Chapter 7 - Top Paleo Blogs, Forums & Social Media

It's essential to know what the top blogs, forums and social media groups are for multiple reasons.

You can network, drive traffic to your site, work on joint projects with others in the niche, interact with other peoples audience to try and make them your audience, get content ideas and inspiration and more.

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What are the top authority websites in this niche?

These are the best sites in the niche. You'll want to network with them, become well known and use these sites to leverage their traffic and divert towards your site via blog comments and guest posts.
-400,000 monthly
-PR of 5
-Alexa of 76096 paleo diet
[email protected]
-Updated weekly
-The website is very thorough, filled with information regarding the history and benefits of the Paleo diet. Perhaps its best quality is that is a very intuitive site for first-time Paleo dieters.
-They are building an e-mail list.
-When joining, members receive free podcasts, webinars, and a newsletter.
-450,000 monthly
-PR of 5
-Alexa of 57,860
-contact through website
-The website offers a lot of guidance to dieters, but needs to clean up its appearance, as it has enough ads to make it look unprofessional.
-Updated daily for recipes
-They are building an e-mail list.
-Members benefit from free diet guides and newsletters.
-500,000 visitors monthly
-PR of 4
-Alexa rank of 45,978
-contact through site
-The website is a blog, but also a hotspot for award-winning recipes, tutorials, and chats.
-They are building an e-mail list.
-There are no offers.


What Are The Top 10 Blogs In The Niche?

Network with these guys and comment on their articles to drive traffic back to your own site.

1. PaleOMG
b. 510,000 visitors monthly
c. Page rank of 3
d. Alexa Rank of 42,354
h. [email protected]
i. Updated at least once a week
j. Tutorials, blog, recipes, etc.
k. The quality is great.
l. She is building an e-mail list.
m. No incentive is offered besides a weekly e-mail.

2. NomNomPaleo
b. 500,000 visitors monthly
c. PR of 4
d. Alexa rank of 45,970
i. contact through site
j. The website is a blog, but also a hotspot for award-winning recipes, tutorials, and chats.
k. They are building an e-mail list.
l. There are no offers.

3. Paleo Girl’s Kitchen
b. 30,000 visitors monthly
c. Alexa rank is 773,344
d. Page rank is 1
g. Contact by request
h. They are building an e-mail list.
i. The site is partially a blog, and has many recipes.
j. There is no incentive.

4. Every Day Paleo
b. Alexa rank of 127,424
c. Page rank of 0
e. Contact through website
f. They are building an e-mail list
g. There is so incentive.

5. Mark’s Daily Apple
b. Contact through site
c. Alexa rank is 6,246
d. Page rank is 0
g. They are building an e-mail list and there is no incentive.

6. Life as a Plate
b. Alexa rank 848,292
c. Page rank of 3
e. Contact through website
f. They are building an e-mail list.
g. There is no incentive.

7. Practical Paleo
b. Alexa rank of 2,808,039
c. Page rank of 4
e. E-mail through website
f. This site is not building an e-mail list
g. There is no incentive.

8. Chris Kresser
b. Alex rank of 32,858
c. Page rank of 4
f. Contact upon request through site
g. Offering newsletter

9. Primal Kitchen
b. Alexa of 3,345,589
c. Page rank of 3
d. [email protected]
f. There is an e-mail list
g. No incentive

10. Evolvify
b. Alexa rank of 1,292,551
c. Page rank of 1
d. Contact by request
g. There is an e-mail list.
h. There is no incentive.

What Are The Top Forums In The Niche?

Forums are a great place to find your target audience and get them over to your site by publishing great content to the forums or making epic posts with signatures activated in links.

1. Caveman forum
b. 24,850 members
c. Moderately active
d. Alexa rank of 196,506
e. Page rank of 0

2. Mark’s Daily Apple
d. 117,000 members
e. Alexa rank of 6,246
f. Page rank of 0
g. Very active

3. Paleohacks
c. 382 members
d. Very active
e. Page rank is 1
f. Alexa rank 19,212

4. Primal Paleo Support Group
b. 50,000 users
c. Page rank of 6
d. Alexa rank of 106,744
e. Very active

5. Paleo Diet Forum
b. 400 members
c. Page rank 1
d. Moderately active

6. Amazing Paleo
a. 1000 members
b. Page rank of 2
c. Alexa rank of 182,780

7. PaleoPlan
c. About 5,000 members
d. Alexa rank of 4,245,752
e. Page rank of 5
f. [email protected]
g. Moderately active

8. Caveman Power
b. About 45,000 members
c. Alexa rank is 632,885
d. Page rank is 2
e. [email protected]
f. no social media
g. very active

9. Robb Wolf
c. Contact through site
d. Alexa rank is 44,246
e. Page rank is 0
f. Extremely active

10. NomNom Paleo
b. Alexa rank is 46,201
c. Page rank is 4
e. Contact through site
f. Extremely active


What Are The Most Popular Social Media Groups?

Interact with people on these and post your content to the groups, get your pictures shared, your articles liked and tweeted and so on to drive traffic.

a. 8690 followers
b. Contact through by request
c. This site is updated almost daily.
d. They publish solely visuals, since it is Pinterest.

a. 2397 followers
b. Contact through RobbWolf website
c. This site is updated daily.
d. Visuals

a. 39764 followers
b. [email protected]
c. This site is updated at least once a week, with prompt responses to posters.
d. They publish recipe suggestions, links to other paleo sites, and encouraging messages. They also answer questions that Facebook users may have.

a. 202794 followers
b. Contact through website
c. They publish recipe suggestions, links to other paleo sites, and encouraging messages. They also answer questions that Facebook users may have. They also publish several pictures of appealing foods to followers.

a. 9030 followers
b. Contact through
c. This page publishes visuals, as well as entire lists of paleo-friendly foods.

a. 9890 followers
b. There is no contact information listed on the Twitter page.
c. The page publishes links to helpful sites, as well as fun and interesting facts about your body and the paleo diet.

a. 11,851 followers
b. Contact through
c. The site publishes recipes, pictures, and article suggestions.
a. 6519 followers
b. Contact through
c. This site mainly publishes guides for eating.

9. food (Instagram)
a. 383,000 followers
b. No contact information
c. Instagram publishes only pictures, but allows people to discover great ideas.

10. Google Plus
b. 27,000 followers
c. Contact through
d. This page allows members from the PaleoDietLifestyle’s blogs, Twitter, and Facebook to communicate efficiently.


Top 10 Most Popular YT Videos in the niche?

This will give you an idea of what people want. Make videos on similar topics.

1. Paleo in a Nutshell Part 1:Food
b. 600,882 views
c. 2,764 likes
d. 1,291 subscribers

2. Paleo Diet- The Paleo Diet Primal Burn System
b. 531,169 views
c. 1 like
d. 35 subscribers

3. How to Get Ripped WITHOUT Dieting
b. 515,779 views
c. 7,664 likes
d. 2,204,373 subscribers

4. Ido Portal on Paleo Diet, Crossfit, Gymnastics, Motivation, Movement and More- RawBrahs
b. 448,864 views
c. 5459 likes
d. 28,662 subscribers

5. Paleo Diet Recipes- How the Paleo Diet Cookbook Can Improve Your Health
b. 416,323 views
c. 578 likes
d. 412 subscribers

6. Debunking the Paleo Diet: Christina Warriner at TEDxOU
b. 394,216 views
c. 4356 likes
d. 845,669 subscribers

7. Paleo Diet and Strength Training BioChemistry
b. 383814 views
c. 2,740 likes
d. 33,037 subscribers


8. The Food Revolution- AHS 2011
b. 362,994 views
c. 2,567 likes
d. 9,031 subscribers

9. Paleo Diet Recipes Paleo Diet Cookbook Over 370 Recipes
b. 294,037 views
c. 348 likes
d. 412 subscribers

10. Paleo Recipes Paleo Recipe Book with over 370 recipes
b. 217,526 views
c. 366 likes
d. 225 subscribers


Other major 'hubs' in the niche?
This is a blog that gives some background information on the Paleo diet, as well as recipes and ideas.
This is a blog that details one person’s story of discovering the Paleo diet.
This site is filled with recipes and information.


Chapter 7 Conclusion...

Use these sites for content inspiration, networking and driving traffic via blog commenting, guest posting, banner ads, forum posting, sharing content and so on.

Don't look at them as 'competitors' more as people you can work with to provide value to the niche as a whole and better BOTH of your sites.

And remember your traffic efforts are NOT limited to just paleo websites.

The wider weight loss and health market as a whole would be interested in informative articles on the paleo diet.

As would various other sites where you'll find paleo enthusiasts like body building forums, dating and game sites for men, athletic blogs and forums for example.

As mentioned earlier in this report the paleo diet is no longer a male dominated thing as it once was and is around 50 / 50 split to male and female.

So there's also a whole host of female orientated sites you can target for traffic.

I would recommend you focus on one or the other, male or female, and even more specifically for males or females of a certain type, i.e. vegetarians, cyclists, runners etc. This way you can really target your traffic.

As you can see there's no end of people to promote to and make money from in the paleo niche.

Why not take advantage of this profitable lifestyle so you can cash in and create a lifestyle of your own.