The Only 3 Traffic Generation Techniques Beginner Bloggers Should Focus On

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When I started blogging a couple of years ago, every expert I consulted for advice on traffic generation told me to write great content on my blog, make it SEO ready, promote it on different social media profiles, comment on other industry blogs and then wait for my servers to crash with massive traffic influx.

Simple, right?

Unfortunately, this is what most beginner bloggers are told by the so called “internet marketing experts” these days (those who make money by telling others how to make money).

If you’re a beginner blogger yourself, you must’ve tried commenting on other blogs, tweeted a million times and posted hundreds of Facebook updates.

But have you been able to generate sustained, returning and loyal traffic with these techniques.

Let me guess…….No!

You see, everyone, of these internet marketing gurus, has the same advice - the wrong advice! (I say this with experience).


Because they assume that the same traffic generation techniques that work for their already popular and established blogs would also work well for beginner bloggers.


Traffic Generation: The Difference Between Established and Beginner Bloggers

The already established blogs have massive audiences.

Their content gets shared all over the internet and they have countless backlinks to support them.

Their social media accounts have thousands of followers and each of their updates receives massive engagement.

But on top of all this, they have a booming email subscriber list. And that’s the difference between you and the popular blogs.

And this is why you need to follow a different strategy

Confused? Let me spell it out for you.


(P.S. If you'd like to download a free checklist of 31 traffic hacks click here or the image below)



The Strategy That Works For Beginner Bloggers

When you start a new blog, your only focus should be on building your email list.

Because you don’t just need traffic.

You need traffic that stays, comes back regularly and becomes your asset.

And this is what email lists are for.

But to build an email list, you first need to create, what I call, a list magnet.

List magnet is just a fancy name for a free eBook, video tutorial, whitepaper, cheat sheet or any other free resource that you can giveaway in return for your visitor’s email address.

The secret to creating an attractive list magnet is to keep it focused on one burning issue of your niche and address is comprehensively.

Stuart has done this perfectly here on Nichehacks


3 Traffic Techniques


Another great example is Jon Morrow’s BoostBlogTraffic


jon morrow


Note: Read this post to learn more about creating a tempting list magnet.

Once you create a list magnet, it’s time to generate traffic for it.


The Only 3 Traffic Techniques You Should Care About

You have the free giveaway with you. Now you need traffic so that you can build your email list (and generate more traffic from it.)

Here are the only 3 techniques you should focus on as a beginner.



1) Guest Blogging

When I tell new bloggers about guest blogging, here are the two most common responses I get.

“Guest blogging, really? Isn’t that a painfully slow way to generate traffic?”

“Matt Cutts has announced the death of guest blogging, don’t you know?”

If you have a similar response, you’re wrong!

Guest blogging is the most powerful way to build your brand image, get powerful backlinks and use someone else’s blog to build your own audience.

Matt Cutts never said guest blogging is dead.

He only said that irrelevant and cheap quality guest blogging purely for backlinks and SEO won’t work anymore.

I agree.

But I’m talking about guest blogging with a plan.

Why waste your content by publishing it on your own blog, when you don’t have any visitors?

Take the same post to a more established blog in your niche, which has the kind of readers you’re looking for, and offer them the post for free.

If you manage to feature on a popular blog, you can generate massive traffic and instantly boost your mailing list.

At the end of the guest post, you’re allowed to share a short author bio along with a link to your blog. Use this as an opportunity to pull visitors to your mailing list.

Here’s an example of an effective author bio, and a poor one

The Wrong Way: “Jawad Khan is a freelance writer and professional blogger.”

The Right Way: “Jawad Khan is a freelance writer and a professional blogger. Download his free eBook “7 Insanely Simple Ways To Find Blogging Clients That Nobody Tells You About”. Follow him on Twitter and Google+”.

Remember, your objective with guest blogging is to build your brand image and route visitors to your mailing list.

So always choose high traffic blogs that are relevant to your blog topic. Also, route visitors to a landing page on your blog where the opt-in process is easy.

Look how clean and simple is Noah Kagan’s,, landing page.




2. Blogger Outreach

Guest blogging will connect you with a lot of bloggers. It will help you build new relationships and blogging partnerships.

But that alone is not enough to send you regular traffic.

For beginner bloggers, reaching out to other bloggers in different ways and using their influence to attract visitors is crucial.


There are a number of ways to do this.

  • Write Roundup Posts: Create round up posts and include the influencers that you want to target. Round up posts are typically the “best of the week”, “the most useful internet marketing advice this week” type of posts.


  • Interviews/Podcasts: Interview your target influencers through email, or do a 15-20 minute podcast with them. Top bloggers are busy people, so don’t send them a huge list of interview questions. Instead, send 7-8 influencers 1 targeted question and ask for a specific answer. That will increase the probability of response.


  • Linking Back in Guest Posts: When writing a guest post, cite the examples of your target influencers and link back to their blogs.

After each of these steps, approach the influencers on Twitter and let them know you’ve mentioned them in a post.

Don’t directly ask for a share, if they find it good enough (which you should make sure it is) they’d share it themselves.

Another important thing in outreach is to stay naturally connected to the target influencers. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook (or any other platform they’re active on), share their content regularly (don’t forget to tag them), join them on social media chats and comment on their blog posts.

Similarly, LinkedIn groups and Triberr are two great places to network with your industry influencers.

But remember, this is an ongoing process and will require consistent effort.

Just see how Ryan Biddulph, BloggingFromParadise, has been able to super boost his eBooks sales because of endorsements from influencers like Chris Brogan.




And how did he build these connection? Through aggressive networking on Twitter and Triberr, and blog commenting.


3. Advertising

Careful, targeted and smart advertising is one of the fastest ways you can pull traffic to your email list. The only problem with this approach is that it costs money.

And even though you might not have thousands of dollars in advertising budget, especially as a beginner blogger, I’d still recommend dedicating a few hundred dollars for it.

But to make sure you don’t waste this money, use the right advertising channels. Don’t go for Google Adwords unless you’re an expert yourself (hiring one would cost you a lot).

Instead, go for Facebook advertising. Facebook ads, if configured properly, have a much higher CTR (click through ratio).

Use 4-5 high quality images of your free eBook, and use Facebook ads to aggressively market it.

Be very specific in selecting your target audience. Start with small campaigns to test what works well for you.

To give you an idea, I managed to pull 100+ subscribers in $30 of Facebook advertising. At that rate you can get 1000 subscribers for $300.

That’s not a bad investment at all.

Check out this super video tutorial from Kim Roach, BuzzBlogger, on setting up an effective Facebook ad campaign. Kim is a genius in traffic generation and I’ve always found her advice very useful.




As a beginner blogger, it’s tempting to use every possible traffic generation technique that you come across.

But if you want to attract regular, returning and loyal traffic to your blog, you need to be patient and focus on building your email list with the three traffic generation techniques I’ve discussed in this post.

With a little effort and focus, you can build a thriving blog in the next 3-4 months.


(P.S. If you'd like to download a free checklist of 31 traffic hacks click here or the image below)


Author Bio: Jawad Khan is a content marketing consultant and a professional freelance blogger.

Follow him on his blog Writing My Destiny, Twitter and Google+.


Jawad Khan
Jawad Khan is a content marketing consultant and a freelance blogger for hire. Follow him on his blog, WritingMyDestiny, Twitter and Google+

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  1. Hi Stuart and Jawad,

    I'm beyond honored to be mentioned up top! Reaching CB by popping up on his radar was all about comments and persistence. We may think that it's impossible to receive an endorsement from a NY Times Best Selling Author, but honest, if you'll just be friendly, and make some huge impact on them, by commenting on their blog, and building bonds through other channels, you'll have few issues making friends with some serious clout. This is so fitting too as I just completed chapter one of my new eBook - 10 Steps to Successful Blogger Outreach - not a few hours ago.

    I love what the other folks are up to. Kim rocks, Noah rocks. And you Jawad are rocking it out with guest blogging. No better way to reach into a huge, massive, targeted audience, quickly, than by writing a kick butt guest post for an authority blogger in your niche. Stuart is definitely one of those authorities, so good for you. So smart, so simple, and the more you choose to write each day, to polish your skills, so easy too. Add that value through comments, and through guest posts, and through as many channels as possible, and you'll be able to rock out this online bit, and expand your presence quickly.

    Thanks again Jawad. So happy to have been mentioned, and I'm so happy to have shown that we can connect with any influencer, through sharing comments, promoting others, and through building genuine friendships. So happy to tweet this one. Signing off from Savusavu, Fiji, blogging from paradise.


    • NicheHacks says:

      Thanks for stopping by and posting a great comment Ryan.

      Yeah, I agree with you, most bloggers and online marketers despite how big they are will be willing to connect with you. I mean look at Neil Patel for example, he responds to almost every blog comment on QuickSprout and even asks how he can help you if you leave a useful comment.

      And he's clearly a busy and very successful guy.

      I took him up on his offer and he came over and checked out the blog and even gave me some feedback.... "I rarely say this, but you are actually doing a great job on your blog. I wouldn't change anything...." which I now proudly use on my about me page and some of my optin forms.

      Even 'big names' and successful people are willing to help if you do something useful or cool for them. I think ,many people are just too scared to reach out because they think they aren't important enough or that the 'authority' won't listen.

      It might be true in a lot of cases but if you are persistent and do something to stand out then you will get noticed.

      Glad you like the post and thanks again for coming over.

      Maybe see you in paradise one day soon.

  2. Dennis says:

    Hi Stuart & Jawad,

    I've been in the blogging world for a long time but mainly for clients and their niches.

    I'm just starting out with the marketing/SEO niche and these tips will definitely be important.

    Once I iron out my writing schedule (which is hard for me for some reason) I'll definitely start doing each of those tips

    PS. That okdork link is broken.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Dennis, thanks for commenting. Making a content schedule and sticking to it is really important and something I fail at all the time. I've went from a post every 2 days for the past 2 months to no post for almost 2 weeks. Organization and planning is key. That's why I've brought in people like Jawad to help with content.

  3. sishim4ru says:

    Hello Jawad, when i'm strugling with my blog traffic i found this awesome site. It's definitely different with other blog i've visted before who talk about SEO, Generating Traffic, how to make money etc. finally i'm agree... as a beginner blogger i can't copy the 'SEO guru' trick and method.
    I've been spent a few bucks to buy product that not working for me, and the bad story is my google adsense was baned, because i'm to attractive with traffic as the product say.
    today i will focus as a beginer blogger. And your article is very useful for me.

    And hi Stewart.. you have a great blog and great articles too.. thanks god i found your blog. 🙂
    God bless You ..

  4. Dirk says:

    I just launched another website and driving traffic is really my big problem today. I haven't tried List Magnet ever since but reading your post makes very curious and interested of doing it. Each traffic generation is important cos without traffic even a good, beautiful and informative site turns out to be literally useless. Thanks for adding another helpful technique, please keep on posting.