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For Honest, Hard Working, People Fed Up With Guru-Bullsh*t Who Are Ready For A No-Nonsense, Laser-Focused, Approach To Online Marketing...

“The 'ERA Process' Finds Your Profitable Niche & Business Idea Then Guides You Through A Step by Step Action Plan Towards Financial Freedom”

Dear NicheHacks Tribe Member,

If you're looking for over-night riches or easy money then I can't, and won't, help you. This letter you're reading now won't interest you. However...

If you're honest, hard working, fed up of guru-nonsense and simply want a straight talking approach to creating an online business to be proud of, then I will happily work with you.

You see; my unique 'ERA Process' finds your perfect and Profitable Business & Niche Idea, educates you on the Fundamentals of Business & Marketing, and then guides you through a Step by Step Action Plan towards Financial Freedom.

Though before I explain how this works let me tell you a little story about how the 'ERA Process' was born through customer feedback and continual improvement, and why this is important to you.

Picture this...

When I first launched the exclusive members area in October 2014, offering nothing more than 6 Profitable Niche Reports for $29.99 per month, I wasn't sure what response to expect.

The fact is, the response was overwhelming with 100's of tribe members signing up almost immediately.

And guess what? Feedback showed the majority of tribe members were thrilled with the initial offer. I continued to offer just 6 Profitable Niche Reports every month for $29.99 for almost 3 years.

However, fast forward to December 2017 I decided that profitable niche reports alone are not enough for everyone.

Because let's be honest; a niche being profitable is one thing and you personally profiting from that niche is another thing entirely.

Here's the thing...

To profit from a niche you also need marketing and business education, an online business model, and a clear plan with all the step by step instructions to complete the essential online marketing tasks from scratch to profit.

Makes sense, right?

So on that basis, in December 2017 I completely revamped the members area to become "NicheHacks Insider" which delivered all of the necessary education, research, training and step by step plans to follow as well as niche and business ideas.

From members testimonials, some which you'll see later in this page, the feedback was extremely positive!

Seriously, existing members were ecstatic at the new upgraded "NicheHacks Insiders" and more new members joined than ever before to take advantage of the improved content.

Though I wasn't ready to stop there...

So in the final months of 2018, even with all the satisfied customers and positive feedback, I decided to take "NicheHacks Insider" to the next level again.

In my mind there was one thing missing...

The missing ingredient was my unique, and personal, step by step system to go from scratch to success with online marketing.

So for the first few months of 2019 I locked myself away for 12 hours per day and 7 days per week.

During that time I documented and detailed all my step by step processes for systematically and logically building an online business from scratch (including the stupidly simple "Million Dollar Idea" process which resulted in NicheHacks being born and the 'GVTO' skill which if mastered will ensure you're never financially struggling again in life).

And as a result the 'ERA Process' was born...


Introducing The 'ERA Process' -
Finally A No Nonsense Approach Powered By A Step By Step, "Bite-Size" System

The 'ERA Process' is a complete and logical, "bite-size" training system.

It's built on Education, Research then Action for a proven formula to building an online business through education, research, insights and data instead of guess work and gut feelings.

All without any guru-nonsense, hype, spammy crap or shady bullsh*t.

Everything in the 'ERA Process' focuses on foundational marketing and business strategies, education, research and step by step action to build a real problem solving, value giving, business you can be proud of...even if you've never built a business before (hey, we all have to start somewhere).

It means you can stop dreaming about financial freedom and start taking action towards financial freedom instead, without becoming stuck or lost due to the Education, Research and Action Plans provided.

Let me tell you more about the no-nonsense 'ERA Process' which powers everything...


The 'ERA Process' Breaks Down Into The Following 3 Stages...


Stage 1: E is for Education.

The Education Stage...


Stage 2: R is for Research

The Research Stage...


Stage 3: A is for Action.

The Action Stage...

I quietly, without advertising or fanfare, launched the 'ERA Process' to existing members in early 2019 and they were thrilled with it.

Seriously, most couldn't believe how complete it was and found it a breeze to work through thanks to the step by step approach and "bite-size" lessons.

So on that basis I could have sat back and relaxed and taken a break, but no...

I decided to ramp the membership up to the next level again by re-designing the layout and structure of the 'ERA Process' content so it was easier to consume and more logical to work through.

Finally; after months of work the new and improved 'ERA Process' is complete and live and it's being offered to new customers, like yourself, for the first time. 


The 'ERA Process' Delivers Even If Today You're A Newbie, Confused Or Lacking In Confidence

You see, my goal is to enable as many tribe members as possible to transform their lives through online marketing this year.

No more punching the clock or pleading with your boss to secure a well deserved day off. Just pure unlimited freedom (financial, time, & stress freedom) to design your day in any way you choose.

Even if today you're a newbie, confused, lost or lacking in confidence as the training inside 'NicheHacks Insider' powered by the new 'ERA Process' can deliver everything you need to succeed.

Introducing the new and exclusive "NicheHacks Insider" Platform now with the 'ERA Process'....


Access All This Content Instantly With NicheHacks Insider:

The 'ERA Process'

My unique, 3 step, system to go from scratch to success when building your online business and in a logical and structured manner without guess work, the 'ERA Process' is built around Education, Research then Action.
300+ Profitable Online Niche Reports

A library of research reports on over 300+ of the most profitable markets on the internet (see a list of niches below). Each report covers everything from the best selling affiliate offers, niche demand, who the target audience is, high searched keywords, most popular content, domain name ideas, examples of websites and much more.
10 Profitable Online Business Model Blueprints

These blueprints tell you everything you need to know to start proven, and always in demand business models including Authority Sites, Blogs, Coupon Site, Price Comparison, Deal Sites, Product Reviews, Affiliate Sites and more.
30+ Training Programs Containing Over 145 Modules

That's over 145+ step by step action plans and lessons for all the essential online marketing tasks from website setup & tech to keyword research to content creation to SEO to traffic generation to building your email list to finding affiliate offers to generating sales and beyond!
40+ Printable Checklists, Worksheets, Cheat Sheets and Fill In The Blank Templates

Handy printable checklists to check your way through marketing tasks, worksheets to fill in, and templates to speed up your marketing activities.
24/7 Access To The Secret NicheHacks Insider Members Only Community

Engage with other members, ask questions, network, validate your idea get support and access to myself (I'm active daily and answer 99% of questions asked).

Note: this is a different group from the free NicheHacks Facebook Mastermind Group, this is only for active NicheHacks Insider customers.
Support & Help When You Need It

If you get stuck, lost, confused or just have a question then support and help is on hand from myself, my team and the other NicheHacks Insider tribe members.

And if you'd like a more detailed look at the content inside here's a snapshot of just a fraction of the content available...


Here's A Look At Just A Fraction Of The Content Available Inside Instantly In More Detail...

There's so much high quality content available inside there's not enough space on this page to include it all, so here's just a small sample of it...

30+ Training Programs (145+ modules)300+ Profitable Niche Reports10+ Online Business Blueprints
Here's a small sample of the 30+ step by step Training Programs Here's a small sample of the 300+ profitable niche reports available...Here's a sample list of the 10+ proven Online Business Blueprints available...
Crypto Markets:
- Bitcoin
- Etherium
- Blockchain
- And more!
Medical Problems:
- Joint Pain
- Allergies
- Bad Posture
- Dozens more!
Plus more!
Hobbies niches:
- Model Ship Building
- Pole Dancing
- Mountain Biking
- Dozens More!
Skills & Learning:
- Songwriting
- Excel Tutorials
- Book Writing
- Many more!
Pet Markets:
- Dog Fashion
- Cat Care
- Pet Travel
- Dozens more!
Dating & Relationship:
- Romance Ideas
- Pick Up
- Senior Dating
- Lots more!
Weird Niches:
- Tiny Houses
- Yeast Infections
- Thrictollomania
- More bizarre topics!
Business & Marketing:
- Amazon FBA
- Affiliate Marketing
- Entrepreneurship
- Loads more!
Finance & Investment:
- Personal Finance
- Social Trading
- Dozens more!
Travel Markets:
- Travel Insurance
- Religious Tourism
- Cheap Flights
- So many more!
Rich Man Hobbies:
- Golf
- Sailing
- Classic Cars
- Lots more!
Survival & Outdoor:
- Off Grid Living
- Tiny Houses
- Survivalism
- Dozens more!
Food & Cooking:
- BBQing
- Asian Cusine
- Speciality Tea
- Scores more!
Weight Loss & Diet:
- Paleo
- Keto
- Vegan
- Dozens more!
Health & Fitness:
- Yoga
- Cross Fit
- BioHacking
- Many more!
Plus dozens more Training Programs containing over 145+ modules
Plus 100's more Profitable Niche Reports

As if that wasn't enough there's also new content added to the members area every single month...


Here's The New Content You'll Receive Every Month You Remain A Member

6 New Profitable Niche Reports Every Month

Every month you remain a member you receive 6 new Profitable Niche Reports in a wide range of markets.
Updates to the 'ERA Process'

Regular updates to the 'ERA Process' to keep it fresh and updated and more logical to follow.
On-Going Engagement With The Community

Every month you remain a member you continue to have access to the closed NicheHacks Insider community where you can engage, ask questions, get support and have direct access to myself.
On-Going Support & Help Every Month

Every month you remain a member you have access to support and help from me, my team and the NicheHacks Insider tribe so you can ask questions, get back on track or clear up any confusion.


Can You Spare Just 15 Minutes?

Eliminated: Information Overload, Mental Overwhelm And Time Constraints - Thanks To The New "Micro-Learning Model"


Introducing a progressive new....

"Micro-Learning Model" built around 15 minute modules. 

This eliminates information overload, time constraints and mental overwhelm.

What does that actually mean?

Simple, it means due to the "bite-size" training all the modules inside each Training Program can be consumed in 15 minutes or less.

Here's the thing; micro-learning is proven to increase your learning abilities by 22.2% and your engagement with the content by 50% according to leading researchers at a leading European University (University of Dresden, Germany).

Which simply means: you learn more in less time, actually enjoy learning, and progress faster too.

The 15 minute "bite size" learning process wipes out mental overwhelm and eliminates the usual time constraints associated with learning.

Long boring video's filled with waffle have been banished in exchange for direct to the point written content and screenshots that you can breeze through in no time at all.

And with just 15 minutes spare you still achieve "quick wins".

Due to the quick to consume modules inside each Training Program there's no need to complete a full course to see results.

Just open a Training Program, start at the first module, follow along step by step, and in 15 minutes or less you'll achieve a quick win and have completed an essential online marketing task pushing you one step closer to your goals.

Before you begin a module you can see at a glance how many minutes (estimated) it should take to complete.

This is useful for when you're short on time and don't want to commit to a module you won't have time to complete.

If you have more time available then start on the next module and breeze through that in 15 minutes, or less, too. If not then simply return and begin again fresh the following day or whenever you have time.


Work At Your Own Pace And Never Be Stuck Again

And the really great thing is this; you can work at your own pace as there's no time limit or set schedule.

Amazingly, getting stuck is a thing of the past due to the 'ERA Process' which is your North Star shining down keeping you on track by always showing you what to do next.

So as you can see, all the foundations needed for your success are inside.

No longer are time constraints, mental overwhelm, or information overload an issue.

Now check that you're a good fit for NicheHacks Insider...


Who Should Join NicheHack Insider?

Marketing NewcomersStruggling MarketersIntermediate Marketers
Choose your perfect first niche and business idea from the list inside NicheHacks Insider.

Learn the fundamentals of marketing and business over gimmicks and loopholes.

Go from scratch to success with a clear, step by step, road map to follow thanks to the 'ERA Process'.
Stop spinning your wheels trapped on the guru roulette wheel by clearing up confusion here.

Finally progress by learning the REAL fundamentals of marketing and business taught in the 'ERA Process'

Build a sustainable and evergreen income immune to trends, loopholes and algorithm changes.
Finally get the big breakthrough you've been waiting for, and deserve, after all this time.

Discover the missing piece of the puzzle stopping you progressing (it's revealed in the 'ERA Process)..

Build a real, life changing, income finally after so many failed attempts.
FreelancersAgency WorkersBusiness Owners
Escape client work and build your own business.

Stop trading hours for dollars and create more passive income streams instead.

No more answering to demanding clients only yourself.
Become the smartest guy in your office with your new skills and knowledge.

Impress your boss and push for a pay rise.

Learn the skills needed to run your own online business should you decide to go solo.
Learn the online marketing skills to promote your business online and generate more business.

Increase customers and sales through online channels.

Move towards a bigger online presence so you can stop trading hours for dollars.


Why NicheHacks Insider Is Unlike Any Other Marketing Training Platform


Look, I want to be transparent and honest with you so let me say this....

Warning: NicheHacks Insider Isn't Perfect...

So here's the thing, if you prefer style and fancy designs over substance then NicheHacks Insider is not for you.

NicheHacks Insider is purposely built to be simple to avoid distraction. The design is functional over beautiful to stop you getting distracted or tempted to click away.

Seriously, there is no fancy design, no gamification, and no bells and whistles just high quality, step by step, actionable content.

Anyway from my experience, most training programs that go heavy on gamifaction (i.e. progress bars, badges to unlock, certificates etc) do so because they lack in substance are designed to trick you into thinking you're progressing.

Honestly, they give you virtual pats on the back and gold stars for a little endorphin boost to make you feel good when really you've learned or achieved very little of substance.

Are you here to take action and progress closer to your dreams or just feel warm and fuzzy inside?

And also worth mentioning...

The content inside NicheHacks Insider is all in, step by step, WRITTEN content WITH SCREENSHOTS (literally point and click instructions with clear screenshots showing you where to click and what to do).

There are no videos inside NicheHacks Insider, just as there are none on the NicheHacks blog or on this sales page, so if you need video content to learn then unfortunately it's not for you.

Here's a look at how simple and functional the members area is, this is the home page...


And this is an example of how the Training Products are listed...

This should give you an idea of the simplicity of the members area and design.

I'm not here to win design awards just deliver you incredible content and training.

Now let me show you some testimonials from happy NicheHacks tribe members...

Here's What Happy Tribe Members Have To Say About NicheHacks . . .


This has turned out to be the most inspiration-producing aspect of my niche finding journey so far...

Phyllis Marks

“I sat on the sidelines for about as long and I finally took the leap.

I'm so glad I did!

If you think Stuart's free content email's were good, you'll be super impressed with the materials contained in the Insider Program.

I had come to hate my job (burned out attorney) and I spent a few years falling prey to one scam after another.

I've found that, although there is a lot of content in the ERA Process alone, it's worth the effort to take your time and read it.

I've learned so much valuable information and I'm still in the Research Stage of the ERA Process.

Information contained in the ERA Process is relevant, useful, concise, and I can honestly say I'm becoming more and more confident that I'm developing the skills necessary to become a force to be reckoned with in my niche.

This has turned out to be the most inspiration-producing aspect of my niche finding journey so far.

Just so you know, I have never felt compelled to participate in an online group but your ERA process, as well as all the other information you offer, is excellent and nothing else I've come across comes close to competing or comparing with it.

I know because I have been looking a long time for the help your NicheHacks Exclusive Inner Circle offers.

It inspires me to greater heights.

For the first time, I am confident that I will ultimately be successful in developing an online prosperous business.

All I have to do is follow the blueprint Stuart has carefully laid out.

My only regret is that I didn't join the group sooner.

But, better late than never.”

You will get your money's worth and much more...

Mike Roberts

The education I have taken from this membership in a single month has been priceless.

So I would like to thank Stuart Walker and the NicheHacks community for giving me ideas and answering my questions in depth.

Just remember that ERA is not manageable in one or 2 nights.

If your gonna do it then do it properly.

It’s set in digestible chunks for a reason, to avoid information overload and to fit in nicely with your busy schedule of life.

You should defo print out the worksheets and fill them in.

That’s how I’m doing it because I’m forgetful and I just like good old pen and paper.

It’s a foolproof system from what I have seen.

Just do it by the book and you will get your money's worth and much more.

Before NicheHacks Insider I was on dark, scary, unclear path...

Francisco Hazel

Before I discovered NicheHacks Insider I was on a very dark and unclear path, it was scary.

I had many unanswered questions, no experience in marketing, and no idea on how to start a business online.

If I'd continued down this route I'd have stayed trapped in the dark and scary path and would never be able to build an online business alone.

Other courses and marketers offer training that's one big, long, information overload and they don't give you the full picture to build a business, just a tiny piece of the puzzle.

With NicheHacks Insider and the ‘ERA Process' you get clear process to work though like a “for dummies” approach with “bite size” lessons.

It actually makes learning and taking action fun and exciting.

The path is no longer dark and scary instead it's highlighted and with a direction to follow in a “start here, do this, after this, do that” approach.

The ‘ERA Process' provides all the answers to your questions and gives you baby steps to work through that each build your confidence and give you a clear next step.

And surprisingly, the monthly subscription price has been a bonus because I work faster and take the training seriously knowing the longer I procrastinate the more money I'll spend over time, it's also great to know it can be cancelled at any time.

Seriously, if you're on the fence just give it a go. The ‘ERA Process' and NicheHacks Insider support and community will give you all the help you need and build your confidence if you just take a chance!

I made $10,000 within 26 days...

Kulwant Nagi

“I just want to thank Stuart Walker for creating his amazing NicheHacks Insider program.

This turned out my best investment so far.

I was going through the ideas section in NicheHacks Insider and found the idea to start a monthly subscription website for PLR content.

That one idea just clicked my mind.

To my surprise, I made $10,000 within 26 days..

Thanks Stuart once again.”

Most gurus are teaching churn and burn techniques...

Sumit Bansal

As an owner of 2 established online businesses I don't want to learn churn and burn or short term techniques that will harm my business just genuine marketing and business advice.

Most online marketing gurus are teaching churn and burn techniques or so called “easy” money makers that don't work or are short term.

And most of them aren't interested in helping you after you've purchased, just selling and make profit from you.

As you know…purchasing is the easy bit but then you end up wasting your time following the wrong person or being unable to get advice and help when you need so you just waste your time.

Which is what makes Stuart different…

He genuinely helps you to build a sustainable online business which makes investing in him a “no brainer”.

That's important to me as an existing online business owner.

The great thing about NicheHacks Insider is how it's organised in a step by step way that any beginner can follow.

Amazingly, the training is laid out in an easy to digest way that avoids overwhelm and almost guarantees success.

Stuart also teaches copywriting, psychology and human behaviour which few other marketers ever talk about.

It feels great to be learning something new every day.

If you're undecided then go for it! Stuart is genuine!

Honestly, learn to build a sustainable income from Stuart over the churn and burn techniques everyone else is teaching.

For years I wasn't confident about hitting my goals...

Ralph George

For years I wasn't confident about hitting my goals as I was never sure that I was taking the right action.

So many other sites and marketers don't lay it on the line or tell the truth. They aren't honest and usually full of hype.

You can easily waste so much time and money on these other courses chasing shiny objects that don't deliver.

On the other hand…

NicheHacks Insider delivers a great range of content from an extensive niche list, step by step plans, a workflow, great support and a good community.

The ‘ERA Process' has streamlined the whole system and makes it easy for newbies to follow. It's saved me time by clarifying what actions to take next.

I've used the closed community to get ideas and feedback on my business giving me a simple plan to follow with support.

Honestly, a monthly fee keeps you active and filters out tyre kickers and freebie seekers who don't take action or engage with the community.

It also saves you wasting time and money on other products and courses.

I'm now more confident than I've been for years at hitting my goals.

Seriously, give it a go as the cost of guidance is priceless compared to what you'll spend on wasting time on other courses and products.

I've earned $20,000 from your coupon site idea...

Andrzej Firlit

“Stuart, I got inspiration from your site to create my own coupon site 1 year ago.

Since then, I have earned $20,000 dollars.

My offline job only gives me $6,000 that I am thinking how to left offline job.

My main aim is to earn $10,000 monthly.”

I always thought affiliate marketing was too good to be true...

Paul Aroyole

I've been running a blog for the past 5 years earning over $500 month from AdSense, just writing content for Google algorithms over real people and hoping to skim some ad clicks.

Recently Google banned my AdSense account without warning putting me back at square one so I decided to start fresh.

Other, similar, courses I looked at asked for a large upfront fee of $997 and beyond but did little to convince me that I'll actually make my investment back.

So I opted for NicheHacks Insider as with the $1 trial I had nothing to lose.

I implemented a tiny piece of the info from NicheHacks Insider about recurring income and received my first “GOLD” membership sale within 24hrs of taking action!

You should view the monthly fee is an investment, not a cost, as with the right mindset and work ethic you'll make much more money every month just from 1 website…now imagine you have 2, 3, 4 or even 5 websites?

Plus getting access to all the juicy niche reports every month you can start websites around is gold!

Buy or die! If you want an online business NicheHacks Insider I is the foundational for anyone beginner or intermediate.

I was tired of buying products and courses that were overwhelming...

Toz McGhee

I was tired of buying products and courses that were sold as being easy to implement only to find out afterwards they are quite difficult, didn't include all the steps I needed and didn't show me the actual “how to”, which made the whole experience totally overwhelming.

The icing on the cake was the support usually stopped as soon as I purchased and I couldn't get the help I needed.

I was on the fence for 5 years, just reading Stuarts emails but never taking action on his instructions, before I finally purchased NicheHacks Insider…

…and I have no regrets!  Sometimes you have to know what ISN'T right to know what IS right!

The best thing about the ‘ERA Process' is it's easy to understand because of the “bite size chunk” training.

It's clearly laid out, logical, and with no distractions.

There is just enough information for the brain to process in any one sitting.

You get just the right amount of information on each topic and no more.

I'm a teacher who trains teachers and I know this approach works.

I also prefer that it's NOT video content as I can go over each lesson easily, at my own pace, take notes and read it again if I need to.

That makes me an active participant in my learning, not a passive one.

Seriously, I've gained an education in marketing and business that I couldn't have elsewhere.

All the members in the forum are friendly, helpful and supportive, always willing to answer your questions.  Stuart himself  is also engaged with you as a member, providing on-going support.

I feel confident and calmer now. 

I am moving forward thanks to NicheHacks Insider as all the resources I need are at my finger tips.

Honestly, that's why the monthly fee is great because you have access to everything you need without hunting over the net for it and you can get support and help from community too.

So, try it! You're not signing your life away and your membership can be cancelled easily at any time.

Even 30 years in business didn't teach me this much!...

Ian Ward

I've learned more about marketing from NicheHacks Insider in a short time than I have from the past 30 years of being in business.

With my previous marketing attempts before NicheHacks Insider I had no feasible blueprint to follow, was learning from multiple sources, didn't clearly understand my target audience and was moving in the wrong direction.

NicheHacks Insider provides you with a “no-nonsense” approach, builds your confidence, eliminates info-overload, and provides support when needed.

And the price is very fair based on everything you'll learn and the progression you'll witness.

Go on, take the bold step and join as it's without a doubt the best training you'll come across!

Worth more than 10 times the membership fee...

Edegware Gift

“Well done Stuart and the team.

Just entered this community barely 2-3 days ago and the value I have gotten is simply worth more than 10 times the membership fee.”

I had no confidence that I could turn my dreams into reality...

Jyo N

Before NicheHacks Insider I only discovered get-rich-quick scams and had no structure or step by step plan to work through.

I had no confidence that I could turn my online dreams into reality and would probably remain trapped, lost and confused.

Other marketers and training programs are filled with nonsense where as with NicheHacks Insider it's a no-nonsense approach.

It feels great to have a structured plan to work towards daily and it's beginner friendly.

You're surrounded by like minded people, the support is great, and you feel your confidence growing daily thanks to the education, research and action stages in the ‘ERA Process'.

Plus the “ready-to-use” Profitable Niche Reports means all you have to do is pick one of your choice and you have everything needed to start.

NicheHacks Insider really is helping my dreams become true!

And seriously, it's great value for money every month as it's a fixed price, no surprises, and the membership site and content expands every single month.

If I stayed on that route I'd be trapped forever...

Dwight Miller

Before joining NicheHacks Insider I wasn't clear on the steps I should take with online marketing.

I had no plan that lead to success.

And I didn't trust most systems from other marketers like I do with Stuart.

Their process just wasn't helpful or didn't work.

I decided I didn't want to be stuck in the learning phase forever following unhelpful systems or marketers that didn't work.

If I stayed on that route I'd be trapped forever.

Thankfully, I decided to join NicheHacks Insider and because of the ‘ERA Process' by Stuart I am finally clear on what to do next, I have a road map to follow and I have an executable plan that leads me to success.

I trust the ‘ERA Process' and it's rich wealth of content with clear instructions. I know that I'll be successful with it.

Look, it's on you to decide if you'd prefer to spend forever just “learning” without any real action or do you actually want to launch an online business?

I was confused, lost in the noise, and just a spectator...

Christopher Christia

There's a lot of noise in the online marketing world and guru's promising you a million dollars by next week if you only buy their shiny object on eCommerce / SEO / Paid Ads / Email / Insert Latest Fad Here.

So I was pretty confused, lost in the noise, and just a spectator on the sidelines but never actually involved until I joined NicheHacks Insider.

If I hadn't joined NicheHacks Insider I'd still be stuck there now “dreaming” about the life I wanted but never taking action to get there due to being so confused.

Unlike most other marketers who offer advice on just one aspect of online marketing with NicheHacks Insider you get a foundation to build on ANY of these platforms or methods…and then some!

This marketing lesson alone is worth the price of the membership!

Everything is in a step by step process to keep you focused on the task, it stops your mind from wandering and is a big time saver.

Thanks to taking action on the NicheHacks Insider training I started my first ever freelancing business with confidence now and help local businesses with their web prescience.

You would not believe how many local businesses don't know how to build a simple website, which is so simple when you have the NicheHacks Insider training, and will pay you to build them one.

Seriously, get up and take action to join NicheHacks Insider otherwise you are just a spectator and will never witness any change in your life!

I was chasing shiny objects and elusive "sercrets"...

Chris McAullife

Before NicheHacks Insider I was chasing shiny objects, elusive “secrets” and other areas with no return on investment.

And I was an unbelievable procrastinator for almost a year.

I was focused on trying building a “fly by night” website with no value and so couldn't progress but had no idea that was the wrong approach.

Seriously, I was toiling for hours combing through thousands of websites and books to try and find, usually unsuccessfully, helpful information.

If things had continued down the same route I'd probably still be lost, confused, stuck and not progressing.

Previously I had a lot of self limiting beliefs about whether I could achieve my dreams or not as other marketers don't touch on this aspect at all.

Plus other marketing platforms, courses and memberships that I found focus on a “fly by night” approach revolving around shiny objects and “secrets” which doesn't work.

Thanks to NicheHacks Insider and the ‘ERA Process' you can focus with laser precision on exactly what you need to build your business and at your own pace.

The ‘ERA Process' is very structured, allows you to become productive quickly, and makes it ultra easy for marketing beginners to start at square one and progress linearly.

You learn the in's and out's of marketing and business and you get to be part of a thriving community who share tips, tricks and help keep you motivated, accountable and on track.

Honestly, the current price is a bargain compared to the knowledge, actionable content, and community as it's built my confidence, keeps me motivated and on track, and now I can focus on using the training to grow my new business without distraction.

In fact, NicheHacks Insider is priceless so don't be like me and waste your time procrastinating for a year, lurking around, just reading free content and never taking action, instead join NicheHacks Insider today for a fast-track

Scoring a high paying, remote, marketing job thanks to...

Gabriel Davis

“Hey not your typical success post.

But a big win for me.

Definitely a huge step forward in winning financial freedom.

I worked at a factory printing advertisements.

12 hour shifts.

5~6 days a week.

Breathing in paper dust and carcinogenic fumes.

It's what I imagine hell looks like sometimes.

Using the productivity and marketing skills I learned from NicheHacks, and despite having no college degree or marketing experience I was able to score a high-paying, remote marketing job at a small company, that let's me work from anywhere, and I can usually finish my work before lunch time on Tuesday for the entire week thanks to Stuart.

This is a huge win for my family and me, and it leaves plenty of time to enjoy life and work on my own niche sites.

Even $100 per month to be in this insiders group is absolutely an investment for what he has to offer.

I just have spent a lot of time and money other places and this is truly the best I've seen.

Now I am following the 'ERA Process' and it's keeping me laser focused...

Sophia D.

“And I became a NicheHacks insider because I wanted to have only one place to get all the right tools I needed to make it happen.

For 6 months now, I have been going into “overwhelm” mode, getting info from everywhere on the internet and feel exhausted and give up for weeks.

Now I am following the ERA process and it keeps me laser focused, I keep taking action.

So thanks Stuart Walker because you are really giving value and it's refreshing! And your depression niche report saved me from doubting my niche forever.

I have learned more with NicheHacks than with a $5,000 course...

Aaron Thomas

“I am building a Cruise Deals site modeled after Scotts Cheap Flights in your report.

I have learned more about business and making money online in 2 weeks with niche hacks than with a $5'000 course I recently finished paying off.

Entrepreneurs take action, they see a problem and build a solution.

I am here because I like nice things and I want to earn them instead of wishing to win the lottery everyday.

Thank you Stuart and your team for providing so much value.”

Only course on the internet that's methodical and not guru nonsense...

Francis Foong

99.9% of all the offerings I came across (even from supposedly big name “guru” in this field) were spammy, dishonest or obvious scams or just too lightweight, obscure, and hand waving.

Except for NICHEHACKS plus another site, I did not find any course with a serious, methodic and structured approach to the subject…

So here I am!…

I am a complete beginner, don't know much but I'm keen to LEARN and make an honest and hardworking living with a niche website (or two).


NicheHacks Insider is one of the BEST resources, BAR NONE

Lisa May Huby

“Your niche reports are amazing.

Then there's your business models and execution plans – like I said, GOLD.

NicheHacks Insider is one of the BEST resources I've seen for online biz-creators, BAR NONE.

Seriously I've been in the online space for over a decade and spent thousands on private coaches, and what Stuart provides in the Insider Membership with no-fluff lessons and value runs circles around everyone else's.

This is an investment I know I'll be sticking with for a while.”

Thanks Stuart for the monthly fees...

Atmaram Tondwalkar

“It’s so exciting to be a part of NicheHack Insiders community.

I have been following NicheHacks for more than a year.

I have seen the quality of content and the value the team delivers.

Spent 6.5 years in Mechanical Engineering industry and then switched to digital marketing 2 years back.

Came into this field with a dream to start an online business.

The reason for joining NicheHacks Insider is because I seriously want to put an end to this 9 to 6 soul-crushing job & start an online business.

I have gone through NicheHacks Insider membership area and believe this is just the perfect platform for me.

Since I am paying some of my money for a monthly membership, I have no option but to take immediate actions.

(Thanks Stuart for the monthly fees because I believe this is the only way to make someone really take serious actions, especially for a person like me.)

Feeling great to be a part of the community and to have a coach like Stuart.”



Now check that you're a suitable applicant for NicheHacks Insider as not everyone is allowed to join...


Stop! NicheHacks Insider Is Not For Everyone...

To become a member of the exclusive NicheHacks Insider tribe you:


And here's a quick reminder of what's inside NicheHacks Insider Instantly...

Here's A Reminder Of The Content You Receive Instantly:

The 'ERA Process'

My unique, 3 step, system to go from scratch to success when building your online business and in a logical and structured manner without guess work, the 'ERA Process' is built around Education, Research then Action.
300+ Profitable Online Niche Reports

A library of research reports on over 300+ of the most profitable markets on the internet (see a list of niches below). Each report covers everything from the best selling affiliate offers, niche demand, who the target audience is, high searched keywords, most popular content, domain name ideas, examples of websites and much more.
10 Profitable Online Business Model Blueprints

These blueprints tell you everything you need to know to start proven, and always in demand business models including Authority Sites, Blogs, Coupon Site, Price Comparison, Deal Sites, Product Reviews, Affiliate Sites and more.
30+ Training Programs Containing Over 145 Modules

That's over 145+ step by step action plans and lessons for all the essential online marketing tasks from website setup & tech to keyword research to content creation to SEO to traffic generation to building your email list to finding affiliate offers to generating sales and beyond!
40+ Printable Checklists, Worksheets, Cheat Sheets and Fill In The Blank Templates

Handy printable checklists to check your way through marketing tasks, worksheets to fill in, and templates to speed up your marketing activities.
24/7 Access To The Secret NicheHacks Insider Members Only Community

Engage with other members, ask questions, network, validate your idea get support and access to myself (I'm active daily and answer 99% of questions asked).

Note: this is a different group from the free NicheHacks Facebook Mastermind Group, this is only for active NicheHacks Insider customers.
Support & Help When You Need It

If you get stuck, lost, confused or just have a question then support and help is on hand from myself, my team and the other NicheHacks Insider tribe members.


And here's the new updated content you'll receive for every month you remain a member...

And Here's A Reminder Of The New Content You Receive Every Single Month:

6 New Profitable Niche Reports Every Month

Every month you remain a member you receive 6 new Profitable Niche Reports in a wide range of markets.
Updates to the 'ERA Process'

Regular updates to the 'ERA Process' to keep it fresh and updated and more logical to follow.
On-Going Engagement With The Community

Every month you remain a member you continue to have access to the closed NicheHacks Insider community where you can engage, ask questions, get support and have direct access to myself.
On-Going Support & Help Every Month

Every month you remain a member you have access to support and help from me, my team and the NicheHacks Insider tribe so you can ask questions, get back on track or clear up any confusion.


Now let's get down to the price...

So How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

First let me address something I know is on your mind...

Why a monthly recurring offer?

Here's the thing; this year my goal is to help more "Niche Hacks Insider" Platform members than ever claw back their freedom.

I genuinely believe us working together on an on-going basis is the only way for you to change your life forever.

Think about it...

A monthly recurring offer keeps you committed to your end goal. 

When dishing out your hard earned cash every month you'll do everything in your power to get your money's worth.

You're like me; you don't squander your cash easily and you demand value for money. Which keeps you motivated and nudges you into continuous action.

On top of that, it increases my commitment to you.

Why? When you're generously rewarding me with your hard earned cash every month then my obligation is to deliver you value each and every month.

I'll be forced to step up my game and deliver you the best content. And I'm thrilled to do so.

And should you no longer receive value just cancel with one click with no drama or hoops to jump through.

So as you can see, a monthly recurring offer commits both of us to on-going action.

Genuinely, a monthly recurring option means we're both winning.

And here's another important fact...

Online marketing is NOT static as you know. It's an ever evolving and changing environment.

So that's why static courses aren't ideal and need updated to reflect changes with online marketing (for example both Google and Facebook change their algorithms and policies regularly) or they become redundant.

And no course or system is ever going to be perfect first time and stay perfect forever ever, they need updated, tweaked, and improved continually.

I aim, with the best of intentions, to continually be updating NicheHacks Insider for years to come.

And don't forget; the NicheHacks membership area has been live since October 2014 and updated and improved monthly since so there's no reason for me to stop now.

So on that basis NicheHacks Insider will be a continually evolving platform with new updates, changes, tweaks and improvements to keep it fresh for you.

Add to the fact there's new content added each and every month then a monthly subscription fee is justified in my opinion.

So here's the deal on price:

It's worth noting; other marketing training platforms offering just a fraction of what's available to you as a NicheHacks Insider member are charging up to $99 per month.

And other marketers selling systems or courses, that aren't anywhere close to being as complete as my 'ERA Process', are charging anywhere between $1,500 to $5,000 for one time access (and are rarely if ever updated unless you pay extra for updates which really should be included as standard).

Some of these marketers even have the nerve to charge you a monthly fee just to get access to their community and receive support. With NicheHacks Insider the community and support access is all included in your monthly membership fee without any extra costs.

And many marketers wait until you're a customer of theirs then start bombarding you with upsells to new courses or pitching affiliate offers at you day in day out.

Remember; there are no upsells or upgrades with NicheHacks Insider. You get full access to everything advertised on this page instantly.

And I rarely promote any affiliate launches, courses, products or webinars as my goal is to keep you focused on working through NicheHacks Insider, not to distract you with shiny objects (and should I decide to promote an affiliate offer then I promise it will be an offer from a trusted partner which compliments NicheHacks Insider and not distracts you from it).

And no other marketing platforms or courses contain the 300+ Profitable Niche Reports and 10+ Business Blueprints which you'll find in NicheHacks Insider alongside the 30+ Training Programs (containing 145+ modules) and the 3 step 'ERA Process'.

So with that in mind and for this special promotional period only...

Try 'NicheHacks Insider', full and unlimited access, with a 30 day trial for just $1

(then after your trial it's $69.99 per month recurring payment unless cancelled)

And if you are thinking that $69.99 per month is lot of money to invest every month then consider this... works out at approximately $2.33 per day.

Yep, for an investment of less than $2.35 per day you receive a world class education and training in online marketing and business, 300+ niche reports, 10 business blueprints, 30+ Training Programs containing over 145 modules, 40+ printable checklists and worksheets, access to the private community for engaging, support and direct access to myself and my unique 'ERA Process' giving you a step by step road map.

In comparison it costs (approx) $3.60 for a medium Latte at Starbucks, $5 for a pint of your favourite beer, $1 or more for a can of Coke, $3.50+ for a Big Mac and $10+ for a glass of your favourite wine, junk which both you and I are probably guilty of spending too much money on... how can a $2.33 daily investment in your future and dreams not be worth it?

There's even a 30 day trial available today for just $1.

So test drive NicheHacks Insider for a full month whilst only risking $1 before deciding.

And just remember, you can cancel and refund at any time with one click. No drama and no questions asked (I stand by this principle - it really is one click simple).

Be warned, this price will increase again after this promotion so today is likely the lowest price you'll ever be offered again.

Seriously, the price has not been this low for a long time and probably won't be again.

So this is your chance to get faster results at the lowest price.

Though you need to secure your spot today to lock in that low price.

And here's my guarantee to you...

Here's My Guarantee To You...

Try the "Niche Hacks Insider" Platform on me for a full 30 days, with full and unlimited access to all members content, community and support, for just $1 (then $69.99 per month recurring after your trial ends if you do not cancel).

And whilst I am confident that after seeing all the value inside, the incredible content, and the community and other members that you won't want to cancel, however...

If you're not absolutely thrilled with your purchase, change your mind for any reason, decide that NicheHacks Insider is not suitable for you or you have to cancel for financial reasons then I totally understand and have set up cancellation to be one-click-simple for you.

And to prove I'm committed to keeping the process as drama free as possible...

Even if you cancel on the final day, or are 1 day late to cancel by accident, then you still won't be charged as I don't collect the subscription fee until 36hrs after your trial ends just to account for late cancellations or tech issues.

You can't say fairer than that, can you?


Here's How To Join NicheHacks Insider Today At This Low Price:

If you're ready to take advantage of this offer today, before it expires, follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Fill out your details in the form below (note: the username and password you choose will be used for logging into the members area so please take a note of it).

Step 2: Once you've filled out all your details in the form then click the orange "Paypal Checkout" button to be re-directed to the Paypal payment options page.

Step 3: Follow the instructions on screen from Paypal to sign up and start your membership.

Fill out the form now to gain instant access today...

Checkout Options
NicheHacks 30 Day Trial @ $1 / then $69.99 USD Monthly(recurring charge for ongoing access)
Create Profile
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Additional Info

Billing Method
Billing Address
Checkout Now



Refund Policy

The trial is your opportunity to explore the membership and decide if this training is suitable for you.

So once your trial is over and you've been charged a monthly subscription fee there are no refunds on the monthly subscription fees.

It's simple; if you do not want to remain a member or be charged a monthly subscription fee then cancel BEFORE your trial ends using the 1-click cancel option inside the members area.

Genuinely, I have made that as easy as possible for you and I promise you will not have to jump through hoops.

And seriously...

Reasons such as "I forgot" or "I didn't know it was a paid trial" or "I'm broke and I really need the money so I'm begging you.." or even "the dog spilled milk on my homework" are not valid reasons for a refund after a subscription fee has been charged.

I'm not trying to be difficult it's just that the trial is your opportunity to decide if the membership area is for you and gives you ample time to explore the training.

On top of that; the cancellation process is very simple and the terms of the trial and the refund policy are clear.

And let's be real; you are a grown up responsible for your own actions so you should cancel before your trial ends if you don't wish to continue or can't afford the subscription fee.

That's fair isn't it? I'm sure we both agree that it is.

One final reminder; if you do choose to cancel for any reason then I accept and understand so I've made the process as simple as possible with 1-click and no hoops to jump through.

You have my word!

Here's to your future,

Stuart Walker



Here's the thing, obviously you do need to think this through logically as I absolutely want you to be sure it's the right opportunity for you (as this isn't for everyone).

However if you're hesitant or "need to think about it" then you will talk yourself out of this golden opportunity.

Hesitation is for people happy with the "status quo" and I know you are NOT happy with the status quo.

It's obvious; you're part of the NicheHacks tribe as you strive for more and demand change from the humdrum of every day life! 

Seriously, this isn't a pressure tactic (well is a bit though in the nicest possible way) it's that I just genuinely don't want you to miss out on this offer, if you're interested, at this low price.

And by the fact you've read this far I assume you must be interested on some level.

So remember this very important point...

The current price is not fixed and will change again soon so the best time to take advantage of this is today as there may never be a chance to join at this price point again.

Remember, 1000's of members have already paid up to $69.99 per month to be part of NicheHacks Insider and many other marketing training programs charge $99+ per month or even $2,500 - $5,000 upfront for access.

So this current price will not remain low for long.

And seriously; how long have you been waiting for the "right time" to come along and putting everything off until "tomorrow" then missing out on golden opportunities such as this one? 

So take a small leap of faith and try the "Niche Hacks Insider" Platform today before this low priced opportunity vanishes.



Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of your mostly commonly asked questions...
Can I cancel easily and at any time if I choose to?YES, just visit the "Cancel Membership" page from the home page of the Members area then use the one-click form for instant cancellation, no drama or hoops.

There are no minimal contracts or hidden charges.
Do you offer a trial?Check the sales page above. If there is currently a trial offer available it will be clearly listed. Otherwise it's not available.
Do you release new content often?YES, every single week there's new content added including 6+ Profitable Niche Reports every month and more. You can consume the content in your own time and pace.
What skills do I need to get the most out of it?Simply a willingness to learn and take action on the step by step training in the order it's laid out. It's beginner friendly and each module inside the training programs is designed to be completed in 15 minutes or less.
I'm on a budget can I do this on a shoestring?YES, after investing in this there's no need to spend extra on other products or upsells (there are no upsells anyway).

You will however of course need the essential basics to run an online business such as web hosting, a domain name, and an autoresponder for example which can be invested in for as little as $170 for the first 12 months.
Once I become a member is it clear where I should start?YES, on the "start here" page that gives you clear 3-step instructions on how to get the most out of the membership site and how to start.
Does it include a clear, step by step, plan and road map for me to follow?YES, it's known as the 'ERA Process' and it's a logical, step by step, journey with clear instructions to follow from scratch to success.
I'm not an expert, authority, highly knowledgeable or skilled person on any topic, can I still take advantage of this?YES, look I'm not the world leading expert on any topic either. I failed all my exams at school twice. Prior to online marketing I was a minimum wage call centre worker with no prospects.

Inside I reveal how to become a "relative expert" in any niche in as little as 30 days, to extract niches from inside your own brain that you are already knowledgeable enough about using the "niche brain surgery" method, and how to become one of the smartest marketers in your niche thanks to the 'ERA Process' which is built on Education, Research then Action (this reveals all the information you need to know about ANY market).
I'm not a good writer can I still do this?YES, the "Content Hacking System" trains you to write content people love, even if you're non native in English as we have members from over 40 countries speaking 30+ languages successfully following the training.

There are over 20 different modules on creating content from writing improvement, emulating popular posts in your niche, headline writing, researching content, content idea generation, how to write proven content based on your audiences biggest fears and dreams and even formulas and templates for writing introductions, conclusions and the most popular post types such as list posts, how to's, exert round ups, case studies and affiliate reviews.
Is it true there are no upsells, downsells or cross sells during the sales process?YES, it's true. There are no upsells, downsells, cross sells or anything else sold to you when joining NicheHacks Insider.

And I rarely promote any affiliate launches, courses, products, webinars etc unlike some marketers who bombard you with offers day in day out, so on the odd occasion when I do promote something you know it's actually valuable.
How long does it take to complete a training?Each Training Program has multiple modules (typically between 5 to 10) and each module is designed to be consumed and completed in 15 minutes or less.
Does this training work for ANY niche?YES, the fundamental marketing strategies taught inside should work in whatever your niche is. Members own websites on topics ranging from drumming, stress, online marketing, weight loss, religious tourism, tiny houses, body building, and much much more showing this isn't niche dependant and works in the widest variety of topics.

We also have members offering marketing and SEO advice and services to local businesses, copywriters, freelancers, writers, digital marketing agency employees and business owners looking to grow their business online.
Is this different to other products and courses?Yes, because it's the only training platform or marketing course that gives you all the pieces of the puzzle, and the instructions, and the box with the picture on, it's known as the 'ERA Process'.
Is EVERYTHING I need to succeed online included?YES, this is probably the most complete platform you'll find as it contains niche reports, business ideas, marketing and business education, psychology and human behaviour education, step by step action plans and a community.
Is this current and up to date information?YES, it's a mix of NEW and EVERGREEN information that works now and will work in 10 years time.

I focus on the fundamentals of marketing and business that haven't changed for 100's of years (as they are built on human behaviour and psychology) and show how to apply them, in a highly effective way, to internet marketing where most marketers only focus on quickly closed loopholes, fads, gimmicks and tactics that stop working quickly.
Can this give me stable and consistent earnings?YES, it's ALL about building stable income. No loopholes, gimmicks, fads or trends here. This is not dependent on Google or Facebook algorithms or relying on one single traffic or income stream.
Is this new information I haven't seen before?YES, I promise there's lots of information you're not familiar with including the 'ERA Process' the 'GVTO' skill that ensures you'll be prosperous for life, the "Million Dollar Idea" method for brainstorming ideas which resulted in NicheHacks being born and much more.
I've no existing list or audience is that OK?YES, I show you how to build your audience using the list building and email marketing modules with my never shared before "Maximum Friction" strategy for building a rabid audience of loyal tribe members who become customers for life. 
Can a newbie with no experience really do this?YES, it's designed so that even beginners can understand it. Everything is written in simple, plain English, without jargon so that even if you're not experience in online marketing and business lingo you can understand it.

And all the content is step by step, "go here, point at this, click here" type instructions with screenshots.
I'm short on time will I still be able to do this?YES,  I have focused on a “micro-learning” structure where content can be consumed in 15 minutes. So even if you're short on time, overloaded with info or mentally overwhelmed the "bite size" content combined with the clear, step by step, action plans keep things quick, simple and easy.
I'm not very technical can I manage this?YES, this is not an overly technical system, you do need basic computer and internet skills however as this is online business and requires tech setup (I provide step by step tutorials with "click here and do this" instructions for ALL the tech setup needed).
Will you help me drive traffic to my website?YES, you'll learn how to effortlessly drive traffic to your website from free and organic traffic sources such as search engines, social media, blogs, networking with others in your niche, email marketing, forums, content marketing and much more (and being updated regularly).
Will you show me how to make money from my website?YES, you'll discover multiple monetization strategies that safeguard your income for years to come including affiliate marketing from the big networks like Amazon, ShareASale,, Clickbank, membership subscriptions and recurring income, digital products and more plus fundamental sales and selling strategies that work for ALL platforms and in any niche.
English is not my native language, will this still work?YES, the internet is global and has 3.2 billion people on it who need information in your native language plus we have members from over 40 countries speaking 30+ languages successfully following the training applying it to both English speaking markets and their own native markets.
Do I get support and access to yourself?YES, there's a private community just for NicheHacks Insider customers (this is not the same as the "Facebook Private Mastermind Group") which you can use for support, questions, help, guidance and access to myself.

I'm active in there daily interacting with tribe members and so far I don't recall ever missing a question that's been asked.

And if you have any tech issues, get stuck or lost, or aren't sure what to do next you can email the members only email address and either myself or my team will respond within 24hrs to help you.
Will you show me how to do effective SEO?YES, you'll see how simple SEO really is when you understand the overlooked principles behind it. Everything inside is long term and white-hat SEO strategies that Google loves and rewards you for.
How long should I expect to be
a member before achieving my goals?
Unfortunately it's that frustrating age old answer "How long is a piece of string?"

Honestly, I wish I had a more concrete answer but there's no set answer due to too many variables, including... often you log in, how regularly you take action, the speed you work at, your existing knowledge and experience and so much more.

Realistically though; you could see results in as little as 3 months if you're a fast worker and follow the instructions correctly but that's impossible to guarantee due to the number of variables involved.

Be realistic as building an online business, winning back your freedom and independence, and achieving your dreams is not, and should not be, a quick and easy process so please accept that this will take time (as it does for everyone so don't worry about that)

The bottom line: You get out what you put in. Your results may vary and I make no promises to you on results as YOU are the only consistent factor in all your results both good and bad.


Members Login Here | Membership Terms & Conditions | Contact | Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy | Membership Refund Policy
Disclaimer: There's no easy money or "get rich quick" here. Your results are dependent on the work and time you put in and nothing is guaranteed. The examples you see are not necessarily typical or a promise. Again, if you're looking for "get rick quick" or "easy money" or a "magic bullet" to avoid putting the time and effort in then I cannot help you.