The Best Damn List Of Email Marketing Tools EVER: 128 Of Em!

In case you did not read the memo, email marketing is cool again.

According to Litmus, people read more than half of their emails on their smartphones. This indicates a 500% increase from the previous years.

This is not just a time thing, though. Email marketing should be a priority upon building your blog or site.

In fact, out of the top bloggers surveyed at Blogician, 26.3% consider not building an email list from the very start as one of their biggest mistakes.

Email marketing is very important for a simple reason: money.

Email marketing lets you launch campaigns designed to convince a specific audience to buy your products or services.

The specific audience comes from the email list you have built.

Getting them to subscribe to your list takes them one step closer to becoming your customer or client.

This is important because you do not have to reach out to your target audience from the vast online space and sell yourself to them.

What you do instead is get them to sign up to your list so you can deliver personalized emails to increase conversion.

Increased conversions = more customers = greater profit!

Simple, right?

But not so fast, cowboy.

Before you dive into email marketing, you must learn how to get visitors to subscribe to your list in the first place.

From here, you need to compose the best possible message to send them and track the performances of each email sent.

The process is simple, but getting it right takes lots of data grinding, sleepless nights, and lots of coffee. Probably.

And tools, of course!

You need to learn which among of the best email marketing tools you should use to turn your subscribers into paying customers.





Here's What You'll Learn:

  • The best email marketing tools that can help you build an email list and conduct a successful email campaign.
  • Why you need each tool so that you don't miss any important aspects out.
  • Why email marketing is important and why you need to be doing it NOW.
  • The benefit of using these tools and how they can improve your email marketing and make you profit.


C5xKa7ScSo while many people are beginning to use social media (and especially text messaging amongst younger people) instead of email for personal communications. When it comes down to business – email is still king.

Ian Brodie, author of #1 Amazon bestselling book, Email Persuasion (Source)

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General Email Marketing Tools


Mobile apps concept. Flat design vector illustration. Human hand with tablet, laptop and interface icons


Collect emails and launch highly targeted campaigns to your list and track the progress of each. If you are a beginner email marketing, the tools below are a good starting point.


1. ActiveTrail - Super-easy way to create email campaign by choosing from its professionally designed templates (can be edited to mobile responsive). Also allows you to build landing page for your email signup form to maximize chances of getting more leads.


2. Adestra - At the heart of this email marketing tool is a simplified process of running campaigns, social sharing, and data analytics that aims to increase your efficiency and focus on getting the most out of your email strategy.


3. Aweber - One of the oldest and most popular email marketing platforms out there. Create signup forms to send subscribers newsletters and autoresponders, whose campaign performances you can track and measure. Follow their ultimate guide to email marketing which can help you achieve much more.


4. Benchmark Email - Launch a beautiful email campaign design by choosing from over 400+ templates using this tool. Its Inbox Checker feature lets you see how your email message will appear on different browsers and screen sizes. Also includes A/B email testing, dedicated email servers that ensures your campaigns will be sent out to your list, and others.


5. Bluehornet - Send out intelligent, data-driven email campaigns using this tool to maximize ROI of your email marketing efforts. Its dedicated strategy team will supply you with information on how to conduct channel analysis, develop a life cycle planning, and more.


6. BombBomb - Send your videos to your email list and track the results of your campaign. Find out who's clicking on your email and watching the video, among others, and use the data to create more effective video email campaigns in the future.


7. CakeMail - This tool foregoes all the fancy features seen in most email marketing tools and just delivers on the promise of sending newsletters to your list and hitting "Send." That's it.


8. Campaigner - Ensures the success of your email campaign by providing you with the use of static and dynamic segmentation of your email list and applying A/B testing to see which version of your campaigns work best. The tool lets you analyze the performance of your campaign using factors such as deliverability, bounce rates, social sharing and others.


9. Campayn - Import all your contacts from your previous email service provide to this tool and grow them even more using its easy-to-create signup forms. You can test out the emails you will be sending out on different browsers and devices where they will be accessed.


10. Constant Contact - Grow an email list who will receive your professional-looking email campaigns using the tool's drag and drop editor. Build your reach by integrating your preferred social media sites into your emails and measuring the results of your campaigns to see what worked and what didn't.


11. Elite Email - Create, launch, and analyze your email campaigns by choosing from over 400 professional templates. Also includes geo reports, list segments, personalization, and more. If you encounter any problems with your email marketing along the way, the site offers 1-on-1 coaching to help you get through your emailing obstacles.


12. Emailbrain - Send out customized newsletters and autoresponders and track results of each campaign to analyze their performances. Gather campaign intelligence so you can launch a more laser-focused campaign that your list will find irresistible.


13. EmailDirect - This has the creative, segmentation, and social media tools, as well as campaigns features so you can effectively blast your emails to your list and get the best results. The tool integrates with Magento for your e-commerce solutions, Shopify, Salesforce, and more.


14. Emma - Make a more personalized approach to your email campaigns using this tool. Choose from their pricing list that's appropriate to your niche and business size (Professional, Agency, Franchise, etc.). Aside from the usual premium features (smart segmentation, drag and drop email template editor), you can send out automated emails to welcome new people in your list or greet long-time subscribers celebrating their birthdays today.


15. Express Pigeon - Create newsletters or autoresponders that will have a mobile and responsive design so that it template will adapt to the screen size of the device where your recipient opened the mail. Harvest data from its A/B testing and deep personalization features so you can send more effective emails that will strike a chord to each of your subscribers.



16. FreshMail - Simple yet effective, you can create, send, track your email campaign to develop better campaigns and strategies moving forward. Build an attractive signup form that will allow you to maximize chances of getting more subscribers to your list.


17. GraphicMail - This tool bridges the gaps between email marketing, social media, and text messaging to create a centralized system in dealing with your leads and customers from these channels. Send out beautiful emails, message your customers through phone, and engage with them on social media so you can nurture your relationship and build a stronger community.


18. iContact - This email platform strives to provide affordable email marketing solutions  for small businesses. Manage your list, create messages, set up autoresponders, and even receive personal coaching to improve your efforts. For bigger companies looking for more comprehensive features, iContact has the Pro and Premier version.


19. Iterable - Iterable is capitalizing on growth hacking as this year's marketing buzzword by providing real-time consumer marketing service. Aside from composing the right messages, you can send them to the right devices (email and mobile push notifications) and the right time (schedule emails in any time you want).


20. Mad Mimi - A quirky tool that lets you do email marketing in a very stylish manner. Aside from creating and sending email campaign that you will track to measure their performance, you can add cool things in your emails such as Facebook signups, affiliate programs, drip campaigns, and more.


21. MailChimp - One of the most popular email marketing platforms out there that does most of the features that all tools here can do, and more! It lets you build your customer or lead profiles so you can organize the information of each and deliver them emails they will find interesting. Create email triggers based on your customer behavior to increase your make more personalized emails.


22. mailPlants - Answer customer questions and feedback on the go using this tool. Dedicated to mobile users, mailPlants lets you connect with the mobile devices of your customers to make more impressive interactions with your clients. The tool also allows customers to save your event on their Google Calendars with a click of a button.


23. Mailify - This platform simplifies email marketing for you. Composing your email message is as easy as dragging and dropping elements onto the message editor. Clean email design, analytics tracker, and A/B testing are some of the many features that this platform boasts. The cool thing about Mailify is that the first 5,000 emails you will send is on them for free.


24. Mailigen - Another easy -going email marketing platform, conduct full-scale campaigns with ease using this tool. Manage your email lists by segmenting your contacts to send laser-focused emails. You can also handle lost subscribers so you can get them back to your list. Other features include social media integration, online surveys, and more.


25. MailJet - This email marketing platform specializes in conducting marketing and transactional emails. The Analytics ROI gives you insight on your email performances so you can make the necessary changes to improve CTR. Its API makes it easy for developers so they can help customize the experience of subscribers with your brand. The first 6,000 messages sent by you are free, giving you more reason to try out this promising tool.


26. MailUp - Another drag and drop email builder platform that is light on the budget. Users can embed their opt-in forms on their  Facebook Page to increase subscribers. They can also use the platform's advanced filters, automated messaging, and profile updates of your e-mail list to help you come up with better campaigns. MailUp lets users launch SMS text messaging campaigns to increase their reach beyond the online sphere.


27. Maropost - An enterprise email platform that's easy to use, Maropost lets users build different lifecycles in their sales and marketing strategies to optimize engagement and retention. The automation of different workflows using this tool allows you to simplify your interactions with your target audience.


28. MessageGears - A self-professed "hybrid email marketing" tool, MessageGears combines the power of offline software and the efficiency of cloud-powered apps. The result is an email platform where you can store and pull out huge amounts of customer data using high-security features like dedicated IP address, ISP relationship monitoring, and relationship management.


29. Moosend - Send out email campaigns and receive real-time tracking of their results. Create segmentation and run A/B tracking further optimize the performance of your campaigns.


30. Movable Ink - If you are all about making your processes faster and simpler, then this agile marketing platform is for you. Create beautiful email templates without any design experience and send out live and streaming content for a more personalized approach to your campaign. Gather contextual insight and take action to improve your emails and increased conversion rate.


31. MPZMail - Your email marketing efforts will be as successful as how smart you form it to be. This platform is aware of it, which is why it delivers to users the basic and time-tested features to launch an email campaign. Create attractive email capture forms, design equally beautiful templates (even for non-designers), and track its performance.


32. Pinpointe - This tool is a good alternative to your old email platform if you want to revamp your campaigns. Pinpointe specializes in permission-based email marketing, which is why it works closely with ISPs so your email won't land in the spam folder of your recipients. Other features include choosing from over 1,000 email templates and flexible drip campaigns, to name a few.


33. Pure360 - Supercharge your email and SMS marketing campaign using this platform. Automate sending your emails and SMS to subscribers to increase CTR. Make a bigger impact to your subscribers by sending personalized emails specific to the individual. Users can also grow their email list more efficiently by posting creative and fun messages like giveaways and contests to boost engagement.


34. RapidMail - This email platform is as simple and straightforward as they come. Create newsletters using HTML, manage your email list, receive real-time statistics of your email performances, and receive personal supports. If you like a no-frills tool that gets the job done, RapidMail is probably made for you.


35. SendBlaster - If you have lots of subscribers that you want to send emails, download this software. You can get a free version (Sendblaster) that lets you do mass mailing of newsletters to your subscribers. The paid version (Mailstyler) allows you to create awesome email templates for a more dynamic newsletter. Sending newsletters to tens and thousands of subscribers has never been as cost-effective as this tool.


36. Sendicate - A Webby Awards Official Honoree, Sendicate is a minimalist email platform that lets you send emails to subscribers with no hassle. The tool is focused in creating really beautiful email designs to compel and engage your audience. All you need to do is choose from a wide array of templates so you can focus on writing and honing your message.


37. Sendinblue - Some email platforms work under certain limits that can hinder your performance. Sendinblue cuts away from these limitations to provide you with a tool that manages your email, transactional, and SMS marketing campaigns without restrictions. Create, send, and track your emails to keep your subscribers engaged and push them down your sales funnel.


38. Sendloop - Bloggers will want to increase the reach of their articles so they can receive more traffic. This is made possible by Sendloop, a tool that sends out your latest posts to your subscribers via RSS. Analyze the performance of your RSS campaign by referring to the tool's analytics report and tweak your campaign as you see fit.


39. - Hike up your e-mail, SMS, and social marketing with this platform. You can choose between do-it-yourself solutions or managed services. The former lets you take control of your campaigns using this easy-to-use tool. The latter lends you a hand in creating and managing your campaigns for you.


40. StreamSend - Increase engagement with subscribers by creating lifecycle campaigns, automate your content strategy, and boost your social reach using this tool. You can design their e-mails by choosing from over a hundred of email templates to personalize your message. You can also launch video e-mail marketing to personalize your campaigns even further.


41. Whatcounts - Revenue-driven e-mail marketing platform that focuses on personalized e-mail campaigns for increased ROI. Intuitive technology with loads of features (segmentations, lifecycles, etc.) and a dedicated account manager who will answer to your every call.


42. Wishpond - Collect emails using its simple form and pop-up builder and send email campaigns like a breeze. This straightforward tool also lets you create landing pages and launch promotions and contests to increase subscription rate.


43. Vertical Response - Create responsive email designs for optimum viewing on any device. This platform is perfect for small businesses as it lets them send out 4,000 emails to a maximum of 1,000 subscribers for free.


44. Vision6 - Choose from beautiful email templates and edit your chosen template to match your brand. Manage your subscribers to optimize the performance of your email campaigns, which you can also track and analyze.


45. GetResponse - Simplify your email marketing using this tool. Build an email campaign using its drag and drop editor, create automated follow-up emails to keep your existing subscribers engaged, publish a landing page on your site that will collect email addresses to be included in your list, and never worry about your emails bouncing and not being delivered.


7d6c0925ce9699c74e82037f88b535deGetResponse is a valuable platform for establishing an email marketing campaign. While it doesn’t have the most robust feature set, it does offer enough for any newbie to get started and see real, effective results. - Brenda Barron, GetResponse Makes Email Marketing Easy: A Review

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Self-hosted Apps 2015-09-07 10-22-47


These apps let you send run your own email marketing platform from your own servers. Ideal for advanced email marketers who can do programming or are working with a programmer.


46. Django Drip - This is an open-source email drip tool developed ad internally used by Zapier. Using this tool requires you to understand advanced programming and coding to make it work. If possible, Django Drip is a great way to localize your drip campaigns so you won't have to rely on any platform.


47. Sendwithus - A code-independent e-mail tool that lets you develop and deploy email campaigns and run A/B testing by dragging and dropping elements onto the page.


48. Goolara - Build and customize a powerful on-promise or cloud email marketing tool that lets you collect and organize data from all sources (point-of-sales systems, trade show leads, transactional emails, etc.). This way, you can simplify your leads process and focus on doing more important things.


49. Sendy - This tool runs on the Simple Email Services of Amazon, allowing you to send authenticated bulk emails without sacrificing the quality at a low price. Imagine sending out 10,000 emails and enjoying the feature of sophisticated email platforms for just $1.


9BhWIqjCSendy still feels fresh. And amazing. I’m all for disrupting industries and email marketing always felt like it was supposed to be expensive or slow – I mean sending hundreds and thousands of emails can’t be cheap, right? It can and it is. - Sorin Amzu, Sendy – The Most Fun I’ve Had with Email Marketing

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Email-based CRM 2015-09-07 10-24-48


Manage customer relations and sales pipeline using the tools below. Ideal if you want to organize your leads and bring them down to your sales funnel.


50. Autosend - Receive a lowdown of your customer behavior and make predictions on what they'll do next by sending out well-crafted emails and text message to preempt their actions.


51. Base - Integrate this tool using Gmail or Outlook so you can track emails of your prospects and customers straight from your email tool.


52. InTouch - Manage your leads and customers using a sales pipeline you've built. Drag and drop different processes to guide through prospects down your sales funnel. Gain more customer insight by using sending them email surveys and building strong ties with them on social media.


53. Insightly - This powerful customer relations management tool lets you send out mass emails using your created templates to nurture your relationships with customers, leads, partners, organizations, and more. Includes ability to identify potential business opportunity, integrate social media profiles of customers using their emails, and more.


N74HCcdoCompared with our Editors' Choices...Insightly could stand to offer more functionality for larger organizations. But what Insightly does, it does very well. - Sarah Kovac, Insightly CRM

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Newsletters are a simple way to deliver exclusive content to your subscribers. Ideal for bloggers or content creator who want to get their posts out to their target audience.


54. Nourish - Automatically send out newsletters to your subscribers from your blog RSS. This way, you can focus on creating great content to your audience and Nourish will take care of the rest.


55. Soundest - Run your email campaigns from your e-commerce platform using this tool. Create newsletters by dragging and dropping items from your online store to your e-mail in record time. Send out 15,000 emails to subscribers every month for free.


56. Tinyletter - A really cool newsletter tool brought by the makers of MailChimp. Tinyletter can be used to supplement your current campaign and build a brand new audience. Upon signing up, you will have a page from the site with your sign-up form in there. The clean and minimalist look of the forms and newsletters give your emails a more personal approach. It does away with the business features of most email platforms, which is a good thing.


y1xoqDnQTinyLetter is to MailChimp what Tumblr is to WordPress: It's newsletters for dummies...Unlike MailChimp, which caters to businesses and offers all sorts of testing and analytics features, TinyLetter provides just the basics. Writing a message is just like writing an email in Gmail, meaning the process takes only as long as crafting the body text. - Rebecca Greenfield, How Tinyletter Is Making Us Fall In Love With Email Again

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Sign-up Forms 2015-09-07 10-26-43


Create attractive sign-up forms to increase subscribers. Ideal if your current forms is not drive the conversion rate you want.


57. SumoMe List Builder - Similar to Hello Bar, you can collect emails from your site using different opt-in forms. List Builder Pro gives you access to more beautiful to use on your site.


58. Formstack - Create attractive email forms on your site using the tool's intuitive builder. Track and analyze results of your forms and design them as you see fit to increase conversions. Other features social autofill (for easier sign-up), partial submissions (for lead nurturing), and field bottlenecks to identify rooms for improvement.


59. JotForm - Create forms on the go by dragging and dropping elements in the builder. Publish the code on your site and see visitors sign up to your form. Also includes survey builder, payment tool integration, and widget add-ons to your forms.


60. Hello Bar - This tool lets you gather emails using its different opt-in forms. You can mix and match different forms on your site pages to get the most emails. The tool also lets you increase your social followers or drive more traffic to your landing pages.


H43fAAiuIt’s a remarkable way to grow your email list, and it’s FREE. Heck, in the past 30 days alone, the Hello Bar helped DIYthemes gain an additional 1,180 email subscribers. - Derek Halpern, How to Gain 1,180 Additional Email Subscribers in 30 Days Using the Hello Bar

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Landing Pages 2015-09-07 10-27-54


Create a dedicated page for your email subscription form to maximize sign-ups. Ideal for site owners who want to squeeze out more from their visitors and turn them into subscribers,


61. Instapage - Create a beautiful landing page for your email forms in just three minutes. Drag and drop elements onto your page editor and integrate your email marketing tool (so subscribers go straight to your email list). Upon publishing the page, you can track its performance and edit it accordingly.


62. Lander - Great choices of landing pages for all types of businesses. Each is designed to increased conversion rates, aside from making it easier to design attractive pages where you can put your email forms. Other features include A/B Testing Tool, Facebook Page Tab, and more.


63. Landingi - Aside from being an easy-to-use landing page creator, Landingi lets you create email forms as well. Grow your existing customer base from your current email marketing platform using this feature. You can also send automatic emails to subscribers upon signing up.


64. PageWiz - Choose from a wide range of landing page templates and customize it with your company details. Find out if the landing pages are not beautiful enough using the A/B testing feature of the tool. Other features include third-party integrations (mostly with email marketing platforms) and white-labeled email notifications.


65. Unbounce - No IT to help you build a landing page? No problem! Unbounce covers the whole nine yards of building high-converting landing pages. Choose from over 200 mobile-responsive templates and connect to different marketing tools (email, CRM, etc.).


66. LeadPages - This tool aims to provide users with the most seamless way of building high-converting landing pages for your site through LeadPages®. You can also create a LeadBox® that will appear on the page when visitors click on a specific link. The box can appear after a certain period in time or when visitors are about to move away from the page.



As a web designer myself, I am super impressed with the quality and ease of use of Leadpages.

If you are looking for a way to make quick, stylish and mobile friendly landing pages, from high converting templates – Leadpages is for you.Ashley FaulkesLeadPages Reviews and Bonus

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Transactional Email Tools 2015-09-07 10-28-28


These reliable tools guarantee that your emails will be sent to your subscribers without a hitch. Ideal for businesses that send thousands and millions of emails to subscribers.


67. Jetlore - For e-commerce sites, this tool lets you create a campaign that will determine the items for sale that will be featured on your emails using its algorithmic merchandising, which is different from product recommendations and is perfect for mobile-era marketing. Perfect if you wish to maximize email marketing as a profitable channel.


68. SendGrid - A very reliable cloud-based transactional email platform that guarantees deliverability and scalability for bulk email senders.


69. Mandrill - A dedicated delivery API from the makers of MailChimp. This Email as a Service (EaaS) platform is built for developers who are obsessed with documentation, data analytics, and high delivery rates.


CqFuWMgAOverall, Mandrill is awesome. Owned by Mailchimp, the team sure know how to build a great looking product. While the analytics are quite basic, their dashboard and interface is fantastic and makes the whole set up process really simple. - Marcus Taylor, Which Transactional Email Service is the Best? Mandrill vs. Sendgrid & More

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Marketing Automation Tools


Businessman email concept


Gain more data and insights from your audience using these tools. Ideal for marketers who want to mine more opportunities for their email campaigns.


70. ActiveCampaign - Using this tool, you can gather personal and behavioral data of leads and customers to conduct high-targeted email and newsletter campaigns. Its new take on customer relations intends to help you build more leads.


71. Agile CRM - Engage leads by scoring each according to quality, creating automated campaigns and triggers, and more. Also includes lead tracking and pipeline deal features from its sales management, social media brand monitoring, and website engagement to drive more visitors to it, to name a few.


72. Bronto - A preferred email platform by e-commerce sites, the tool provides solutions for post-purchase campaigns and shopping cart abandonment, to name a few things that it's doing better against its competitors.


73. CleverReach - Cloud-based email marketing software that lets you create, send, and analyze emails to your list. The Newsletter editor helps design beautiful subscription mail to your mailing list, whether or not you have experience in making one. The intuitive reports allows you to focus on important metrics to improve your campaign.


74. Hubspot - This tool is divided into two features: inbound marketing platform and automated sales platform. Both take away the guesswork involved in marketing and sales so you can focus growing your business. Hubspot will do the work for you.


75. InfusionSoft - Use this tool organize your contacts and grow your sales opportunities by launching an email campaign that would turn them into leads. Create more campaigns to turn leads hot and close sales with them. The tool also works if you're running an e-commerce site and wish to streamline your sales process.


76. Marketo - Marketo covers all your digital marketing needs. It offers an extensive list of products and services, from  engagement marketing to stand-alone solutions (email marketing, up-sell and cross-sell, event marketing, and more).


77. Relenta - Place all your email accounts in this CRM tool so you can touch base with all your leads and run an email strategy that would turn them into customers. The tool also allows multiple users to access the tool so that all tasks are managed efficiently. Also important is the security that it provides to users (128-bit encryption and a 99.7% uptime).


78. SimplyCast - Find good sales prospects and learn how to turn them into customers with this tool. Automate communication with your leads using email, SMS, and fax. Other features include landing page creation (for increasing conversion rate), powerful analytics, testing tools, and more.


2010-074r-200x200-nontansparentThe power of a platform like ActiveCampaign is it’s not just about emails, but is really a platform to allow you to grow your business, manage your leads and your clients too. - Carl Taylor, Why I’m Moving To ActiveCampaign And You Should Too

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Raffles and Giveaway Tools 2015-09-07 10-30-58


Create excitement to your brand and encourage audience participation in exchange for their emails.  Ideal for site owners who want to boost their subscriber count.


79. Kickoff Labs - A landing page creator that lets you create viral lead campaigns like surveys, contests, and giveaways. The features of this tool help you build more leads to your business and expedite its growth online.


80. PromoSimple - Conduct contests, raffles, and giveaways in the simplest way possible. Design entry forms for interested people, generate an audience using social media, and analyze ongoing campaigns until they end.


81. Rafflecopter - This tool makes the process of runnng a contest all too easy. Edit the details of your contest from the tool. Once done, you can copy and paste the code on any page of your website. Increase entries of users by integrating social media.


brendan-maguireI’d recommend Rafflecopter and highly recommend the paid version of Rafflecopter. The free version doesn’t permit you to upload a competition photograph which can make a big difference to the quality and professionalism of your competition. - Brendan Maguire, A review of Rafflecopter for running competitions on Facebook

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Surveys 2015-09-07 10-31-25


Find out what makes your visitors "tick" and use newfound information to improve your (email) marketing efforts. Ideal for marketers who have yet to learn more about their audience.


82. Client Heartbeat - Survey your customers using this tool. Gauge customer satisfaction and sentiment and use information to keep customers happy and subscribed to your list.


83. KeySurvey - This online survey software is great for medium-sized to large businesses serious in collecting data from their target market. The mobile, online, and offline survey creator lets them gather audience feedback to be used for engagement and others.


84. LimeSurvey - A very robust survey built for developers. This open source platform lets you create unlimited forms and receive limitless responses from people. Get your developers to create a customized form, at no costs to you.


85. Polldaddy - This highly customized survey platform lets you create polls and surveys based on your budget and brand. Once you have collected feedback from your web and mobile forms, you can generate reports for internal use.


86. Qualtrics - Similar to KeySurvey, this tool is an enterprise survey platform for gathering data to help you make intelligent decisions. Using Qualtrics lets you create a customer voice that you can listen to and use for improving your business.


87. QuestionPro - Freemium online survey software for all business types. Create forms using its intuitive survey builder and share it on social media, mobile, and on your own site. Paid features include multi-user accounts, customized branding, third-party integration, and more.


88. Survey Gizmo - Easy-to-use online survey tool to create and share surveys for data gathering. Choose from over 40+ survey question types and use a theme design to customize your survey's look and feel. Other features include automatic analytics tool and data security.


89. Survey Monkey - A basic but very popular online poll platform. Launch a survey campaign using its form builder so you can develop an audience and identify their likes and desires. Other features include 24/7 support and industry-leading security.


90. Survey Planet - Free unlimited online forms and surveys for your site. Choose from pre-written surveys to save you time or create your own from the ground up. Pro features include non-branded survey, image questions, and others.


91. Typeform - A very straightforward form creator. Build contact forms, questionnaires, job applications, and more. You can also create landing pages, tests, and other forms to come up with creative survey campaigns for your business.


92. Zoho Survey - Create user-friendly forms using this tool. Once you have created your form using the tool's easy editor, you can develop branching and logic of your questions to keep them organized. Collect responses once your campaign is done and distill data into an understandable report.


93. Google Forms - Use this free form creator to gain insights about your site visitors and subscribers. Conduct surveys, polls, and interviews and get their responses straight to your spreadsheet in Google Drive.


HiWzIyZDWhile the best online survey creator for you will ultimately depend on your business needs and budget, I’d recommend starting with Google Forms.

Google Forms is 100% free and offers much more than any other free survey too. - Megan Marrs, 7 Best Survey Tools: Create Awesome Surveys For Free!

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Facebook Contests 2015-09-07 10-33-21


Connect your email marketing efforts with your social media. Ideal for marketers who have yet to turn their social media followers into email sbuscribers.


94. ActionSprout - This tool specializes in conducting petitions for your causes. Engage donors and supporters from your Facebook Page and get their emails to be included in your list. Also use the information to further engage with them to build a vibrant community.


95. Clickappy - Create an About Us page, sweepstakes, and photo contests using this Facebook Page tool. Upon login into the tool, customize the template design and and publish it directly to your Page.


96. Heyo - Mobile optimized campaigns are made much easier using this tool. Running contests, promotions, and deals with help drive more traffic to your Facebook Page. Best of all, you don't have to work with any code to publish campaigns on your Page.


97. OfferPop - Turn your Facebook Page into consumer engagement channels using the tool's consume data and audience insights features. You can do this by using the Experience Studio so you can drag and drop elements on your contest or giveaway editor. Also encourage users to generate content for you so increase their time of stay in the site.


98. TabSite - Launch campaigns straight from your social media sites using this tool. The Promotions App is built for Facebook Page so you can grow your list and build more brand followers. Other cool feature is the TabSite Apps. Choose from a gamut of engagement apps that you plan to launch using your online channels.


99. Woobox - Before visitors see your posts on your Facebook Page, create a fangate using this tool. They can see what you have been publishing on the page by clicking on the Like button from the fangate. This is a great way to increase your fans and add qualified followers in your social media.


100. ShortStack - Develop and publish different campaigns on your Facebook Page and other social media sites to turn visitors into your subscribers. Promote your campaigns using different online channels and collect data to help you make smart decisions.


tanyalewis_567086_567088ShortStack is willing to help you build anything you want. Integration is super easy, we don't have to involve our tech team. Our marketing team can do everything.

It's really inexpensive for what we get out of it. It's considerably less expensive than other options, and it's just as flexible, if not more so. - Tanya Lewis, Customer Review: Shortstack designs campaigns, contests and product galleries for social media

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Gmail Apps 2015-09-07 10-33-44


Run your email marketing campaign straight from your Gmail account. Perfect for users who have an established list in Gmail and do not have time to learn using an email platform.


101. Canned Response - If you are sending out the same message to multiple recipients, use this Gmail app to make it easier for you. Create as many templates as you want and edit accordingly before sending each one out.


102. Rapportive - Learn more about the person you are reaching out to via Gmail using this tool. Typing in their address will show their LinkedIn profile and their connection on the sidebar. Use the information here to create a more personal e-mail based on the results.


103. Flashissue - Free beautiful email marketing app for Gmail. Curate content online and post them on your newsletters.


104. FullContact - A Rapportive alternative, this app looks past beyond details in LinkedIn and delivers a full account of your lead using their online information.


105. Streak - Manage your leads and customers straight from your Gmail using this app. Organize your sales pipeline and track the progress of all important contacts here. Other features include mail merging, thread splitting, snippets, and more.


TEDx-Dinner-130x130Streak is a great social coordination tool for anyone — an individual or a working group — to track pipelineable activities within the context of Gmail. A great proportion of my working life is the creation of yet-another-blog-post, working on yet-another-report, or planning yet-another-series-of-meetings while I am visiting a city somewhere. Others are involved in sales, marketing campaigns, business development, or recruitment, any or all of which could be managed and monitored using tools like Streak. - Stowe Boyd, Streak is a well designed social CRM inside of Gmail, but is also much more

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Other Tools 2015-09-07 10-34-46


Various tools that can help improve parts in your email marketing campaigns. Ideal for marketers who want more insight from their email efforts.


106. First Comment Redirect - Turn commenters into subscribers by directing them to a brand new page with an opt-in form (or a link to one) where they can sign up.


107. Hemingway - Tighten your e-mail messages by writing them through this tool. See hard to read sentences, your use of passive voice, and your use of adverbs, among others, in your messages that you can edit as you see fit.


108. Hotjar - Gain insights on the performance of your email landing pages using the Heatmaps feature of this conversion rate optimization tool. Other cool features include recordings, funnels, and form to help you find areas in your site that need improvement.


109. Litmus - A very powerful email preview tool that lets you preview your campaigns from different platforms (mobile devices, desktop, web-based clients). Other features include spam testing and email analytics, both of which aim to provide you information that you can use to improve your campaigns.


110. Raven URL Builder for Google Analytics - Track your promotions campaign from Google Analytics using this URL builder. If you have links in your email campaigns and want to track how many of your subscribers clicked on the link, then this tool is for you.


111. Zapier - One of the most popular online automation tools. It connects apps supported by Zapier and allows you to create triggers that will execute an action between the apps. This tool will come in handy once you have built lots of subscribers in your list.


neilmatthews200x200Running a small business as a solopreneur is all about running lean and keeping your operation as stream lined as possible, automating small repetitive tasks is one of my favourite ways to do this and provides a great solution to those data integration problems. - Neil Matthews, Zapier Review: Integrate WordPress With Almost Anything.

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WordPress Plugins 2015-09-07 10-35-23

Most of the plugins are beautiful opt-in boxes that help increase conversion rate. Ideal for...WordPress users. 🙂


112. Bloom eMail Optin Plugin - Choosing from six different signup form displays and triggers for your website or blog so you can increase the likelihood of visitors signing up to become leads or customers. Integrates with 12 email marketing systems so all subscribers will be automatically entered in your email list of your chosen system.


113. Email Newsletter - Pretty straightforward way for you to email your WordPress subscribers, commenters, and users. Integrates well with the ReadyGraph WordPress plugin, a tool that helps automate the increase of your site users.


114. Gravity Forms - Easily create and embed forms on your WordPress pages. Drag and drop field placements make it fun for non-designers to build attractive forms. Advanced fields and notification options make the form flexible to your needs.


115. MailPoet - Build an email list from WordPress and send subscribers newsletters and autoresponder posts with just a few clicks of a button.


116. Ninja Popups - A very smart email opt-in WordPress plugin that encourages sign-ups with more than just an attractive forms. The tool lets you offer discounts to keep visitors from leaving your page and lock exclusive content on your site unless they subscribe to you.


117. Optin Architect - Sophisticated email opt-in plugin. Create beautiful forms on the go and make use of advanced features to increase conversion rate. Features include animation, popup delay, and exit-intent technology that predicts user behavior that leads to them leaving your site. Before they leave, the tool will fire away a popup form that will convince visitors to stay.


118. Optin Revolution - Grow your list and subscribers with this easy-to-use plugin. This tool offers unlimited customizations to your popup to achieve the look and feel of what you want for your popup. Advanced features such as multiple popups, A/B/C/D/E testing, and more are available with the Pro version.


119. OptinLinks - From the onset, OptinLonks is far from being a run-in-the-mill email tool for your WordPress site. Aside from the usual features of being able to create awesome forms in an instant, the tool lets you create squeeze pages, track leads using OptinLinks, and grants subscribers access to your secure content.


120. Pippity - Great opt-in box tool for your WordPress site. Its customization features allow the box to be as unobtrusive as possible, providing visitors with a seamless experience when browsing your site.


121. Plugmatter Optin Feature Box - This tool lets you create a feature box that appears above the fold with your sign-up form in it. This ensures that all your visitors will see the box before browsing down the content, thus increasing the chances of users to join your list.


122. Sendit Newsletter - Add an opt-in form on your sidebar or page to increase your subscribers. Pro features include Template Manager, CSS Inliner, Scheduler, and more.


123. SendPress - Another WordPress newsletter sender that lets you collect unlimited number of subscribers and launch a newsletter campaign to them.


124. Scroll Triggered Boxes - These sign-up forms will appear at the bottom of the page after visitors scroll down to a certain point. It is non-obtrusive and free, both of which are appealing factors for anyone to consider trying out this tool.


125. Subscribe2 - This tool notifies subscribers that you have a new blog posts that they ought to check out.


126. Thrive Leads - A really comprehensive email opt-in box tool for WordPress that compares favorably to your favorite opt-in boxes. Exclusive features include 100% editable design, automatic A/B test winner, multiple choice forms, and more.


127. Viral Optins - If you have digital products for sale or that can be downloaded for free, this tool is an interesting way to drive more traffic to your products. Encourage sharing from your visitors and track how many users they have referred.


128. Optinmonster - This tool makes it easy for site owners and marketers to monetize their web traffic. The compelling and easy-to-create forms guarantees that your visitors will consider signing up for your list. Other features include multiple form types, exit intent technology, analytics, and more.


Fv2qIomuFor me, OptinMonster, was quick, easy, and I had my first popup up and running (and looking good) in less than 30 minutes. And I love that it's turning more of my hard-earned traffic into subscribers. - Chelsea Baldwin, [Tutorial] How To Grow Your Email List In 30 Minutes Or Less With OptinMonster

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To discover 200+ profitable niche markets click the image below now...



Now that you have a comprehensive list of email marketing tools to use, you no longer have any excuse to NOT build an email list.

Pick out the ones that appeal you in this list and test them.

If the ones you chose don't work well for you, choose any one from the list until you find out "the one."

Now that's out of the way, I need your help.

As with most lists, there's always a couple of items that I failed to feature in this list.

"Chris, you suck! Where's X in this list?? It think you should include it because ABC.

"By the way, did I mention that you suck??"

I know, I know.

That's why I want you to share the tools not mentioned above on the comments section below.

Let's make this the most useful post about the best email marketing tools and make it easy for everybody to build their own email lists!


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  1. Samuel says:

    Nice compilation, how about Redcappi? I have always used and still using Mailchimp, I Just love feeding the chimp lol...

  2. Sunday says:

    Hey Christopher,
    Its always a pleasantness to access any list that encourages turning of subscribers into paying customers.

    This list is rich with valuable tools that will benefit every internet or email marketer. Its still good that we never neglect adhering to the individual demands of the different tools or websites.
    I have used some of these tools - especially those that have to do with WordPress - and they are cool in complementing my email building plans.

    Indeed, we have no excuse not to start building an email marketing list after going through this list!
    I left this comment in as well

  3. NiftyImages says:

    Ah man! We didn't make the list? NiftyImages will let companies make personalized images using any variable. Completely customizable, works with any ESP, on any landing page and increases engagement rates. Maybe the next list will be 129 Chris?

    We put you on Santa's Nice List to show we aren't upset:

  4. Bella says:

    Giving us the whole dam thing again... Great resource.... Many thanks....

    • Welcome!

      The scary thing is that the resource post is far from complete! There's are still people commenting with their favorite tools not included in the list above. Drop by from time to time and check out the comment section for additional email tools.

  5. Richard says:

    What a comprehensive list of valuable tools directed at email marketing!! Complete one stop storage of information i must say.

    You guys at NicheHacks rocks!! Period!!

    You have managed to make it so easy that one can hardly have any reason not to make a choice. Just close your eyes and tuck in.

    Thanks again guys and more grease to your elbows


    • Nader Qudimat says:

      Hello Richard,

      Thank you for the awesome comment. Which one are you going to be taking advantage of next?


    • Thanks for acknowledging our effort, Richard! But as mentioned in the post, this just some (!!!) of the many email marketing tools available at your disposal. I suggest you stick around and see what other tools our readers will suggest that haven't been featured above.

  6. metz says:

    Hello Christopher!

    Splendid list you have here! Pretty sure internet marketers/marketers won’t give an alibi why their email marketing strategy is not working. There are many tools to choose from. I know there are more, but you a ready share 40+ list of best email marketing tools.

    If you want a tool that delivers the basic and time-tested features to launch an email campaign, MPZMail. If want your lost subscribers to back to your list, give Mailigen a try.

    Awesome list, all in all and it is handy!

    • Thanks, Metz! This is exactly the point of this article. There is no way on earth that marketers and site owners won't AT LEAST consider developing an email marketing strategy using the tools featured in the post. There are just so many tools to choose from that there has to be something for everybody.

      Appreciate the comment!

  7. Hey!

    What an awesome list of tools! Most of them were familiar to me, but I need to take stuff like Zapier into my daily schedule as well.

    Personally I'm a huge fan of Thrive Leads, which made me wonder - Thrive Themes also has a huge amount of landing pages as well. I'm thinking, would that be a valuable addition to your updated list?

    Thanks Christopher, and more stuff like this!


  8. Thanks for the suggestion, Jay! Will check Thrive Themes first and (will most likely) include it in the list. Cheers!

  9. Bains says:


    What an awesome list of tools! Most of them were familiar to me

  10. Jeanette says:

    Very soon this web site will be famous among all blog people, due to it's fastidious posts