Start Streaming Your Home Live Alongside 7.4 Million Paranoid Americans In This 23 Billion Dollar Niche

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Everyone gets a little paranoid.

Yes even you, but that's normal.

You may just want to protect your valuables or have proof of a crime if the unfortunate time ever comes.

This billion dollar niche we'll uncover today is the surveillance niche and this is something 7.4 million people are spending on in the States alone.

We'll be dissecting this multi-billion dollar niche apart and show you where and how the money can be made, what solutions are readily available and where you can find your audience.

You'll discover what the most popular content is, who the most influential people are, the most popular social media hubs, blogs and forums.

All of the reports that we create are thoroughly researched and designed to give you a head start in making a profit from the niche.

We try and choose niches that have a wide range of different business models available but the vast majority would make perfect blog / authority sites monetized by affiliate marketing.

And remember, there are many ways to tackle this niche so you don't need to worry about it being "too crowded".

Remember you need to dig into a unique angle and / or sub-niche.

Luckily for you, in this report we're going to jump into the Surveillance niche and show you where and how the money can be made.


Market Size & Worth

  • Amount earned in revenue sales on security alarms is $23 billion in the US alone
  • Annual growth was 4.3% from 2011 to 2016
  • The industry is being catered by 56,549 business that employ 184,767 people
  • In 2013, the security technology & services market generated about 67 billion U.S. dollars in revenues worldwide. This figure is expected to grow to 86 billion U.S. dollars by 2016
  • The United States has the most number of surveillance cameras per thousand of people
  • Video surveillance is the second most profitable security product in the U.S., falling behind integrated non-residential.
  • 85% percent of police officials surveyed who believe home alarm systems help deter burglary attempts.
  • 7,400,000 number of homes secured by ADT Security in the US



  • Home security is being used by top earning people.
  • Middle income families also use the surveillance system to protect their families
  • Families where the bread winner is between 30 to 40 are most likely to get home security measures
  • Higher income households are more likely to have a security system


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Niche Demand 


KeywordAvg Monthly Searches
Front point security17,000
DIY home security systems5,400
Wireless home security systems5,100
Home security companies4,700
Front point security reviews4,200
Home security system reviews3,600
Home security systems consumer reports1,400
Front point security cost1,300


The table above shows the monthly searches on Google for this niche.

Combined they add up to over 30K searches a month and that's not including the thousands of long tail keywords that we haven't covered.

This is a huge niche with a lot of demand.


Common Searches
Front point security
Home security companies
Wireless home security systems
DIY home security systems
Front point security reviews
Home security system reviews
Front point security cost
Home security systems consumer reports
home security system
home security cameras
vivint home security
xfinity home security
home security products
home security tips
home security companies
diy home security




home security systems washington state
adt security packages
wireless home security systems
livewatch security
adt home monitoring security systems
home security companies
alarm systems
xfinity security system


As you can see people are searching for home surveillance / home security too often.

This shows just how passionate audiences are about the niche.


Niche Growth & Monthly Searches



As you can see from the graph, the Home Surveilliance niche has been a steady niche since the beginning of time and it is not decreasing anytime soon.

In fact, this is a niche that is here to stay and will always be in demand as people are always interested in keeping their homes safe and secure.

This niche is ready and has plenty of growth to be made so step in as all the market research has been done for you.


Sub-Niches To Explore

  • Security cameras
  • Electric fences
  • Motion detectors
  • Emergency lights


May Also Be Interested:

  • Security contractors
  • DIY security system
  • Compound security
  • Body guards



Most Popular Content

Use the ideas here to create similar content for your site.


Most Popular ContentShares
Security Guard Opens His Home To Homeless Dad And Son70,200
Hacked home devices caused massive Internet outage57,000
Dad Stops Scrolling Through Home Security Footage When He Notices Wife On The Nursery Floor48,700
Video: Man watches Fort McMurray home burn on security cam | Metro News38,100
Boy Caught on Home Security Camera Stealing Hugs From Neighbor's Dog Gets His Own25,900
Woman Accuses Ex-Fiance Of Abusing Her But Forgot They Have A Home Surveillance System9,800
Home Surveillance Camera Saves Texas Man From Lying Cops7,100
Parents Demand To See Daycare Surveillance Video After Baby Comes Home With Bruises. They're Horrified When They Finally Watch It6,100


As you can see people are excited and motivated to share content such as articles in this niche.


Domain Name Ideas


Domain Name


Influential People In The Niche


NameTwitter HandleFollowers
Intel Security Home@intelsec_home28,000
GW Cyber & Homeland@gwcchs10,500
Honeywell Home Pro @honeywellpro26,500
The Security Sensei@securitysensei_77,700


These are the most influential people in the market niche on home surveillance / home security.

Network with them. Highlight or feature them in your content.

Interview them. Use them to do research.

These people are NOT your enemy, but instead potential partners who can send you traffic and work with you.


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Affiliate Products:

The types of items you can market to home surveillance / home security niche is apparent when you look at the offerings online.


Products on Amazon:

Amazon has over 285000 products listed, ranging from just zero to Hundred dollars.



Best Selling Products On Amazon:


Canary All-in-One Home Security Device - Black$162.8619294.0
Doberman Security SE-0106-4PK Ultra-Slim Window Alarm (4 Pack)$29.996954.3
Fortress Security Store (TM) S02-B Wireless Home and Business Security Alarm System DIY Kit with Auto Dial + Outdoor Siren and More for Complete
Home and…
Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Cameras- 4 Pack- HD Indoor/Outdoor WiFi IP Cameras with Night Vision Easy Remote Access$99.994913.8
Master Lock 265DCCSEN Dual- Function Security Bar$19.982,6554.2
ANNKE 8-Channel HD-TVI 1080P Lite Video Security System DVR and (4) 1.0MP Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Cameras with IR Night Vision LEDs- NO HDD$129.993453.8


There will always be newer and better products which mean’s buying the latest products that will generate sales as well as repeat sales for you.



There are various products related to HOME SECURITY being offered on ClickBank. Incorporate these items to maximize your profit.


ProductAverage SaleGravityCommission
Easy Home Surveillance$19.992.5275%
Home Automation & Networking Ebook$5.980.550%


Other Affiliate Programs & Offers

These are independently run affiliate programs.


Easy Home Surveillance75%


CPA & Other Offers


OfferCommision % Payout $Cookie LengthTypeNetwork
ADT Home Security US | Pay Per Call$65CPAAragon Advertising
Cammy Home Security - CPA$49.04CPAPlanit LGPM
[MOB] NitroQuotes Home Security /US SOI$30CPAClickDealer
Home Security - - Multi Page (US)$29.75CPAEnvyus Media
Homes security US$28CPADigitalRaves
Home Safety - Home Security (CPL)$26LEADExpress Revenue Inc
Cammy Home Security - Free £20 Gift Card$24.52CPAPlanit LGPM


Google Play Apps


Home Security Camera - AlfredFREE
AtHome Camera - Home SecurityFREE
Home Security Camera WardenCamFREE
AtHome Video Streamer- MonitorFREE
Mobile Surveillance & SecurityFREE


Udemy Courses


Course# of LecturesRatingReviewsPrice
Skype Camera Video Surveillance64.97$10


Itune Apps


AppCategoryStar RatingReview
Presence: Free smart home motion security cameraLife style4.02,372
Manything home security camera app with cloud DVRLife style4.0496
AtHome Video Streamer-IP Camera
for home security
Alfred - Home Security Surveillance IP CameraLife style3.5158
Home Security Video Surveillance WardenCamLife style3.5106


Blogs, Forums And Social Media:

Use these forums, blogs and social media groups to get content ideas, network, drive traffic and inspiration.

Google blog search shows almost 18,000,000 pages and posts indexed about acne, so there’s no shortage of content ideas and bloggers to network with.


Top Home Surveillance / Home Security  Blogs:


BlogSocial MediaEmail List


Use these blogs for content ideas, networking opportunities, guest posting, traffic and more.


Home Surveillance / Home Security  Forums




These are some of the top forums catering to home surveillance / home security.

The membership numbers clearly show how simple it can be for you to discover and help solve issues for your audience and traffic to your site can start pouring in.


Social Media

Facebook has tens of thousands of people interested in home security. It’s a great place to network, advertise, get traffic, and meet others in the niche and more.


Facebook Most Popular Pages


Page# of Likes
Secure Inn163,681
Proforce Security Services Ltd673
Home Security897


Facebook Most Popular Groups


Southern Indiana home security and defen1,704
Learn About Home Fire Safety141
Tips for home and personal safety.42
Free Nationwide- Honeywell Home Security81


Most Popular Youtube Channels


Channel NameVideo #Number of Subscribers
Cox Communications289
Home Security Store1244,642
GEOARM Security6783,370
smanos Smart Home164
Vivint Smart Home3044,344


Popular Reddit Groups


home defense related discussion and ideas.16,571
Home security for the UK104
Home security2,271
Home and Office Security29


Scoop It Groups


Best Home Security Systems Reviews1,800
Security Services Systems: A smart re2,800
Home Security41


Pinterest Pinners


SimpliSafe Home Security5,424
Family and Home Security2,343
24/7 Home Security2,012
Home Security751
Family and Home Security1,019


Why Are People In This Niche

  • People want to protect valuables in their home by installing home security.
  • Home security can provide a deterrent to crime like home invasion or theft
  • Some home owners prefer remote access to their home via online access
  • Home security also reduces the insurance premium on the homes
  • People can have emergency systems in case of fire or gas leakage
  • Parents use home surveillance to keep an eye on the kids or the nanny
  • Home security gives a sense of security to the people
  • Surveillance systems can also reduce energy consumption by monitoring resource wastage by turning off utilities where no one is around


Most Common Topics And Questions

These questions / topics are problems that need solving.

Solve them in your content and through your product recommendations and you'll have a happy audience ready to spend money.

Amazon, Clickbank and other networks have products and solutions which cater to these problems.


  1. Where can I buy a home security setup
  2. How much hard disk space required to save 1 weeks data on the DVR
  3. How much does a security system cost on average
  4. How much will the home owner insurance decrease after installation of the home security system
  5. Should I install a security system
  6. Does the cost of security go up in certain locations
  7. How much does it take to hire a security expert
  8. What are the minimum things required to secure a home
  9. Where can I find a security firm in my area


Who's Advertising In The Niche

Advertising is a strong sign of a profitable niche. People don’t spend money on ads if they can’t profit from it.

These are some of the major advertisers on


Online Security Training - ecurityceuMaintain certs & licenses. Get online CEs today.
IP Video • IP
Networking • Troubleshooting • Wireless
Technologies • Access Control Specialist
Curriculum: Access Control Specialist, IP Networking, IP Video, Troubleshooting…
Home Security Alarm
System - Wholesale
Suppliers Online Shop
Global Brands Coverage. 100% On-time Shipment Protection. Shop Online Today!
China Home Security - High
Quality Price Ratio
Safe Trading Home Security on Leading B2B Platform
Leading B2B Portal • Quality China Products • SGS Audited Suppliers • China’s B2B Impact Award
Online Security Training ecurityceuMaintain certs & licenses. Get online CEs today.
IP Video • IP
Networking • Troubleshooting • Wireless
Technologies • Access Control Specialist


Blog Topic Ideas

These are some proven blog topic ideas that would work well in this niche:

  • Home Security Tips for the Whole Family
  • $50 home security camera streams to your iPhone or Android phone
  • Decorate Your Home With These 7 Stylish Security Cameras
  • Can A Smart Home Replace Security Guards and Video Camera Surveillance?
  • Home Security Systems: Installation and How They Work
  • Security system watches over your home without cameras
  • Home security demystified: How to build a smart DIY system
  • 20 Home Security and Crime Prevention Secrets
  • Dad Stops Scrolling Through Home Security Footage When He Notices Wife On The Nursery Floor



For more ideas check out the following resources:



To discover 200+ profitable niche markets click the image below now...


Reasons To Get Involved In The Niche

  • This is a stable market and is highly
  • Over 161,000 people are searching for just the most obvious keywords every month – showing huge online
  • This is part of a $23 billion US market
  • There was a growth of over 4% from 2011 to 2016 in this niche
  • Between the social media hubs and forums there are over 250000 people sharing news relating to HOME SURVEILLANCE / HOME SECURITY; more than 400000 followers for influential people; over 200000 members liking pages and being members of groups on Facebook; meaning a huge pool of engaged traffic to tap
  • There's an endless array of content ideas in the niche including popular ones like “home security tips for the whole family” – create similar content but better and it's almost guaranteed to go
  • People are passionate about this topic and ready to spend money, you can see they already buy devices it may as well be spent with
  • There's plenty of good domain names available including com and – pick one and get started.
  • and are just two of the advertisers in


How To 'Hack' Your Way Into The Niche

This niche has got it all – an obsessive audience with money to spend lots of products on sale, tons of social media sites, loads of blogs and forums with an easy to reach target audience.

You drive traffic from blog commenting, guest posting, forum marketing, interacting on social media with influencers.

You get your content ideas from seeing what's popular on other HOME SURVEILLANCE / HOME SECURITY blogs and related blogs and simply write something bigger and better, bolder and stronger.  Make the other ones pale in comparison.

Your profits can grow in no time thanks to the passionate audience in this exciting niche market.

By networking with others in the niche, sharing their content and linking to them, your website will grow. Just watch as they return the favor.

And don't forget to build your email list so you can continue to build your relationship with your audience, drive traffic back to your newest content, and promote to your audience


What You'll Need To Get Started:

  • A reliable web-host from the likes of WP-Engine (or Bluehost if you're on a budget)
  • Image & graphics from Photodune from $1 (don't take images from Google you'll end up in legal trouble)
  • An auto-responder to build your email list and contact your customers – Aweber is just $1
  • The number #1 email capture tool on the market – OptinMonster, so you can grow your list fast.
  • A set of 12+ free tools that'll blow up your email list and exponentially grow your site from SumoMe.


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    The answer to this is, because they are or have become morally debased.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Chad,

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      • Jean says:

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