23 Great Examples of Super-Focused Niche Sites That Are Killing It (#1 And #13 Are Proof That You Can Make Money No Matter How Weird Your Interests Are)

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If you want to build a successful online business, choose a very specific and well-defined niche.

I’m sure you’ve heard this a billion times from countless successful niche marketers.

But you’re not prepared to believe it.

Because deep down inside, you still fear that you’ll miss out on thousands of potential website visitors if you narrow down your niche.

But while you’re complaining about saturated niches, there are people out there making a fortune by identifying unique angles and combining their passion with popular topics.

Not to mention some of the down right WEIRD niche sites that exist and make money that I'm about to share with you.

Well, I’m sick of your excuses.

So in this post, instead of telling you to niche down, I’m simply going to show you dozens of successful sites in weird and narrow niches that’ll blow away all your doubts and leave you no choice but to take action whatever your niche idea is.

Ready? Here we go...


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What You'll Learn In This Post

  • Why niche saturation is just a myth
  • The secret behind successful niche sites
  • How to come up with unlimited niche ideas using different angles
  • How you can still build a successful niche site without generating millions of visitors in website traffic


1.Pixie Faire


I have a daughter and she loves dolls.

When the daughter of Cinnamon and Jason, the owners of Pixie Faire, turned six, they realized how obsesses she is with dolls and their outfits.

This lead to the start of Pixie Faire, an e-commerce site selling doll clothing patterns and online courses on knitting and sewing doll clothes. Later, they also started selling physical patterns and clothing items

The store now routinely makes $50k to $60k per month and has changed the lives of its owners.

I love this site because it’s a myth-busting example for all those who think going too niche can hurt your business.

Just look at their product line and content.

It’s focused on a very specific niche – kids dolls clothing patterns.

They’ve done a brilliant job with branding and know exactly the kind of content their target audience wants.



Their blog content is so useful and detailed that anyone interested in creating doll clothing patterns can start from scratch and become an expert by just reading it.


Key Stats

Estimated Monthly Traffic Total Backlinks Domain Authority
160,000 3,500 35
Facebook Fans YouTube Subscribers Pinterest Followers
11000 19000 11621


How Do They Make Money

  • Selling online courses on sewing and knitting doll clothing patterns
  • Selling digital doll clothing patterns
  • Selling physical doll clothing items
  • Selling doll clothing by other leading brands
  • Selling banner space, advertising and occasional sponsored content


Dominant Content Type

  • Tutorials, How-To posts and Step by Step Guides on making patterns
  • Rich product descriptions


Top Performing Content


Things They Can Improve

They’re clearly doing most things right which is why they’re generating more than 90% of their traffic from organic search.

However, here are a few things I’d improve.

  • Increase the number of tutorials and how-to posts.
  • Publish more list posts that explore that connects with different problems of the audience.
  • Improve the headlines of the blog posts since most of them are not very descriptive.


Lessons You Can Learn

  • Choosing a narrow niche works perfectly if you know your audience.
  • Even niche sites should have a great design and proper branding.
  • Content is the biggest driver of traffic and user-engagement.
  • Their YouTube channel drives thousands of visitors every month.


2. Rob Knopper


A site helping aspiring musicians shine at orchestra job auditions.

Can you get more niche than that?

Rob Knopper, an orchestra percussionist, realized that aspiring musicians needed help in preparing for interviews and auditions.

This simple, but very specific idea, led to the creation of his blog which makes him thousands of dollars in digital training and course sales.

Rob’s site clearly stands out for a few reasons.

  • It is designed specifically to collect as many leads as possible.
  • Its blog is full of detailed and high-quality content
  • Rob creates exceptionally high-quality video tutorials


Key Stats

Estimate Monthly Traffic Total Backlinks Domain Authority
Unknown 186 23
Facebook Fans Twitter Followers YouTube Subscribers
3382 1631 4900


How Do They Make Money

  • Digital course sales
  • Coaching sales


Dominant Content Type

  • Blog posts sharing tips and tricks for orchestra auditions
  • Case studies


Top Performing Content


Things They Can Improve

Rob’s clearly doing most things right.

He should, however, add social media sharing buttons to his blog and probably turn the background color of his blog from black to white.

But that’s just my opinion 😊


Lessons You Can Learn

  • Just like Rob, you can use your own experiences to start a niche site
  • Rob makes all of his money by selling courses. So niche sites don’t always have to attract millions of visitors to make money
  • Rob’s site leaves no opportunity to turn visitors into subscribers.


3. TOTS Family


Susan and her husband started Think Outside The Sandbox (TOTS) Family to share their experiences of raising children with other parents.

A few years later and with more than 960,000 subscribers across its social media profiles and email list, TOTS Family is one the biggest parenting blogs on the web with dozens of full-time writers on its team.

All its authority and audience is built purely because of the quality and the usefulness of its content which targets day to day problems of young parents.



Despite hundreds of high-quality articles and brilliant branding, TOTS Family is still a niche site.

And that’s my point.

Niche sites don’t always have to be ugly one-page sites stuffed with keywords.

In fact, that should never be the case.


Key Stats

Estimated Monthly Traffic Total Backlinks Domain Authority
50,000 898 42
Facebook Fans Twitter Followers Instagram Followers
20,084 40,500 52,400


How Do They Make Money

I found the following ways they’re making money

  • Google AdSense
  • Third-Party Advertising
  • Amazon Associates


Dominant Content Type

  • Blog posts sharing parenting tips
  • Food recipes
  • Product reviews


Top Performing Content


Things They Can Improve

  • They can us more opt-in boxes to speed up their email list building
  • Some of the ad units on their blog are annoying and bad for user experience. They should look to replace them.


Lessons You Can Learn

  • People love practical advice that helps them solve real-life problems
  • Most of their product reviews are not product centred. Instead, they’ve identified problems and created blog posts around those problems while mentioning and recommending relevant products.


4. Attorney Rankings


Attorney Rankings recently rebranded themselves as Ranking.io but nearly all of their success to date has been built on providing custom SEO services specifically to independent lawyers and law firms.

This is a great example because SEO itself is a highly competitive industry.

But when you brand your business to serve a very narrow market segment, you automatically create your own niche.

This is what Attorney Rankings did by targeting lawyers, and their success has been phenomenal.

Their success stories have been featured on sites like MOZ, Backlinko and many other leading SEO sites.


Key Stats

Estimated Monthly Traffic Total Backlinks Domain Authority
30,000 515 35
Facebook Fans Twitter Followers Google+ Followers
569 132,000 4266


How Do They Make Money

Selling SEO services to lawyers, legal firms, doctors and other independent consultants.


Dominant Content Type

  • Blog posts sharing best SEO practices for lawyers and independent consultants
  • Case studies


Top Performing Content


Things They Can Improve

  • Add more images and multi-media to their blog content
  • Build their email list more aggressively
  • Work on growing their social media profiles


Lessons You Can Learn

  • You can always carve your own niche if you find a unique angle in a populated and competitive industry
  • Publishing detailed case studies can help you get cited on big publications and help you secure valuable backlinks.


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5. FeMusician


I’ve already shown you a super focused niche site targeting aspiring orchestra musicians.

Female Entrepreneur Musician (FeMusician) narrows down even further.

As the name suggests, it’s a site focused on females who think they can build a career in music.

It appears a pretty small niche from the outside but when you dig deep down, you’ll realize that most people (women in particular) love singing.

But you could also consider this site a sub-niche of the make money online niche because what it is essentially doing is helping people quite their jobs and pursue a full-time music career.

Here’s a lead magnet on this site which shows exactly that



I love the overall look and feel of the site and also the fact that it has targeted such a narrow niche with great effect.

Their blog content is also really useful and its only a matter of time before it starts gaining traction. Plus, they have a pretty popular podcast that’s approaching 150 episodes now.


Key Stats

Estimated Monthly Traffic Total Backlinks Domain Authority
 7000  147  38
Facebook Fans Twitter Followers  
1586 12000


How Do They Make Money

  • By selling their membership course Female Musician Academy
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Private coaching


Dominant Content Type

  • Podcasts
  • Blog posts sharing tips on bootstrapping your music career.


Top Performing Content


Things They Can Improve

  • Add more images and multimedia to their blog posts
  • Add social sharing buttons to their blog
  • Promote their lead magnets more aggressively to speed up email list building
  • Publish musical equipment reviews to make money from Amazon Associates


Lessons You Can Learn

  • This site is another example how taking a different angle on a popular niche can help you find your audience.
  • You can replace music with any other passion you have in life, start teaching people, sell course and make a living.


6. Comet Camper


This is one of my favorite sites on this list.

COMET Camper is a site dedicated to people passionate about living a minimalistic lifestyle and making a positive impact on the environment with their daily consumption habits.

It’s founded by Mariah, a designer and an avid traveller living in the COMET (Cost-effective, Off-grid Mobile Eco Trailer).

The truly remarkable thing about this site is its focus on quality content and user experience.

It is beautifully designed, tailored to the needs of its audience, and guides its visitors to exactly the information they’re looking for.


Key Stats

Estimated Monthly Traffic Total Backlinks Domain Authority
10,000 2800 25
Facebook Fans Twitter Followers Pinterest
328 - -


How Do They Make Money

  • Selling an online course on tiny living
  • Affiliate income from Amazon Associates
  • Affiliate income from direct partners.


Dominant Content Type

  • Ultimate guides
  • Blog posts sharing tips and tricks on tiny living


Top Performing Content


Things They Can Improve

They have most bases covered so there’s really very little I think they can improve.

Although I think they should reduce the number of inline opt-in boxes in their blog posts from 3 to 2. Right now it seems a bit overdone.

Other than that, they should just continue to do the same.


Lessons You Can Learn

If you look closely, Comet Camper is in a pretty narrow sub-niche of nomadic lifestyle (a much broader niche).

But even then it has been able to develop a dedicated audience because of its focused, useful and detailed content.

Instead of thinking short-term, they’ve built an authority site that is focused on providing value and building an audience.

As a result, they’re now making big bucks.


7. ProChurchTools


Atheism may be on the rise globally, but there are still millions of religious devotees who’re clinging on to their faiths strongly.

ProChruchTools has carved a narrow sub-niche for itself by using a religious angle with digital marketing services.

It offers tools and digital marketing strategies that church administrators can use to get to spread their message.

They seem to understand their target audience really well and the quality of their content is top-notch.

Their videos, podcasts and blog articles are of the highest quality and generate significant engagement in the form of comments and social shares


Key Stats

Estimated Monthly Traffic Total Backlinks Domain Authority
50,000 1040 35
Facebook Fans Email Subscribers YouTube Subscribers
12,135 24,190 6,411


How Do They Make Money

  • Selling their flagship membership program “ProChurch Academy”
  • Affiliate income through product reviews


Dominant Content Type

  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Occasional blog articles


Top Performing Content


Things They Can Improve

Although their design looks great, they should make their blog content more prominent on the homepage.

Currently, it is difficult to differentiate between videos, podcasts and articles because there are no clear thumbnails

They should also add social media sharing buttons to their blog.


Lessons You Can Learn

You can create a highly engaging website in a boring niche if you combine it with a popular niche and invest your energies in creating high-quality content.


8. TinyHouseBlog


We have another tiny house blog on our list but this one isn’t as well-designed or branded as the previous one.

It’s a more conventional niche site that’s designed in magazine style has dozens of articles related to tiny housing and its related topics.

The quality of content isn’t top-notch but it isn’t bad either.

The thing that separates TinyHouseBlog from other niche sites is its massive social media following.

It has hundreds of thousands combined social media followers and drives a large portion of its total traffic from visual sites like Pinterest and Instagram.


Key Stats

Estimated Monthly Traffic Total Backlinks Domain Authority
250,000 20,569 57
Facebook Fans Twitter Followers Pinterest
264,000 16,500 34600


How Do They Make Money

  • Google AdSense
  • Affiliate commissions from Amazon Associates


Dominant Content Type

  • Sponsored articles
  • Case Studies
  • Reviews


Top Performing Content


Things They Can Improve

They have a lot of annoying pop-ups the moment you open their site. They also need to work on the design and make their email opt-ins more prominent.

Right now you can’t really see them because they mix with the design easily.


Lessons You Can Learn

Too many so-called niche marketers completely ignore social media and rely solely on search engine traffic.

TinyHouseBlog is a reminder of the effectiveness of social media for niche marketing.


9. 52Kards


Magic tricks, digital courses by renowned magicians, and magic accessories – you get all of this under one roof at 52Kards

Created by Asad Chaudhry who’s a magician himself, 52Kards is a huge brand in the magic niche and has hundreds of thousands of social media followers and email subscribers.

What separates 52Kards from other eCommerce sites (other than its niche focus and a huge library of courses) is the quality of its product pages.

Product pages have such detailed descriptions that they look like blog posts.

There are customer reviews and ratings at the bottom of every product page and most of them also have at least 1 video showing the product in action.


Key Stats

Estimated Monthly Traffic Total Backlinks Domain Authority
120,000 622 44
Facebook Fans YouTube Subscribers Instagram Followers
26000 869,911 72,000


How Do They Make Money

  • By selling digital courses
  • Selling physical products on their eCommerce store
  • By monetizing their YouTube channel which has almost 1 million subscribers


Dominant Content Type

  • Videos
  • Blog posts sharing magic tips and tricks


Top Performing Content


Things They Can Improve

They need to pay more attention to their blog content. Currently it seems to be created casually with poor headlines and formatting.


Lessons You Can Learn

YouTube, the second largest search engine after Google, is a huge platform for niche marketers that can single handedly fuel your business with traffic and monetization.

If you’re in a niche people are passionate about, start a YouTube channel and focus on building your audience by creating useful videos.

If you’re consistent this can become the content hub that you can use to launch your niche site.


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10. Angela Fehr


As a kid, I loved painting with watercolours. It’s a passion that runs in my family since my father and grandfather were also great painters.

I know there are millions like me who’re passionate about watercolours and can spend hours painting their imaginary world with watercolours.

Angela Fehr is a professional watercolour painter and uses her site to share her expertise and love for watercolours with other like-minded people.

Because of her consistency and high-quality content, she has been able to build a huge community of passionate watercolour enthusiast that her YouTube channel alone has almost 50,000 subscribers.

Every one of her blog posts gets dozens of comments and hundreds of social shares.


Key Stats

Estimated Monthly Traffic Total Backlinks Domain Authority
10,000 5800 64
Facebook Fans Twitter Followers YouTube Subscribers
9125 896 49317


How Do They Make Money

  • Selling Paintings on Craftsy
  • Selling Online Courses on her site
  • By monetizing her YouTube Channel


Dominant Content Type

  • Video tutorials
  • Blog articles


Top Performing Content


Things They Can Improve

They can certainly use a lead magnet to accelerate their lead generation process.

The blog content also needs to be more engaging with more images, videos and better formatting.


Lessons You Can Learn

If you’re a creative artist, this is a great example for you. There are millions of passionate people that follow every art form.

You just need to create a site that gives them value and you can easily make money from it.

There are multiple third-party platforms like Etsy, Craftsy etc. where creative artists are making millions of dollars selling their work. You can join them as well.


11. AirGun Shooter


AirGun Shooter is a magazine for shooting and hunting enthusiasts in the UK. It has a sizeable distribution network and is delivered all across the UK.

Their website, however, is a good example of a niche site that supports a physical business. They’ve managed to grow a loyal social media audience and use their site to grow their magazine subscription.


Key Stats

Estimated Monthly Traffic Total Backlinks Domain Authority
10,000 33 23
Facebook Fans Twitter Followers  
8,800 3370


How Do They Make Money

  • Selling magazine subscription


Dominant Content Type

  • Equipment tests and reviews
  • How-To posts teaching different shooting techniques
  • News related to guns and ammo


Top Performing Content


Things They Can Improve

The design looks pretty outdated and doesn’t immediately take the reader to their content.

They should also look to diversify their income by selling digital products and publishing product reviews of Amazon products.


Lessons You Can Learn

This niche site is focused on a specific topic in a specific country. You might think this is adversely affecting their business but it’s completely the opposite.

Region focus has allowed them to identify the exact problems of their audience and create content that talks directly to them.

You can also use it as an additional angle to your niche site.


12. KnitHacker


This niche site reminded me of my grandma who used to knit sweaters for me and my brothers all the time.

KnitHacker, as the name suggests, is all about knitting.

Founded by Danielle, a passionate knitter herself, KnitHacker has grown into a huge community of knitting enthusiasts that regularly publishes knitting tutorials, product reviews, general tips & tricks, and advice for special occasions.


Key Stats

Estimated Monthly Traffic Total Backlinks Domain Authority
100,000 678 39
Facebook Fans Twitter Followers Pinterest
66,435 19,700 8959


How Do They Make Money

  • Google AdSense
  • Affiliate Commissions from Amazon Affiliates, BlueHost and a few other programs
  • By selling knitted products on Etsy
  • By selling T-shirts

Dominant Content Type

  • Knitting tutorials
  • General knitting tips & tricks


Top Performing Content


Things They Can Improve

  • They can easily add a few digital products like eBooks or courses to make more money from their audience
  • They should build their email list with an attractive lead magnet


Lessons You Can Learn

Once you’ve built an audience, there are just so many ways to make money with your niche site.

Instead of taking the conventional route of selling digital products, KnitHacker makes most of its money from Etsy sales and T-shirt sales on their shop.

If you’re in a creative niche like this one, there are many platforms like Etsy you can use to diversify your income.


13. The Sacred Womb


Now here’s a niche site on a really weird topic (I’m still not sure what it is), it has very low traffic and social following but it’s still making good money.


By appealing to a very specific audience that is passionate about this subject and selling them training and digital products

That’s how simple it is.

The Scared Womb is run by Melanie who specializes in women’s health and emotional problems related to menstruation and the taboos associated with it.

To give you an idea, here’s one of her courses



She runs a popular podcast that is keenly followed by women who’ve become a part of her community over the last few years.


Key Stats

Estimated Monthly Traffic Total Backlinks Domain Authority
1500 12 15
Facebook Fans YouTube Subscribers Instagram Followers
667 405 1310


How Do They Make Money

  • By selling digital courses and training
  • By hosting live events


Dominant Content Type

  • Podcasts


Top Performing Content


Things They Can Improve

  • Needs to publish better and more detailed blog content to not only increase her readership but also to improve her search ranking
  • Needs to aggressively build her email list


Lessons You Can Learn

Like me, many of you might be surprised that sites like The Sacred Womb exist and even make money.

But it only shows that often the things we take for granted or consider common sense are not that common for others.

People need emotional and physical help in their times of need, and if you can help them in any way, they’ll be happy to pay you for it.


14. Jessica Prague


Jessica is a Photoshop pro with more than 15+ of experience creating designs, websites, and brand campaigns of organizations and entrepreneurs.

She’s created this site specifically for design enthusiast or entrepreneurs looking to acquire Photoshop and design skills.

Her site is actually a great sample of her design skills. It has almost everything perfectly in place and highlights the most important elements that her visitors want to see.


Key Stats

Estimated Monthly Traffic Total Backlinks Domain Authority
30,000 7400 44
Facebook Fans Twitter Followers Pinterest
20,622 8502 12,585


How Do They Make Money

  • Selling online courses on different design techniques and Photoshop skills
  • Selling consultancy services
  • Selling website design and complete branding campaigns


Dominant Content Type

  • Webinars


Top Performing Content

Not available


Things They Can Improve

There’s very little that can be improved on the design side of Jessica’s site.

But I do think her blog content needs a lot of improvement.

Currently, she’s not publishing any useful content on the blog and uses it to register users for her Photoshop Friday class.


Lessons You Can Learn

Jessica is currently selling dozens of courses that cover different aspects of design. She has broken down larger topics and turned them into small courses which not only makes it easier for her buyers but also keeps her revenue stream moving.


15. ValGeisler

Val is an email marketing and conversion specialist, and from the first word on her site till the last, she doesn’t pretend to be anyone else.

Her site is probably one of the finest examples of how you can clearly identify your target market, highlight your services, and tell your customers exactly how you will contribute towards the growth of their businesses.

She also has some pretty interesting free courses that she uses as lead magnets.



As a result, she has several big brands and marketers on her testimonial page.


Key Stats

Estimated Monthly Traffic Total Backlinks Domain Authority
Less than 10,000 203 31
Facebook Fans Twitter Followers Instagram
1052 2540 2345


How Do They Make Money

  • Selling email marketing consultancy services


Dominant Content Type

Blog posts sharing email marketing tips


Top Performing Content


Things They Can Improve

Val is a prolific writer and still writes for many leading marketing blogs.

But for some reason she has stopped updating her blog. I’d love to see her start publishing on her blog again


Lessons You Can Learn

One of the biggest lessons for me is the way Val has clearly identified her audience on her services page.

Here’s a snapshot



This is a great example of further narrowing your niche and still commanding high rates for your services.


16. Scotts Bass Lessons


Scott is one of the most popular bass guitarists on the web and has amassed a huge following on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social networks.

Don’t be fooled by the supreme production quality of his content, this is still very much a niche site.

And it really shows how far you can go if you choose a niche, think long term and give it your best shot.


Key Stats

Estimated Monthly Traffic Total Backlinks Domain Authority
600,000+ 1244 36
Facebook Fans Twitter Followers YouTube Subscribers
307801 11,100 472000


How Do They Make Money

  • Selling membership of Bass Academy
  • Selling training courses


Dominant Content Type

  • Podcasts
  • Videos


Top Performing Content

Not available


Things They Can Improve

Currently only 13% of the total traffic to this site is coming from Google Search.

This can significantly increase if they start publishing search engine optimized blog content along with videos and podcasts


Lessons You Can Learn

Take your niche marketing business seriously and focus on building an audience like Scott has done.

I know he was already popular, but he has been remarkably consistent in producing videos for his YouTube channel and podcasts for his site.

If you’re an artist, leverage YouTube and other visual platforms to get recognition faster.

Plus, this site is another example that you don’t need to rely on Google Search for traffic if you build a community around your site.

Nearly 80% of traffic to this site comes from direct sources, referrals and social networks.


17. LearnScrivenerFast


This is not a niche site, it’s a niche course.

But it’s used the same principles of niche marketing to sell thousands of copies.

Joseph Michael, the creator of this course, has branded himself over the years as a Scrivener specialist.

In case you’re unaware, Scrivener is a popular software among writers and bloggers which helps them speed up the writing process through several smart features.

Since it’s a widely used software, Joseph created a whole course just teaching how to use it.

And it has been so successful that even people like Michael Hyatt and Jeff Goins are happy customers.


How Do They Make Money

  • Course sales


Lessons You Can Learn

If you cant find your niche, think of any popular software or tool that people need help using.

You can ride on the tool’s popularity to launch your own niche site or course like Joseph has.


18. Renaissance Woodworker


The more I research for this post, the more I’m convinced that you can create a successful site in ANY niche.

You only need to identify the needs of your audience and fulfil them with your content/offer.

Renaissance Woodworker is a niche site by Shannon Rogers who’s built a huge community of creative people passionate about wood art.

Roger, himself a woodworker, artist, and a carpenter, shared free advice on this site for years before launching his signature course The Hand Tool School that turns complete newbies into expert woodworkers.


Key Stats

Estimated Monthly Traffic Total Backlinks Domain Authority
30000 12000 39
Facebook Fans Twitter Followers  
4,700 8580


How Do They Make Money

Selling monthly and annual membership of  The Hand Tool School, a video course.


Dominant Content Type

  • Video tutorials
  • Articles


Top Performing Content


Things They Can Improve

The content of this site is pure gold but the design is awful and looks really outdated.

Secondly, although the site is ranking in the top 10 for some pretty competitive keywords, there’s still a lot of room for improvement in terms of SEO. Addressing that can further improve their search traffic.


Lessons You Can Learn

There’s only one big lesson here. If you’re an expert at something, you can easily build a niche marketing business around your skills by teaching people online.

And by being an expert I mean you just need to be better than an average person.

Create value, serve your audience and they’ll happily spend their money on your products.


19. Girly Knits


Here’s another knitting site on the list but this one targets a different sub-niche.

Girly Knits shares fashionable knitting patterns for style conscious girls and women.

Lauren, the girl behind the site, has done a great job with the content and the design of the site.

She regularly publishes video tutorials to help readers nit new and stylish garments.


Key Stats

Estimated Monthly Traffic Total Backlinks Domain Authority
10,000 756 40
Facebook Fans YouTube Subscribers Pinterest
2825 5400 767


How Do They Make Money

  • Selling knitting patterns
  • Product sales on Etsy and Craftsy
  • Affiliate commissions from Amazon Associates


Dominant Content Type

  • Blog posts with knitting tips and tricks
  • Video tutorials
  • Product reviews


Top Performing Content


Things They Can Improve

  • I found several broken links on the site so it needs better management
  • Should promote the lead magnet more aggressively


Lessons You Can Learn

You’ve already seen a knitting site on this list but this one gives a new angle to the same niche.

Just shows how you can come up with unlimited niche ideas just by using different angles to already established niches.


20. Online Ustaad


I love this particular example because it’s something most (if not all) niche marketers never think about.

English is still the number one language on the internet.

But there are billions of people who can’t understand English but still want to learn WordPress, SEO, internet marketing and many other topics and are searching for information in their own languages.

This website, Online Ustaad, which means “online teacher” in Hindi/Urdu, targets people who speak Hindi and Urdu (languages spoken by almost 2 billion people around the world).

It covers topics like HTML/CSS, PHP coding, WordPress, SEO, internet marketing and general make money online tips. All the content on this site is available in both English and Hindi/Urdu.

It has amassed more than 80,000 YouTube subscribers and generates thousands of dollars in passive income.


Key Stats

Estimated Monthly Traffic Total Backlinks Domain Authority
55000 16000 28
Facebook Fans YouTube Subscribers Twitter Followers
40000 81000 7700


How Do They Make Money

  • Google AdSense
  • Affiliate marketing


Dominant Content Type

  • Blog posts sharing WordPress and MMO tips
  • Video tutorials


Top Performing Content


Things They Can Improve

  • The design certainly needs an overhaul since it looks outdated
  • Should actively build their email list using lead magnets
  • Should add social sharing widget to the blog
  • Too many ad units in the content body and side bar.


Lessons You Can Learn

If you’re outside the US or know languages other than English, there’s a huge opportunity to use this angle in any niche.

There’s a lot of competition in all niches in English language but nobody is looking out for their local population who cannot speak or understand English.

You can target languages like Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, German, French.


21. Senior Living


If you’re looking for retirement advice or need to find the best nursing homes or senior living options, this site is for you.

SeniorLiving helps people find the nearest, most affordable and high quality senior living options.

Along with pricing and other details, it shows you unbiased reviews from past customers which helps you make the right decision.

They also regularly publish general health and lifestyle advice for people nearing or living a retired life.


Key Stats

Estimated Monthly Traffic Total Backlinks Domain Authority
90,000 560 67
Facebook Fans Twitter Followers Pinterest
768 - -


How Do They Make Money

  • By charging for referrals
  • Senior living and retirement planning consultancy


Dominant Content Type

  • Blog articles


Top Performing Content


Things They Can Improve

  • Make the blog design more visually appealing
  • Remove forms from the top of blog posts
  • Add more visuals to their content
  • Grow their presence on social media
  • Add social sharing widget


Lessons You Can Learn

SeniorLiving is primarily a directory of different post-retirement service providers. You can apply the same model to other age groups based on their needs.

For example you can start a directory specifically for child care or a directory for best colleges.


(If you'd like to download 1,781 profitable niches for free then click the image below...)

1781 niches [new]


22. Nerd Fitness


Is there any fitness enthusiast who hasn’t heard of NerdFitness?

It is one of the most popular fitness sites on the web. But like most successful online businesses, it targets a very specific audience.

It’s a resource for common folks, couch potatoes and lazy people who overlook their health and fitness because of the day to day grind.

Over the years, it has grown into a huge brand with a cult following.

And it was revealed in an interview on BloggerJet with the owner Steve Kamb that it was a 6 figure business.


Key Stats

Estimated Monthly Traffic Total Backlinks Domain Authority
3 million 23000 66
Facebook Fans Twitter Followers YouTube Subscribers
96000 24,600 32797


How Do They Make Money

  • Nerd Fitness Academy membership
  • Selling private fitness coaching
  • Selling digital courses
  • Selling training programs
  • Occasional affiliate promotions


Dominant Content Type

  • Fitness case studies
  • Blog posts with fitness tips
  • Fitness videos


Top Performing Content


Things They Can Improve

I honestly can’t think of anything.


Lessons You Can Learn

NerdFitness is an ideal site that every niche marketer should look to emulate.

Steve Kamb started it when he identified a very specific need, which was the lack of fitness advice for average joes like himself.

Fitness is a competitive niche.

But since NerdFitness was born out of Steve’s own passion for fitness and to help people live more fulfilling lives by staying fit, he managed to stay consistent and grow a community around his site by providing value.

That’s the biggest takeaway from this site.


23. Clouds Factory


Whether you want your favorite cartoon or movie characters stitched on a piece of fabric, or want to surprise your loved ones with their pictures on clothing, CloudsFactory is the place for you.

Ambra, a professional stitcher, started CloudsFactory as a small eCommerce store serving custom orders.

But over the years, she’s been able to grow it into a proper business offering a wide range of cross-stitched patterns and also serving custom orders.

Because of her passion for her craft, Ambra also regularly publishes articles sharing tips on stitching and other related crafts.


Key Stats

Estimated Monthly Traffic Total Backlinks Domain Authority
15000 1916 22
Facebook Fans Instagram Followers Pinterest
10646 1085


How Do They Make Money

  • Selling stitching patterns
  • Selling custom stitched products


Dominant Content Type

  • Blog posts about different stitch patterns


Things They Can Improve

  • They should use lead magnets to build email list
  • Blog post titles need to be more descriptive and the content needs to be better formatted with more subheadings


Lessons You Can Learn

When you have a story behind your business, especially if it’s ecommerce, people tend to buy more from you.

In case of CloudFactory, the owner has beautifully used her passion and family background in stitching to create products that people can connect with.


The Common Success Factor of These Niche Sites

So, I’ve reviewed 23 different niche sites for you and each one of them has different strengths and weaknesses.

However, there are certain common factors that make all of them successful.

Here’s a look at the main lessons you can learn from these niche sites.


1.Successful Sites Target a Very Specific and Narrow Niche

Whoever told you that targeting a VERY specific and narrow niche is a bad idea was obviously wrong.

Each one of these 23 sites did exactly that. They targeted very well-defined sub-niches that did not appear to have millions of people in them.

But guess what?

You don’t need a million people to have a successful niche site.

Rob Knopper (2nd on this list) has so little traffic none of the tools I used (Ahrefs, SimilarWeb, SEMRush) showed anything.

But he’s still making a lot of money selling courses.


Because he knows his niche, understands their needs, and gives them what they want.

Which brings me to the second lesson


2. Solve Problems, Money Will Follow

Forget money, just look for problems.


The bigger the problem you can solve, the more money you’ll earn.

Think about it.

A niche is simply a problem.

Finding niches is actually finding the right problems you can solve. It’s about finding gaps in the market, finding unfulfilled needs.

Thinking about money BEFORE understanding the needs of your audience and how you can fulfil them is stupidity.

No one’s going to gift you their hard earned money just because you wrote a dozen 1000 word posts on your blog.

To earn, you must solve the problems, fulfil the needs, and answer the questions of your audience.

Focus on doing that, the money will follow.


3. Combine Different Niches and Angles To Break Into Popular Niches

SEO is a super competitive niche since everyone, irrespective of their expertise is offering SEO services.

But SEO for lawyers, SEO for churches, SEO for Sports Goods Manufacturers?

Not so competitive.

There are multiple examples on this list that show how you can break into any competitive niche by simply combining it with a particular industry, by focusing on a particular region, or by serving offering services in a certain language.

There are literally unlimited combinations and angles you can use.

Which means no niche is ever saturated.


4. Target a Niche You’re Passionate About

You’ll notice that most niche site owners on this list have a personal connection with their topic and are passionate about it.

NerdFitness, Girly Knits, Pixie Faire etc. to name just a few.

Being personally passionate about a niche keeps you going even when you’re not apparently making progress in your niche marketing business.

When there’s a bigger goal in your sight than money and you’re genuinely passionate about serving your audience you end up creating much more valuable content and products than your competitors who’re into it just for a quick buck.


5. Think Long-Term and Build Assets

Open any site on this list and go through its archive content or fetch its WHOIS info.

You’ll find that it has been around for at least a couple of years (most of them older than that)

Niche marketing isn’t a quick money making method.

You need time and effort to make a name for yourself, build an audience, and establish reputation in your niche.

So think long term and look to create brand assets.

Publish content regularly even when no-ones reading because eventually they will.

Work on your social media presence and promote your content or products on every platform that your target audience likes.

Be consistent, be patient, have a strategy and follow clearly defined goals.


(If you'd like to download 1,781 profitable niches for free then click the image below...)

1781 niches [new]


Are You Any Closer To Finding Your Niche?

Profitable niches are all around you and they’re full of opportunities.

To find them, change your mindset and start looking for problems instead of running after every new success story you read.

Niche marketing is about providing value to your target audience and becoming the go-to expert in your niche.

If you can do that consistently, no Google algorithm update or competitor can stop you from making money while you sleep.

So stop thinking and start taking action.

Need more help?

Let me know in the comments section.

Jawad Khan
Jawad Khan is a content marketing consultant and a freelance blogger for hire. Follow him on his blog, WritingMyDestiny, Twitter and Google+

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  1. Danielle says:

    Thanks so much for including KnitHacker in this round-up - your suggestions are appreciated.

  2. Amazing post! I had been researching for months and just could not decide on a niche. This really helped me in identifying a potential niche when I really just could not find an answer.

  3. Casey Stubbs says:

    I love this post because i totally love niche sites. It is easier to rank for a niche site because of less competition. I have a niche site that totally crushes it with search. All we do is produce the best trading strategies and our search traffic is great.

    Thanks for this article

    • NicheHacks says:

      Which of the sites did you like best and why Casey?

      • Casey Stubbs says:

        I liked all of them it is a great case study on how to do web marketing the right way. I spend time studying the top sites so I can improve my game.

        Thanks for putting this together.

        Fyi i have never been to this site before but this showed up on my google newsfeed.

  4. Chris says:

    Good stuff, thanks for putting this together. It would have been interesting to see $$$’s on all of them, not just the 1st niche site.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Glad you like it Chris but unfortunately not everyone publishes or shares their income so we can't give exact figures. However, we can safely assume that if people continue to put high levels of effort into a site for years (as all of the above have) they are doing so because they get a return on their investment.

  5. preston says:

    this looks impressive but it dosen't really offer much...solving problems in any niche can create success...it's traffic that will help ROI...watching tv commercials....reading magazines....walking down the street and just being aware a person can find a niche...nothing happens without traffic...and of course ranking in the SERPS....not impressed at atll with this post....

    • NicheHacks says:

      So what's your point? No one said you didn't need traffic. Everyone knows that.

      However, traffic alone isn't worth shit if you're not solving actual problems your audience have, giving value and offering them products / a service they want to buy.

      If you aren't doing that all your traffic in the world is meaningless. Whether you have 100 visitors, 1,000, 10,000 or 1,000,000 if your conversion rate is 0% because your content is garbage, your website doesn't offer value and you're not solving problems then you'll still make $0.

      And SERPS / rankings have NOTHING to do with anything. Ranking in Google doesn't mean a thing and certainly not that you'll make sales or generate income. Google rankings are just a traffic source and nothing more, one of many and not even necessary to get traffic or make sales.

      We have endless posts on traffic here: https://nichehacks.com/category/traffic/

      This however is NOT a post on traffic, so again what is your point?

      • Uzodimma says:

        You didn't need to answer him bro. By the way I loved this post. I'm trying to pick a niche to start a consulting business in. This post shed a floodlight on my questions.

        Well done!

  6. I currently have a site http://www.hrm60.com. It is an affiliate site to review heart rate monitors. I am currently in the process of writing articles on how to use them to improve fitness, make a person a better competitor at a particular sport, improving nutrition etc. I am currently getting no traffic. I have no experience or knowledge of social media which appears to be the best method of getting traffic. Any suggestions?

    • NicheHacks says:

      What are you doing to get traffic Gerald? It won't come magically. You have to actively take steps to drive people to your website.

      Lots of ideas here:


      I had a quick look at your site and honestly I found your content to be really poor. It's low value, not well written, and doesn't really say anything.

      It gives me the impression you don't have any experience with these heart monitors and just want to make an affiliate sale...if I pick up on that your readers will too and they'll never buy.

      You don't share any personal experience or tell the reader anything they can't find already on Amazon (not to mention 100s of other websites on the net) so why would anyone trust your information or buy from you?

      All you've done is write a generic, short, description that probably says much the same as what the manufacturer has written and then some really basic pro's and con's and features. It's generic, it's samey, it's available everywhere, it's nothing new.

      That's NOT how you make money as an affiliate. You need to offer over the top value and give people information / knowledge / experience / personal insights they can't get anywhere else.

      This post touches on how to write a more effective review: https://nichehacks.com/write-affiliate-product-reviews/

      Though you really need to be reviewing products you've used yourself and have personal experience with in order for your affiliate promos to be effective.

      • Thanks for your comments and I certainly appreciate the fact that you took time to review my site. Your comments are not what I had expected since I actually paid good money to have the site and content built for me. I am open minded and will definitely take your comments and input to improve the site and content. A couple of additional comments:

        1. Should I eliminate the current content and start over on my own with new content?
        2. Should I leave the current content and start adding new content? ( I am a runner, triathlete and coach so I have plenty of experience with the use and application of heart monitors)
        3. As to my question on my original post, how do I get traffic to my site? I currently use only SEO to get traffic.

        Thanks for your comments and I hope that my situation will help others that subscribe to your site.

        • NicheHacks says:

          Glad you took it on board constructively.

          To answer your questions...

          I would personally start from scratch with your content (or re-work the existing stuff but that would probably end up taking as much time as starting from scratch I believe) and write from your personal experience as an athlete and coach using these monitors, that's EXACTLY what people want to know about your personal experience with them especially as you are an "authority" (athlete / coach) on them compared to the average person.

          I answered your original question below, you read this section and apply the strategies that suit your site / needs:


  7. Joe says:

    Hey Gang, this was a great list. Lots of inspiration here! I'd love to see more posts like this one. Joe

    • Thanks for stopping by Joe. What did you find the most inspiring here?

      • Joe Waters says:

        Dude, you have some serious muscles! 🙂 I just loved the variety of examples. It really does show that you can do a niche site on just about anything and monetize it in a lot of different ways. Great work!

        • NicheHacks says:

          Yep, some of these are plain weird and you'd never think they'd make money (knitting patterns for dolls?!) but it just shows you if you have an interest in something, no matter how weird, other people probably do too and will spend money on it.

          People should look inside themselves and what they spend money on / enjoying doing it more often rather than looking around the net for "profitable niches" that they know nothing about.

          Did it give you any ideas for a niche of your own?

  8. Actually being a blogger myself I am looking for answers to typical issues that everyone faces. On the same way I came up on this page. I think you could help me clear up some confusions. As your explanation skills are top notch. I'll surely go through your website for further leads.
    Thank you

  9. Amazing Article Mate.
    I have learned a few new things by reading this article.
    Thanks for sharing this valuable article.

  10. Sean says:

    Stuart and/or Jawad,

    This article is top notch! I love the format and the angles that you take, focusing on the methods that these sites are using to make money, displaying their social media reach, and even profiling their top content types.

    Killer stuff, guys.

  11. Craig says:

    Wow - Some really great examples here, and like the way you've provided all the stats. Had no idea as to the diversity of some of these affiliate program. Unreal. I can only imagine how long it took you to pull all of this together.

    BTW - Great site Stuart. I just started checking it out over the last week or so, and can't believe all of the information you've got listed here.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hi Craig, glad you liked it. What site on this list surprised you the most?

      • Craig says:

        I'll be honest, quite a few surprised me. The Tiny Houses sites, Sacred Womb was probably a big one. Interesting stuff.

        • NicheHacks says:

          Yep, the Sacred Womb one is a little bit "out there" and I don't quite get it myself but it just shows you the wide range of topics people start sites on and make a success out of. All you need to do is solve problems for your target audience, not appeal to everyone.

          On Tiny Houses, we've seen so much proof over the past couple years that it's an extremely lucrative market. If you know anything about it you could make a real dent in that market as people seem hungry for information.

  12. Rewari says:

    This site is really very good with so much of useful content. Thank you for providing us with so much of useful resources.

  13. Tony says:

    Very interesting. I love its in depth and researched note. Quite stimulating, though am yet to get an insight on my own niche.

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