Premium Resources For Marketers (For Free).

Marketers: Give These Premium Resources To Your Audience For Free & They Will Love You

Are you in the online marketing or business niche?

Then tell me if this sounds familiar...

It's a constant struggle to come up with new content for your audience.

I've had to hire 3 writers, 4 researchers, a VA and a designer costing me thousands of dollars a month to keep up with demand.

On top of just website articles and blog posts you need...

  • Lead magnets or content upgrades to grow your email list.
  • Bonuses to give to people who buy through your affiliate link so you can make money.
  • Free social locked giveaways for your website content in order to get social shares.
  • Freebies to give away to your audience so they like and trust you.
  • And content for your membership site if you have one.

It takes so much time and effort, right?

And what exactly do you create for all these different things?

Worry no more.

I've got you covered...

Below is over 15 (and more coming soon) free, unbranded, checklists and cheat sheets that you can:

  1. Use for yourself to keep you on track with your own marketing.
  2. Give away to your audience as your own lead magnets, freebies, or bonuses, if you're in the internet marketing niche.
  3. Give away as a free bonus with a paid product or put them inside your paid membership site.
  4. The only thing you cannot do is sell them or profit directly from them.

Who are these for?

  • Anyone looking to speed up their own internet marketing tasks.
  • Anyone in the online marketing niche that wants to give them away to their audience.

What's the catch?

The only thing I ask is that if you do decide to give them away to your audience, is that you give NicheHacks some sort of credit.

Whether that's a link to this page from your website.

A mention on social media.

Or a shout out to your email list.

The Checklists:

  1. 9 Steps To Create Successful Facebook Ads
  2. 9 Things To Avoid As Amazon Affiliate
  3. 9 Time Management Techniques
  4. 9 Ways To Create Viral Content
  5. 10 Point SEO Checklist To Increase Rankings
  6. 10 Steps to Being Successful Affiliate
  7. 10 Steps To Write Perfect Affiliate Review
  8. 10 Ways To Keep Your Visitors Glued To Your Content
  9. 12 Ways To Start Profitable Website
  10. 13 Point Profitable Niche Checker
  11. 13 Points Content is King
  12. 13 Ways To Moneitze Your Website
  13. 15 Things You Need To Do Before Starting A Blog
  14. 20 Ways To Get More Traiffc
  15. 23 Places To Find The Best Keywords In Your Niche
  16. 29 Ways To Get More Social Shares To Your Content
  17. 31 Ways To Promote Your Blog Posts
  18. 34 Ways To Grow Your Email List
  19. 54 Point Blog Marketing Checklist


So to recap...

  • These are free for you to use personally for your own use.
  • You can also give them away, for free, to your audience as giveaways, lead magnets, bonuses etc.
  • Though you cannot sell or profit from them, however using them as a product bonus is fine.
  • If you use them please consider giving NicheHacks some sort of credit whether it be a social share, a link or a mention in your emails.

That's all, enjoy!