How To Cancel Your Membership Subscription

You can cancel your membership and recurring payments in 2 simple steps:

  1. First make sure you are logged into to your members account (login here).
  2. Then click the "submit form" button below.


Before cancelling; just remember why you joined NicheHacks Insider in the first place...most likely to build an income stream which gives you freedom, security and control, right?

So consider wisely whether you'll be able to achieve that alone without the NicheHacks Insider resources, training, support and community before you make a decision.

Also remember; when cancelled you lose all access to the members only content, to support and help from myself and the other tribe members, and to the NicheHacks Insider members only Facebook Group.

I will genuinely be sad to see you go as will the rest of your NicheHacks tribe though whatever decision you make there will be no hard feelings and you're still welcome to enjoy the free content on the NicheHacks blog, the general Facebook group for non members and the subscriber only email list.

Don't forget to download anything you need from the membership site before you cancel. šŸ™‚


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Cancellation ResponsibilitiesĀ 

It is your responsibility to cancel your trial and / or membership using the form on this page (or email me to ask me to cancel it if for some reason the form is not working) if you no longer wish to use it.

I cannot be held accountable if you "forget" or were "planning to" or "supposed to" and no refund will be processed after you've been charged a monthly fee if you failed to cancel your membership.

Also please note:Ā  If you joined NicheHacks Insider via a trial (i.e. 14 days trial for $1 or similar) then there is no refund on monthly subscription fees as your trial is the opportunity to decide if you'd like to remain a member or not, this is clearly laid out on the sales page and in the membership terms page.

If however you still believe a refund is due then note this...

Cancelling will not automatically process a refund so you must emailĀ n[email protected] with the title "Membership Cancellation" toĀ ask for a refund and state your reasons why you believe a refund is applicable).Ā