List Of B2B Marketplaces To Buy/Sell Wholesale Products Online In 2022

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Nov 05

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3 min read

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Are you looking for the list of b2b marketplaces to buy/sell wholesale products online? So, don't worry your are at the right place in this blog we guide you each and everything.

The B2B marketplaces have significantly evolved from past years, and evidence shows that the B2B business helps to earn more profits and expand your brand service globally. Whether you are the owner of a small-sized business or a medium-sized business have an online existence on B2B eCommerce portals is crucial.

However, B2B online portals allow the brand owners to improve the operational activities and attract more prospects. The advent of technology offers incredible solutions and gives a transition way to businesses and customers to improvise their way of traditional outreach.

Therefore, the evolution in the tech world may change the way to shop products and give new modes to shoppers and sellers. As the pandemic puts a high impact on online sales and purchases. People love to buy with an online medium. The reason is; the online portals permit brand owners to perform the optimum level of business activities and integrate top marketing strategies.

These days, when companies are facing economic difficulties, they are seeking unique marketing strategies that help to accelerate the sales cycle, attract more customers, improve the quality of service, and reduce the acquisition cost. When you emerged with the B2B marketplaces they are the most operative and results-oriented platforms for wholesalers, buyers, and retailers. 

If your business is looking for the best way to increase sales, then connecting with B2B marketplaces is the significant way to achieve your goals.

Top 10 B2B Marketplace To Shop Wholesale Products

When you connect with the best B2B marketplaces, it offers free searchable directories of all suppliers and vendors. It even gives you the best way to identify best sellers as per your requirement. As per Forrester Research, it is estimated that B2B sales will increase by about $1.8 trillion by 2023.

Once you have decided to approach the best B2B marketplaces, then you need to learn about the B2B marketplaces to buy/sell wholesale products online.

1. eWorldTrade


eWorldtrade is the most popular B2B virtual platform that provides millions of trading opportunities to all merchants across the globe. They are committed to giving the best services to all trading organizations. eWorldTrade is a well-known platform for its unique selling point. This platform is popular for providing outstanding customer services, allowing to place orders in bulk quantities, and enabling customers to purchase high-quality products. It has a user-friendly interface and provides multiple payment options.

2. Amazon


Amazon is also the top B2B marketplace that offers wholesale products online. This platform acquires half the B2B market industry and helps businesses to make a solid presence. On Amazon, there are almost more than 2.5 million buyers each month. This site was launched as an online bookstore, today it sells almost everything from electronics to kid’s toys.

3. Alibaba


Almost everybody knows about another leading platform is Alibaba. This B2B platform has a prominent position in the eCommerce wholesale products marketplace. Alibaba is commonly popular due to its offering quality products at cost-effective prices. Today, it is the current market leader in China. This platform has made a significant stride and makes a dominant position around the world. It allows you to connect with the best supplier and manufacturers to buy the right product. This site also has a simple and easy-to-use interface.

4. DH gate


DH Gate is also a leading B2B platform. It has more than 40 million products and has more than 1.2 million suppliers and buyers from about 230 countries. This platform gives exclusive features to buyers, wholesalers, and retailers. This platform offers a MOQ requirement when compared to Alibaba. If you want to attach with a reliable supplier, you can check the review and feedback of buyers to make the right decision.

5. AliExpress


AliExpress is the right arm of Alibaba and it even listed down among the top B2B marketplace to buy wholesale products online. This platform is built in order to make things easier for the buyers and sellers of the B2B marketplace. AliExpress usually helps small businesses to run their brand operational activities proficiently. This platform offers wide-ranging services to build your brand and expand your services.

6. eBay


eBay is the growing eCommerce industry. The best thing about the B2B eCommerce site is they are famous due to having a strategic B2B portal that gives ease to merchants in order to operate brand activities efficiently. eBay invests a high amount on the portal to make sure their B2B portal is easy to navigate, easy to use, and has a well-designed user interface.

7. Global sources


Global sources are the Hong-Kong based B2B wholesale company that offers high-quality products to its users. This platform is one of the top wholesale online platforms that provide outstanding trading services to all businesses. They have 15th years of experience and offer a collaborative approach to increase the customer base. It is the leading platform in North America.

8. Flipkart


Flipkart is also the recognized B2B eCommerce wholesale platform that has a simple user interface and offers amazing discounts and deals on a variety of products. This Flipkart is also a prominent online retail market that provides innovative ideas to perform business activities and increase your customer base. This platform achieved a fortunate position in the B2B wholesale marketplaces. It even helps brands in building a reputable position and helps to attract more customers.



This platform has high-quality suppliers from China, Asia, and Hong Kong. This helps you to identify trusted suppliers and vendors. On this platform, you can find authenticated suppliers to buy high-quality products in minimum quantity. They are devoted to economic growth, and their headquarters are present in Hong Kong. They are popular due to the high buyer protection journey. On this platform, you find verified wholesalers.

10. Made in China

Made In China

The made in China is a well-known platform and is considered the cheapest online wholesale website around the world. As compared to other wholesale websites, this platform provides top-quality products at reasonable rates.