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Cricket Pitch And Wickets FrontIf this is you first time to the blog you might not know but Niche Hack Reports are complete, done for you, niche research reports on various topics.

I 'hack' the niche and give you everything you could possibly need to know to compete and dominate the market.

That includes keyword research, the best selling products, content ideas, traffic sources, contact details of influential people, the most popular blog posts and more.

This particular report focuses on the lucrative cricket niche which has 20 million people around the world playing the sport.





What Is The Cricket Niche?

Cricket is a sport played on grass between 2 teams of 11 players. The aim is one side to get more runs than the other.

Teams take turns fielding and batting and two batsman from the same team take turns facing 6 consecutive balls from the same bowler until either of them are out.

The other players are positioned around the field to try and prevent the batsman scoring runs.

You'll be able to make money from the millions of people around the world who partake in the sport as players for fun and competitively by selling equipment, clothes, gear and improvement guides.



History of Cricket

Thought to originate in the dark ages after the Roman Empire and derived from an old past time where a small ball would be thrown and hit with a club.

It's not known when it developed into the more modern day version of the sport.

Cricket is now a worldwide passion of people from across the world.


Popularity of Cricket

Look at these juicy high volume keywords and these are not including the buyer keywords that will be in abundance.

Google KWs


USA: 450,000
Global: 2,740,000


Market Size & Growth

Cricket statistics:

  • The International Cricket Council has over 101 members or countries.
  • 104 countries play professional cricket in the world
  • 20,000,000 people play cricket worldwide today
  • ECB releases new study which shows 1.7 million people playing recreational cricket.

(Source: and

Cricket facts:

The highest number of runs scored in an over is  77.

On 12th January 1964, Indian spinner Bapu Nadkarni bowled 21 consecutive maiden over’s vs. England at Chennai.

His figures were 32-27-5-0 which is an economy rate of 0.15 per over which is the lowest of all bowlers where 10 or more over’s were bowled.

Chris Martin and B.S Chandrasekhar have taken more Test wickets in their career than the test runs they scored.

In 71 Tests, Martin has scored 123 runs, while he has 233 wickets to his credit, on the other hand Chandrasekhar has 167 runs to his name along with 242 wickets.

Sir Jack Hobbs scored 199 centuries in his First Class career.

Jim Laker once took 19 wickets in a Test match.

Saurav Ganguly is the only Indian player to score a century in the knock out stages of a World Cup.

Virender Sehwag’s highest scores in T20, ODI and Tests are 119, 219 and 319 respectively.

Graeme Smith is the only player in the history of cricket to have captained a team for more than 100 Test matches.


Cricket Spending

Global cricket sponsorship is now worth US$405 million a year according to a new report from Sponsorship Today.

The research, which analysed data from 788 deals from all of the major cricket playing nations, found that India accounted for US$165m of spend, international events US$68 million, England US$66 million and Australia US$57 million.



Google Trends

Cricket G Trends


Websites Sold On Flippa


Number of Products on Sale

Number of products sold on Amazon: 247,484

Number of products Clickbank : 5


Demographic & Target Audience:
  • Largely a male orientated interest.
  • Health conscious sports lovers
  • Traditionally from a middle class and upwards background
  • Ages 18-40.
Reasons For Entering The Niche
  • It's an activity enjoyed the world over and the fans are super enthusiastic.
  • Lots of money is spent on equipment and gear.
  • The size of the market is incredible. The search volume at over 2 million says it all.
  • Huge sums of money ($405 million) is spent every year on event sponsorship alone – this is a serious sport!
  • Endless amount of products on sale on Amazon and plenty of Clickbank and elsewhere.
  • The sport is growing in popularity around the world which means more people will take up the hobby.


[hcshort id="9"]


Sub Niches
  • Cricket for beginners
  • Womens cricket
  • Cricket supplies
  • Cricket equipment
  • Cricket clothes
  • Cricket gear
  • Cricket for disables
  • Cricket events
  • Cricket ticket sales
  • Cricket for juniors / kids
  • Improving batting
  • Improving bowling
  • Improving fielding
Problems People Who Play Cricket Need Solved:
  • Improve batting skills
  • Improve bowling
  • Improve batting technique
  • Improve spin bowling
  • Improve bat skill
  • Improve bowling accuracy
  • Improve fielding skills
  • Improve concentration
  • Improve catching
  • Improving hand to eye coordination
  • Improve fitness
  • Improve timing
  • Improve bowling speed
  • Improve reaction time


The content below is locked but you can access it with a simple share...


List of Commonly Searched Keywords


Download the Excel file with over 300 commonly searched cricket keywords....

Cricket Niche Keywords



10 Most Common Questions

1. How to improve batting technique?
2. How to improve bowling?
3. How to increase fitness for cricket?
4. How to get better hand to eye coordination?
5. What are the rules for calling a 'no ball'?
6. If the batsmen run, for example, two on a no ball or wide, does the total increase by two or three runs?
7. What is the maximum period given to a bowler to throw a ball?
8. What's the difference between bowling over and around the wicket?
9. Does the bowlers arm have to be straight when it passes his head?
10. What's a 4 and what is a 6 in cricket?


Top Selling Amazon Products

amazon cricket


Off-White Slazenger Cricket Pant Trouser
product price: 21.99
number of reviews:4
star rating:3.8



Adidas Master Blaster League English Willow, Short Handle, Medium Weight, Short Handle
product price: 500.00
number of reviews:1
star rating:5.00


SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 Batting Trainer
product price: 172.72
number of reviews:103
star rating:4.4
Pro Impact Sports - Poly Soft PVC Cricket Ball (1 Ball)
product price: 8.99
number of reviews:10
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Club Play Leather Cricket Ball (1 Ball)
product price: 11.99
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Pro Impact Practice Tennis Ball Cricket Bat, Full Adult Size

product price:
number of reviews:12
star rating:3.6


GRAY-NICOLLS Adult Super Trousers
product price: 27.00 - 48.70
number of reviews:2
star rating:4.5
link of product:


cricket bat


Eat, Sleep, Cricket t-shirt, Color Royal Blue
product price: 26.98
number of reviews:n/a
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Pro Impact Sports - Cricket Shirt - 3/4th Sleeve Medium
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GRAY-NICOLLS Acrylic Sweater
product price: 39.00 - 51.08
number of reviews:3
Star rating:4.00



Top Selling Kindle Products

Bookie Gambler Fixer Spy: A Journey to the Heart of Cricket's Underworld
product price: 29.25
number of reviews:5
star rating:3.80



True Colours: My Life [Unabridged] [Audible Audio Edition]
product price: 276.39
number of reviews:n/a
star rating:n/a


The Cricket on the Hearth: Dickens on Dickens [Unabridged] [Audible Audio Edition]

product price: 22.46
number of reviews:22
star rating:4.7


My Spin on Cricket
product price: 17.25
number of reviews:1
Star rating:5.00


Penguins Stopped Play: Eleven Village Cricketers Take On the World
product price: 65.81
number of reviews:9
star rating:4.70


Eye of the Cricket: A Lew Griffin Mystery
product price: 18.35
number of reviews:7
star rating:4.1


Cricket: A Modern Anthology

product price: 24.46
number of reviews:1
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Fatty Batter: How Cricket Saved My Life (Then Ruined It)
product price: 14.36
number of reviews:1
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Product name: The Taliban Cricket Club
product price: 10.00
number of reviews:112
star rating:4.3



Being Freddie: My Story So Far
product price: 29.12
number of reviews:1
star rating:5.00


Top Clickbank Products

Cricket tipster
product price: 410.11
commission: 50.0
gravity: 0.54


clickbank cricket


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Ultimate Batting Master Class
product price: N/A
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Sports Fitness Advisor
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Scientifically Backed Fitness Advice For Your Sport and Your Life.
product Name: Cricket Secrets Revealed
product price: n/a
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gravity: 0

Cricket Secrets Revealed

Top JVZOO Products

Cricket twenty 20
product price:17.00

Other Affiliate Products Available:

International Test Cricket - Enhanced
price: 25.00

International Test Cricket Registered Version
price: 20.00
commission: 0%
2014 Slazenger V1200 G2 Cricket Bat
price: £199.99 - Ex Tax: £166.66
commission:5% Adidas Howzat Junior V Cricket Shoes

price: £23.99 - Ex Tax: £23.99
name: 2014 GM 808 5Star Batting Pads
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2014 Aero Stand Up Cricket Bag
price: £76.99 - Ex Tax: £64.16


Top Authority Sites



followers: 3,268,590
ranking: 168


Yahoo cricket
followers: 691k
ranking: 4


NDTV sports.
followers: 69,049
ranking: 264


International cricket council
followers: 6,377,349
ranking: 4,660


Cricket Australia
followers: 2,961,023
ranking: 16,327


Top Blogs

IPL 2014 Fixtures | IPL 7
ranking: 3,838,206
followers: 739
ranking: 3,514,081


ranking: 4,797,467


Cricket with ball

ranking: 1,474,711
Online Cricket Updates
ranking: 17,276,050



Top Forums

Planet cricket
number of members: 66,503
contact details: Twitter:
Alexa rank: 100,010


Bangla cricket
number of members: 5,493
Twitter :
Alexa rank: 244,628


Zimbabwe cricket forums

number of members: 379
contact details: Contact information is not available.
Alexa rank: 3,270,770


Pakistan Cricket Forum
Number of members: 62,852
Contract detail’s:Facebook:
Alexa rank: 45,815


Indian cricket fans
Number of members: 19,918
Contract detail’s:No contract detail’s
Alexa rank: 154,084


Top Social media Hubs & Pages


Name: yahoo cricket
Fan/like: 691,482


Bangladesh Cricket Updates
Fan/like: 98,121
Name: NDTV Cricket
Fan/like: 69,057


Name: Cricket Web
Fan/like: 1,847


Indian Cricket Team
Fan/like: 13,386,393
Name: Cricinfo
Fan/like: 393,807


Indian Premier League
Fan/like: 7,735,537
Name: Indian Express
Fan/like: 1,218,886


twitter cricket

Name: Indian Cricket Tim
Follower’s Number: 10.6K


Name: Indian Premier League
Follower’s Number: 1,075


Name: Indian Cricket Team
Follower’s Number: 12.3K


Indian Cricket Team
Follower’s Number: 6,526


Indian Premier League
Follower’s Number: 5,380


Indian Premier League
Follower’s Number: 7,566


Name: Cricket Australia
Follower’s Number: 8,807


Cric Bangladesh
Follower’s Number: 4,564

Name: Bangladesh Cricket
Follower’s Number: 6,388


Name: Cricket Bangladesh
Follower’s Number: 7,377

Name: Cricket
Follower’s Number:143

Name: Cricket
Follower’s Number:97


Name: Cricket
Follower’s Number:72

Sports Make Perfect
Follower’s Number:660

Cricket - if you don't like it you're wrong
Follower’s Number:42

Follower’s Number:72

number of members: 848,551



Name: Slow Pitches


scoop it cricket


Name: T20 world cup 2012


Name: Cricket Info


Name: cricket4u


Name: Mad about Cricket?


Name: CCL Live Cricket


Name: Cricket

Name: Cricket Explained for Dummies

Name: Cricket Franchise Cost

Name: How To Score A Cricket Match

Name: Twenty20 Cricket For Dummies

Name: Cricket Attax

Name: Cricket Cutter

Name: Wittiest and Funniest Cricket Stories

Name: Learn To Play Better Cricket


Name: Cricket Umpiring, Signals and What They Mean!



Name: Amazing and Interesting Facts about Cricket World Cups

Name: Cricket - All Time Legends


Name: Cricket fielding positions: A guide

Name: Test Cricket - Yesterday Once More


Name: The basic rules of cricket


Name: Who will be the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup Winner?

Name: IPL, a Cricket Profession and its Advantages


Name: Shane Warne versus Muttiah Muralitharan: Who is the best spinner in cricket history? Url:

Name: Cricket: Best fast bowlers of all time

Name: How to play Cricket, a card game for two players

Name: Elements of cricket



Name: Cricket

Name: How to Bowl Spin in Cricket

Name: How to Catch a Cricket Inside a Building


Name: How to Play Cricket

Name: How to Captain a Village Cricket Team

Name: How to Be a Good Cricket Umpire
Name: How to Take Care of a Cricket
Name: How to Care for Northern Cricket Frogs

Name: How to Knock in a Cricket Bat Quickly

Name: How to Set up a Cricket Cage


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Name: Ford Backyard Series Cricket with Billy Brownless - Finals! 12th a
Views: 9,167


Name: Sky Sports Test Cricket Intro 2011
Views: 3,667

Name: Varsity Live Part 1: Indoor Cricket
Views: 2,714

Name: Mohali Cricket Stadium
Views: 6,612

Name: Cricket & Snail: Choson Kala Mazel Tov
Views: 1,615

Name: Crowd Singing Vande Mataram at Cricket World Cup 2011 Final
Views: 4,273

Name: Garry Sobers - ESPN Legends Of Cricket No. 2 (Part 2)
Views: 12,378

Name: Cricket funny moments- Kevin Pietersen vs Chris Gayle Gangnam style
Views: 5,638

Name: Chris Gayle 37 runs in 1 Over
Views: 1,635,255

Name: Cricket World Cup 2011 Amazing Matches Schedule (ICC) PAKISTAN
Views: 7,779


Best 10 Articles & Blog Posts


top cricket website


Name: 50 plus runs & 5 Wickets in same ODI Match.


Name: Have England made the right choice or missed a trick?


Name: 1 Most Expensive Players in IPL 2014


Name: Jonathan Trott taking 'immediate break' from all cricket after recurrence of stress-related illness


Name: Top End stations mix cricket and cattle this Easter


Name: My Aussie Test squad for Pakistan tour


Name: Kallis has claims to Tendulkar’s ‘cricketer of the generation’ title


Name: Australians in the Indian Premier League 2014 (Part II)


Name: Australians in the Indian Premier League 2014 (Part I)


Name: Australia's rise in cricket rankings earns bonus payday



Name: Cricket Magazine
Price: 33.95

Name: Cricket/Spider Combo Magazine
Price: 60.00

Name: The Cricketer Magazine
Price: 105.40

Name: The Wisden Cricketer Magazine
Price: 151.45

Name: Cricket
Price: 33.95

Name: Celebrate Cricket: 30 Years of Stories and Art

Name: The Cricket in Times Square (Chester Cricket and His Friends)
Price: 13.64

Name: CRICKET Magazine for Children Ogden Nash Babette Cole Space Shuttle + 8 1981
Price: 15.99


Name: cricket magazine for age 9 and up march 1999 volume 26 number 7

Name: Cricket Magazine 1902 King'S Bat Mason Burnup Marchant Goschen Malvern Evans
Price: 32.00




10 Articles or Blog Posts Ideas

1. If the batsmen run, for example, two on a no ball or wide, does the total increase by two or three runs?

2. When can the new ball be taken?

3. Why Cricket become popular all over the World?

4. How a simple man can become a great cricketer?

5. Can you be caught out off a wide?

6. If a batsman hits a four off a no-ball does he get all 5 runs?

7. What then is the difference between dead and a leg-bye?

8. If the ball lands right on the boundary rope. Does it count as a four or a six?

9. Is there any way to win a cricket match easily?

10.What kind’s of attitude you should be as a cricketer .


Influential Social Media Users

Name: Cricket aggbot
Twitter handles: Cricket aggbot @UK_Cricket_News
Number of followers:10k

Name: Piers Morgan
Twitter handles: Piers Morgan @piersmorgan
Number of followers: 4.04M

Name: Harsha Bhogle
Twitter handles: Harsha Bhogle @bhogleharsha
Number of followers: 1.17M

Name: andrew flintoff
Twitter handles: andrew flintoff @flintoff11
Number of followers:1.41M

Name: ESPNcricinfo
Twitter handles: ESPNcricinfo @ESPNcricinfo
Number of followers:1.13m

Name: Lord's Ground
Twitter handles: Lord's Ground @HomeOfCricket
Number of followers: 60.8K

Name: Sri Lanka Cricket
Twitter handles: Sri Lanka Cricket @OfficialSLC
Number of followers: 64K

Name: ESPN3
Twitter handles: [email protected] ESPN3
Number of followers:128k

Name: Alternative Cricket
Twitter handles: Alternative Cricket @AltCricket
Number of followers: 50.2K

Name: Lalit Kumar Modi
Twitter handles: Lalit Kumar Modi @LalitKModi
Number of followers: 713K


yahoo cricket


Influential Bloggers and Webmasters

Names of webmaster: espncricinfo
Contact details: USA ESPN International
21st Floor 77,
West 66th Street New York
NY- 10023

Names of webmaster: yahoo cricket.
Contact details:
Email: info[at]

Names of webmaster:  mycricket
Contact details:


Names of webmaster: theguardian
Contact details:
Kings PlaceN1 9GU London, United Kingdom
Email: [email protected]


Names of webmaster:
Contact details: Address: Wanderers Club, 21 North Street, Illovo, Johannesburg Postal Address: PO Box 55009, Northlands, 2116
Phone +27 11 880 2810
Email: [email protected]; [email protected]


Names of webmaster: blackcaps
Contact details:
Auckland, New Zealand
(Names of webmaster: cricketmag
Contact details:
Carus Publishing Company, 30 Grove Street, Suite C, Peterborough, NH 03458.
Email: [email protected]


Names of webmaster: MES Sports Centre
Contact details: Cricket Scotland National Cricket Academy
MES Sports Centre
Edinburgh EH4 3NT

Tel: 44+(0)131 313 7420
Fax: 44+(0)131 313 7430
Email: [email protected]


Names of webmaster: Monica Dann
Contact details: The England and Wales Cricket Board
Lord's Cricket Ground
London NW8 8QZ
Tel: +44 (0)20 7432 1200
Fax: +44 (0)20 7286 5583
Email: [email protected]


Names of webmaster: Lord's Cricket Ground

Contact details:
Email: [email protected]



Plan of Action for the Niche

Cricket would make a great niche for an authority blog that covers all the core topics covered earlier in this report.

With the amount of forums and blogs and social media hubs available it won't be hard to find an audience.

Content ideas are in abundance, there's lots of products to sell and problems to solve.

To get a detailed breakdown of how to 'hack' your way into this niche download the PDF below, just right click and 'save as'...

>> Niche Hack Plan of Attack <<



What You'll Need To Get Started:

  • A reliable web-host from the likes of WP-Engine (or Bluehost if you're on a budget)
  • Image & graphics from Photodune from $1 (don't take images from Google you'll end up in legal trouble)
  • An auto-responder to build your email list and contact your customers – Aweber is just $1
  • The number #1 email capture tool on the market – OptinMonster, so you can grow your list fast.
  • A set of 12+ free tools that'll blow up your email list and exponentially grow your site from SumoMe.



The cricket market is a lucrative one due to the HUGE number of people playing and interested in this sport.

There's lots of juicy sub-niches like cricket for women, cricket clothing, cricket equipment and gear and more to get involved with.

The money spent on this sport and hobby is incredible.

People are passionate about it and there's no end of problems to solve from improving batting technique to better bowling and increasing fitness.

The core target audience are middle to upper class meaning they have money to spend.

With the easy to find audience online and huge number of resources available this is a lucrative niche for sure.


Download the Excel file with over 300 commonly searched cricket keywords....

Cricket Niche Keywords



To discover 200+ profitable niche markets click the image below now...


If You've Missed Our Previous Niche Reports:


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Are you a cricket fan?

Never appealed to me really seems to go on forever without too much action but what do I know. 

Are you tempted by this niche? Tell me your plans for dominating it.

Any questions or queries?

Tell me in the comment section below...

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  1. Scott says:

    Wow Dan this post is awesome. I love the research that you put into the niche. With this type of research there is no doubt you would gain some traction with taking action!

  2. Scott says:

    Sorry Stuart it's early not sure why I called you Dan!

    • NicheHacks says:

      Ha ha no worries I could forget my own name when I'm half asleep. Enjoy the niche report.

  3. Shalu Sharma says:

    I am glad you mentioned cricket as a niche. I am a great fan of cricket and watch cricket whenever I can. At the moment the IPL is on and I watch it when I have time and definately follow it.

    You have outlined everything to start off. Content should not be a problem as there is always something happening in the world of cricket. YouTube is full of videos and interviews. Its massive.

    There is a couple of issues with this niche. One is is that the most hardended followers of cricket is in the Indian subcontinent and they are less inclined to buy equipment or info on-line. But I could be wrong on this.
    Australia is next in line but they are not a great fan of buying from the USA Amazon unless they have their own Amazon. I am not sure how Australians buy on clickbank.

    But I think Adsense will work very well with this niche along with the clickbank product at a gravity of 50. Combined with some other interesting prodcuts, I think it has potential.

    Basically, in the Indian subcontitent, Australia and England, its as popular as footfall.

  4. scott masse says:

    All I can say is wow! I just stumbled upon your blog and I am very impressed.

    You should charge money for this niche research package!

    Scott in Boston

    • NicheHacks says:

      OK Scott send me $50 through Paypal. 😉

      Glad you found the blog and are enjoying it. Stick around there's a lot more where that came from.

  5. Darren says:

    Hi Stuart

    I grew up playing cricket being an Australian and it didn't even dawn on me that it would have been an obvious niche to get into.

    The detailed information you provide for free is just amazing.


  6. Ali says:

    I truly appreciate your work Stuart, Great Post!

    But this is a very competitive niche and its almost impossible for the newbie to get recognized, would you please give your view on this.


    • NicheHacks says:

      Cheers Ali and thanks for commenting.

      In a niche this size there will ALWAYS be people to target. All you need is 0.01% of the total audience and you're laughing all the way to the bank.

      Competition is a GREAT thing it shows a healthy and profitable market, products on sale, an easy to reach target market, tons of blogs, forums and social media groups to promote and network with, easy to find content ideas and see what works for successful people in the niche.

  7. Kennedy says:

    Wow! Stuart. Another over delivered blog. Every time i see i have got mail from you, i pinch myself to know that the information you are giving me is still for free. You are awesome and keep up the brilliant job.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Cheers Kennedy, makes it worth the effort. These reports are mind numbing to create and compile so glad people appreciate them.

  8. SEO Arbiter says:

    Hi Stuart,

    I love how in depth you go with these types of posts. Well done!

    I think this could be a pretty good niche. I spent some time in Australia a couple of years ago where cricket is really popular and parents have no problems splashing out for all sorts of different gear that is needed.

    It's kind of similar to hockey in Canada and parts of the US, I guess.


    • NicheHacks says:

      Cheers George. They are hard work and boring to write to be honest so glad people like them.

  9. alex says:

    Do you offer custom niche research mate?

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Alex, not at the moment. Too time consuming it would mean me neglecting the blog. At a later date I might.

  10. Candace Brown says:

    Wow! I was doing a research on acne & stumbled upon this website. Interestingly, never thought of cricket as a niche!

    I wish you good luck in your endeavors!

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Candace, thanks for commenting. Yeah there's niches all around is if we just pay attention. 🙂

  11. tarek says:

    hii stuart thaanks for this awesome post and data i really like you blogs it s one of my favorites bro.i have i suggestion stuart why don you write a post about how do you gather niche reports data.i mean tools sites ,,,, i think is going to help every body to set his or her markets reasearch including me as anewbie im often lost at this step i do not know where to go what tools to use to get effective information.thaanks a loot for your posts stuart keep going im addicted to your blog bro 😀

  12. Kelsey says:


    I clicked on the twitter icon to share you with my followers to get the 300 keywords but nothing happened. Your link was posted to my twitter, but the keywords never showed. I'm very interested in getting them. I am really grateful for your site btw.