[Step by Step Guide] Find a Profitable Clickbank Niche in The Next 10 Minutes or Less

ClickBank's affiliate program was the first affiliate marketing program I ever head of.

It was after my my university graduation in 2010 and I was desperately looking for a way to make money online since the job market for new journalists was horrible.

It was fascinating to me that so many digital products existed, and that people could just write about these products on their websites and earn loads of money from their living rooms.

ClickBank had been going strong a long time before I discovered it, though. And it’s still going strong today… six years later.

We’ve already talked about how you can use Amazon to discover a profitable niche that you’re interested in… but what if you’re after commission shares a bit higher than the pennies Amazon hands out?

If it seems more your style to promote fewer products in a bigger way than a typical Amazon affiliate site, looking though ClickBank’s offerings for an idea of digital products that sell well is a great place to start.

Before we start this article I want YOU to go to Clickbank.com and follow through with me step by step as you read through the article and see what niches you find in the next 5-10 minutes.

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OK let's go...

To discover 200+ profitable niche markets click the image below now...

What You'll Learn:

  • The two numbers you need to look at to find out if a ClickBank product is worth promoting.
  • How to sort products in sub-niches to get to the information you need faster.

1. Choose a Broad Category from The Marketplace

From ClickBank.com’s home page, click on “Affiliate Marketplace” in the top center of the page.

cb home

Then choose one of the broad categories from the category list on the left-hand side.


When the menu drops down, choose a sub-category you’d like to explore. For this example, I’m going with Self Help > Marriage & Relationships.


2. Sort Your Product Results to See Whether This Niche is Worth Your Time

By default, ClickBank sorts the products listed under your chosen sub-category by popularity.

Keeping your results sorted by popularity may work depending on your niche, but since we’re going to be concerned with the gravity score next, try sorting the product results by gravity (high to low) instead.

sort results

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3. Look at Commission Rates & Gravity Scores to Get an Idea of Profit Potential

The “Avg $/sale” amount is how much you earn on the product as an affiliate each time someone buys from one of your links.

“Grav.” is the gravity score, and it shows how many affiliates have earned money by promoting that product over the last 12 weeks.

The numbers are represented in decimals because each affiliate is assigned a number, the maximum of which can be 1.0, based on how recently within that eight weeks they made the sale. It also takes refunds into consideration.

So, theoretically, the higher the commission and the gravity score, the better.

This is what we’re working with in the Marriage & Relationships niche:


Within the top 10 gravity-based listing, commissions range from $30.52 to $88.43, and the gravity scores from 34.19 to 114.69.

And while a higher gravity score may mean higher competition to sell this product within your niche, it also means that the landing page does a great job at conversion.

What gravity score you want to go for depends on you and your marketing preferences: Affilorama suggests a gravity score between 6 and 25, while Karen Huang suggests going for products that are higher than 100.

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4. Make Sure the Landing Pages Don't Feel Scammy

Some ClickBank landing pages tend to have, shall we say, a bit of a scummier feel to them than others.

Not all, of course.

But those forced pop-ups that you have to close just to get out of the tab are definitely more commonplace than on marketplaces like ShareASale.

If a niche looks promising, like this relationships sub-niche does, you’ll want to double-check all the products that fit within your commission and gravity score range.

While looking through them, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this a page I’d be happy to land on if I were someone in my target audience?
  • Do I feel like the page author is trying to pull one over on me?

If the answers are in your favor, wonderful. If not, keep looking. Just because one or two products don’t work for you doesn’t mean others won’t.

For example, the 5th item on the Marriage & Relationships list is a product called "Obsession Phrases."

It sounded interesting, but when I clicked through, there was nothing but a video that I was forced to watch… no text, nothing telling me what this product was actually about.

And no way to find out if this product would be for me or if I’d just be wasting my time watching the video.

As a web surfer and a marketer, this pisses me off like crazy, so that’s one I’d scratch off of my list of possibilities.


Fortunately, there are plenty of other items that have a good commission rate and gravity score I could sell if I wanted to start a site in the marriage and relationship niche.

5. Make Sure You’ve Got More than One Product to Work With

“One of the biggest mistakes that many people who are new to ClickBank make is that they focus on a particular product or set of products to sell before they focus on a particular niche,” suggests Blogpress.

Of course, the more options of products to promote that would relate to your new niche site, the better, but Affiliorama suggests making sure there are at least five.

Because beyond having more than one product to promote, the fact that multiple profitable products exist within a sub-niche tells you that this is a profitable niche you’ll be able to generate substantial income from whether you work solely with ClickBank products or items from other sites as well.

Let’s say that my requirements were at least $25 in commission per sale and a gravity score of 20 or higher.

At the time of writing this article, I’d have 14 products on ClickBank to choose from, so it’d be a good decision.

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6. Repeat Steps 1-5 to Find Your Best Niche

Even if you uncover a decent niche on your first try, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t better ones out there.

Try to find 3-5 decent niches that meet your criteria to compare the possibilities of profitability within each one before making your decision.

7. Do More Niche Research to Discover More About Your Audience

After you find a profitable niche on ClickBank, you'll know that this is information people are both actively searching for and paying for.

But before you start a site, it'll also be helpful to do a little more research into the people that make up that niche and their other online and buying habits based on their interest in what you'll be writing about.

For example, even though you know ClickBank has some good products to sell, you might want to find out more on how profitable it is across the internet.

(Check out Chapter 6 in The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Niche Market for detailed instructions on working out whether or not your chosen niche is profitable.)

To discover 200+ profitable niche markets click the image below now...

Getting Started & Factors to Consider

ClickBank is an easy platform to find digital products to sell on because of the fact that everything is digital.

(See this start here page if you're just starting out)

The seller doesn't have to worry about running out of supply, and they can deliver to as many people as you sell to. (So, in theory, there's a limitless commission amount you can earn.)

And even if you decide to make ClickBank products the main money-maker on your site, it's always nice to have ways of rounding out your affiliate earnings with product listings from other sites.

What was some of the research you did to decide whether or not your nice was profitable enough to pursue after you discovered that it had been profitable for other people?

Did you try this process and what niches did you find?

Let us know in the comments....

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  1. Joseph says:

    Hello Chelsea, thanks for your priceless advise on niche blogging.

    Am kick starting my journey into micro niche blogging today. God bless you madam.

    My regards,
    Joseph Ybholy

  2. Hi Chelsea!

    This is a simple process to finding a good niche to work with - using the Clickbank Marketplace 🙂

    Simple but very helpful!

    I gotta say that I do this same process when researching Niches. The main data I look at is the Gravity Score. This number is one important thing to look for and learn from when researching Niches and also when researching for affiliate products to promote.

    Thanks for sharing such value to the cyberspace here, Chelsea!

    Keep up the great work!

    Cheers! 😀

  3. Joe Elliott says:

    Great Advice here Chelsea, for gravity scores i tend to aim over 50, it's a number i was told when i was learning and it has stuck with me because it's worked for me. I recommend this to people simply because it has worked for me.

    Good Job and Thanks Again


    • Chelsea Baldwin says:

      Hey Joe - yea, finding what you're comfortable with as far as gravity score is definitely something that'd be unique to each marketer. 50+ seems like a good rule of thumb, though.

  4. Mart Jerry says:

    Chelsea thanks.But please can you provide me with other sites like clickbanks with which I can become an affiliate and promote? Also can I get a list of Wholesalers of which I can promote?Thanks

  5. So, what gravity score you recommend? Should it be above 100 or b/w 6 and 25?


    • Chelsea Baldwin says:

      Hey Nikhil - That depends on how comfortable you are with competition levels (higher numbers usually mean more competition) and how good you think you are at selling.

      Joe (an above comment) suggests 50+, which seems like a good rule of thumb.

  6. Sarang Sarage says:

    Amazing blog post Chelsea! Very detailed and informative! Thanks!

  7. Hey Chelsea nice and very informative post. I am also wondering on how to choose and promote clickbank products. But after reading this post its really helps me to choose right product. Thanks Again 🙂

  8. Hi Chelsea I was looking for information on Clickbank and this post came up, great information, I will try,

  9. Tanya See says:

    THANK YOU for explaining the Clickbank gravity numbers! I had only been sorting my results by "popularity ".

    I have just stumbled on this blog a few minutes ago through Facebook....so glad I did! I have a lot of reading to do on this site!

  10. Gavin Jackson says:

    Thanks for the great article. I've never used Clickbank but I'm going to see if u can add some of their digital products to my affiliate sites.

  11. mike says:

    ya can call me the rookie... Great information - I have been a member of Clickbank for a few years and did not know what to do with it (funny huh),,,, I still will need a website and likely a auto responder correct?

  12. Rahul Yadav says:

    I can find a niche from amazon and that is your tips to get niches early.

  13. Shahbaz Jam says:

    Hi Chelsea

    as you suggest, one niche and you chose 14 products, so will we work on each product. Like making review web of each product and then seo on each web. I am confuse will thinking all seo process on each product (i.e 14 websites). So what you suggest me that I should work on only one product or otherwise.