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The 'ERA Process'

My unique, 3 step, system to go from scratch to success when building your online business and in a logical and structured manner without guess work, the 'ERA Process' is built around Education, Research then Action.
300+ Profitable Online Niche Reports

A library of research reports on over 300+ of the most profitable markets on the internet (see a list of niches below). Each report covers everything from the best selling affiliate offers, niche demand, who the target audience is, high searched keywords, most popular content, domain name ideas, examples of websites and much more.
10 Profitable Online Business Model Blueprints

These blueprints tell you everything you need to know to start proven, and always in demand business models including Authority Sites, Blogs, Coupon Site, Price Comparison, Deal Sites, Product Reviews, Affiliate Sites and more.
30+ Training Programs Containing Over 145 Modules

That's over 145+ step by step action plans and lessons for all the essential online marketing tasks from website setup & tech to keyword research to content creation to SEO to traffic generation to building your email list to finding affiliate offers to generating sales and beyond!
40+ Printable Checklists, Worksheets, Cheat Sheets and Fill In The Blank Templates

Handy printable checklists to check your way through marketing tasks, worksheets to fill in, and templates to speed up your marketing activities.
24/7 Access To The Secret NicheHacks Insider Members Only Community

Engage with other members, ask questions, network, validate your idea get support and access to myself (I'm active daily and answer 99% of questions asked).

Note: this is a different group from the free NicheHacks Facebook Mastermind Group, this is only for active NicheHacks Insider customers.
Support & Help When You Need It

If you get stuck, lost, confused or just have a question then support and help is on hand from myself, my team and the other NicheHacks Insider tribe members.

And if you'd like a more detailed look at the content inside here's a snapshot of just a fraction of the overall content available...


Here's A Look In More Detail At A FRACTION Of The Content Available Inside Instantly...

The table below is literally just a snapshot of the full content available inside.

The full range of content inside also includes 300+ Profitable Niche Reports, 10+ Proven Online Business Models, 30+ Training Programs (with 145+ modules) covering all aspects of online marketing and 40+ checklists, fill in the blank templates & cheat-sheets and more.

Here's a small sample of the full content you can enjoy as a member...

30+ Training Programs (145+ modules)300+ Profitable Niche Reports10+ Online Business Blueprints
Here's a small sample of the 30+ step by step Training Programs Here's a small sample of the 300+ profitable niche reports available...Here's a sample list of the 10+ proven Online Business Blueprints available...
Crypto Markets:
- Bitcoin
- Etherium
- Blockchain
- And more!
Medical Problems:
- Joint Pain
- Allergies
- Bad Posture
- Dozens more!
Plus more!
Hobbies niches:
- Model Ship Building
- Pole Dancing
- Mountain Biking
- Dozens More!
Skills & Learning:
- Songwriting
- Excel Tutorials
- Book Writing
- Many more!
Pet Markets:
- Dog Fashion
- Cat Care
- Pet Travel
- Dozens more!
Dating & Relationship:
- Romance Ideas
- Pick Up
- Senior Dating
- Lots more!
Weird Niches:
- Tiny Houses
- Yeast Infections
- Thrictollomania
- More bizarre topics!
Business & Marketing:
- Amazon FBA
- Affiliate Marketing
- Entrepreneurship
- Loads more!
Finance & Investment:
- Personal Finance
- Social Trading
- Dozens more!
Travel Markets:
- Travel Insurance
- Religious Tourism
- Cheap Flights
- So many more!
Rich Man Hobbies:
- Golf
- Sailing
- Classic Cars
- Lots more!
Survival & Outdoor:
- Off Grid Living
- Tiny Houses
- Survivalism
- Dozens more!
Food & Cooking:
- BBQing
- Asian Cusine
- Speciality Tea
- Scores more!
Weight Loss & Diet:
- Paleo
- Keto
- Vegan
- Dozens more!
Health & Fitness:
- Yoga
- Cross Fit
- BioHacking
- Many more!
Plus dozens more Training Programs containing over 145+ modules
Plus 100's more Profitable Niche Reports

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In comparison it costs (approx) $3.60 for a medium Latte at Starbucks, $5 for a pint of your favourite beer, $1 or more for a can of Coke, $3.50+ for a Big Mac and $10+ for a glass of your favourite wine, junk which both you and I are probably guilty of spending too much money on... how can a $0.99 daily investment in your future and dreams not be worth it?

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