Frequently Asked Questions

There's a lot of questions I get asked frequently so I thought I'd create a page where you can instantly get the answers....


Q: How do I get started?

A: Pick a proven online business model (e.g. blogging, info-product launches, product review sites, ecommerce), choose a profitable niche, work out your monetization strategy and then get to work.

Focus, work hard, dedicate yourself to your project and don't give up at the first hurdle. If you give up you'll never see success.

See this guide on different online business models you can use to get started.


Q: How long until I start making money?

A: How long is a piece of string? It might be 1 week, it might be 1 month, it might be 1 year, it might be never.

It depends on yourself, what you do, how hard you work, how smart you work, and a 1001 other factors.

There's no guarantee in this business. This isn't a job where you turn up and put 'X' amount of hours in and someone hands you a pay check.


Q: I want to find niches for ecommerce / selling physical products on Amazon, can you help me?

A: No, I have no experience in that at all. I'm mostly an affiliate marketer who deals with digital products.


Q: So is NicheHacks / niche marketing all about creating small product review sites and ranking in Google?


A niche is simply a topic. The more specific that topic the better as you've more chance of success.

Your website could be both niche AND authority. For example is in the preppers / Survivalist niche. It's the #1 site in the niche and generates over $1 million in sales per month.

It's both NICHE and AUTHORITY. A niche authority site.

Small product review sites are just one of many business models niche marketing works with.


Q: I don't have much money and need free methods to make money online?

A: Online business just like any other (and yes this IS a real business) requires investment of time and money.

There's no fast and easy riches. There's no gain without pain. It takes time. You'll have to spend money.

But on the plus side it's got the lowest barriers to entry of any other business. You can literally get started on a budget as low as $100 if you really had to.

If you're not willing to invest in your business then you probably don't have what it takes to succeed unfortunately.


Q: What theme should I use on my website?

A: If you're going for a blog then something by Studiopress or DIYTheme would be recommended. If you need squeeze and landing pages then try LeadPages.


Q: I have a website but how do I make money from it?

A: There are 101 ways from selling ad space to affiliate marketing to sponsored posts and beyond.

We've covered most of them in this Ultimate Guide To Website Monetization.


Q: How do I build my email list?

A: Send people to a site filled with really great content that solves their problems. Offer an irresistable "lead magnet" (a bribe) that solves their #1 problem in exchange for an email address.

People will bite your hand off to sign up. See this post on growing your email list fast.


Q: I'm doing keyword research but can't find a profitable keyword to build a site around?

A: You need to start doing market research not JUST keyword research. Keyword research is just a very small part of the overall process.

Follow this guide here to do complete niche research and find profitable niches.


Q: How can I find a profitable / untapped / low competition niche?

A: Either use the Ultimate Guide To Niche Research or choose from this list of 1009 niches  or the hundreds of other niches evaluated here. 


Q: How do I get traffic to my website / squeeze page / affiliate offers / blog?

A: Traffic is about knowing WHO your target audience are and WHERE they hang out online then getting your ads or content on those places (i.e. blogs, forums, social media sites where your audience already hang out)

This can be through guest posting, blog commenting, networking, social media marketing, content marketing, forum marketing or paid ads.

There's hundreds of different traffic strategies discussed here. 


Q: Can you review my site and give me feedback?

A: Until recently I always did when asked this but I now get far too many queries like this a week and if I did I'd never get any work done on my own sites.

Don't worry though you can still get feedback (from hundreds of experienced niche marketers and newbies alike) on the Facebook Mastermind Group:



Q: I've found a niche...can you analyze it or tell me if it's good?

A: Sadly not. I run a site about niches but I'm not an expert on every niche on the planet. Like yourself I have to do a ton of in-depth research on it to know if it's a profitable one or not.

You have 2 options:

1. Go do the research required - we've got dozens of posts on how to do it here. 

2. Post to the Facebook group asking for feedback - there's over 3,000 members many experienced niche marketers that can advise you.


Q: Nothing I've tried works, how can I make money online?

A: If nothing you've tried works you're either not trying hard enough, giving up too easy or doing it wrong.

Don't jump from idea to idea from project to project. Focus on ONE thing and see it through till the end.

Stick with tried and tested business models like blogging, info-product launches, ecommerce, kindle books, selling on Amazon etc now "new" systems.

Marketing (online or offline) is about ONE SIMPLE THING finding  people with problems and offering them solutions, it doesn't matter what business model you choose to do that with if you do that you'll see success.


Q: How do I get my website ranked on page 1 of Google?

A: Well Google has over 100 different ranking factors but the main factor still is high quality backlinks from trusted domains (authority sites) so either create great content worth linking to then work hard to let those influential people see your content.

Don't spam your own site because you will lose out in the end.

OR stop worrying about Google altogether (but don't ignore the high quality content bit) and focus on getting traffic from other sources, there's 100s of traffic generation ideas here. 

Google is unpredictable, there's no guarantee they'll ever rank you, you might rank for a short while but then drop and lose all your traffic overnight.


Q: How do I choose a domain / business name?

Avoid spammy sounding keyword stuffed or 'exact match' domains. Create something memorable and brandable.

For example sounds much better than


Q: Do you offer a coaching or mentorship program?

A: Currently I do not. Sorry.


Q: How do I create content that people want to read?

A: Create content that solves problems people in your niche have. If you're not sure of their problems go to relevant forms, blogs, social media hubs and Q&A sites and see what common questions are asked.

These are problems that need solved.

Alternatively enter your keywords / niche into BuzzSumo and see what content is already popular. Create something bigger and better. This is guaranteed viral content if you promote it effectively.


Q: I've found a niche, what do I do with it?

A: The best thing to do is read this guide to understand the best business models. 


Q: I'm about to release my first info product, any advice on how to go about getting affiliates to sell the product for me.

A:  LONG before you release your product you should have been networking with other product owners and affiliates to get on their radar.

And by networking I don't mean "hey I've got a product coming out soon, can you promote for me" which I get pitched so often.

Start off by taking interest in THEIR business. Promote for them. Do cool stuff for them. Help them.

Then further down the line mention you've got your own launch coming up and tell them how it can benefit them.

Before you try and get affiliates on board though you need to make sure your sales product converts, produces good EPCs (earnings per click), and is a solid product with good feedback and a low refund rate.

If you get affiliates on board to promote and it bombs they'll never promote for you again.


Q: I don't feel like I'm an authority in my niche, can I still compete?

A: You don't need to be the worlds most knowledgeable person to compete in a niche you just have to know who your target audience is.

If you're slightly knowledgeable then you don't try and market to the experts you market to those who are new to the niche.

Take this test to find out if you're authority site will work.


Q: Do you offer done for you websites and content?

A: Not currently but these guys do and come well recommended.



Q: Can I cover lots of different niches on one website?

A: Bad idea. Trying to cater to "everyone" leads to you not really appealing to anyone. Your content, your product recommendations and your marketing message ends up being all over the place and doesn't resonate with any one person.

Focus on ONE niche. One very specific topic. And cater to one VERY specific type of person.