Keep An Eye Open For This 4 Billion Dollar Niche That Keeps Up Millions Of People Awake At Night

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You may be awake right now...

Along with billions of other people in the world, and no that's not normal.

In fact, this niche, insomnia, is a very large problem and there are literally millions of people continuously searching for help.

Why not get involved?

We'll be dissecting this $4 billion dollar niche apart and show you where and how the money can be made, what solutions are readily available and where you can find your audience.

You'll discover what the most popular content is, who the most influential people are, the most popular social media hubs, blogs and forums.

All of the reports that we create are thoroughly researched and designed to give you a head start in making a profit from the niche.

We try and choose niches that have a wide range of different business models available but the vast majority would make perfect blog / authority sites monetized by affiliate marketing.

And remember, there are many ways to tackle this niche so you don't need to worry about it being "too crowded".

Today is your lucky day because in this report we're going to jump into the insomnia niche and show you where and how the money can be made.


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Market Size & Worth

  • Global Insomnia Market was valued at $4 billion in 2016
  • It is estimated to reach $5 billion by 2023
  • The U.S. insomnia market is projected to reach USD 4.24 Billion by 2021 from USD 3.38 Billion in 2016
  • Sleep Disorders Market was worth $3.5 billion, which is forecast to decrease to $3.4 billion by 2017
  • The insomnia therapeutics market has been growing at a fast pace over the past few years but is expected to decline with a rate of -3.8% from 2011 to 2017 due to high competition in the market



  • Among adults 30 – 35% have brief symptoms of insomnia
  • 15 – 20% have short-term insomnia disorder
  • 10% have chronic insomnia disorder
  • A population-based telephone survey of US adults was conducted and 23% who suffer lack of sleep was never married
  • 60% were married
  • 17% were previously married
  • 43% reported having children aged 18 in the household



Niche Demand 


KeywordAvg Monthly Searches
Insomnia causes9,500
How to cure insomnia4,200
Insomnia symptoms2,200
Insomnia wiki1,600
Insomnia causes1,000


The table above shows the monthly searches on Google for this niche.

Combined they add up to over 1,330,000 searches a month and that's not including the thousands of long tail keywords that we haven't covered.

This is a huge niche with a lot of demand.


Common Searches
Insomnia cookies
Insomnia icd 10
Insomnia meaning
Insomnia cure
Insomnia cookies
Insomnia symptoms
Insomnia treatment
Causes of insomnia


Insomnia treatment
Insomnia symptoms


Insomnia relief
Is insomnia genetic


As you can see people are searching for everything related to backyard chickens.

This shows just how passionate these audiences are about the niche.


Niche Growth & Monthly Searches



Check out the trend above, the interest in the Insomnia Niche is relatively stable and is predicted to remain in demand for years to come.

This niche was very popular a couple of years ago and has remained stable ever since but will continue to grow as people are always interested here.

This is because people all over the world search for solutions and products in this niche and are constantly looking for new ones here.

Get involved as all the market research has been done for you and everything has been laid out in this report.


Sub-Niches To Explore

  • Insomnia definition
  • Insomnia symptoms
  • Insomnia causes
  • Insomnia wiki
  • Types of Insomnia
  • Do I have insomnia


May Also Be Interested:

  • OCD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depression
  • Drug Addiction
  • Sleep Apnea



Most Popular Content

Use the ideas here to create similar content for your


Most Popular ContentShares
How to Fix All Your Sleep Problems With Science1,300,000
How to Fix All Your Sleep Problems With Science

How being an Empath can lead to Adrenal Fatigue, Insomnia& Exhaustion.

Garlic in Milk- Cures Asthma, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Cardiac Problems, Insomnia, Arthritis, Cough and Many Other Diseases!114,400
Photographer Suffering From Terrible Insomnia Captures Haunting Pics Of Central Park When There’s No People108,000
These 4 Plants For Your Bedroom Will Cure Insomnia and Sleep Apnea42,600
Garlic in Milk- Cures Asthma, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Cardiac Problems, Insomnia, Arthritis, Cough and Many Other Diseases! - World Health Guide35,400


As you can see people excited and motivated to share content such as articles in this niche.


Domain Ideas:


Domain Name


Influential People In The Niche


NameTwitter HandleFollowers
Danielle - Diva Q®@divaqbbq18,600
Ray Lampe @drbbq19,400
Meathead Goldwyn@meathead13,800
GrillingWithRich @grillingwrich10,500


These are the 4 most influential people in the market niche on Insomnia.

Network with them, Highlight or feature them in your content. Interview them. Use them to do research.

These people are NOT your enemy, but instead potential partners who can send you traffic and work with you.



Affiliate Products:

In this niche people are buying mostly books.


Products on Amazon:

Amazon has over 84,901 products listed, ranging from just a few dollars.



Best Selling Products On Amazon:


Product Avg/PriceReviewsRating
Say Good Night to Insomnia: The Six-Week, Drug-Free Program Developed At Harvard Medical School

The Insomnia Workbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting the Sleep You Need

Insomnia: Quickly & Easily End Insomnia Forever: The Pretty Damn Concise Guide To...

The Insomnia Answer: A Personalized Program for Identifying and Overcoming the Three Types ofInsomnia

Relaxation Bay (Relaxing Ocean Sounds) [How to Deal with Insomnia with this Nature Sounds MP3 of Ocean Waves Sounds$0.99
Quiet Your Mind and Get to Sleep: Solutions to Insomnia for Those with Depression, Anxiety or Chronic Pain (New Harbinger Self-Help $15.82404.3
Say Good Night to Insomnia: The Six-Week, Drug-Free Program Developed At Harvard Medical School$11.303064.2
The Insomnia Workbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting the Sleep You Need



There will always be newer and better products which means buying the latest and items that will generate sales as well as repeat sales for you.



There are the products related to the topic on CB. Incorporate these items from Clickbank to maximize profits.


Product Average SaleGravityCommission
Natural Insomnia Program - Blue Heron Health News$33.070.4375.0%
Insomnia Free 4 Life ~ 7.45% Conversions$26.020.7375.0%
Cure Insomnia - Six Steps To Sleep$8.680.0450.0%


Other Affiliate Programs & Offers

These are independently run affiliate programs.


Six Steps To Sleep60%
Sleep Tracks51%14 days


CPA & Other Offers


OfferCommision % Payout $Cookie LengthTypeNetwork
INSOMNIA (DE)- DMA-Clinical Trial Recruit (PN 923792DE)$30.00CPAiGain Network
Outsmart Insomnia$23.00SaleClicksure
Melatrol - Free Trial$28.00CPACPA Affiliates Network




Say Good Night to Insomnia: The Six-Week, Drug-Free Program Developed At Harvard Medical School

Gregg D. Jacobs$3.574.2306
The Insomnia Workbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting the Sleep You Need

Stephanie Silberman $9.994.172
Insomnia: Quickly & Easily End Insomnia Forever: The Pretty Damn Concise Guide To...

Jessica Connors$0.005.011
The Insomnia Answer: A Personalized Program for Identifying and Overcoming the Three Types ofInsomnia

Paul Glovingsky$12.994.334
Quiet Your Mind and Get to Sleep: Solutions to Insomnia for Those with Depression, Anxiety or Chronic Pain (New Harbinger Self-Help

Colleen Carny$9.994.340
End the Insomnia Struggle: A Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Get to Sleep and Stay Asleep

Colleen Ehrnstrom$9.994.619


Google Play Books


Book TitleAuthorPrice
The Insomnia Solution: The Natural, Drug-Free Way to a Good Night’s SleepMichael Krugman$11.57
Clinical Handbook of Insomnia: Edition 3Hrayr P. Attarian$60.31
Teaching The World to SleepDavid R. Lee$16.91
How To Put Insomnia To SleepAbby Eagle$2.82


Google Play Apps


Relax Melodies: Sleep SoundsFree
Cure Insomnia & Sleep DisorderFree
Insomnia FixFree
Overcome InsomniaFree


Udemy Courses


Course# of LecturesRatingReviewsPrice
Yoga for Insomnia: The 4-week Cure24145.0$10
Cure Insomnia: FINALLY Get a Better Quality Nights Sleep!974.2$10
Hypnosis: Overcome Insomnia Using Powerful Self Hypnosis934.2$10
Insomnia Cure: Wake Up Refreshed and Energized1535.0$10


Itunes Apps


AppCategoryStar RatingReview
Sleep Well HypnosisHealth & Fitness8341
CBT-I CoachHealth & Fitness333
Yoga For InsomniaHealth & Fitness16


Blogs, Forums And Social Media:

Use these forums, blogs, and social media groups to get content ideas, network, drive traffic and inspiration.

Google blog search shows almost 563,000pages and posts indexed about insomnia, so there’s no shortage of content ideas and bloggers to network with.


Top Insomnia Blogs:


BlogSocial MediaEmail List
Sleep StarvedYesYes
Insomnia LandYesYes
The Insomnia ClinicYesYes
The Sleep DoctorYesYes


Use these blogs for content ideas, networking opportunities, guest posting, traffic and more.


Top Insomnia Forums:


Psych Forums77,6016,195,460
Insomnia General7899,002


These are some of the top forums catering to insomnia niche.

The membership numbers clearly show how simple it can be for you to discover and help solve issues for your audience and traffic to your site can start pouring in.


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Social Media

Facebook has tens of thousands of people interested in Insomnia niche. It’s a great place to network, advertise, get traffic, and meet others in the niche and more.


Facebook Popular Pages


Page# of Likes


Facebook Most Popular Group


Insomnia Support Group10,399
Insomnia Support Group2,848
Insomnia Issues & Solutions Worldwide1,123
Depression, Anxiety & Insomnia Support5,933


Most Popular Youtube Channels


Channel NameVideo #Number of Subscribers
Insomnia Healing Channel47,091
Insomnia Channel9821,291


Popular Reddit Groups




Scoop It Groups


Health and Sleep1,200


Pinterest Pinners


Insomnia Help2,015
InsomniaStop, LLC4,236




Podcast namePresenterStar RatingReviews
The Sound of InsomniaDJ Insomniac1213


 Website Sold On

Seeing websites that have already sold in the niche shows a profitable and in demand niche.

It's also a great idea to get a look at what successful site owners have done and emulate them.


URLSold For$50$160$155


Why Are People In This Niche

  • Insomnia can be caused by psychiatric and medical conditions
  • Unhealthy sleep habits, specific substances, and/or certain biological factors can cause insomnia.
  • Concerns about work, school, health, finances or family can keep your mind active at night making it difficult to sleep.
  • Eating too much late in the evening may cause you to feel physically uncomfortable while lying down.
  • Taking prescription drugs can interfere with sleep at night because of stimulants present in the drugs.
  • Some conditions linked with insomnia include chronic pain, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and asthma.
  • Sleep loss dumbs you down. Lack of sleep hurts this cognitive process in many ways.
  • Sleep deprivation can lead to serious health problems
  • Lack of sleep kills sex drive because of depleted energy, sleepiness, and increased tension maybe largely to blame.
  • Sleep deprivation can age your skin fast.


Most Common Topics And Questions

These questions / topics are problems that need solving. Solve them in your content and through your product recommendations and you'll have a happy audience ready to spend money.

Amazon, Clickbank and other networks have products which cater to these problems.

  1. Definition, Symptoms, Causes & Treatment
  2. Finding a new pill?
  3. Foods that can help my insomnia??
  4. Sleep troubles
  5. Can’t Outwit my brain?
  6. Insomnia Problem – tried everything
  7. Problems falling asleep or staying asleep
  8. Maintenance insomnia
  9. Sudden onset of insomnia
  10. Making my sleep in depression better



Who's Advertising In The Niche

Advertising is a strong sign of a profitable niche. People don’t spend money on ads if they can’t profit from it.

These are the major advertisers on


Open path collectiveInsomnia Treatment


Blog Topic Ideas

These are some proven blog topic ideas that would work well in this niche:

  1. How Can I Explain Insomnia?
  2. 20 Myths About Insomnia
  3. 10 Quick Tips About Insomnia
  4. What Will Insomnia Be Like In 100 Years?
  5. 15 Best Blogs To Follow About Insomnia
  6. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Insomnia
  7. Why We Hate Insomnia (And You Should, Too!)
  8. 10 Signs You Have Insomnia
  9. 4 Reasons To Cure Insomnia
  10. How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Insomnia

For more ideas check out the following resources:



Reasons To Get Involved In The Niche

  • Insomnia is a stable market and is highly profitable.
  • It's worth $3.4 billion dollars a year and is growing annually so now is the perfect time to get involved.
  • Over 1,330,000people are searching for just the most obvious keywords every month – showing huge online demand.
  • The target audience male and female tend to have disposable income to spend – you can benefit from that spending.
  • Between the social media hubs and forums there's around 223,894members meaning a huge pool of engaged traffic to tap into.
  • There's an endless array of content ideas in the niche including popular ones like 7 Easy Insomnia Tips! And The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Insomnia– create similar content but better and it's almost guaranteed to go viral.
  • People are passionate about this topic and ready to spend money, you can see they already buy mostly books about the niche– it may as well be spent with you.
  • There are endless problems from How Can I Explain Insomnia? and every problem as a product available which solves it – sell these as an affiliate.
  • There's plenty of good domain names available including and– pick one and get started.
  • Open Path Collective is advertising in this niche showing it must be profitable, people don't spend money on ads if they can't profit from them – get involved.


How To Hack Your Way Into The Niche

You can have an up-to-date and relevant authority site on insomnia.

This niche has got it all – an obsessive audience with money to spend lots of products on sale, tons of social media sites, loads of blogs and forums with an easy to reach target audience.

You drive traffic from blog commenting, guest posting, forum marketing, interacting on social media with influencers.

You get your content ideas from seeing what's popular on other insomnia blogs and related blogs and simply write something bigger and better, bolder and stronger.  Make the other ones pale in comparison.

Your profits can grow in no time thanks to the passionate audience in this exciting niche market.

By networking with others in the niche, sharing their content and linking to them, your website will grow. Just watch as they return the favor.

And don't forget to build your email list so you can continue to build your relationship with your audience, drive traffic back to your newest content, and promote to your audience.


What You'll Need To Get Started:

  • A reliable web-host from the likes of WP-Engine (or Bluehost if you're on a budget)
  • Image & graphics from Photodune from $1 (don't take images from Google you'll end up in legal trouble)
  • An auto-responder to build your email list and contact your customers – Aweber is just $1
  • The number #1 email capture tool on the market – OptinMonster, so you can grow your list fast.
  • A set of 12+ free tools that'll blow up your email list and exponentially grow your site from SumoMe.


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So are YOU going to get involved in the niche or are you already? Is this report useful for you?

Tell the NicheHack Tribe about it below in the comments and don't forget to share on your favourite social media site to show your appreciation....

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  1. NicheHacks says:

    Anyone going to get involved in this 2 billion dollar niche or maybe you are already are?

    Maybe like me you suffer from Insomnia! If you do you'll be the perfect person to market in the niche as you know the problems people have first hand!

  2. Marc says:

    Seems like it would be a good topic where blog posts could target long tail phrases and cover different aspects of insomnia, causes, and possible solutions. Thanks for the detailed information.

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  3. Wow. Thats one of the most detailed blog post you have there. Thanks for this.

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      Hey Emmanuel, thanks for taking time to comment. Glad you like the post - are you going to get involved in the niche?

  4. Hi,

    I am going to start on this THIS very weekend!
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    I would be very happy to even provide you with an update on how this is progressing.
    So people can really get a sense that they too can do something with a blog.

    My stance would be a complete beginner - whilst I am a part-time web designer.
    I have very little experience in niche blogs so I will be writing and discussing the project in a beginners point-of-view.

    Hopefully this would be helpful to this blog - but also a informative blog regarding insomnia would be excellent - I don't know why I have never thought about this before but I have suffered in the past from trouble sleeping!

    Thank you niche-hacks.
    I would appreciate it if you would contact me if you would like me to provide you with a weekly update on how I am performing with this niche!

    Regards, Charlie

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      Hey Charlie,
      Look forward to hearing how you get on and would love to provide updates on the blog on your progress. Get in touch and let me know what you're doing.

  5. Hi Stuart,

    Thanks so much for putting this together. I'm pretty new to this site but have been bowled over by all the great content you put out and how generous you are with tge information you gather. Many people would've either kept this to themselves or put it in a report and sold it.

    I'm definitely a fan and will definitely be visiting more often.

    Thanks again.


    • NicheHacks says:

      Hi Mark, that's what the site is all about. Putting out great quality content for free that other marketers would charge for! People keep telling me I could be charging for these reports.

      Look forward to seeing you around.

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    Man, this is massive post. An in-dept article , a detailed analysis of a huge niche. Thanks so such for the info. i will sure take advantage of this info.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Owuogba, thanks for taking time to comment. So you're going to get involved? Let us know how it goes.

  7. dave says:

    good lord this is a long and detailed post! Where do you find the time?

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      An online marketer never sleeps. 😉

      Wait until you see the new post I'll be posting in the next few days. It's huge. The most in-depth post I've done on the blog to date.

  8. Hi Stuart, and everyone else reading.

    Here is where I am up to so far - domain name sorted.
    Bought the and the .com address to allow for a greater search coverage.

    I am building the blog / information resource in WordPress which is free, but easy enough to install on your hosting provider (for peoples interest as I am in the UK, I use a UK hosting provider Heart Internet)
    Website Layout - currently in progress I have a theme which costed me £33.36 GBP (55$) - the theme is called Extra News which you can get for yourself here -

    I have been thinking of some great post titles which gives me inspiration and ideas for posts, currently my list is on 42 post ideas / titles with so far!
    Product Reviews - none yet, I have 5 products which I will be reviewing in-depth hopefully completed soon.
    And finally , there is currently no live posts and that is what I will be working on later today / tomorrow is coming up with information yet engaging post content.

    So that is what I have been busy doing so far! Once I have a bit more content to share I will provide another update for everyone to read!

    Thank you again to Stuart for this fantastic blog & post.
    Regards, Charlie

  9. Sunday says:

    A very interesting hack on this insomnia niche. It looks like a saturated niche, however, I think niche marketers should consider on the its sub topics to make impact.

    There are lots of money making opportunities under this niche and this article is very useful for affiliate marketers.

    By the way, I like the way the title is coined: "Niche Hack Report – Insomnia. No Sleep For A Niche Marketer!"

    I have left the above comment in where this post was shared and kingged for Internet marketers.

    Sunday - contributor

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey again Sunday, good to see you back here. Considering the size of this market, the amount of people with the problem due to different reasons, this niche will never be saturated. There's billions of people out there suffering with this - you only need a tiny tiny fraction of them as your audience and you can succeed.

      Look at the various sub-niche opportunities. Endless.

      You going to get involved?

  10. What a post Stuart! Not getting involved since I'm busy already - overworked 😉 - but I see serious potential in it. I like you go through phases where sleep is hard to come by; I know what it feels like.


    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Ryan, insomnia is soul destroying when it kicks in. Sometimes I'm fine and other times I can't sleep at all. You learn to deal with it though as you know. Anyway just gives me more time to make money and enjoy life so can't be all bad, can it? 😉

  11. Jeff says:

    Holy CRAP Stuart you went into crazy detail here - I dont know WHY you give this stuff away for free, but thanks!

    So i'm curious - is this niche PROFITABLE though? There are huge authority sites already and somebody going the organic route would be competing with sites like Web MD, and Hoag etc

    Anyways - let me know your thoughts


    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Jeff, thanks for commenting. I give it away for free because no one else does. It's a good USP and makes for good content - don't think you can find this stuff anywhere else.

      Of course it's profitable - there's 2 billion + people suffering from it, you only need to capture a TINY TINY bit of the market and you're set.

      You don't go head to head with Wed MD etc, you carve out your own sub-niche - as talked about in the report.

      This is 100% a niche where there's money to be made if ever I saw one.

  12. Martin says:

    Hello Stuart,

    Amazing, awesome.. !!! I don't know what to say and how to describe you..
    Keep up the good work!

    Best regards.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Martin, glad you're enjoying the content. Are you going to dominate the insomnia niche now?

  13. sonja says:

    A lot of work in this post, thank you

    • NicheHacks says:

      Thanks for recognizing that Sonja, was indeed a lot of work. Enough to put me to sleep. 😉

      Thanks for commenting. Hope to see you around more.

  14. Another nice one from you sir. Insomnia is getting out of hand in the world at large and I believe this is a good niche to venture.


    • Hi Joseph, yep it's a big niche and the problem definitely has a lot of people suffering and looking for solutions. Have you been involved in a niche like this before?

  15. Alejandra says:

    This is a great article about Insomnia niche, love how you put it all together. This niche has a great potential, I have a friend who suffers from insomnia, she has bought all kind of pillows she can get in town, since I know her, she has bought at least 3 different type of mattress, she is willing to pay some good dollars to get a new night sleep.
    Pillows and mattress niche will be a good idea too.
    Thanks for sharing a great value information.

    • Hi Alejandra, yes it's understandable someone would go far lengths to solve their problems especially if it's something as important as sleep.

      Are you thinking about getting involved in this niche?

    • NicheHacks says:

      I struggle with sleep and have bought high end sleep trackers, meditation lights, every supplement under the sun that claims to help, nootropics / smart drugs, and much much more. If you can't sleep at night your life is miserable and you will spend money endlessly to try and stop it.

  16. Derrick Rose says:

    I really do enjoy reading your NicheHacks articles and eager to get started problem is I don't have the time and skills to build a professional looking site for success, the question is can you list a few Done For You sites that could build my Niche site.

    • Your site doesn't have to be the most professional looking. You can set your foundation under an hour with wordpress with the help of a youtube video and plus you have the theme to make the look for your site.

      Anyway you can always check out humanproofdesigns for pre-made sites.

  17. Simon Salubi says:

    Thanks Stuart for this is massive, in-dept article , and detailed analysis of a huge niche. How can I get training on how to create information product on this niche? Hopefully I will take advantage of this information and start my own blog. Thanks a lot Stuart.


    • Hi

      You can look at other existing products and get inspired by their structure or you can simply Google how to create information products. The how is easy, but the what is your challenge.