7 Sneaky Ways To Get Traffic Without Search Engines To Your Niche Sites

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traffic without search engines

A problem a lot of niche site builders have, particularly those going so niche they build sites around a single product or keyword, is that outside of Google they struggle to get traffic.

The whole premise of the site is to point backlinks at it so it eventually ranks but that obviously comes with it's own risk.

So if you don't rank your site becomes a failure as it's unable to get traffic from anywhere else....or so you think!

Search engines are not the only source of traffic for niche sites....


Here's 7 Ways to Get Traffic Without Search Engines to Your Niche Sites...


(P.S. If you'd like to download a free checklist of 31 traffic hacks click here or the image below)


1. Run competitions giving away the products you review and let the top bloggers and social media users know about it to generate links and shares.

If you're willing to spend some money on the actual products you promote, like Dave Nicosia was, not only can you write genuine and valuable reviews that will make your visitors more likely to buy.

You'll also be able to generate a ton of buzz in your niche by running a competition giving them away and letting other webmasters in your niche know about it who will in turn tell their users.

This is a great way to get genuine links and social shares which will drive traffic.

See the Ultimate Guide to Running Competitions by Matthew Barby.


2. Create fun and useful infographics and allow webmasters in your niche to use it on their own sites.

People love infographics. They are fun. Shareable. They entertain and they inform.

Create a niche relevant infographic then reach out to others in your niche telling them they are welcome to share it with their audience in return for a link.

Take it one step further, using the guestographic method, to increase your chances of them using it.

Again increases your links, social shares, and traffic


3. Ego-bait the players in your niche with expert round up / best of posts.

Ego-baiting works by appealing to the ego's of those in your niche in order to try and generate links and shares.

It can be done by featuring them in expert round ups, top 10 lists, or in numerous other ways like I did here with this World Cup themed post.

When you tell the world that someone is awesome that person usually wants to tell the world that other people think he's awesome.

This leads to webmasters sharing it on their sites and social profiles which will result in more traffic from you.


4. Create additional, non keyword based, content that is valuable and highly linkable.

If all your content is just price comparison charts and product reviews there's very little reason for anyone else in the niche to pay attention to you.

They certainly aren't likely to tell their audience about your site.

So add a blog section to the site where you post niche related content that doesn't exist simply to promote a product.

Stuff that's valuable, solves a major problem in the niche, and does it better than anyone else has before.

You can either create mega-topics through finding out various burning questions from people in your niche through forums and bundling them together into one epic topic.

Or see what's already popular on the most well known blogs in your niche and setting out to better it.

Then be sure to reach out to bloggers in the niche and tell them about your incredible new posts and how they'll benefit their audience.

If your content is actually any good most bloggers will have no problem telling their fans about it.


5. Guest posting isn't just for other bloggers.

Even niche site owners can guest post. Blogs love high quality content regardless of who it comes from.

And remember just because your niche site is on “best top adjustable dumbbells” doesn't mean you have to find blogs specifically on top adjustable dumbbells.

Any bodybuilding, men's fitness or male demographic blog would be suitable targets for guest posts.

Write (or outsource) a great post about weight lifting and link back to your niche site.



6. Forum marketing works so use it.

Again much like above find forums in the wider niche where your target audience hang out and get active there.

Your advice is no less valuable (if you know your stuff) than anyone else's in the niche so use them to your advantage.

If the forum allows you to share content or have a clickable signature then you can drive torrents of targeted traffic to your site.


7.  Google might not rank YOUR site but there are sites they will rank.

So I lied a little. This method DOES involve search engines just your site doesn't have to be ranking for it to work.

If Google won't rank your niche site it doesn't mean they won't rank other, more trusted, properties.

So create content on trusted sites like Youtube, G+, Blogger, Facebook, Linked In and WordPress, Scoop It rank those, then have those drive the traffic to your own site.

It could be a simple video giving people some tips then pointing them to your site for more information or a blog post doing the same.

The fact is Google shows love to it's own properties and ones it deems to be authority sites or trusted so put it to good use.

They rank easy and then can be used to push the traffic to your own site meaning you don't have to be ranked in Google but can still have healthy traffic numbers.

This social SEO guide details how you can rank Youtube videos and other properties in just minutes using sneaky techniques.




These 7 traffic methods are ideal for when Google just isn't interested in ranking your site.

They could also allow you to easily surpass the amount of traffic you'd get from simply ranking in Google so if you have a site that's currently ranking you might consider putting these to good use as you'll get more traffic.

Niche marketing doesn't have to be so limited and restrictive to just getting traffic from search engines.

And your sites needn't be a failure just because Google refuses to rank them in the top 3 results for your chosen keyword.

Traffic without search engines is possible.

So put these 7 ways into action and report back on your results.


Do you use any of these strategies to get traffic to your niche sites?

What other methods have you used?

Tell the Niche Hacks tribe about it in the comments section below....

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  1. Hey Stuart,

    These 7 techniques of getting traffic to niche website without search engines are all interesting though not easy to put into practice because it involve a lot of efforts from the niche site builder.

    With the recent crackdown on the use of PBN to rank niche websites, these tactics will come in handy.

    I will make a couple of them into use for my new niche site and see what works

    Thanks for releasing this.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Most of them aren't much effort and if someone isn't willing to put effort into getting traffic to their online business then why do they even bother?

  2. Monica brown says:

    Trying to get my busniess started but I keep having to pay for everything I'm trying to make money not lose it

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Monica, so you expected running a business to be free?

      Of course you have to pay for the necessary tools to run your business. That old saying "you have to spend money to make money" is very true and anyone not willing to invest in their business and future likely isn't very serious about it anyway.

      What specifically are you referring to having to pay for in your comment?

      All the content on this site is free. Yet it costs me around $700 to $800 to run the website every month.

  3. Peter G says:

    $700 -$800 every month to run this website!
    How come so much & can you breakdown the figure
    I can only assume you have a very large "list" and thererefore
    including hefty auto responder fees.....

    • NicheHacks says:

      This month I've already spent $1,200 on the site.

      Costs include hosting (WPEngine), autoresponder, business email account, file back up, cloudflare, research for niches, design work and images / graphics, content costs (trialed several writers this month), tools and software (buffer, opt in plugins etc), products I buy to review for you guys just off the top of my head. There are more.

      My list isn't that big and the fees aren't a huge chunk of the budget.

      It's the real cost of running a proper blog. So many people think blogging is free it really isn't if you want to have a successful blog. Sure you can do things on the cheap but usually you get cheap results too. I've no problem investing in my business.