Brazil World Cup 2014 Special: Guru FC vs Rising Stars United

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To celebrate the launch of the World Cup 2014 in Brazil proudly brings to you an exclusive football (soccer for the Americans) match between Guru FC and Rising Stars United.

Guru FC vs Rising Stars United Linkbait post

As well as hopefully being an interesting linkbait type post I thought it would be a bit of fun.

Let's check out the players....

Rising Stars:
1. David McSweeney
2. Dave Schneider
3. Marc Andre
4. Jason Chesters
5. Tung Tran
6. Charles Floate
7. Lewis Ogden
8. Efoghor Joseph
9. Steve Brodsky
10. Matthew Barby
11. Nick Leroy

1. Matt Woodward
2. Spencer Haws
3. Ana Hoffman
4. Neil Patel
5. Brian Dean
6. Ryan Deiss
7. Shoemoney
8. Glen Allsop
9. Pat Flynn
10. Ramsay Taplin
11. Justin Cooke

And our officials for this game are...

Referee: Stuart Walker
Linesman 1: Mark Trueman
Lineswoman 2: Kristi Hines


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Let's find out a little bit more about the players and officials....


David McSweeney

Davic McSweeneyDavid McSweeney is an SEO expert and the man that inspired this all.

He recently featured me in a football themed linkbait post in which he referred to me as a cartoon character with half my head missing.

Had me in stitches.

Check out his blog for SEO advice and tutorials and you can see his original linkbait post here.



Dave Schneider

Dave SchneiderI first became aware of Dave as a follower of the blog. He'd comment and send me emails.

Later he successfully launched SelfMadeBusinessman where he regularly releases in-depth guides and tutorials on all aspects of running an online business.

He's an avid traveler and blogger and The Definitive Guide To User Testing is a must read.


Marc Andre

Marc AndreMarc is another regular commentator on and runs the awesome blog where you can guarantee to find top notch IM and blogging advice.

His blogging case studies and 101 Link Building Ideas are must reads.


Jason Chesters

Jason ChestersJason is a UK based online marketer and has been in the SEO game for around 10 years running a series of niche websites.

Unlike many SEO guys he also understands the power of marketing and list building as proven by this post where he shows how he made $172k in 12 months through email marketing.

Check out his site for incredible SEO and link building advice.


Tung Tran

Tung TranOne of Vietnams top internet marketers Tung makes money from affiliate marketing through small niche sites and more recently through TeeSpring (5 figures in a matter of months!).

His blog is full of top notch internet marketing and SEO advice and he loves vegetables.

Check out this awesome SEO strategy post.


Charles Floate

Charles FloateCharles has been doing SEO since he was just 12 years old when he decided to research how to get more traffic to his mums Ecommerce website.

Since then he's gone on to make five figures before he even turned 18.

They call him 'The God of SEO'.

For all things SEO and IM check out his blog. I particularly liked this post -


Lewis Ogden

Lewis OgdenLewis is a straight talker from the UK with a no bullshit approach to internet marketing.

He shares tried and tested methods and case studies that actually work and he can prove it!

Check out his post of how he made $400 from Facebook Ads and tshirt sales


Efoghor Joseph

Efoghor JosephA nurse turned online entrepreneur from Nigeria.

He's been blogging since 2009 and is a Platinum Expert on Ezine Articles.

He covers all aspects of internet marketing, blogging and SEO.

Check out his post about guest blogging.


Steve Brodksy

Steve BrodskySteve makes a full time living whilst travelling the world. A true digital nomad.

His aim is to teach you how to do the same.

His blog has epic advice on picking a niche, blogging and more.

This post on niche finding is a must read.


Matthew Barby

Matthew BarbyWith years of experience in writing, blogging, SEO and social media Matthew in an avid internet marketer and traveller.

For advice on traffic, improving content and promoting your blog FindMyBlogWay is the place to go.

The Ultimate Guide To Running Online Competitions is a must read.


Nick LeRoy

Nick LeRoyNick discovered SEO by accident when selling memorbillia bought from local garage sales on Ebay.

He realised that the number of 'buzz words' he used has a correlation with how many views his listings got.

He used this techniques for years not knowing that what he was doing was optimizing his listings for search engines.

Fast forward to now he's a successful niche marketer and SEO.

Read Avoiding Entrepreneurial Burnout 


Now let's take a look at the Guru FC line up...


Matthew Woodward

Matthew WoodwardMatt W has taken the internet marketing world by storm recently with his in-depth video tutorials, epic blog posts and transparency.

His content is the sort of stuff most people charge big money for!

He's won numerous awards including best affiliate marketing blog, and Technorati top 100 business blog.

For the best SEO and affiliate marketing advice look no further.

How I Built A Top 100 Blog is a must read.


Spencer Haws

Spencer HawsSpencer is the creator of LongTailPro and blogger at NichePursuits.

He's an avid niche marketer and details how you can create successful niche sites at his blog.

For top notch niche marketing advice and tutorials you can't go wrong.

To see how to build a niche site from $0 to $2,000 p/m read this post 


Ana Hoffman

Ana HoffmanAna was born and raised in Communist Russia and moved to the States in 1996.

A former model she found internet marketing through a period of unemployment for her and her husband.

Now she's an online business owner and blogger.

She focuses primarily on how to drive engaged traffic to your site. A recent post on Content Marketing is a worthy read.


Neil Patel

Neil PatelNeil Patel is the guy companies like Amazon go to if they want advice on SEO and getting more traffic.

He's “kinda a big deal” even if he does say so himself.

Named as top 50 entrepreneuers in America by Barack Obama he's the sort of guy we all should be listening to.

Behind successful companies like Kiss Metrics, Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and the blog. regularly produces epic content that just cannot be beaten including this incredible post “The Complete Guide To Building Your Blog Audience”


Brian Dean

Brian DeanBrian is one of the best link builders in the industry.

His intelligent SEO strategies are not the usual rehashed garbage you hear all over the web.

He teaches how to get high quality links naturally from top quality websites.

His “Skyscraper Technique” post should be your first step

You'll learn how to create posts that are guaranteed linkbait.


Ryan Deiss

Ryan DeissRyan is one of the biggest names in the internet marketing world.

He's behind authority sites like Digital Marketer and Survival Life and is a sales funnel building pro.

On top of that he's a really friendly and approachable guy and always replies when I reach out to him on Twitter looking to include him in an expert round up.

How We Grew A Blog From $0 To $6 Million is a must read


Jeremy “Shoemoney” Shoemaker

ShoemoneyShoemoney is a shining example of rags to riches.

At one point he was $50K in debt and sleeping on a friends couch.

He later turned that around and is now a multi millionare who's been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur to name but a few.

He's ran ring tone businesses, eBay ad services, niche sites and more.

His blog is a solid spot for internet marketing advice.


Glen Allsop

Glen AllsopGlen started building websites at age 15. 5 years later he sold his personal development blog for a five figure sum.

He currently travels the world through income from affiliate marketing and SEO.

His in-depth posts and tutorials are some of the best on the net in the internet marketing sphere.

If I had to recommend one post it would be How To Build A Billion Dollar SEO Empire.


Pat Flynn

Pat FlynnFamily man and online entrepreneur Pat is one of the real good guys in IM.

He flipped the internet marketing blogging model on it's head by sharing everything he does, from his niches, to his sites, to how much he earns.

His honestly is refreshing and earns him some real trust and a loyal following.

For solid internet marketing help and niche marketing advice you can't go wrong with the SmartPassiveIncome blog.

Check out his Niche Site Duel 2 for inspiration on how to build niche sites that make money.


Ramsay Taplin

Ramsay TaplinRamsay aka The Blog Tyrant is one of the best writers and bloggers on the net.

At age 20 he sold his fitness blog for over $20,000 and continues to run blogs in various niches including his blog about blogging

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Justin Cooke

Justin CookeJustin went from a $33 a month business in December 2010 to $200K+ business in 2012 through building, buying and selling Adsense sites.

Today the business is known as “Empire Flippers” one of the number one resources on the net to buy and sell websites both made by Justin and his team and others.

For the best advice you can possibly find on website flipping head over to the Empire Flippers blog.


And let's introduce our match officials...

Stuart Walker (Referee)

Stuart Walker RefereeThat's me! You may already know me but for those of you who don't I'm a former online gambler turned internet marketer.

I'm location independent and love to travel. is all about revealing untapped niches and insights into hot niche markets.

Read more about me here.


Kristi Hines (Lineswoman)

Kristi Hines Linesman 1Kristi is a freelance writer, blogger and social media aficionado.

She's been published on just about every major internet marketing blog on the net from Kissmetrics to Social Media Examiner to Search Engine Journal.

She also runs the brilliant where you can find the best blogging tips and advice.


Mark Trueman (Linesman)

Marc Trueman Linesman 2Mark started building websites when he was just a kid and is now a serial entrepreneur.

His awesome blog ZenSpill is the place to go for top notch content, intelligent case studies, experiments and other ways to


Match Analysis...

The match gets off to a slow start with neither team making much progress.

The Rising Stars back 4 David McSweeney, Marc Andre, Matthew Barby and Nick LeRoy are solid and David Schneider is playing a blinder in goal.

Guru FC's strikers Matt Woodward, Ryan Deiss and Neil Patel can't break down their defences.

After the first 35 minutes the Rising Stars show some promise with a driving run by Tung Tran followed by a blistering shot that rebounds off the post.

The Guru's quickly counter attack, Glen Allsop plays the long ball to Pat Flynn who crosses it into the ball and out of nowhere Shoemoney pulls off a spectacular overhead kick leaving goalkeeper David Schneider standing, it's a GOOOOAAAAAAAL!


The first 45 minutes ends with Guru FC one goal in the lead.

The second half gets off to a much better start with Guru FC dominating the Rising Stars.

They seem to have gotten a bit cocky with Spencer Haws and Ana Hoffman pulling off flicks and tricks at every opportunity.

They come to regret it though when Lewis Ogden snatches the ball from Spencers feet, dribbles past Ramsay Taplin and makes a run into the box only to be brought down by Justin Cooke from a brutal two footed tackle!

It's a foul!

Referee Stuart Walker consults with his linesman Mark Trueman and then shows the red card to Justin and awards the penalty.

Up steps Efoghor Joseph looking calm and collected.

He takes a slow run up and calmly slots it into the back of the net, the keeper stood no chance.

It's 1-1 and the Rising Stars are back in it.

With only 10 minutes left of the game it's everyones to play for.

Both teams are going at it hard determined to win this match.

Neither team can break the deadlock.


It looks like whoever it is is dressed in Brazilian Carnival Dress.


Matt Cutts Brazilian LinkBait Image

Matt looks determined to put off the players by dancing the samba but is quickly wrestled to the ground by security. What a bizarre moment.

Now let's get back on with the match.

There's just 7 minutes left and it's 1 goal a piece. Will it end a draw or can either team step up and take the victory?

Both teams are trying hard but neither can break down the other teams defences.

It's the dying minutes of the game and Rising FC decide it's make or break time.

Jason Chesters passes to Tung Tran who makes a run down the wing.

He crosses the ball into the box and 'BOOM' Charles Floate headers it into the back of the net.

The crowd go wild!

Guru FC are calling for offside. Is the referee going to allow the goal?

Referee Stuart Walker quickly consults with lineswoman Kristi Hines and the decision is that it was ON SIDE. The goal stands.


In the dying minutes Rising Stars FC win the match 2 goals to 1.

What an unbelievable match exclusive to


rising stars vs guru fc


I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe you are curious about how you can create something similar of your own so I've included a how to guide below.


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Hopefully you enjoyed this World Cup inspired post.

Not only do I hope it serves as a good example of interesting linkbait hopefully it was a bit of fun for you to read too as well as exposing you to some new bloggers you didn't know about.

It might even give you some ideas for your own post. Creating them around popular events and news stories can be a very powerful way to get your content noticed.

The aim with this post is to generate a lot of links and social shares not just from those involved but from other bloggers and readers of the blog too.

It certainly beats your standard list post and having it themed around a current even should in theory make it more popular, time will tell I guess.

Worth considering if you're trying to come up with the best linkbait post that you can.

Your standard lists and round up post work just fine, I've got a few like my best keyword research tool here and my IM experts post here, but this was much more fun to create.

So let me know what you think about in the comment section below and don't forget to share on social media too.

Oh and who's going to win the World Cup?



Wondering how Matt Cutts reacted to the image?

Here's how....

Matt Cutts twitter convo



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  1. Marc says:

    Very creative idea Stuart, and thanks for including me.

  2. Steve says:

    Love it Staurt! Thank you for including me. This is a great idea for a link bait article, way to lead the way in innovation.

    • NicheHacks says:

      No worries Steve. I appreciate you linking to me previously. My idea is borrowed from David McSweeney ho did something similar a few months back. I just thought with the World Cup starting this was a better time.

  3. LOL, What an Idea Sirjee! BTW, Matt Cutts is going to give NicheHacks a penalty for publishing such a photo 😛

  4. dave says:

    Weird seeing a head shot of myself. Goalie is my preferred position - good guess!

  5. Fervil Von says:

    OMG that man dressed in Brazilian Carnival Dress. *fainted* >_<

    Nice one stuart ahaha

  6. Great post Stuart and thanks for including me! Wish I'd have thought of it now... Lol

    • NicheHacks says:

      Credit to David McSweeney. He did a football based post a few months ago that he included me in and it just made me think with the World Cup coming up that another one around that time would be good.

  7. Nice work Stuart and glad to see I made the starting lineup this time. I used to charge down that left flank back in the glory days...

    Argentina for the world cup!

  8. Oh that made me laugh ))))) Class ))

  9. NicheHacks says:

    So far only David has said who's going to win the World Cup...what does everyone think?

  10. saijad says:

    I like your creative idea. LOL !

  11. Shalu Sharma says:

    Very creative. I have learnt about lots of top bloggers this way. I know many of them but not all and will be checking their blogs out. Just checking out the blogs of the players, one can learn a lot in affiliate marketing.

    • NicheHacks says:

      That's is Shalu, some of the greatest online marketers, big names and not so well known, featured on this list.

      Sure I haven't covered all of them but these are the people I like to follow and are putting out great content on a regular basis.

  12. Shalu Sharma says:

    Great list of people and all of them are great bloggers and affiliate marketers. I can't say I know all of them but I do follow a few. But looks like I need to follow most of them so that I too can learn what's needed. Great way of presenting them.

  13. Brilliant link-bait example and great reading too. How did you know Justin's preferred tackling style so well? Haha.

    • NicheHacks says:

      I can tell by looking at him he's a dirty player who likes to go in hard. 😉

      • Ha probably!

        By the way I reckon Holland have this one. I have Italy in the sweepstake with my mates so hope they win me some money, but I don't think that will happen.

        • NicheHacks says:

          I've not seen Italy play yet so I don't know how they are performing. Holland look decent though.

  14. Sunday says:

    Hmm! what a post! I sure enjoyed it! Its interesting to see the Rising Stars become winners of this football match. Its an intense match and all the players come to the party 🙂 Matt Cutts dancing the Samba is the highlight of the game for me! 😉

    Sure, creating a link bait like this would be interesting. I have downloaded and shared on the social media. Who is going to win the World Cup? I am ticking the Netherlands!

    • NicheHacks says:

      I've put some money on Colombia. They are on fire and I love an underdog...which is why I let Rising Stars FC win this match I guess. 😉

      Sunday I'm glad to see you back. Didn't see you around for a while. Miss you mate. 😡

  15. Love the breakdown Stuart! Clever idea.

  16. Ann07 says:

    Great! This is such an interesting, World Cup inspired content!

    I couldn't believe that I will enjoy watching a football match by just reading the details of the game. I've indeed had so much fun reading the content, as well as learning the concepts shared above.

    Well, it says here that the aim of this post is to generate a lot of links and social shares.

    I must say that you did a great job, and you succeed as well.

    You've themed your content with the latest event, which the world is talking about today. Aside from this content would really be interesting, I think many people who will read this would be fascinated in how you creatively bring a football match between the two types of bloggers and marketers who influence the world wide web.

    You've also included many influencers, the gurus and the rising stars. All the Guru FC players are familiar to me, while half of the Rising Stars United players are already foreign.

    I'm happy with the result, though I'm sad that Matt Cutts didn't make his samba scene work. Haha 🙂 He is a good dancer!

    Thanks for this awesome article! 🙂


    By the way, I found this post shared on

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Ann, thanks for the in-depth comment. Love it when people give me some really good feedback on my posts.

      So far it's only generated 2 links and less than 100 social shares so I'm not 100% happy with that so far.

      I really haven't promoted it as much as I should have or followed up with some of the people in the match who didn't respond to my initial contact so it's my own fault. There's still time though. 🙂

      Check out the Rising Stars you didn't know. All are great!

      Thanks again

  17. Inzamam says:

    Good post bro, i read it completely and liked the whole concept of using guru and emerging marketers.The thing which attracted me is Mathew, as i have been following his blog for a long time now.
    Most of the gurus as familiar to everyone as they are already gurus,but i know few of rising stars already, but the best part was Matt cutts dancing LoL. I really enjoyed the whole post.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Thanks man! Glad people are liking it. Even Matt Cutts liked it. He tweeted me about it. 😀

  18. George says:

    No idea how I missed this until now. Epic! I don't know if Cutts has seen it yet.

  19. Ana Hoffman says:

    This post works on so many levels, Stuart.

    1. You picked a great theme - everyone (but me it seems like, lol) is on the edge of their seats about anything Worldcup related.

    2. You featured many other bloggers, who'd be more than happy to share your post - because it's good and because it's about THEM.

    3. You picked bloggers who've been around the block once or twice, so they've got a built-in following that you can tap into.

    4. You picked bloggers who are just budding, so they'll bend over backwards for you because you featured them in the post.

    5. The post was fun to read and easy to share.

    In my book, it's a win-win!

    • NicheHacks says:

      Thanks Ana. Nice breakdown appreciate it. The burning question is though...can you dance as good as Matt Cutts?

  20. hilarious thanks for sharing this on G+ Ana Hoffman.

    oh, so that's what Matt Cutt's does when he's not training the Google algo animals.

  21. Pauleen says:

    Awesome! What a creative and cool World Cup inspired post!

    Based on what your goal in creating this kind of post is, I think I must say that you've successfully created an event-based article.

    You've used the World Cup event as your theme, which is as for me, will surely work, since it is the latest, hot event today. You've also included the great influencers, gurus and bloggers that are truly spreading their exceptional talent in this online world, which is I think will bring you much more feedbacks and traffics.

    I'm satisfied with the results of the game. Matt Cutts indeed has a sexy scene there! Haha! Droll. 🙂

    I've enjoyed reading this football match! 🙂

    P.S. I've found this post shared on and leave the same comment there.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Pauleen, thanks for the in-depth isight. Really enjoy when someone goes into detail about why they liked a post.

      I agree with everything you've said and appreciate your comment. #

      Please let me know if there's anything I can do for you.