Learn How I Made $5,041.55 In Commissions In Less Than 7 Days But Was Still Disappointed With It

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affiliate lessonsInterested in how I made $5041.55 in affiliate commissions in less than 7 days but how it should have been more?

Good, but first let me tell you a little story...

Last year long time NicheHacks tribe member, and niche marketing expert, Dom Wells approached me to do a joint promo.

For anyone who doesn't know, Dom creates done for you niche affiliate sites to sell.

Probably the best done for you affiliate sites on the internet, as far as I've seen.

And up until last year he'd only ever sold them to his own audience.

But he wanted to expand to getting affiliates, like me, promoting them too.

So we ran a joint promotion expecting high sales.

Because 'done for you' affiliate sites seem like something the NicheHacks audience would snap up.

But the promotion flopped!

Here's the scary thing:

We barely made $1,000 each, which is nothing to complain about, but it's much less than we'd both expected.




Especially since at the time I was making $6,000 to $10,000 per promotion just selling $7 info-products.

And as Dom's sites are selling for $400-$799 each and he was paying 50% commissions, we really expected much more from that promo.

I knew that this offer was definitely something the NicheHacks tribe wanted and if the promotion was set up correctly we could all benefit from it.

So when he approached me again recently asking to do another promo we knew we needed a different approach.

And whilst we didn't get the setup perfect this time either we had a significantly better promo.

So here's the deal:

I'm going to share how I made $5041.55 in commissions this time round but was still slightly disappointed with the results.

Not because it's a low amount of money, it's most definitely NOT, and I appreciate each and everyone who invested through my link.

But it could have been more.

Plus there's lessons and takeaways for you as an affiliate on what worked and what didn't.

As this wasn't a perfect promo and there were a few mistakes I made that cost me commissions.

By reading this you can replicate the successes for yourself and avoid the mistakes I made on your own affiliate promos.

If that sounds good then read on...


What You'll Learn:

  • Why not every affiliate promotion can be approached with the same strategy.
  • How to maximize your affiliate sales by thinking things through more clearly in advance.
  • How even experienced affiliates can make commission costing mistakes.
  • Why $5,041.55 in commission in 7 days is good but still on the disappointing side.


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Results: How I Made $5041.45 In Affiliate Commissions

Here's a quick overview of the promo and results:

  • 72hour Flash Sale
  • 50% commission per sale
  • Two different sites on sale, basic ($499) and premium ($799)
  • 27 sales made
  • Total commissions $5041.45
  • 30 day cookie


Side Note:

If you were one of the people who bought a site through my link then congratulations and thank you.

You made a wise move and have skipped out the boring niche research, content creation, and product selection stages and straight to the bit where you're ready to make money.

I also really appreciate your support and trusting me enough to invest in something I recommended.

Thanks for making NicheHacks possible.


The promo was set originally to be a 72hr flash sale.

And it was exclusive to NicheHacks tribe subscribers.

Dom didn't offer this to even his own audience or open it to other affiliates.

As mentioned Dom sells done-for-you affiliate sites with all the keyword research, on page SEO, content and monetization done.

So you can purchase one and it's ready to make money.

Dom and his team created 25 brand new niche sites exclusively for the NicheHacks tribe.

Each site is unique and only sold to 1 person.

He sells 2 site types a basic site at $499 and a premium site at $799.




As well as additional extras like keyword research, extra content and links packages if you want them.

He was paying me 50% commission on each sale I could make.

In total I sold 27 items:

  • 7 Premium Sites.
  • 3 Custom Sites.
  • 13 Basic sites.
  • 4 Extra Items (keyword research, extra content etc)

Which paid me a total of $5041.45 in affiliate commissions (a sample of which you can see in the screenshot below)

And it's entirely possible more sales will come in as the affiliate cookie is set for 30 days.

Meaning people who discovered Dom and his site for the first time will start exploring his content and once warmed up purchase later.



A sample of the commissions earned


An Overview Of The Promo

I mentioned earlier we planned for a 72hr promo.

After the promo was over we realized that there was a lot of questions we didn't answer clearly.

Dom had emails from people asking things like “where does the stock come from on these websites”.

They thought they were eCommerce sites instead of affiliate sites.

So we decided that Dom would make a short training video fully explaining the offer and answering all the questions he'd been asked.

And we extended the offer for another 48hrs to allow anyone who was on the fence but needed answers to watch it and make a decision.

This brought in the final 5 or 6 sales of the promo.

We will know in the future if we run a promo again that we need to warm them up BEFORE we reveal the sites for sale.

So that people can get to know Dom, his site, and his offer fully before committing.


Comparison To Last Year's Promo

I mentioned earlier that myself and Dom ran a promo last year and it made us around $1,000 each.

Which was much less than we expected due to the offer being very relevant to the NicheHacks tribe.

This time I made over $5K alone in commissions for myself so there's a big difference.

Here's why:

Last time Dom's offer was untested by affiliates.

He'd only offered it to his own warmed up audience who knew him and what he was offering.

So for me to send my traffic to his offer, without them being warmed up, was obviously going to lead to lower sales.

On top of that:

As Dom is offering a range of different unique packages, there's no set sales page for the offer like you'd see for an info-product for example.

He just lists the sites he has ready to sell.

Usually, as an affiliate, you'd send your traffic to a sales page.

And then the sales page does the selling for you by explaining the offer and benefits.

But with no sales page, there's nothing there to persuade them to buy.


Last time round we focused on selling CUSTOM sites where the customer would pick the niche they wanted and not pre-made sites.

That means the traffic was sent to an order form and had to make a decision themselves on the niche they might want.



Dom's custom site order form


And when you think about WHY someone might purchase a done for you niche site...

...one of the main reasons is because they don't know what niche to pick.

So asking them to come to a decision by themselves on the niche doesn't make sense.

This time we sent them to a page with 25 done for you niche sites to choose from and they simply had to pick one.

This worked much better.

However it still wasn't as good as it could have been as you'll find out in a moment...


How I Could Have Made More Than $5,041.45 In Affiliate Commissions

We fully expected ALL 25 sites to sell out within the 72hr promo period, if not quicker.

They are unique sites, there was high demand, scarcity was involved, and there was an exclusive bonus offer.

Yet we got off to a slower start than expected.

And even after extending the promo for 48hrs we didn't sell all of the sites.

Even now only 75% of the pre-made sites have sold.


A sample of the sold sites

A sample of the sold sites


Though a few people did make custom site orders or order extra items.

After careful analysis here's why I think that is...

My usual email promo style is to use curiosity, mystery, and intrigue to get people clicking my affiliate links.


My 'LIVE' promo email

My 'LIVE' promo email


You'll see that in the screenshot above I don't mention what you're about to find on the other side of the link.

You've no idea I'm promoting a done for you niche site service.

You'll see from the screenshot below, which was my second email of the promo that while I acknowledge that you probably know what I'm talking about now...

...I still don't mention exactly what's on offer on the other side of the link, just in case you haven't read the first email I sent.


My second email of the promo

My second email of the promo


Usually, this results in a curiosity frenzy and has people desperate to click the link and land on the sales page.

Then the sales page does the selling and explains the offer.

And it works REALLY well...


But with this promo it didn't work as well as usual.

Here's why:

Mainly because, as I mentioned earlier, Dom's offer has no sales page like an offer usually would.

So the sales page that usually warms them up and sells them on the offer wasn't present.

Meaning my promotion style of using curiosity and intrigue is less efficient.

It would have been better to have explained the offer in my emails first.

So that when they land on Dom's page where the sites are listed they'd know EXACTLY what to do next.

And could just choose one and purchase it if interested.

In this promo they clicked my affiliate link and just landed on a page with a list of sites and a little explanation of what was on offer.


A list of sites available not no sales page

A list of sites available not no sales page


Also, on top of that:

With no sales page to explain the offer or its benefits.

And no training video or webinar to answer peoples questions.

There would have been a lot of people who were confused or unsure...

...and confusion will always lower sales.

Here's how to avoid that:

Next time I would warm my subscribers up first by introducing them to Dom and his site.

And by showing his training and FAQ videos so that the offer is crystal clear upfront.


Dom's training video

Dom's training video


And by avoiding the curiosity angle in my emails and being more straight to the point, so they don't need to see a sales page to understand what's on offer.


Comparison To My Previous Launches

Here you'll learn why I was a bit disappointed with the promo here.

You'll see the promos I did this year and how much I made...


Commission Black Ops

You'll probably remember the big launch I did for Commission Black Ops (Micheal  Cheney).

It was huge and you can see by the commission below that I made quite more than I did in comparison to the affiliate launch I did for Dom.

In total, I made over $7,000 in commissions, not to mention the extra $2,000 cash I won for placing 3rd in the competition.




Niche Reaper

Now this contest was for the Niche Reaper, as you may remember.

I made over $6,000 in just 5 days from this affiliate promo.




Inbox Blueprint

Now this one was the latest affiliate promo and it was for the Inbox Blueprint, which should be pretty fresh in your memory as it was recent.

This promo has to be one of my proudest as I made over $13,000.




So by looking at these stats from my previous promos, you can see why I was a bit disappointed with the promotion I did for Dom here.

It's NOT that the promo went badly.

Definitely not, over $5K is nothing to be sniffed at.

But due to the price point ($499+) and 50% commission plus this being an offer the tribe are definitely interested in...

...I felt like it could have been more.

But never mind it was still a good promo and here are my biggest takeaways that I think you can learn from this...


Your Takeaways From This Promo

Here are my biggest takeaways from this promo that I believe you as an affiliate can learn from...

Mystery & Curiosity Don't ALWAYS Work

Mystery and curiosity emails only work when you're sending your subscribers to a complete sales page that can sell them on the offer.

If there's no clear sales page, like with Dom's offer, your emails have to do more of the selling.

And you need to warm your subscribers up to the offer so they know what they are getting from day 1.


Done For You Packages Require Different Tactics

In offers for services, done for you packages, or similar you need to warm up your subscribers first via content or training videos.

So don't send them direct, without any pre-selling of the offer, to the buy page.


Don't Make Your Audience Make A Decision

If people have to make all the decisions by themselves most will not purchase as people don't know what they want so give them options to choose from.

We saw that with the first promo we did last year. We just sent people to a custom order form and pretty much no one ordered.

The reason for many people buying a niche site is they don't know which niche to pick so asking them to pick a niche for the site to be built around is counter productive.


Try & Try Again If It Doesn't Go To Plan

If a promo doesn't work as well as you thought, but you were sure it was something that should have been a good fit for your audience, analyze WHY it didn't go well.

And see if something can be changed to make it work next time.

I knew that Dom's sites were a good fit for my audience, it was just a getting the promotion and angle right.

We didn't 100% nail that yet but we improved on the previous promo and will improve again in the future.


WHY Do They Want To Buy?

Think about WHY someone might want to buy the offer you are promoting.

Here it was because they can't find a niche so it was crucial for us to give them choices of niche sites and not ask them to choose themselves.

We should have thought that through more carefully before the original promo and I'm glad we didn't make the same mistake next time.


Be Brave. Be The First

Don't be scared to be the first affiliate to test an offer.

Whilst it might not always go well by being the first you can potentially make big commissions by being first off the bat.

I'm glad to have run this offer with Dom as it's a win win for customer, affiliate and vendor here.


Don't Be Scared To Ask

If you see an offer that isn't currently open to affiliates but you think might be a good fit for your audience then contact the vendor to propose a deal, it's a win-win for both of you.


To discover 200+ profitable niche markets click the image below now...


Wrapping Things Up

So this was how I made $5041.45 in affiliate commissions in 7 days and how it could have been more.

Thank you again if you were one of the people who invested through my link.

You get a head start with a done for you site and I get a generous commission, plus your in safe hands with Dom.

And I also think you can learn a lot about how to approach an affiliate promotion like this that involves a done for you service or package.

One where there's no sales page as you'd usually expect.

You need to approach things differently.

Usually, your job as an affiliate is simply to get the click of your affiliate link and let the sales page do its magic.

But here you need to do more explaining of what the offer is and the benefits to it.

Making sure to answer any common questions before hand.

And do more of the selling yourself so that when they land on the offer page they are ready to buy.

I expect if myself and Dom run this offer again in the future we will make much more money as we know exactly how we need to approach it.

I'd ask Dom to create some content and videos that introduce him, give away a free report and answer all questions that there may be.

And that's BEFORE we open the service for sale.

So hopefully learning from my mistakes here has given you some key takeaways for yourself.

No two affiliate promotions are the same, and you have to clearly consider the offer and the way it's presented before you write your emails.

As you've seen even experienced affiliates like myself can have promotions that don't go to plan if it wasn't clearly thought out in advance.

Let me know what your biggest takeaways from this were below...

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  1. You are so right about leaving people to make a decision they hate it.
    The info you have in this post is very informative and offers a lesson about how every affiliate promotion does offer different challenges. This is demonstrated so clearly just in the explanation of why your emails didn't work as there was no sales page to finish the job.
    I think this offer would work really well with a webinar as you said as it would allow interested parties to ask questions.
    Thanks for this fantastic post I have your pushcrew installed so always try to read your blog

    • NicheHacks says:

      Thanks for your comment Jenelle and for the feedback. Yep, decision making kills sales! It's been proven in countless scientific studies that too much choice leads to indecision (Paradox of Choice: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Paradox_of_Choice).

      Webinars are one thing we're considering in the future. Dom is keen to try that. I also thought the training video he produced after the promo to get anyone who was unsure up to speed was really good work.

  2. Manny says:

    Hi Stuart,

    I took a gamble and bought one of the sites on offer. I decided to buy the site because it was a niche that I was interested in and could see the potential to expand it if it becomes profitable. But I definitely agree it would have beneficial to introduce and explain what Dom and his team have to offer. Since buying my site I have been very impressed with the customer service and training material that they have offered while my site is getting built. These services really emphasis that you are receiving a custom site. They outline the knowledge and tools you will need as well as timelines in achieving realistic goals.


    • NicheHacks says:

      Thanks for purchasing on my recommendation Manny, appreciate it.

      We know now going forward that we have to explain the offer a bit more via content and training videos before we put the sites live for sale. Glad you're liking the support and training Dom provides too.

  3. Dave Starr says:

    Hi Stuart,

    A very refreshing and informative article here. So many affiliate marketing articles are just rehashed blah, blah, blah ... or self congratulatory "How I Made $27-gazziloin dollars becuase I'm so damn smart" puff pieces.

    To analyzes what went right and what went wrong and to outline a game plan for improvement ads real value to the story, thanks.

    Here's a thought for both you and Dom. You already hit on a major stumbling block. Dom's sites appear fantastic, they certainly seem a good value for the money, but just landing on a page of visually appealing screen shots and having to scroll around to see which ones don't have a "Sold" sign on them is disconcerting, and it certainly doesn't inspire that "move right hand to wallet and extract from pocket" feeling.

    Also, with all due respect to those who are earning decent incomes from Amazon Affiliate sites, why would I want to pay $400 or $800 for a site based on "Angle Grinders" when, on Niche Hacks itself you recommend "Woodworking" as one of the currently "Most Profitable Niches"? Amazon is great in some ways but I feel it can be very self-limiting.

    Instead of asking the customer to identify his/her own desired custom site, why not give 25 of your current top recommendations to chose from, preferably with better monetization than Amazon?

    If I am not mistaken, Jon (fatstacksblog.com) are already doing somehting similar, where buyers get a site made with Dom's building team skills and Jon's proven niche picking abilities.

    Food for thought anyway. All the best in 2017 and keep on keeping on, I always read all your stuff, and I find you a very "real" person.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Glad you liked it Dave, analyzing it helps myself a lot too and makes me realize not all promos can have a 'one size fits all' approach.

      To address your other point...

      Does Woodworking being profitable mean Angle Grinders are not though?

      The good thing about Dom's sites is they can all be expanded to be a wider niche site rather than just based around a single product. Each has a much wider potential if the buyer chooses.

      I agree that Amazon only is a limiting model and I constantly say in both my emails and in the FB group that anyone's business that is based just around Amazon income (or any one other single income source or even traffic source) is risky and not a good business model at all.

      You need a business with multiple income sources and multiple traffic sources so you can't be put out of business overnight.

      Dom's site all have that potential but a vast majority of the NH audience are very interested in Amazon as a way to make money as an affiliate and like to start small to see the potential and get tp grips woth things before taking it to the next level.

      I will have a look at what Jon is up to, he's got a great blog.

      • Michaela says:

        Hi Stuart,

        I like your nichehacks site, the FB group and all, the way you talk to people, great, prof and entertaining. I just bought an early bird keyword package for one niche from Dom, very informative but also very complicated for me and time consuming.

        Thats why I am thinking of letting him do the site for me. On the other hand you come up with so many excellent ideas on niches, that I am now confused, which one suits better. I just love the combination as in your example in "thats why i am broke" What a great combination they do NOT just Amazon. I hope Dom does also a combination on his ready made sites or one can add as in the sample above, but I will ask him.

        All the best in 2017, great health and keep on giving us your great articles, I always read all your interesting articles, and I find you a very "great and honest" person.

        • Hi Michaela

          Thanks for the comment.

          The best thing you can do is learn something about affiliate marketing everyday.

          For example when you have your site, you'll know how to pick a program and how to implement the links and whatnot.

          You need to know how it works so you know what you can outsource and what you'll need to do when the time comes.

          Its really easy though. Just try to aim to learn something new everyday and eventually you will look at your comment as your upcoming and struggle.

          • Michaela says:

            Thank you Nader

            and you're so right.
            It's time to start now.
            I am very excited

            Best success for the New Year

        • NicheHacks says:

          You can add to Dom's site as you see fit. Plenty of room to add in other income sources and products.

          Thanks for commenting, glad you like the site.

  4. GetItGoing says:

    Hey, just a few comments. I'm very new to all of this, but I found out about affiliate marketing from a guy who was interviewed on the Travel Like A Boss podcast. My dream is to be location independent, too. It's an amazing concept.

    Timing was part of it, because when I got your email presenting Human Proof Designs (never had heard of it before) I had the knowledge of 1) what it is, and 2) that's it's legitimate and people are making money off of it,.

    I purchased one in a niche that is not "glamorous" but I don't care. It also helped a lot that Dom obviously has good info & knows what he's doing. I would not have spent ~$500 if it wasn't the case.

    Also he seems to be very realistic and says "you won't make money overnight, but if you work at this and give it time, you can do well." I appreciate real-world advice and frankness. Also he responded to a question before I bought it and that was great.

    The idea of having an affiliate marketing site is pretty cool, and sounds like fun. SO much to learn!

    Taking action in something small is far better than doing nothing and just dreaming a dream. I'd advise the same to others and I'll refer them to what I did and you & Dom if I find anyone with similar goals as I have.


    Note: Staying anonymous just to be careful, until I'm one day out of the 9-5 world.

    • Hi

      I agree and thanks for your comment.

      Without taking at least a tiny bit of action, you won't end up with a whole lot of results.

      Keep us updated, I'm sure you'll soon share your success story soon 🙂

    • NicheHacks says:

      Yeah, Dom is very realistic about his sites. He isn't trying to sell them as a "guaranteed money maker" as that doesn't exist but he has given you all the things you need in place to make money so it's a great head stary.

      Glad you liked the sites and are enjoying the site. Thanks!

  5. Michael says:

    I think there is a major flaw in this type of promotion, this is located in assuming people understand the benefits and even the basic nature of what you are offering. Immediately a punter will want to know 'Why' - if these sites are indeed fully primed, researched and all bases covered why in heaven's name would you sell them to people-why not reap the profits yourself if they will be such a bargain!
    This may seem cynical, but your canny online opportunity seeker is going to want to really know the reason you would spend so much time and effort setting these up-only to get a one-off small profit, sure volume sales produce the results-BUT are these sites really going to perform, or is this just another generic, half-assed presentation which might bag a few dollars but most likely will languish on the internet, needing too much investment to get it working to any significant degree!
    People are not as naive these days, and they really need to know the value being offered-your stories of effort made, ostensible benevolent intentions are just not sufficient! If a true 'done for you' service is being offered, it needs to be spelled out and proven-the info product market is changing a lot.

    • NicheHacks says:

      These aren't "info products", Dom is offering a done for you service.

      I also did explain, several times in the emails, why Don sells these and not just keeps them for himself.

      We also made it clear this is not a guaranteed money maker, the buyer has to put the work in to make the money they are just given the foundations to get started.

      They DO require work and investment, of course. Anyone scared of that or not willing should avoid these sites, my site, and every other internet marketing product or service on the internet as they aren't cut out for it.

    • GetItGoing says:

      That same question has been asked many times for other sales campaigns for other revenue sources related to the internet.

      I'm new to this, and to Stewart Walker's email list, but I saw early on that Dom wasn't a snake oils salesman.

      He's also mentioned that he already owns some number of sites I believe.

      People aren't naive these days, that's true - at least people considering entrepreneurialship. Perhaps they are overly "gun shy" (fearful of poor opportunities) but not everything is a gimmick or scam.

      I think you should revisit your way of thinking, because your comment is overly cynical and you need to spend more time finding out about Human Proof Designs and affiliate marketing.

      Before spending the money on mine (and I definitely could have saved the money, 2016 wasn't great for me financially) I emailed Dom at HPD and got an honest, straightforward answer.

      He made it very clear that although it's a "done for you" type service, it's still up to the buyer/site owner to put in effort and follow through with work.

      I bought a site with a keyword phrase that - sure enough- while not "exciting" definitely it in demand, and wanted a way to jump-start Amazon affiliate marketing after hearing of a guy on the Travel Like A Boss Podcast mention how did it. It's not rocket science.

      • NicheHacks says:

        Yep, you are right Dom is legit as they come and walks the walk.

        He owns plenty ofsites just like the ones he builds for himself, he shared 3 examples alone in the video training he recorded showing them LIVE with proof he owned them.

        Those are just the ones he shares publicly. He doesn't share them all for obvious reasons.

        But he obviously cannot feasibly keep 100s of sites and manage them even with his team in place. It'd be a logistical nightmare. Focusing on a select few and selling the rest makes the most sense.

        No one should be buying these thinking it's a case of buying and making money without any / much work, we tried our hardest to make it clear that was NOT the case. We don't want get rich quick seekers or those not willing to work to buy these, it will be a waste of time for them.

        Congrats on picking up a package, enjoy your journey.

    • GetItGoing says:

      To follow up on my previous comment, both because I can't edit it and because I often comment not so much for the original poster but also internet readers who may find themselves here looking for info/opinions:

      The best thing to do if you aren't confident about this is just email Dom and explain (without negativity or hostility) what you're not confident about. I highly recommend this approach rather than throwing out the idea completely.

      If you do a simple check for Dom's keyword sites, you'll see the keywords are already in Google auto-suggest form and purchase-relevant categories, etc.

      People don't often realize what they say or write speaks volumes about themselves, and from what you wrote I already know you're not going to change your biased outlook on something you haven't spent sufficient time researching.

      Negativity and a "can't do" attitude is precisely what keeps people trapped in a low-tier 9-5 life, living out the rest of their days in mediocrity and never attempting to achieve what others have.
      Not me, I'm going to do something about it.

      A man's mindset determines whether or not he sees opportunities or obstacles. A winning mindset is everything when you want to change your life.

      Food for thought.

      PS: For those who are interested, here's where I learned about affiliate marketing + get great motivation from entrepreneurs who are living the dream I want, too:


      Johnny FD is very cool, honest, and interviews "digital nomads" who have a lot of helpful info and action items you can take away from it. I learned a lot already! Great travel tips, too.

  6. roy says:

    I think this offer would work really well with a webinar as you said as it would allow interested parties to ask questions.
    Thanks for this helpful post I have your pushcrew installed so always try to read your blog

  7. Amar kumar says:


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    Another great thing is that if we befriend some top notch bloggers, we can ask them for help in different issues ranging from Seo to social media marketing.
    Many affiliate programs will allow us to promote products directly on social media.

    It can be as simple as a discount code that if someone uses our code, we'll make money to a more formal setup. Eventbrite makes it easy to set up affiliates because it’s easy to create a signup code and then track when someone uses that code to sign up. Then the conference organizer will pay us a percentage of the total sales. Eventually, thanks for sharing your thought with us.

    With best wishes,

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