The 10 Step Niche Profit Checklist: Check Your Way To Profit

This post is part 8 of The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Profitable Niche.

So now you have a pretty good idea about what makes a profitable niche, right?

And you should have a list of potential niches you're interested in, yeah?

Now go through this 10 point checklist and answer each question for each of your niche ideas.

You'll get a much deeper level understanding of whether this is a niche you want to spend time working on.

So let's do this...

1. Do the people within the niche have a desperate problem they need a solution for or a passion they spend money on?

2. Is it an evergreen niche or problem that will be around for a long time?

3. Is this a niche you feel comfortable marketing in? I.e. Is it ethical, legal and something you won't feel bad about doing.

4. Is there enough demand based on keyword search volumes and so on?

5. Are your target audience easy to find? I.e. Are their blogs, sites, forums and social media profiles where they already hang out.

6. Are there products to buy and are they selling? Do these products sell online or are they bought locally? Is there more than 1 product you can sell and repeat sales potential?

7. Are their people already competiting in the niche? Can you offer something unique, different or better than them?

8. Are their retailers with affiliate programs so you don't have to create your own products (to begin with at least)?

9. Do you have enough interest or passion in the niche to create content people want to read? If not can you afford to outsource the content creation?

10. Can you think of at least 30 topic ideas or subjects you'll write on off the top of your head? You need to be sure you can continue to write on the niche topic for months and years.

If the answers are mostly positive, paying close attention to demand, traffic, competition and products available, then you can go ahead and compete in the niche.

You don't need a yes for every question but the majority should be positive.

Good news, we're almost done here.

But first go to the final chapter  and you'll find out what business models, i.e. how you'll make money, from your niche ideas.

So click through to the final chapter now...




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