Dig Yourself Into This $4.8 Billion Dollar Niche That Has More Than 800 Million People Playing 'Old McDonald'

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Everybody wants to grow their own food...

But who has time to run a farm?

That'd take a whole lot of effort and time, which is a big disadvantage for most people.

So as a marketer, you'd have to consider solutions and step into a profitable market that already tons of demand...

Urban farming is the thing nowadays and it doesn't take acres of land to do so.

In this 1.2 billion dollar niche, you'll learn what it takes to get your piece of the pie with our detailed breakdown.

We're going to be digging deep (quite literally) and providing all the information you need to jump in this niche like we always have.

We'll reveal how much money is being spent, why it's profitable, what products are being sold the most so you can get an idea of what you can do for your potential audience.

You'll discover what the most popular content is, who the most influential people are, the most popular social media hubs, blogs and forums.

All of the reports that we create are thoroughly researched and designed to give you a head start in making a profit from the niche.

We try and choose niches that have a wide range of different business models available but the vast majority would make perfect blog / authority sites monetized by affiliate marketing.

And remember, just because other people are reading this report does not mean it is saturated.

So read on, and try to keep in mind that you need to dig into a unique angle and/or sub-niche.


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Market Size

  • Farmers markets and farm stands increased from approximately $600 million to $1.2 billion from 1997 to 2007.
  • USDA estimates that farm-level value of local food sales totaled about $4.8 billion in 2008 (1.7 percent of revenue from all farm production)
  • Expected to continue double-digit growth into 2015 and beyond.
  • Urban agriculture is practiced by 800 million people worldwide.

Sources: Seedstock and FAO.



  • Fewer women own farmland than men.
  • It’s estimated that only 27 percent of farm operators in Canada are women.
  • Numbers are even lower in the U.S., with a mere 14 percent of farms headed by women.
  • It is estimated that more than 40% of the population is urban farming.
  • Predicated to boom over the next few years, by 2050 80% of the population will be involved in urban farming.

Source: ModernFarmers, UrbanVine


Niche Demand 


KeywordAvg Monthly Searches
Organic Farming 54,020
City Farms1,470
Farming Methods3,900
Sustainable Farming4,720
Agriculture and Farming2,030
Small Farming1,550
Vertical Farming18,110
Detroit Farming1,340


The table above shows the monthly searches on Google for this niche.

Combined they add up to over 87,140 searches a month and that's not including the thousands of long tail keywords that we haven't covered.

This is a huge niche with a lot of demand.


Common Searches 


Urban Farming
Urban Farming los angeles
Urban Farming guys
Urban Farming detroit
Urban Farming los aneles jobs
Urban Farming Magazine
Urban Farming Jobs
Urban Farming definition
Urban Farming orange county
Urban Farming California


Urban Farming
Urban Farming book
Urban Farming Curtis Stone
Urban Farming Magazine subscription
Urban Farming Magazine


Urban Farming detroit
Urban Farming guys
Profitable Urban Farming
Urban Farming Magazine
Urban Farming Ideas
Urban Farming Chicago
Urban Farming Institute
Michigan Urban Farming initiative
Urban Farming Philippines
Urban Farming NYC


Urban Farming
Urban Farming Guys
Urban Farming Detroit
Urban Farming Institute
Urban Farming Magazine
Urban Farming Ideas
Urban Farming Ideas
Urban Farming techniques
Urban Farming Blogs


Urban Farming
Urban Farming Guys
Urban Farming Documentary
Urban Farming Ideas
Urban Farming Hydroponics in city
Urban Farming Aquaponic
Urban Farming NYC
Urban Farming Detroit
Urban Farming Goats
Urban Farming Buisness


Urban Agriculture


Urban Farming


As you can see people are searching for everything from Urban Farming Magazine subscription to Urban Farming Ideas in the niche.

This shows just how passionate audiences are about the niche.


Niche Growth & Monthly Searches



Look at the trend in interest in the Urban Farming niche.

The trend is increasing and is predicted to increase for years to come.

It is increasing like never before and is predicted to remain relevant for years.

This niche is exploding in popularity and is potentially big business and timeless.

This trend will continue for years to come so step in while it’s still a niche that’s doing a whole a lot of growing.


Sub-Niches To Explore

  • Urban Farming Magazine
  • Suburban Farming
  • Urban Organic Farming
  • Sustainable Urban Agriculture
  • Urban Gardening
  • Vertical Farming


May also be interested:

  • Farming Simulator
  • Farmers Insurance
  • Farm Design
  • Agriculture Jobs
  • Agriculture Degrees
  • Agriculture Courses
  • Farming Loans
  • Farming Machines



Most Popular Content

Use the ideas here to create similar content for your site.


Most Popular ContentShares
Produce from the World's First Underground Urban Farm is About to Hit Shelves74.2k
Dirty Kids Equal Healthy Kids - Urban Farm46.5k
Former Black Panther Launches Oakland Urban Farm to Give Ex-Prisoners a Fresh Start | Civil Eats39k
Urban Homesteads and Communal Farms: How To Turn Dirt Into Gold29.2k
City Council Makes Urban Farming Legal Throughout City28.2k
Urban farms now produce 1/5 of the world's food27.2k


As you can see people excited and motivated to share content such as Urban Farming news and underground Urban Farming in this niche.


Domain Name Ideas


Domain Name


Influential People In The Niche


NameTwitter HandleFollowers
The Urban Farm@theurbanfarm3,167
Growing Cities@growincities4,246


These are the 4 most influential people in the market niche for Urban Farming.

Network with them, highlight or feature them in your content.

Interview them. Use them to do research.

These people are NOT your enemy, but instead potential partners who can send you traffic and work with you.


Affiliate Products:

In this niche people are buying things like Urban Farming Books and Farming Tools.


Products on Amazon:

Amazon has over 7,015 products listed, ranging from just a few dollars to 10,000 dollars.



Best Selling Products On Amazon:


Food and the City: Urban Agriculture and the New Food Revolution$15.3894.6
The Urban Food Revolution: Changing The Way We Feed Cities$16.3594.8
Designing Urban Agriculture: A Complete Guide to the Planning, Design, Construction, Maintenance and Management$66.4694.6
The Essential Urban Farmer$16.55234.4
The Vertical Farm: Feeding the World in the 21st Century21.08953.5
Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre$14.365504.4
Second Nature Urban Agriculture: Designing Productive Cities$43.8224.5
Carrot City: Creating Places for Urban Agriculture$25.7445.0
The Accidental Farmers: An Urban Couple, a Rural Calling and a Dream of Farming in Harmony with Nature$12.951494.3
Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer$14.151674.5
Farming Cuba: Urban Agriculture From the Ground Up$22.8234.3
The Urban Farmer: Growing Food for Profit on Leased and Borrowed Land$20.95154.9
Public Produce: The New Urban Agriculture$30.003.65
The Rooftop Growing Guide: How to Transform Your Roof into a Vegetable Garden or Farm$17.25N/AN/A
The Permaculture City: Regenerative Design for Urban, Suburban, and Town Resilience19.305.07
Urban Farms$23.8074.7
Urban Homesteading: Heirloom Skills for Sustainable Living$16.89764.3
Backyard Beekeeper - Revised and Updated, 3rd Edition: An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Keeping Bees in Your Yard$18.481244.5
A Chicken in Every Yard: The Urban Farm Store's Guide to Chicken Keeping$14.511174.8
The Rooftop Beekeeper: A Scrappy Guide to Keeping Urban Honeybees$19.76114.6


There will always be newer and better products which means buying the latest and greatest gadgets, books apps, and systems that will generate sales as well as repeat sales for you.


Products Available On Other Platforms



There are over 5 products related to the topic on CB. Incorporate these items from Clickbank to maximize profits.


Getting Started In Hydroponics: Expert Tips, Plans & Secrets$18.8360.00%1.44
Simon's Simple Hydroponics Plans Giant Ebook$11.3465.00%0.65
Start Practical Beekeeping & Discover Honey Bee SecretsN/A60.00%0.00


Most Clickbank products offer 60-65% commission meaning generous payouts.


Other Affiliate Programs & Offers

These are independently run affiliate programs.




Blogs, Forums And Social Media 

Use these forums, blogs and social media groups to get content ideas, network, drive traffic and inspiration.

Google blog search shows almost 6,530,000 pages and posts indexed about Urban Farming, so there’s no shortage of content ideas and bloggers to network with.


Top Urban Farming Blogs:


BlogSocial MediaEmail List


Use these blogs for content ideas, networking opportunities, guest posting, traffic and more.


Urban Farming Forums:


theurbanfarmingguysUnknown Unknown


These are some of the top forums catering to the Urban Farming niche.

The membership numbers clearly show how simple it can be for you to discover and help solve issues for your audience and traffic to your site can start pouring in.


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Social Media

Facebook has tens of thousands of people interested in the Urban Farming niche.

It’s a great place to network, advertise, get traffic, and meet others in the niche and more.


Facebook Most Popular Pages


Page # of Likes
Urban Farming54,557
The urban Farming Guys83,600
Urban Farm Fermentory6,445
Urban Farm & Feed3,960


Facebook Most Popular Groups


Urban Farming Guild of Tulsa2,648
Table View Urban Farming Co. (TUFCO)2,471
Urban Farming Indonesia10,979


Most Popular YouTube Channels


ChannelVideo #Subscribers
Food Farmer Earth37483k
Growing a Greener World TV372k
Urban Farmer Curtis Stone5112k


Popular Reddit Groups


Urban Farming7,043
Food production in urban settings3,546


Scoop It Groups


Vertical Farm - Food Factory93.7k
Urban Farming News 881


Pinterest Pinners


Blue Yonder Urban Farms8000
SLOW Living Workshops & Urban Farming583
Urban Farm Magazine4.8k



Websites Sold

Advertising is a strong sign of a profitable niche. People don't spend money on ads if they can't profit from it.

These are the major advertisers on Google.com:

SiteSold For

Why Are People In This Niche

  • People do Urban farming to utilize their small an unused piece of land and supplement their income.
  • People do urban farming because they think Urban farming is a great way to efficiently use their land and to feed the people.
  • Urban farming is an easy access to get fresh, healthy and organic food because they can grow food even in their back yards.
  • People who are keen to learn the process of growing their own food are also in this niche.
  • To get healthy and fresh food, people are involved in urban farming.
  • People are jumping into this niche to strengthen their economies through selling their farm products.
  • People with some farming experience without land are also in this niche to get urban farming jobs.
  • Urban farmers often have less pressure from pests and weeds, so they can easily grow organic. Organically grown fruit and vegetables also contain higher levels of some nutrients, such as antioxidants.
  • People prefer urban forming because they think industrial agriculture as a major source of pollution.
  • Many people are involved in this niche because they take gardening and agriculture as hobby
  • Everyone is nowadays facing issue of disposing wastes in cities so some of people solved this problem by turning urban wastes into a productive resource through urban farming.
  • People are interested into this niche because they want to turn their open spaces into green zones which also can feed them.


Most Common Topics And Questions

These questions / topics are problems that need solving.

Solve them in your content and through your product recommendations and you'll have a happy audience ready to spend money.

Amazon, Clickbank and other networks have products which cater to these problems.

  1. What is an urban farm?
  2. How big is an urban farm?
  3. What do i get from an urban farm?
  4. Are we organic?
  5. How long is the growing season?
  6. I don’t know much about gardening. Is that okay?
  7. I am an experienced gardener. How can I help?
  8. How do I turn my land into a collective garden?
  9. Is it safe to eat food grown in an urban environment?
  10. How many seasons have you been growing?
  11. Why & How do you grow on parking lots?
  12. What vegetables do you grow?
  13. When does your growing season start and end?
  14. Is a permit required for an urban farm?


Who's Advertising In The Niche

Advertising is a strong sign of a profitable niche.

People don't spend money on ads if they can't profit from it.

These are the major advertisers on Google.com:


sustainiverseSustainable Urban Farming
sostenica Sustainable Agriculture


Blog Topic Ideas

These are some proven blog topic ideas that would work well in this niche:

  • Urban Farming: Grow Microgreens All Year Around In Recycled Containers
  • Vertical Gardens The Answer To Urban Farming and Food Security
  • Urban Farming For Self-Sustainability
  • 10 Signs You Should Invest In Urban Farming
  • 10 Quick Tips About Urban Farming
  • 15 Best Blogs To Follow About Urban Agriculture
  • Is urban farming only for rich hipsters?
  • Urban farming is booming, but what does it really yield?
  • Why Urban farming?
  • How to do Urban farming in your backyard?
  • What is Urban Agriculture?
  • Top 10 Designs for Urban Farming

For more ideas check out the following resources:


Reasons To Get Involved In This Niche

  • Urban Farming is an evergreen market and is highly profitable.
  • It's worth $4 billion plus and rising so now is the perfect time to get involved.
  • Over 87,140 people are searching for just the most obvious keywords every month – showing huge online demand.
  • The target audience, mostly male tend to have disposable income to spend – you can benefit from that spending.
  • Between the social media hubs and forums there's around 1 billion members meaning a huge pool of engaged traffic to tap into.
  • There's an endless array of content ideas in the niche including popular ones like “Produce from the World's First Underground
  • Urban Farm is About to Hit Shelves” and “Urban Homesteads and Communal Farms: How To Turn Dirt Into Gold” – create similar content but better and it's almost guaranteed to go viral.
  • People are passionate about this topic and ready to spend money, you can see they already buy “Food and the City: Urban Agriculture and the New Food Revolution” and “The Urban Food Revolution: Changing the Way We Feed Cities” – it may as well be spent with you.
  • There's endless problems from “How do I turn my land into a collective garden?” to “I don’t know much about gardening. Is that okay?” and every problem as a product available which solves it – sell these as an affiliate
  • There's plenty of good domain names available including “modernurbanfarming.com” and “modernurbanagricultural.com” – pick one and get started.
  • “sustainiverse” and “sostenica” are advertising in this niche showing it must be profitable, people don't spend money on ads if they can't profit from them – get involved.


How To 'Hack' Your Way Into The Niche

You can have an up-to-date and relevant authority site on Urban Farming.

This niche has got it all – an obsessive audience with money to spend lots of products on sale, tons of social media sites, loads of blogs and forums with an easy to reach target audience.

You drive traffic from blog commenting, guest posting, forum marketing, interacting on social media with influencers. (See 5 types of content that'll bring you more traffic)

You get your content ideas from seeing what's popular on other Urban Farming blogs and related blogs and simply write something bigger and better, bolder and stronger.

Make the other ones pale in comparison.

Your profits can grow in no time thanks to the passionate audience in this exciting niche market.

By networking with others in the niche, sharing their content and linking to them, your website will grow.

Just watch as they return the favor.

And don't forget to build your email list so you can continue to build your relationship with your audience, drive traffic back to your newest content, and promote to your audience.


What You'll Need To Get Started:

  • A reliable web-host from the likes of WP-Engine (or Bluehost if you're on a budget)
  • Image & graphics from Photodune from $1 (don't take images from Google you'll end up in legal trouble)
  • An auto-responder to build your email list and contact your customers – Aweber is just $1
  • The number #1 email capture tool on the market – OptinMonster, so you can grow your list fast.
  • A set of 12+ free tools that'll blow up your email list and exponentially grow your site from SumoMe.
  • Need more resources? See our recommendations and favorites here.


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What You Can Use This Report For

There are no limits as to what you can use this niche report for, you'll find it useful whether you're looking to research new blog ideas, small product review sites, eCommerce, info-products or other business models.

HOWEVER most of the reports I create, including this one, make great topics for authority sites and blogs as I give you niches where there's a lot of money being spent AND huge demand, big online communities (forums, blogs, social media groups), lots of influential people to network with and a ton of good affiliate products to promote and more.

These niches make for great authority sites / blogs as they have multiple traffic sources, different ways to monetize, endless content ideas, easy to find traffic, scope for growth and more.

How you choose to use them is up to you but make sure you DO use them as simply researching will get you nowhere...taking action will!


What Next?

Remember, there is no such thing as a competitive niche.

Every niche report shows potential of an existing market.

It's your job to take your unique angle and zoom into a sub-niche.

It doesn't matter if millions of people read this niche report.

There is still plenty room of growth.

Do your research, find your sub-niche, and take the next step with our start here page.

If you still can't find your profitable niche, use our 7 Easy Steps To Finding Your Profitable Niche.


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    • Well there's more than 87,000 searches per month in this niche.

      While there doesn't seem to be too many reviews on Amazon, you'll still be likely to make commissions as Amazon is one of the biggest retailer that'll pay for any item sold that you refer.

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      So don't forget you can always get involved with gardening as well as it's a sub-niche here.

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