[Step by Step Guide] How to Find Your Niche's Best Selling Amazon Affiliate Products

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You're definitely here to find top selling items on Amazon but this tutorial will suit you best if...

  • Or if you're simply looking for top selling items on Amazon so you can then turn those products into your Amazon niche.

In this post you'll uncover all of Amazon's best-selling products in any niche of your choice just by following along with our step by step guide.

So you can maximize your profit all by selling the products that are proven Amazon Best Sellers instead of just guessing what people want to buy. Think about it...

When you know the proven best selling Amazon products in your niche (that Amazon are confirming are the best sellers) you can promote them and be sure they'll sell.

Here's how to get started...

The first thing for you to do is go to Amazon.com right now so you can follow along step by step with me as you go through this post and at the end we'll both have found the best selling products in our niche.

Which we can start promoting on our sites and making affiliate commissions from.

Sound good?

Well if you've opened Amazon.com (or whatever country specific platform you'd like to use) up already then let's find those Amazon best sellers...


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What You'll Learn About Finding Amazon Best Sellers:

  • Where to find Amazon's best seller list and why it matters if you want to find top selling items on Amazon.
  • How to narrow down the main list to your specific niche so you get the REAL products your audience want (i.e. proven Amazon best selling products)
  • How to double-check if the products listed are a good fit for your site.
  • Where to find complementary products that also sell well so you can maximize your income.


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1. Start With the Amazon Best Sellers To Find Your Most Profitable Products

Amazon makes finding the best-selling products site-wide and across all their niches incredibly easy.

The first thing you need to do though, is open the Amazon Best Sellers Page. ( <- You can follow that link.)


best selling amazon products


You'll see what's currently getting the most sales in the main categories of Amazon, but since your niche site probably isn't as broad as "Toys and Games" or "Electronics," you'll need to dig a little deeper.

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2. Choose Your Niche's Broad Category

On the left-hand side of the screen, choose the broad category your site fits under.

For example, if you had a niche site about photography, you'd click on the "Camera & Photo" category.


best selling amazon products


You can see that the Fujifilm Instant Mini cameras and film strips are at the top of the list, along with the GoPro HERO4.

If you talk about trends in mainstream photography, these mini cameras and their film would make great products to write about and link back to.


3. Get to the Products Your Readers Care About Most

But maybe your readers don't really care about whatever camera teenagers are using these days and care more about their serious, professional photography business.

No worries. You can narrow down to get those best-selling products too.


best selling amazon products


In the right-hand menu, you can see that underneath the category you're currently in niches down even further, and you can choose one that would best fit the buying desires of your target audience.


best selling amazon products


Once you get there, you can niche down to even more specific product items that all sell really well on Amazon. Why? Because they're the top sellers.

Here, you start to see the categories for the actual specific products true professional photographers (or serious hobbyists) would be looking for.

Things like darkroom supplies, filters, flash accessories, remote controls, and tripods.


best selling amazon products


You can even narrow it down to talk about and sell the specific chemicals they need in their darkroom... while featuring only those products you already know have a great success rate of selling on Amazon.


best selling amazon products

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4. Double-Check the Product (This Will Tell You If They Are Top Selling Items On Amazon)

Let's say on your niche site for serious photographers that you're writing a tutorial for first-timers in the dark room, and you want to make sure you link to plenty of products to maximize your earning potential.

It only makes sense then that you'd probably link to the #1 product listed under Camera & Photo > Accessories > Darkroom Supplies > Chemicals.

But when I click on the product to look at the description and read the reviews, I see this:


best selling amazon products


And this:


best selling amazon products


It's primarily listed as a hair dye and people are talking about using it to tint their eyebrows... not their pictures in a dark room.

Even if this chemical can be used in a dark room (I have no idea)

It's probably best to avoid listing on your site unless you're positive that 100% of your readers are total photo connoisseurs and already know what you're talking about.

In which case, such a tutorial probably wouldn't be necessary for them.

Product number two on Amazon's Best Seller List for this category though, is right on the money:


best selling amazon products


Beyond the few off-handed comments on how well this product also works as a cleaner for showers and gravestones (you never know what you'll find on the internet)

Everything about this product listing yells photography... which is what you want.

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5. Make Sure It Meets Certain "Easy-to-Buy" Criteria

This criteria may not apply if you're intentionally advocating an expensive product.

But if you're trying to get your readers to fill up their Amazon shopping carts and buy everything you suggest, try sticking to this criteria for the top-selling products you choose:

  • A price of $50 or less
  • Less than 3 pounds in weight

While these items may be important purchases, a lower price and smaller size make them easier to purchase on a whim and don't require a lot of thought towards the justification of their purchase.


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6. Check Out the "Also Bought" Section

Amazon is really, really good at selling.

So every time a customer checks out a product, they have a section directly underneath the product description showing related products that make nice complements to the product currently being considered.

This encourages more shopping and higher checkout values.

For you, though, it can be a great way to suggest product pairings in conjunction with the best-selling products you're talking about on your site.


best selling amazon products

Beyond the chemicals, this also bought section suggests lots of hardware needed for darkroom development... a goldmine if you're putting together a how-to tutorial on the subject.


And even though the products shown might not be "bestsellers" themselves, you know that they are good enough products that lots of people within your niche are still buying them anyway, so they're worth listing.

You've just found a selection of best selling Amazon products in your niche.


Conclusion On How To Find More Amazon Best Sellers & Profit From Top Selling Amazon Items

If you've got a niche site making money from Amazon already then I'm sure you've already found plenty of top selling Amazon items to promote on your existing site by going through this step by step tutorial.

And if you're still looking for your Amazon niche or a list of best sellers on Amazon then this resource should help you uncover endless best selling Amazon products that you can build a site around or explore for your niche.

Whatever you do just remember the trick in selling Amazon products (or any other) especially as an affiliate is to always give value and solve problems for your audience over just pitching products at them.

And lastly consider our members area if you don't have a niche yet  because of the 300+ Profitable Niche Reports (and 6 new being added every month) which will help you get started.

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  1. Great post !!! Looking forward to read the detailed post about how to grab amazon best selling product. Thanks

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    """"2. Choose Your Niche's Broad Category
    On the right-hand side of the screen, choose the broad category your site fits under.""""

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  5. Larry Wentz says:

    I've used the Amazon best selling lists for cherry-picking products to create "Custom" Native Shopping Ads on my sites.

    In addition, you can add an affiliate text link on your site directing people to the top sellers list (Example - "CLICK HERE for a list of the top 100 current selling widgets").

    Another benefit on these top selling lists is that you can identify the top selling brands. This is helpful for SEO research as well as creating pages/posts via auto-blog where you enter keywords into the software/app/plug-in.

  6. Ruth says:

    Hello man, my niche is computer tables. It is good or not ? Searches are 5000/month. Ans product price starts from $100 to $5000. It is good my site will earn ir now ?

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    • NicheHacks says:

      That's more of a product than a niche. We generally advise to build sites around niches than just specific products as it's very limiting.

      Certainly money to be made from promoting computer tables though. But take a holistic approach to it.

      • Ruth says:

        Basically it is very specific niche, I just want to ask that as its price is more than $100 so my this amazing affiliate site can earn?

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