How to Set Up Thrive Leads to Grow Your Niche Site's Email List

How to Set Up Thrive Leads to Grow Your Niche Site's Email List hero image

About a year and a half ago, I wrote this post on how to set up popups with OptinMonster.

When my OptinMonster subscription ran out, I tried SumoMe.

And while others swear by it, it just wasn’t for me.

And, most recently, I bought a license to use Thrive Leads on my page, and I’ve got to say, I’m super thrilled with it.

So thrilled that I look forward to the day when I’ll use the full-blown Thrive Themes after I redo my website and have a more robust marketing plan to sell my own info products.

You know, rather than just selling my services as a copywriter and marketing consultant.

Thrive Leads hasn’t been up on my site very long, and I haven’t done any guest posts or ads to drive traffic to it, but I’m already thrilled with the results:


And as you can see, I’m only using two of their options.

I have another sidebar widget that I did DIY coding on, but I don’t have anything in track to place its analytics.

With results like this (and with popups, boxes and widgets that look so good), Thrive Leads is something I could recommend wholeheartedly to any internet marketer trying to build a list in their niche.

Plus, at the moment, it’s more affordable than any other competitive option:

  • Thrive Leads: $67 (includes 1 year of support)
  • OptinMonster: $9/month ($108/year)
  • SumoMe: $29/month ($348/year)

*Prices for a single-site license.

So in this post, I’ll walk you through the process of setting up a widget (since that’s what I need next), screenshot-by-screenshot.

Don’t worry, the process for virtually every type of lead capture box is the same.

What You’ll Learn

  • Installing Thrive Leads on your site.
  • Setting up your first call to action.
  • Using their editor to match your site’s design and brand.
  • Enabling your new lead capture box once it’s designed.

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1. Install Thrive Leads into WordPress

After you sign up for Thrive Leads and pay for your license, you’ll be taken to your member’s area, where you can download the plugin to your computer in a .zip file.

You’ll find this under “Your Products,” directly below the welcome video on the main page. Here’s what it looks like:


Save it in a place where it’ll be easy to find, and go to your WordPress dashboard.

Hover over “Plugins” on the left sidebar, and click on “Add New.”


At the top of the screen, above the menu bar, click on “Upload Plugin.” Select the file you just saved, and click on “Install Now.”


Once the plugin installs successfully, click on the “Activate Plugin” text that appears right below “Plugin installed successfully.”

Once that’s done, you’ll need to activate your license.

You should see “Thrive Dashboard” near the bottom of your left-hand menu, so hover over that and click on “License Manager.”


You’ll see this:


To get your license key, you’ll need to go back into your Thrive Leads member dashboard. Once there, click on “My Account & License Keys” under “Member Navigation” on the right-hand side of the screen.


This is where you’ll find your License Key to properly activate Thrive Leads on your website:


Once you’ve got those inserted, you’ll be ready to go.

2. Create a Lead Group

In your Thrive Leads Dashboard, the first thing you’ll see is your Lead Groups, which is what we’re going to work with to create your popups, slide-ins, widgets, ribbons, and other call to action boxes.

To do that, click on “Add New” and enter a name for your lead group. It can be anything; it won't be visible to visitors on your site.


You’ll see your lead group appear on your dashboard, just like mine is above.

3. Add a Form

You can toggle down to see which types of opt-in forms you have on your site, or click to choose from and add a new one.


(You can also run an A/B test, but we won get into that in today’s tutorial.)

Since I’ve already got a popup and a post footer, today I’m going to set up a widget so I can replace my existing DIY widget and get actual data on how it’s performing.


To edit what your opt-in form will look like, click on the little green plus symbol to the left of the data-tracking chart.


Then click on “Create Form,” and give your form a name.


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4. Edit Your Form’s Text & Look

To get to the form editor, click on the blue pencil icon to the right of the screen.


You’ll see a screen with a ton of templates to choose from.

You can always change the colors, text, and images, so just choose the one that looks closest to what you already have in mind.

thrive leads

After you choose your template, you go to a WYSIWYG editor, which is really intuitive and fun to play around with.


Since I want to change the image to show my ebook, that’s the first thing I’ll do.

So I click directly on the image itself and click on the little red “x” in the corner to get rid of it.

To replace it with the image I want, I just click on “Image” in the right-hand menu, and drag it over to the place I want it to appear in my widget.

It looks like this:


When you click on “Add Media,” you can either choose an existing image from within your library, or upload a new one.

But after the image is in there, I want to edit the text.

To change the words, click directly on top of the text, delete what’s there, and start typing.

To edit the font and text color, just double-click and you’ll get this editor that lets you change the font, color, size, and all kinds of other things:

Thrive Leads

Please forgive the quality of this and the following three images. Any time I hit "command" to get a screenshot, the editor would disappear. I really wanted to show you what it looks like, so I captured the images on my phone's camera instead.

Once you get your text and images set, then you can edit the actual form part of your call to action.

To do this, click anywhere inside the CTA box element, and on the drop down options, click on the color image to edit your colors, and “Edit Components” to edit your text.


Thrive Leads

Changing the colors in the CTA form.

5. Connect to Your Email Provider

Once you’ve got things looking the way you like, you’ll still need to connect the form to the email list you want the signups to go to.

To do that, click on “Connect with Service” in the popup menu.

Thrive leads

Then click on “Create a New Connection.”


Choose whether your want to connect via API or HTML. For this example, I’ll use API.


Adding a new integration is really simple. Click on the green icon at the top of the screen and enter your account's API.


Then, once it’s integrated, you can pick which list you want that particular opt-in form to go to.

And here’s where you can edit the text in the required info fields for your form.


6. Turn Your Opt-in Box “On”

When you’re finished editing, the last step to make your call to action form “live” is to turn it on.

Thrive Leads lets you control whether a particular opt-in box appears on mobile, desktop, or both.

Here, I’ve got my lightbox and post footer appearing on both, and my widget just on desktop.


7. Choose Your Pages

Another quick step worth noting is to choose how and where you want these opt-in boxes to show up.

To choose where they show up, click on settings icon for the entire lead group.


You can be as refined or as generic as you want to with the display logic: only showing opt-ins on certain blog posts, certain categories of blog posts, or on all of your pages.


To choose how they show up, click on the “edit” icon for each individual opt-in box and choose from the trigger options available.


For a widget, you can either choose on page load or when someone gets to the bottom of the page.

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Conclusion: Support

One of the main reasons I love Thrive Leads so much is their support.

I’m not very technically savvy when it comes to WordPress.

So when something’s not displaying like I want it to and I can’t figure out why, all I have to do is get in touch with via the Member's Area and they’re really prompt to respond.

Have you ever tried Thrive Leads or anything else from Thrive Themes? What did you think of it?

Chelsea Baldwin