How To Make Sales With Facebook Ads: 15+ Profitable Case Studies

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If you're not using Facebook ads...facebook case studies ads

Then you may as well be giving a piece of your business to your competition.

There's no better, faster way to increase sales than with Facebook ads.

Whether you're on a tight budget or you'd like to test a thousand times before deciding which ad set to go with, it's super flexible.

The only question is, where do you start?

How do you pick the images, the ad copy and everything else to ensure you're getting the most effective ads?

What about landing pages? Are you suppose to send your visitors to your product reviews?

Well you won't need to be doing any guesswork as Mohammed El Khiyati did all the research for you.

He is super active in our mastermind group and doesn't show any signs of slowing down when it comes to Facebook ads.

Below is a compilation of those case studies, and they've been organized into niches.

Jitendra did something similar here with his Facebook case studies.

Here's how it's been organized...



  • The Concept of Facebook Pixels
  • Facebook Ads and SEO
  • Adsense Common Mistakes
  • Toys and Hobbies
  • Pets
  • Fitness and Outdoors
  • Bakery
  • Fashion and Accessories


To discover 200+ profitable niche markets click the image below now...


The Concept of Facebook Pixels

I'll explain the concept behind Facebook Pixel and why everyone needs to install the Facebook Custom Audience Pixel on their website before running any ads...

Facebook first introduced its new pixel last year 2015 to replace the old ones.

With the old ones, you had to create only one custom pixel for each account and create many conversion pixels for your business according to your needs.

The result: websites load slowly since those pixel codes have to be fired first before the header tags.


What Is a Pixel?

A pixel is a snippet of code which place on your website.

It sends information back to Facebook when someone takes a specific action like...

  • Visits a page
  • Views a particular product
  • Adds a product to their cart
  • Purchase a product

If you are running a WordPress site (90% of the people here I guess), you can add the pixel via this plugin

Tracking code Manager Plugin

I will try to keep it simple and pretend that I have an eCommerce site (since I have full control of the page) about "".

And I have only 2 products:

Product A for cats and Product B for dogs.

The process is simple:

  1. The user comes to my website (home page)
  2. Select the product of his choice
  3. (S)he goes to that product page for details
  4. Adds the product to his shopping cart
  5. Then checkout page after he paid

That is the perfect scenario for every business owner...

But in the reality, it does not work like that most of the time.

People get distracted via phones, TV, jobs, second-thinking, reviews, searching for coupons...

But with a Facebook pixel, we can retarget them again and exclude those who made the sale.

That way, we can give the customers who did not purchase but made it to the shopping cart, a second chance with a discount or a coupon code.

With a Facebook pixel, you can create audiences like in our case, look at the photo below.




  1. Audience A: General audience (All the traffic)
  2. Audience B: Cats lovers
  3. Audience C : Dogs lovers
  4. Audience B-1: Cats lovers product- viewers
  5. Audience B-1: Cats lovers Basket- added audience
  6. Audience B-1: Cats lovers Buyers
  7. Audience C-1: Dogs lovers product- viewers
  8. Audience C-1: Dogs lovers Basket- added audience
  9. Audience C-1: Dogs lovers Buyers

Now, for each audience, I can talk to them via a specific message and Facebook ad to increase my sales and conversion.

Simple right?


SEO and Facebook Ads

In this post, I will try to show you how I target a niche via SEO and via Facebook ads.

I always choose a niche that has lots of women since it is very fun and easy to persuasive them and they tend to buy online when they see deals and discounts.

I will choose the "prom dresses" niche.

It is a very big and profitable niche and people always buy the latest clothes in that niche.


SEO Path:

But first, I will assume you have your WordPress site ready with 3-7 articles ready and with a shop connected to Amazon (ask me about my clone template as I may have ready for you to use).

I like to have a site looks like an e-commerce site with a shop with a blog for (Amazon + Google)...

For the domain name, I will not bother with the EMD (Exact Match Domain).

If I am in this niche, I'd choose something like or (which is available for $8.67).

For the articles, I will focus about long tail keywords with buying intent under 1000 searches per month for 2 reasons:

  1. Easy to rank them in a short amount of time.
  2. They are buying keywords.

For keywords, I like to go with these types:

  • "niche + under $00 (2 digits)"
  • "niche + under $000 (3 digits)"

For example; prom dresses under $100, prom dresses under $50, prom dresses under $200, etc.

My favorite free tools are:


Here is how I'd do it:

  • Type "promo dresses under"
  • Choose your country (US by default) and hit the suggest button.


Screenshot (38)


You will find thousands of keywords.

But for the sake of this example, I will copy only the first 10 keywords but you can spend hours with that tool.

You can export the keywords and then plug them in Google keyword planner and hit search.

Here's what I came up with:

  • short prom dresses under 100 (880 searches)
  • long prom dresses under 200 (260 searches)
  • prom dress under 100 (720 searches)
  • prom dresses under 150 (480 searches)
  • prom dresses under 100 dollars (320 searches)
  • prom dresses under 300 (390 searches)
  • red prom dresses under 100 (880 searches)
  • cheap prom dresses under 200 (210 searches)
  • blue prom dresses under 100 (170 searches)
  • prom dresses under $200 (260 searches)

That is a total of 4570 searches for only 10 keywords

Without the Ubersuggest tool, I would not be able to find those keywords in Google tool.

Now, let's see the competition for the top keyword:

  • "short prom dresses under 100 ".
  • I used this search string; "Allintitle: keyword"
  • Allintitle: short prom dresses under 100 and then hit search.
  • There are 3140 results for that string.

Anything less than 5000-6000, it's a green light for me and I can rank in the top 10 of Google with minimum work.

As you can see, if you map out everything correctly and you choose your angle of attack, you can make some money with those long-tails keywords.

But it will take you time and energy (between 1-2 months to rank if you are building the right backlinks and all that SEO stuff).


Before You Do Anything

Install your Facebook pixel on your website even if you are not doing any campaign.

It is like installing Google analytics.

You have to collect those people (also known as leads) who visited your website for future campaigns.

Not all your visitors will buy in their first visit.


Facebook Path

In this part, I will try to show you how I will achieve the same thing with Facebook ads but with less money and less time (1-5 days and with $20-$50 budget).


What You Need

  1. Website up and ready and good looking site: Shop with a blog
  2. Install Facebook pixel for re-targeting as well as Google Analytics
  3. Have a landing page separated to send your traffic from Facebook to that page to increase conversions
  4. A fan page (it could be empty, doesn't matter)
  5. A small budget


Step 1:

Our goal would be that we need to send women to our site to buy our dresses...

There are a lot angles that can be done here:

  • Option A) Target single females who like to go to a date but they don't have a prom dresses because of Money or something else
  • Option B)  Target married women
  • Option C) Target fans of big brands and display deals and coupons for them (my favorite way). In this example, I will choose SheIn which has 1.8M fans and I will spy on them to see the top states where their fans live.

I always choose to target state by state for 2 reason:

  1. It works for me because you can test the images and ad copy without spending a lot money
  2. For some reason, Facebook gives you fast reach and impressions and there is not a lot competition.
  3. It works good with a CPM model for audiences less than 50K

So according to the Facebook insight tool:

  • 50% of their fans are between 18-24
  • 34% are between 25-34
  • 10% between 35-44

So without this tool, I would not be able to know that.

Why this data is important?

Because I can create 3 ads set for each group with different image for each age and different as copy to increase my CTR:

  • 18-24 dating message for example.
  • 35-44 married women to impress their husbands with a nice dress.

You get the idea hopefully.

With that tool, I know that the top 4 states are New York, California and Texas...

Here is my audience for California:

  • Location: California, US
  • Age: 18 - 50
  • Gender: Female
  • People who match these interests: She Insider
  • Potential Reach: 39,000 people

So now for $2.63 USD ($0.87 – $4.21), I can reach up to 1000 people.

And with suggested bid: $0.10 USD ($0.03 – $0.22) for CPC but I prefer CPM with highly targeted images.

With a 1% - 3% from 39,000, you can probably get 390 - 1170 visitors to your landing page and then 5% - 10% conversion to Amazon and they can buy what they want.

That is probably going to amount to 39 to 117 sales.

Below is an Facebook ad from them to get an idea.




Learn The Common Mistake That I Made With Adsense (And Many People Are Making The Same Mistake)

They think that by choosing high paid niches like divorce lawyers, insurance... they'll be able to get clicks worth up to $5-$10 or more.

And they base their ideas on Google keywords planner tool.

Google K.P tool is only for advertisers who are willing to pay Google that amount when somebody clicks on their Ads but he has to be typing that keyword in Google search bar and not in another website.

I will choose 2 keywords from highly paid niches and we will see how much I will pay Google as an advertiser and how much google will pay as a publisher and it'll be estimated.

Google pays 60% of the CPC to their publishers)


Keyword 1: affordable divorce lawyers (CPC: $25.01)

This means I have to bid up to $25.01 to have my ad (3 lines) to be at the top of Google listing page 1 or in the right sidebar.

And hopefully somebody will click on it and converts (It can be phone calls or emails. But in this case, it will be phone calls since the niche is very important).

If somebody clicks on my ad and he did not contact me, I will lose that $25.

That is why it's good to retarget them again.


Keyword 2: cessna flight training (CPC: $9.39)

This means I have to bid up to $9.39 to have my ad (3 lines) to be in the top of Google listing page 1 or in the right sidebar.

And hopefully somebody will click on it and converts.

If somebody clicks on my ad and he did not sign up or fill up my form, I will lose that $10.

Which is why it's good to retarget them again.

But as a website owner who wants to use the Adsense program for monetization, how do I know how much I will get for those clicks if I choose to talk about divorce or flight training niche?

For that, Google created a tool 3 years ago called Google Display Planner.

Here is how to get access to it:

  1. Sign in to your Adwords account
  2. Keyword planner tool
  3. In the top Tools
  4. Click on Display Planner tool (See the image below)

The result is surprising from $25.

It'd be less than $1 and from $9.39, again less than $1. Why?




If I am a divorce lawyer or a owner of a flight school, I will focus my budget to target people who are searching for my keywords directly in Google and not who are reading magazines about my niche but it does not mean that all the clicks are low.

It depends of the niche of course.

You can see my earnings in the image below for 1 click and clicks back to 2011: $2.49 per click.




Hobbies and Toys


How to Do Research For a Travel Hobby Niche Before Starting Your Facebook Ads

I'll outline the steps that I usually take when I want to start a Facebook ad campaign, but not only for the travel niche but for Amazon product niches as well.

I chose this niche while surfing randomly and it took me about 90 minutes to come up with my research from Google while I was in Starbucks today.

Here are the steps:

  1. Destinations of that hobby
  2. My targeting audience(s)
  3. Ad copy / imagery
  4. Winner ad
  5. Scaling up the campaign

Before we begin, I'd like to mention that the purpose of my first ad(s) is to find my winner ad using a small audience from my research.

I can use any budget from $5-$40...

When I find my winner ad, I can easily duplicate that ad with similar audiences using:

  1. Magazines / Celebrities (Athletes)
  2. Similar locations
  3. LookaLike audiences


Step 1: Destinations Of The Hobby (Surfers)

For the surfing niche, after doing some research, I found this authority site: Surfer Today.

It has almost everything that we need about our niche (locations, equipment, guides...)

I found it with this search in Google: "best surf spots in"


best surf spots in


It has many destinations for surfing around the world and since my first campaign is only for testing, I don't want to burn my money and effort with a huge audience size without testing...

After some thinking, I decided to focus only about the west coast (California) as a starting point but I will decide later when I see my audience size in step 3.

If the audience size is small, I can focus the entire country (U.S. in this case) or only specific regions.

Again, I am not talking here about my audience locations (where they live) and I am talking about where they will go to book their hotels to enjoy their hobbies.

For the California surf spots, I found these locations:

  • Santa Cruz
  • Malibu
  • Huntington
  • Newport
  • Ventura
  • San Diego

I chose only 6 locations to put them nicely in my landing page boxes.

But you can add many destinations as you like.

Now, after I completed step 1, I'll go and spy on my audiences.

I need to answer questions about them like:

  • What they like
  • What they read
  • What they discuss
  • What problems are they facing when they are surfing
  • How old are they?
  • And whatever else I can ask to get to know my audience better




Step 2: My Targeting Audience(s)

For this step, I like to using Google to find 1-2 authority sites to find their problems and what they talk about.

For ages and interests, I like to use Facebook insight tool to see the ages and what fan pages they like.

After doing some research again, I found these to be the common problems that they face when choosing the right spot:

  • Warm / cold water
  • Waves (lighter, mellow)
  • Budget hotels...
  • Many more but I will build my ad copy based on the 3 points above.

To begin my test, I will always choose magazines to see the effectiveness of my ad copy and imagery since I already have a targeted audience who loves their hobby and pays a subscription fee for it (not all but a portion of them).

After some digging, I found this magazine:

You can find anything about your niche there like:

  • Problems
  • Solutions
  • Gears
  • Destinations
  • Tips

With this information about the niche, you'll appear as an expert (and an authority) to the audience you are appealing to.

Facebook spying tool:

  • I decided to target men only as a starting point (again I am only testing my ads here, I can target later women who are pro-athletes)
  • Ages: 25 - 34, 35 - 44

To scale my campaign up with different audiences after finding the winner ad, I can target with these interests:

  • CARVE Surfing Magazine, Surfing World Magazine, Wavelength Magazine
  • Athletes: Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, John John Florence, Jordy Smith, Taj burrow




Step 3: Ad Copy/Imagery

For the ad copy, I use this formula to make it easier:

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Benefits

I use the same formula that our friend Jitendra Jain mentioned in his epic post, but I tweaked it to fit my niche and market.

I sometimes Google to see what other big companies like Expedia / (since we are talking about travel niche) to see what they are using in their ad copy in Adwords.


Here's What I'd Use:

Headline: Get Your Dream Surf Spots Vacation for Cheap.

Text above image: Love Surfing? Start planning your trip today! Discover those Great Destinations for Surfing that Give Surfers of all levels a good ride.

Text below image: Enjoy Mellow Waves and Warm Water. Don't spend hours looking for the best hotel deal near Your Surf spot…

Call to action: Book Now (You can use 1-2 sets to test your ad copy, to see what works better).

Imagery: In this niche, images are everything. You need to search and find images that have high pins / likes / comments... You can use Pinterest or visit the fan pages of the popular authority sites and see what they post and what kind of images they use.








Step 4: Split Testing Ads

When creating my ad, I always target 1 interest unless my audience size is small then I add 2-3 interests similar to my starting point audience.

For the ad sets, I can choose 1-3 groups based on the age

For the ads, I can choose 1-3 images.

I like to start with CPM for a small audience below 50K to see if my Ad is alright to use or not.

If I have a big budget, I can test CPM/CPC both of them.


Step 5: Scaling up the Campaign

When I have a winning ad (in terms of clicks and CTR and leads), I can choose the same images and the ad copy and duplicate the process with the other audiences in step 2 (magazines, athletes, other group ages...).

With my Facebook ad, I can create an audience of similar people who landed on my landing page using an option called "LookaLike Audience".

Again, the first ad is always for testing.

You can hit home run from the first try but it is always about testing.


To discover 200+ profitable niche markets click the image below now...


[Case Study] Silver & Gold Collectible Coins: $241 with $67.50 Budget in 5 Days

Another case study which proves you can transform a hobby to a profitable business..

A friend of mine is a big fan of silver / gold / bullion collectible coins.

He has a blog about that with few articles and he wanted to monetize it with Amazon after getting fed up with Adsense.




So we tried Facebook ads since it is not as saturated as other niches.

Here's how our Facebook audience targeting looked like...

  • Men: 34-54
  • Location: USA. Feel free to target other countries like UK, Canada or NZ, Australia if you have an Amazon account there.
  • Interests: I will give you only 1 to get you inspired: Golden Eagle Coins
  • Ads sets: 4 interests with only 2 ads in each ad sets with 2 images.
  • Results: 29 sales with $241 with 4 sales that have nothing to do with coins niche.




He collected over 500 people in his custom audience for future promotion.

Tip: His next project is to create a free eBook (7-10 pages) which'll help readers find rare coins for example and then sell then his paid eBook or upsell and recommend some high ticket items.

This is a huge niche with wealthy and passionate people.

Go and take action..


[Case Study] For Polar Express and Thomas & Friends Trains

In this case study, I will show you how to target people who love some hobbies and how to cash on that.

A client of mine has a niche website targeting trains models, flight models, cars models and some mini-figures and other things related to that.

He created many campaigns and one of them was about Polar Express Trains, set about 20 days before Christmas.




I will not go in details but here is what he targeted for an ad set:

Gender: Female

Age: 25-45 (we combined 25-34 & 35-45 because the audience size was low)

Interests: Polar Express fans, Thomas & friends fans and Bachmann fans

Ad copy: It was a mix of a question + gain + urgency..

For $40 for this Campaign, he got 15 sales for a gross of $1875 and $121 commission.

For the other campaigns, he targeted other brands with less and much success.

Biggest takeaway from this is that if you have a niche site with a lot products, don't target the niche but target those products and their brands, whether through SEO or PPC ads.




How To Turn $67 to $276 With Facebook Ads From a Highly Targeted Audience Within 5 Days

First of all, this case study was done in November 2015 and I got inspired from a TV show from a similar product.

The market was certainly there and this product is solving a big problem for people who own cats / dogs and leave them home while being away for long periods of time.

After doing a little research, I tried a campaign with 4 ad sets (2 for cats and 2 for dogs).

I targeted these specific 4 magazines (they were not picked randomly):

  • Cat Fancy Magazine
  • Modern Cat Magazine
  • Modern Dog Magazine
  • Your Dog Magazine

I sent them to a landing page related to pets and just for that item so they can go to Amazon after that...

Here are the details the ad copy and the targeted audience.




Here's the ad I used for this gadget:

Headline: Get Petzi and Never Leave Your Pet Alone!

Text above image: Leaving Your Pet alone at Home? Join Others and With a simple Tap, You can See, Speak, Snap or Treat your Pet When you are away from Home.

Text under headline: Even When You're Not Home. Petzi lets you watch, speak to, play with, and record your Pet when you're away. You can even dispense...


  • Women: 25-34 35-44 45-54
  • Likes: Cat Fancy Magazine
  • Modern Cat Magazine
  • Modern Dog Magazine
  • Your Dog Magazine

In my upcoming eBook, I will show you how to find those niches before they get saturated .


How to Make Money With The Hamster Niche

In this case study, I will show you how target and pinpoint audiences on Facebook related to the pets niche.

There are a lot sub-niches ready to be taken with low to medium competition.

But in this case, one of my clients wanted to jump to the dropshipping business related to the hamsters / Gilber niche but she wanted first to see if there is a market first by using Facebook.

She spent $35 with Facebook ads and she sold 35 items related to the hamsters niche (the majority of them were:

  • Cages (her main product)
  • And some food boxes

The result:

Sold $1662.50 worth of items, with a commission of $108.06

With dropshipping, she could potentially get 10 times commissions of that.




We targeted 3 groups and I will show you only 1.

  • Females 26-65
  • Interest: Hamster & Gerbil & Kaytee.

Kaytee is a popular food brand for wild birds (the reason why we chose that was to filter people who like Hamsters in general from the real owners...(for example, everybody likes dogs but not all of them like Punira. You'd have to be a dog owner to know that)


A Giveaway Niche

So here, I'll give away a profitable niche and show you how to create a Facebook ad related to that.

  • The niche is: handicapped dogs
  • The item to promote: dog wheelchairs

But there are many products to promote.

See below...






You don't have to stick only with Amazon program.

There are many big companies that provide affiliate / dropshipping programs.

For his example, I will target the audiences below and I will explain why:

  • Audience Details: Location: United States
  • Age: 35 - 50 (According to Fb Insights Tool)
  • Gender: Female (80%-88% of the fans are women)
  • People who match these interests: Animal Wellness Magazine
  • And must also match these interests: Dogs

For the interests, I found 5 magazines that talk about the health of pets.




I will give you 2 and let you search for the rest:

  • Animal Wellness Magazine
  • Modern Dog magazine

And I added a filter to have only the dog's owners.

Tip: there are many dog breeds you can go crazy about and all you'd need to do is change the ad copy and image to match the dog breed.

Here are some breeds you can use:

  • German Shepherd
  • Beagle
  • Poodle
  • Boxer
  • Husky

Here is the complete list of dog breeds.

Below is the ad copy focusing about a pain point that dog lovers have: sympathy about the dog.




To discover 200+ profitable niche markets click the image below now...


Fitness and Outdoors


Camping Niche

I've had some requests to do some quick research about camping / outdoor niche but after some research with Google and Uber Suggestion tool, I ended up by choosing this super-sub niche: baby beach pop up tents but it can work in general for the baby camping niche.




The market is there and there is not a lot competition for some certain keywords with good searches..

For people who love the EMD domains, is still available.

Take a look at these keywords with the monthly searches:

  • baby beach tent (4400)
  • baby sun tent (480)
  • beach tents for babies (590)
  • baby tent (1600)
  • beach tent for baby (1000)
  • beach tent for babies (1000)
  • infant beach tent (480)




The website can be for baby camping gear like tents, accessories, safety, etc.

And below is what I will try with the Facebook ads.

I will choose:

  • Gender: Female
  • Parents with toddlers (01-02)
  • Parents with preschoolers (03-05)
  • Parents with early school age children (06-08)
  • Parents with with preteens (08-12)




And for the test, I will choose a beach city like Oceanside or San Diego to test the images and the ad copy before scale it up with other states and cities...

For the ad copy, I will use: fear factor + solution + benefit.

Description: "Planning to go to the Beach this Summer But worry about your Kids ?

Infant UV Playshade protects your kids from effects of the sun, Ease of Assembly, Storage and pops up and down in seconds."

Headline: Infant UV Playshade Beach Tent. 10% OFF & Free Shipping

The audience size is perfect to test the water: 40.000 moms living in a ocean city close to the beach and have kids.

Go and take action.

Mix SEO with Facebook ads and scale it up from there.




Water Rafting Niche: How To Turn $135 To $412 in 5 days With a Small Targeted Audience

In this post, I will try to explain the travel niche affiliate model and how to use it with Facebook ads without use the classic methods of travel targeting:

In this example, we use a hobby and destination method.

Why, you ask?

Because we want to only target the fans of that hobby and offer them travel deals to enjoy their hobby far away from their routines....

With the travel niche package that I am offering, the user does not need to book in order to get credit but he has to do the steps below:

  1. Search for a destination
  2. Click on an hotel of that destination
  3. The system will display the lists of providers that have that hotel (sometimes there are up to 10 and sometimes only 1...)
  4. If he or she clicks on any one of those links, you will get a credit up to $1-$2...depending on your traffic.

But with Facebook ads and after doing your homework of course, you can send them to that destination based on their hobbies.

So they can go to the step 2 or 3 directly using your landing page... it'd be easier for you to reach step 3 and 4.

With this case study, we chose a niche for those who like white water rafting and they'd like to enjoy a break in Colorado river with family...

The Campaign had 3 ad set and 3 images for each ad sets:

  • Ad set 1: Water rafting for family with kids
  • Ad set 2: Water rafting for couples
  • Ad set 3: Water rafting for pros

I will only show you one ad set.

We ran the campaign for 5 days and we targeted people who like:

  • Water rafting
  • Kayak
  • River rafting magazines

For the ad copy, we played with the budget factor to save money and enjoy the nature at the same time...

The result was: $412.50 for a $135 ad budget (see the image below).




Now, you should not only target USA but you can also target as people from your country with specific hobbies and locations.

I will list hobbies that go well with the travel niche but I will not display them all publicly course:

  • Balloon Ride (Yes. people enjoy balloon ride to see the nature from above.)
  • Boating
  • Campground
  • Campsite
  • Eco Adventure
  • Fishing Charter
  • Four Wheeling
  • Hiking Trail
  • Horseback Riding (big niche in the mountains...)
  • And many more...


Fitbit Fitness Tracker: $171 Commissions with $61 Budget and $2640 Gross Revenue




I will try to keep this simple and to the point but for these kinds of products, you need to do your homework.

You need to convince them about the benefits of having one and why they should have one.

There are many articles / blogs talk about that.

You only need to have 2-4 benefits mixed (Fear of loss, curiosity, gain, etc.)

With Facebook ads, we only have so much space to write so you'd need to keep it simple.

With good attractive image and good ad copy, you can send them to your site and from there, you can take the next step.


With Facebook ads or Google ads, our primary goal is to push our target audience to click and not to buy.

And our website / landing page is to sell them or educate them.

After doing some research, we tested our campaign with 2 Audiences:

  • Women's Running Community
  • WRC And Women's Running Magazine
  • Age: 35-45 (It was only a test but there are 2 more age segments)
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: USA
  • Interests: Women's Running Community - WRC >> Potential Reach: 22K
  • Interests: Women's Running Magazine And Must Also Match: Half Marathon >> Potential Reach: 58K




We tried to stuff as many benefits as possible in the ad.

Description Above Image: Want to Move more, Sleep better and Improve your Overall Health ? Click below to see what Other Runners are using!

Description under Headline: Track all-day activity like steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes. Then wear it at night to measure your sleep quality .

Headline: Get Your Fitbit & Make Fitness a lifestyle

After 4 days, we collected many visitors for re-targeting and made 22 Sales ($2640) with $171 commission from only 2 small groups of women....

And about the landing page, it was a page not a post.

At the top of the page, it had what classic landing pages traditionally have. (headline,sub-headline-Image of the product (collection of Fitbit sizes).

Bullet points: Under the Button: there is a long article talking about the benefits / features of those devices....

The reason why: Amazon or Fitbit has many types of those devices (from $88 to $240....)






Facebook Ads & Local Business Owners: How to Easily Close Deals With Owners Using a $10 Budget

Here I'll show you how to put one foot in the door to close deals with your local shops who are struggling to drive traffic and leads via internet.

We all know how much those local owners are paying for directories (yellow pages, super pages...) without any return on investment.

With Facebook ads, you can reach people near your business (only available in some countries).

Currently this type of ads (local awareness ad) is sort of like Google Local listing and is much cheaper than other types of Facebook ads.

For the sake of this example, I will try to target people (women) close to my old address for a shop (birthday caking) of a friend of mine (his wife).

I will use both placements: desktop & mobile (each platform in its own ad set)

  • Location: Ridgewood, NY 11385 (within 2 miles)
  • Gender: Female
  • Interests: Wedding anniversary
  • Life Event: Upcoming birthday or anniversary within 30 Days

The audience size was about 47,000.

With a local awareness ad, you have 4 call-to-action buttons:

  • Get Directions
  • Call Now (Perfect for mobile ads)
  • Like Page
  • Learn More
  • Send Message

For $10, you can run those ads and bring leads / sales for those shops and get them to sign up a contact with them for $500 and up.

(It depends on the niche as it varies like: dentists, plastic surgery, spa, hairdressers, mechanics, flowers shop, moving companies, auto-schools, gyms, ballet dancing school, and the list goes on.)

The idea here is to call first with a strong script (highly converting) to the prospect and offer them your service for free and with your own money ($10)...

I will not go in details again but you need to talk about leads and ROI with them.

They don't know if you know Facebook pixel or custom audience, or etc...

Those business owners know only money and ROI (return on investment)...

For a CPM of $5 max / 1000 and a high HD image with a discount of 20% and free shipping, you can land many leads for him/ her..

You need only to track those leads via a phone.




How to Find Them:

I will give you only one and leave the other one to my future business partner:

  1. Go to Yellow pages, Super pages, White pages....Google Local and collect the businesses who are paying google or other directories for private listing.... call them (talk to the manager or the business owner directly)
  2. Second method: It's a secret but converts very well...

Below is the ad that I will show it to my friend's wife for her business.






Headline: Birthday Cakes 4 Kids & Adults. Up to 30% OFF

Description: 123 Myrtle Ave. Ridgewood,NY 11385

Text above the image: Up to 30% OFF, Free Shipping. Huge Selection! Support Your Local Shop. Call us Now!

The first guy who will implement this method, don't forget to send me $5 for my Starbucks coffee...

It got cold since I did not pay attention to it while writing this post (just kidding).

Try it now and share your results in the comments with us...


To discover 200+ profitable niche markets click the image below now...


Fashion & Accessories


[Case Study]: How to Make $373.75 with $120 Budget Ad with a Laser Targeted Group of Moms

The amount $373.75 was only with 1 campaign in the beginning but she (a friend of mine) made more than that when she scaled it up with other groups (different audiences).

Let's begin:

  1. Niche: Baby (Newborns & Toddlers)
  2. Item: Ultra-Lite Day & Night Play Yard (from Fisher-Price) price ranges from $100-$140

We targeted new moms and moms with newborn babies and babies between 1-2 years old only

We selected many audiences but I will give you only one. We decided to go with an audience that had likes for "Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine" (highly engaged fans with 300K fans).

Here are the details we used...

Location: US

Female: 26-35 years old

Parents: (0-12 months) and Toddlers (1-2 years old)

Likes: Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine

Headline: Get Your Baby Ultra-Lite Day & Night Play Yard

Image: the image was the product in action with 2 others small images

Text Above Image: Join Other Moms and Get Your Baby this Ultra-lite, Portable Play Yard.
Cozy, Inclined sleeper for newborns. Roomy and comfy for older babies.

Description: Take some weight off your shoulders with this Portable Changing station diaper clutch with built-in wipes container.

Since it was only one item, she sent the traffic to landing page mixed with review and product page style.

Below is the ad as well as other data.




[Case Study] How to Turn a Small Idea to a $5000/Month Business Within 3 Months With a Small budget

In this post, I want to show you how to buy from Alibaba / Aliexpress and sell in your own website.

I know this guy personally.

He has a physical store and many niche sites (each one is targeting 1 item or max 5 items)

His site is: and it is about "Elastic Shoe laces for Kids and teenagers".

The website is simple eCommerce site based on the WordPress platform.

He is getting traffic only from Google and YouTube and Facebook (organic traffic) and he is making $5000 / month.

He will try Facebook Ads now soon since I showed the potential audiences that he can reach via paid traffic.

Here we'll discuss how he should do it.


Facebook Pixel:

There are 4 steps that the buyer has to take if he want to purchase the item from his website:

  1. Checkout page
  2. Visit his website (as a landing page in this case)
  3. Select a product and go to the product page and add it to the shopping cart
  4. Thank you confirmation page.

Since we know that there is no 100% conversion rate, we must profit from the Facebook pixel technology and re-target our visitors and offer them a coupon or 2nd chance.

I will place my Facebook pixel in every page using a plugin for that and then create 2 other conversion pixels (even if there are the same and unique):

One for shopping cart pixel and checkout pixel.

For the targeting, I will target each mom who has kids between 5-13 years old but different age groups of course (5-7, 8-11, 12-14 years old).

I can even target runners, sports kids, etc.

Here are the pain points that I found for him during a quick research:

  • "No more untied Laces at School - No Dangerous Tripping Accidents"
  • Costs: those items cost only max $1 per pack. The beauty of this is that customers buy more than one pack to get different colors selection... You can easily sell them for $7-$10
  • Shipping Free: it will cost you max $1-$2
  • Facebook ads: max conversion per checkout $1-$2

For each transaction, you can sell up to $20...with a cost of $5 max...

For those who did not buy, you can target them with a coupon 20% off plus you get emails from your buyers...

You can create a LookaLike audience based on your buyers list and your 2 conversion pixels (Add_to_Cart and Checkout_page).

Here is my ad how it will look like but it'd be in Chinese, not English.






[Valentine's Day Case Study] How I turned $55 into $124 to Validate a Marketing Point

This case study was a test for me to validate a point before getting involved in an e-commerce niche.

So I tried Amazon as an affiliate since there is no shipping or handling for the items and to see if I can make some ROI if I am ordering my own items from Alibaba for my own market (Not targeting USA)...

The timing was perfect: Valentine's Day (1 week before) but you can use the same tactics for any day and event (Mother's Day, father's Day, etc.)




I targeted 2 audiences but you can choose many audiences and see which one has the best results for you.

Audience 1:

  • Men with Relationship, Married and lives in Montana to narrow my audience and don't burn it with repeated ads
  • Age: 30-50
  • The headline was simple and straight to point: Do you love your Wife?

Audience 2:

  • Men with Relationship: in Relationship and college Boys in the Northwestern States
  • The headline was simple and straight to point: Do you love your Girlfriend ? And also hitting the Budget as a pain point: affordable
  • The result was: 51 sales and $1912. $50 revenue and $124 commissions.




But the point here is: $1912 (almost $2000).

I know that those babies cost only max $5-$7 and even with free shipping.

With the Facebook ads cost, I can still get $1000-$1200 in my pocket instead of $124.

So here I can really test if Facebook ads can help increase sales.

I will not go in details to avoid possible competition but there are many angles that you can take in this niche.

For the landing page... there was no landing page.

I sent them to a category page related to the necklaces with 10 items from Amazon and then to Amazon page related to each product.

Go take action and good luck.


How to Get a $1500 Sale With a 1 Month Old Site Using Facebook Ads By Targeting The Right People

First of all, this case study was done in June 2015, before Facebook started the new narrowed targeting option (And / OR logic).

It was hard to narrow your audience from 2-3 groups if they share the same interests (Could only be done through a 3rd paid party)

After setting the Amazon site up (blog + shop e-commerce style), I created a campaign for cover-ups.

All the bikinis stuff for women but my angle was plus size category.

I let it run for 10 days ($10 per day) to get traffic & sales.

The result from the campaign was: $305 from $96 ad budget but that's not all.

After 1 month, I listed it for sale and it was sold for $1500 by a lady that she is making now around $500-$600/month using Amazon associate program and a fan page of over 10K fans with only an hour a day or less.

Let's go back now to our campaign:

As I said before, the narrowing option was not there (if it was, I would target them differently. See below).

Audience 2015:

  • 3 ad sets: 18-25 25-35 35-45
  • Location: Florida and other sunny states to narrow my audience
  • They like Plus Model Magazine, as well as other fashion magazines

If I am running this campaign now with the new targeting option, I'd do it like this:

  • Ages: 25-35, 35-45
  • Moms
  • Like Fashion AND Plus Model Magazine.....

I sent them to a category page full of different cover-ups to choose from.

Ad copy: Get Your Fashionable Cover ups under $50!

Text Above the image: Looking for Plus Size Fashion Cover up Inspiration This Summer ? Click Below to Find Your Fashionable cover up that will add polish and style to your overall swimsuit ensemble and look.

Text under the headline: We offer a full selection of zip ups, maxi dresses, tunics, button up coverups, and more from all your favorite brands.




[Case Study] How to Turn $45 to $136 from One Tiny Group in Untapped Niche?

Just because this is a good niche to get involved with, it doesn't mean it's the only one.

There are plenty of niches and sub-niches.

Just open your eyes and think out of the box.

You can even take advantage of the information the niches category of NicheHacks.

This case was a test to validate the market before a client of mine jumped on a dropshipping program for that niche.

She has a custom well designed website (I will clone it for you guys soon) and she has had the business of the baby clothing for a quite of time now.

She did not choose the broad niche but she tried and tested a sub-niche inside it; twins and triples babies clothing.




Tip: I did some research and I found a lot of demand for guides and content like how to raise twins / triplets babies and all that stuff...

So open your eyes and think out of the box... there are more categories for that niche.

Clothing is not the only option.

I will not go in details but the main problem was that targeting only moms who have baby twins was nearly impossible since Facebook only allows us to search for parents who have toddlers, kids, teens and so on.

After some research, we targeted moms who have babies for example (0-1 year old) and like some twins magazines and a lot related stuff to that.


We divided the campaign into 4 interests with 2 groups 24-35 and 35-45 and the winning audiences had 3 interests.

I found one of them to be a very response community called Twiniversity.

I will not reveal the other 2 for obvious reasons.

After spending $45, we killed the campaign because the audience was around 33k and the frequency started to increase.

She got $2100 sales for 50 items with $136 commissions and $45 budget.

With her new program (dropshipping in US), she will get around 60% more profit better than Amazon plus full control of her traffic from Facebook ads to the checkout page and more incentives like coupons 20% for her visitors.

So go ahead, think outside the box and test as many times as possible as you won't get it perfect from the first time.


Facebook Traffic with The Small Business Retailer Shops

In this case study, we will see the power to combine Facebook traffic with the small business retailer shops to see if it is worth to sell a product and to see if it can increase sales with the help of Facebook ads.

A friend of a friend of mine has a physical shop selling baby clothes, shoes, toys and she has been in the business for 10 years now and she also has a presence in Amazon as a seller and not an affiliate.

She got approached by a new company called Attipas (shoes for toddlers and babies) and she wanted to test out their product online especially after giving her a good deal.




So she wanted to test the product as an affiliate before she starts promoting as a drop shipper or as a retailer.

We targeted a small audience to test and we promoted the product from Amazon as an affiliate even if with small commissions but she wanted only to test the water especially after knowing that she will make over $10 per shoe if she is promoting it through her website.

Here is the audience we targeted:

Robeez (Shoes Baby company with over 30k fans).

We chose this website since it focuses only about footwear about kids and babies and very similar to the Attipas website and the fans base is ideal to test the water without loosing a lot money (clicks & impression)

  • Audience: Located in the States
  • Age: 24-45
  • Gender: female
  • Interests: Robeez & Parents ( 1-2 years) parents with toddlers
  • Potential Reach : 23.000 people




We tried CPM since the audience was small.

We ended up with $2.5 for every 1000 moms.

She used 3 variation of images for a budget of $67.

  • Sales: 207 sales (including different things related to the baby niche, that is the power of Amazon)
  • Total: $6210
  • Commission: $430 with $67 in 6 days

Below is the photo of the ad:




Now, she will try to scale up with other audiences but with her own items from Attipas Company with over $10 profit per item (that is more than $2,000 if she choose the second case with that Facebook ads).


Baby Stuff Niche

I received a message from a member here to do a quick case about baby stuff so he can follow with it.

I chose the "Baby Diapers" niche since it is very popular and a lot moms are trying to save Money and are looking for deals about that.

According to Google keywords tool, there is a huge market and very responsive audiences.


search volume


In this short tutorial, I will try to focus about Facebook ads and how to target moms who have a child less than 1-2 years old and are fans of a big brand with over 2 millions fans (




What you should have before you start this campaign:

  1. A website related to the baby niche to run your amazon links
  2. A Facebook pixel to collect people who land on your website for future promotions since our market needs that (diapers, coupons food, strollers , diaper bags, safety baby cameras, etc.)
  3. A landing page to send people from Facebook ads to increase conversions and to segment them from the rest of the other traffic.
  4. A little money.


Step 1:

I went to Facebook insights tool and typed: "", selected only women and saw what group age the majority of their fans and where they lived.

According to the tool, these are the details I found for my audience which I'll target:

  • Location: California, NY, Texas
  • Age: 18-34
  • Gender: female
  • New parents with (0-12 months) and must also match this interest "".

Facebook recently added this option where you have select audience that matches different interests (and logic) but before this option, it was very limited.

It is very powerful because you can target people who love NBA team and Pizza Huts without wasting your money with people who like NBA or Pizza Huts...

With my audience above, I have a sweet spot of 30,000 moms that I can target and test my images without wasting a lot money since the CPM is only $2-$3 max for 1000 people.

Below is the Ad that I can use from Amazon (yes, Amazon also advertises on Facebook) and the landing page that I made using my template and where I will l send them after that.

I'll send them to this Amazon page.






To discover 200+ profitable niche markets click the image below now...


Final Words

It's easy to find yourself paralyzed from all of this information.

But the only ones that succeed are the ones who take action.

Facebook ads are cheap, easy to monitor and it's always evolving.

There are many case studies here that you can get inspired from.

Pick one, try it and see where it takes you.

If you're not sure what niche to go with, or where to even begin with your website, then use NicheHacks start here page.

Share what you'll do next in the comments below...

For example "I'll find a niche in the baby category and set up 4-7 in-depth articles and have it ready for paid traffic within 4 weeks".

You can always use Stuart's "Find your Perfect Niche In 7 Easy Steps".

What will you do with these case studies?


About Mohammed

Mohammed EL Khiyati has conquered Facebook ads to the point where he's constantly regarded as an legend when it comes to it. He has built his reputation as the expert in driving traffic from paid ads.  He is one of the top authorities on Social Media Marketing and conversion optimization. 

Contact Mohammed here (contact [at], or find him in our mastermind group where he shares his expertise and advice. Visit Marketer Captain to get your free guide on Facebook Pixels


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