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SurferSEO Honest Review: Is it Worth it in 2024?

If you’re a blogger who isn’t already familiar with SurferSEO, you may want to continue reading. SurferSEO is a tool designed to assist in creating blogs, articles, and sites, by analyzing content and SEO-optimizing. In our comprehensive review, we’ll cover everything you need to know, from pricing, features, alternatives, and more.

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SurferSEO Review

Overall Score: 4.9

Surfer SEO is the all-in-one tool you need to SEO optimize your web content. With 4 different plan options to fit your specific needs. Conduct keyword research, edit content, generate articles with AI, and audit existing articles at ease. The best part? SurferSEO seamlessly integrates with your other tools like JasperAI, Google Docs, and WordPress.


  • Advanced keyword research
  • Integration with WordPress, Jasper, and Google Docs
  • SEO Content Optimization
  • AI Writing Capabilities


  • High subscription cost
  • AI can generate inaccuracies

What is SurferSEO?

SurferSEO is an all-in-one AI tool that allows you to edit existing SEO content, generate new content, and optimize for search engines so that your articles rank every time. With GPT4 capabilities, customization, and a focus on authenticity, SurferSEO creates articles that improve your chances of generating traffic. Easily integrate with Google Docs or Jasper AI for ease of use, and watch your SEO improve!

SurferSEO Pricing, Plans, and Packages

SurferSEO offers a range of plans based on your specific needs and lets you adjust your plan based on what you need. Add-ons and AI packages are available at any time to add to your plan. Here’s a brief look at the packages Surfer has to offer, and what’s included in each plan:

Essential Plan

Price: $89/monthly


  • Content Editor: 30 articles/month
  • Keyword Research: 100 searches/day
  • 2 team members

Scale Plan

Price: $129/monthly


  • Content Editor: 100 articles/month
  • Keyword Research: 100 searches/day
  • Audits: 100/month
  • 5 team members

Scale AI Plan

Price: $219/monthly


  • Content Editor: 100 articles/month
  • AI Articles: 10/month
  • Keyword Research: 100 searches/day
  • Audits: 100/month
  • 5 team members

Enterprise Plan

Price: Custom Pricing


  • Content Editor: Custom
  • AI Articles: Custom
  • Keyword Research: Custom
  • Audits: Custom
  • Custom number of team members

SurferSEO Key Features

SurferSEO offers a range of features, depending on which plan you choose. From keyword research to content editing, AI, and more. We’ll cover each feature so that you know exactly what you’re getting when choosing the plan that best fits your needs.

Content Editor

SurferSEO’s Content Editor allows you to get real-time feedback on your marketing and SEO content. Write smarter with content suggestions & guidelines to optimize your content. With content editor, you can generate briefs, and catchy headlines, build outlines, structure your content, and ensure the authenticity of your article to avoid search engine penalties with ease.

Keyword Research

The Keyword Research tool provides you with the ability to discover relevant topic clusters and keywords based on real data. Instead of spending hours of work and research, SurferSEO simplifies the keyword researching process and provides you with relevant and accurate keyword suggestions. Check search intent for your target audience, evaluate monthly search volume, and fill your content calendar in minutes!

SEO Audit

Surfer’s SEO Audit tool is an add-on that allows you to repurpose old content, find SEO errors, and conduct white-label SEO audits to bring more organic traffic to your existing blog posts. SEO audit analyzes your article’s content length, headings, page speed, keyword density, backlinks, referring domains, and meta tags to optimize your article. Keep tabs on your competition, get automatic internal link suggestions, and more with the SEO audit tool.

Surfer AI

Surfer AI allows you to create high-quality content that is optimized to rank on search engines. Choose your targeted keyword, and Surfer AI will start creating your article. Adjust settings, review your article’s outline, then generate, and you’ll have a keyword-optimized article within 20 minutes. Users report a 7x traffic increase in 9 months using Surfer AI. This tool uses the power of GPT4 with a boosted context size of 32k, to feed their AI more facts, reduce repetition, and create engaging and accurate content.

Surfer AI Templates

SurferSEO’s templates elevate your SEO by factoring in Google’s guidelines and structuring your articles intentionally. Their templates offer flexibility, and allow you to input specific products and URLs to control the flow of your content. Choose a keyword, pick a template, adjust article settings, review your outline, and generate articles in minutes.

Surfer AI Custom Knowledge

Custom Knowledge learns your brand voice and creates content specific to your identity. Provide your brand specifics, and Surfer AI will weave them into your content seamlessly. By adding a personal touch, your content becomes more recognizable, and your branding stays intact.

SurferSEO Alternatives

Although we consider SurferSEO to be a great tool for creating, editing, and generating written content, other tools on the market are comparable, specifically JuniaAI and JasperAI – two content editing tools with AI capabilities. If you’re looking for a tool with more in-depth SEO and keyword research capabilities, consider Semrush or Ahrefs.

SurferSEO & Jasper

Although Jasper and Surfer have some similarities, they also integrate to work in tandem. If you’re looking for primarily an SEO tool, we recommend Surfer. If you’re looking for a more general marketing tool, Jasper might be your best bet. But if you want to make the most of your marketing efforts, consider integrating the two. Think of it this way – Jasper helps you write, and Surfer helps you rank.

Jasper AI Review

Overall Score: 4.8

JasperAI, formerly known as Jarvis, is a comprehensive AI writing assistant that helps users generate long-form content, marketing copy, and creative content efficiently. JasperAI can generate longer form content that is more robust to aid in your marketing needs, and features a multitude of campaigns and workflows to streamline your marketing efforts.


  • Versatile writing assistant
  • High-quality content generation
  • AI-assisted project management tools
  • Advanced company knowledge features


  • Higher subscription cost
  • Initial learning curve

Surfer SEO Alternative: JuniaAI

Junia AI Review

Overall Score: 4.9

JuniaAI, may be our favorite SEO content writer to date. The revolutionary platform creates original, detailed blog content, performs keyword research, and can even rewrite your competitor’s blogposts. It features multiple brand voices, keyword research, unique content ideas, ad copy, and more. Junia AI is our top pick if you’re looking for an AI to take your marketing to the next level.


  • AI Blog Rewriting Tool
  • AI Blog Writer Tool
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Unique Content Ideas
  • Workflows: Long-form content generation
  • Bulk Generator
  • AI Image Generation


  • Initial learning curve
  • Can require specific prompts and information in order to produce accurate SEO blogs
  • Can be considered pricey

Surfer SEO Alternative: Semrush

Semrush Review

Overall Score: 4.8

Semrush calls itself a full-cycle online visibility and content marketing management platform. It has over 50 tools that equip you with all the necessary intel to manage and enhance your online presence, covering the key aspects of your online marketing strategy. From SEO, digital advertising, market and competitive research, content marketing, and social media management, Semrush delivers data and insights that help you make informed decisions about your online presence.


  • Free plan option
  • SEO and keyword research
  • On-page SEO
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Daily rank tracking
  • Link building opportunities


  • Initial learning curve
  • Paid plans can be considered expensive
  • Limited capabilities on free plan

Surfer SEO Alternative: Ahrefs

Ahrefs Review

Overall Score: 4.6

Ahrefs is renowned within the realm of search engine optimization (SEO) for its robust suite of features, including an advanced keyword explorer, competitor analysis tools, comprehensive technical SEO capabilities, site audits, keyword tracking, content analysis, and backlink tracking and audits. While it does provide a few free SEO tools, its full range of features is available through subscription plans starting at $83 per month with annual billing or $99 per month without a contract.


  • Free tool options
  • Keyword research tool
  • Traffic value estimates on keywords
  • Rank tracker tool
  • Site audit tool
  • Competitor analysis


  • Initial learning curve
  • No free plan
  • Can be considered pricey

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is SurferSEO?

SurferSEO is an advanced SEO tool that helps analyze and optimize content for better search engine rankings. It provides insights into various factors such as keyword density, word count, and SERP features, enabling users to create highly optimized content.

What is SurferSEO Used For?

SurferSEO is primarily used for improving search engine optimization efforts. It assists users in conducting content analysis, performing keyword research, and optimizing their content to achieve higher rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Is SurferSEO Legit?

Yes, SurferSEO is a legitimate and reputable tool in the SEO industry. It’s trusted by SEO professionals and content creators worldwide for its comprehensive features, accurate analysis, and valuable insights that contribute to improved search engine rankings and website visibility.