says:

      I agree, not as easy as some of these programs lead you to believe. Laura has went through the product so I'll let her answer this question.

    • Laura Cruz says:

      Hi Sreejan, I agree as well. They do go through a pretty extensive process in their "Google Automation" section yet it is in no way automated. Getting ranked is a complicated process and even more so now that Google is looking at search intent instead of just keywords.
      So in answering your question, SAM puts SEO into your hands through a series of PDF guides. They in no way automate that part - which really you can't automated SEO.

  2. Sreejan says:

    Thanks Laura. I was thinking on the same lines. No way can the software rank websites like it showcases.

  3. Rod says:

    I've bought this software and it's never worked properly - when you add new pages or amend old ones and publish/submit them, the updates do not appear on the site.

    I've informed the support, but I don't think they have a clue how to sort this problem out which really amazes me.

    I am really keen to find out if this is happening to me only OR there are others like me going through the same problem as well?

    So please speak out if you are out there - I'm very angry about this issue so I like to know that I'm not the only one having this major problem.

    • Laura Cruz says:

      Hi Rod - the site has been the biggest issue for me as well. It is almost non-functional. I ended up doing them in wordpress separate from the program. I tried it in a few different browsers. I thought it might be my user error.

      • Rod says:

        Hi Laura,

        Thanks for your reply.

        I did actually think that I won't be the only one - when you think about it, it would be impossible for any software to be able to post to your site automatically, unless, may be, if it uses the FTP address and password. But this program does not use the FTP URL or password and I think they are doing the changes manually from their end, hence them telling us that changes will happen after 24 hours!!

        If you've watched the webinar, the support guy did not answer why we had to wait 24 hours for the updates to take effects. I think that 24 hours has been put there for some guys to carry out the updates manually and as it's done by humans rather than the software itself hence we do not see the changes since simply they're not being carried out properly. This is my own opinion on this issue anyhow, and I hope I will be proven wrong and they will manage to fix this big issue, otherwise the software would not be what they promised it would be.

        Another issue, I still do not understand what they meant by is the need for the "server url" to be entered in the system? Because Server URL will be useless as regards trying to use it to log in to our hosting accounts since "server url's" do not have accounts details, hence cannot be used for the purpose of logging into our hosting account - may be this misunderstanding by them is causing this issue? DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY MEAN BY the SERVER URL and how it can be used in this case to log into our home directory of the new site in the CPanel?

        I hope others who bought this software will see these posts and give us their comments.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Rod, sorry to hear about your issues with this tool. Very frustrating. I've just checked on JVZOO and it has an almost 11% refund rate which I think says it all. Refund immediately.

  4. Rod says:

    Hi Stuart,

    Thanks for your understanding. I will do right away.

  5. Michelle= says:

    Hi all!
    Thanks for your help bringing my attention to the software technical issues.