81 Weird Niches - Numbers 24 & 50 Are 'WTF?!?'

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No, this isn't porn it's weird niche #50

There are some weird niches out there that most of us would probably never think of or hear about.

Everyone is hung up on the big markets like make money, health, self improvement, dating.

Yet these can be tough markets to break into especially as a newcomer to online marketing.

Instead consider some unusual niches which can be just as profitable if not more so.

Before I talked about 21 weird little niches but this time some of these are not so little - they are HUGE!

So i'm going to share with you 81 'weird' niches but first let me tell you how I find them so you can find your own untapped markets.


How do I find these weird niches?

A mix of always having my eyes and ears open and taking note of everything I stumble across.

Whether it's something I see on TV, over hear in a conversion, talk about with a friend, read in a newspaper or online.

Just always be thinking about "is this profitable?"

Many come from browsing sites like Amazon and Clickbank or ShareASale and looking through the various categories, these are all potential ideas.

If there's products available in this category or ecommerce sites based around the topic it's obviously profitable.

You can get a ton of ideas from browsing PLR sites.

They've already done the research for you and are even providing content on the subject (which can be hit or miss, so be careful of using it)

So hopefully that gives you some ideas of HOW to find these weird topics.


(P.S. If you'd like to download a free list of 1,781 profitable niches click here or the image below)

1781 niches [new]


For now though here's 81 weird niches, some huge and some small, but they are all profitable....

# Niche Search Volume
1 Origami 823000
2 Plantar fascilitis 301000
3 Lacrosse 201000
4 Wall decals 135000
5 Cabbage soup diet 74000
6 Jock itch 74000
7 Luge 74000
8 Cake decorating 60500
9 Wushu 60500
10 Petanque 60500
11 Jai alai 49500
12 Bocce ball 49500
13 Candle making 40500
14 Lemonade diet 40500
15 Kirigami 33100
16 Luce 33100
17 Shuffleboard 33100
18 Beer of the month club 27100
19 Handmade soaps 27100
20 Sumo wrestling 27100
21 Diverticulitis diet 22200
22 Gallbladder diet 22200
23 Scrimshaw 22200
24 Sex furniture 22200
25 Flag football 22200
26 Angular cheilitis 18100
27 Nasal polyps 18100
28 Falconry 18100
29 How to make slime 14800
30 How to make rock candy 14800
31 Breast feeding diet 9900
32 How to make a bow and arrow 9900
33 How to build a dog house 8100
34 How to make crab cakes 4400
35 Antique guns 2900
36 Grow taller 2900
37 Hallelujah diet 2900
38 Smelly feet 2900
39 Safer sex 2900
40 Subway diet 2900
41 Hills science diet 2900
42 Chip carving 2400
43 Ébéniste 2400
44 Egg decorating 2400
45 Wwe ringside collectibles 2400
46 Parchment craft 2400
47 Pietra dura 2400
48 How to build a bat house 2400
49 How to build a compost bin 2400
50 Bigger butt 1900
51 How to build a cat tree 1900
52 How to build a drift trike 1900
53 African mango diet 1600
54 Bone carving 1600
55 Hat making 1600
56 Hospital supplies 1600
57 How to build a tree house 1600
58 Jadera diet pills 1600
59 Moose hunting 1600
60 Ninja training 1600
61 Progresso soup diet 1600
62 Thrive diet 1600
63 Trick photography 1600
64 How to build a end portal 1600
65 Alcachofa diet 1300
66 Belly button discharge 1300
67 Build a greenhouse 1300
68 Goat supplies 1300
69 Osteoarthritis diet 1300
70 Peptic ulcer diet 1300
71 Sand sculpture 1300
72 Shoe making 1300
73 Vertical jump training 1300
74 How to make fake snow 1300
75 Anti fungal diet 1000
76 Beyonce lemonade diet 1000
77 Butcher supplies 1000
78 Fructose malabsorption diet 1000
79 Gerson therapy diet 1000
80 Magic supplies 1000
81 Meat of the month club 1000



Every niche listed here has the potential to be profitable.

Especially the ones with the larger keyword volumes. Some of them are MASSIVE yet totally untapped.

I mean who do you know who's marketing in the Plantar Fascilitis sphere?

Yet it's gets  300,000+ searches a month and is a REAL problem that people suffer from and need an INSTANT solution.

Origami niche - fold your way to riches!

Origami niche - fold your way to riches!

Or how about the Origami niche - who knew people folding paper was so popular?

If you check Amazon and Clickbank there's plenty of products on sale so people DO buy stuff.

Some times we need to step outside the box and look at something a little bit different, away from the obvious markets we constantly hear about and consider.

Most newcomer online marketers would stand a much better chance competing in some of these less obvious niches than trying to compete with everyone else in weight loss, internet marketing and dating.

So what are you waiting for? Pick one of these weird niches and get taking action!


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What do you think of these? Anything here you didn't know about and would like to get involved with?

Tell me in the comments section below. I always reply...

To date, Stuart has revealed well over 1,500 hot niches.

He's living his dream of being location independent, and having traveled the world, thanks to internet marketing.

The aim with Niche Hacks is to help you live your dream thanks to online marketing, whatever that may be.
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  1. Marc says:

    There are definitely some weird niches in there. I can't believe that many people search for "how to make slime".

    Some of the ones that stand out to me as the best opportunities are the ones related to health and dieting. I would think the competition would be higher in some of those niches, but there is usually money to be made through affiliate products, advertising, or even selling your own products.

    Thanks for the list.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Marc, good to see you commenting again. Yeah "how to make slime" is a weird one. Any of them you are thinking of trying out?

      • Marc says:

        No. I don't have enough time to manage my existing projects, so taking on anything new is definitely not an option for now.

  2. You are just brilliant Stuart. Love your stuff and what you come up with. I'm finishing up a few projects and then I'm definitely going to be starting on some of these weird niches. lol. Glad I have teenagers that I can 'outsource' to as well.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Ha ha Candace. Yes put the kids to good use. You'll turn them into niche marketers in no time! 😀

  3. Jochgem says:

    Hi Stuart,

    How about the commerciality of something like egg decorating? How can you make profit out of a niche like that?


    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Jochgem,

      Good question. Who knows if you can or not it's for you to explore further and find out. Possible you could sell them painting and decorating supplies and guides on how / what to paint but it might not be too profitable.

      It's just to give you some ideas away from the obvious niche markets.

      • [email protected] says:

        Hi Stuart,

        Thanks, was just wondering. It is good to think about commerciality before jumping in anything.. Cheers!

        • NicheHacks says:

          Yeah you are a 100% right you need to validate every niche for profitability before you get involved. Just looking at keyword volume is no use.

          You need to examine if there are people already competiting in the niche, products on sale, easy to find target audience online, blogs / forums / social media groups and so on.

          • Sassy Peach says:

            Hi Stuart,

            I'm new here and absolutely am a fan of your site and useful hints and recommendations. Just wondering you are going to post an article to help and show us how to examine and figure out if there are people already competiting in the niche, products on sale, easy to find target audience online, blogs / forums / social media groups and so on. Thx and looking forward to your reply.

          • Sassy Peach says:

            Hi Stuart,

            I'm new here and absolutely am a fan of your site and useful hints and recommendations. Just wondering if or when you are going to post an article to help and show us how to examine and figure out if there are people already competiting in the niche, products on sale, easy to find target audience online, blogs / forums / social media groups and so on. Thx and looking forward to your reply.

          • NicheHacks says:

            Yep Sassy (awesome name!) I already did...


  4. ruth says:

    i saw it says plantar fasciitis in google lol. i tried searching "plantar fascilitis" and it corrected me XD

  5. wanamaker says:

    I want to get started help please wanamaker

  6. wanamaker says:

    Can you show me how I can start with a website site and bring people to my offer please.

  7. phronesis says:

    Great. But how do one start a blog on any of these niches if one doesn't know anything about them?

  8. Arun says:

    Oh wow! Ninja training! How interesting. I've always wanted to be one.

  9. Joyce says:

    Hey there I so glad to be able to find this information am new and trying up and down to start my website and I understand there must be ups and downs. I have no idea how it works but reading this it makes me find ways. My big question is if you are promoting niches should your website look like a any online store or it should be a different layout. Am not sure if you can help me with this Ive tried for weeks to find out a better theme than will do well

    • NicheHacks says:

      Well if your website IS an online store then yes it should look like one but if it's not an online store then no probably not.

      If you just create a site that looks like an online store but whenever anyone clicks on anything they end up on Amazon or wherever then what's the point in them coming to your site n the first place? They would have been better to just have gone direct to Amazon.

      Whatever you do online you must provide the end user with value. If you're an affiliate they have to be able to find something on your site they can't find at the end retailer or otherwise why would they bother with you.

  10. joe d says:

    ok, i shared the site as required to get the excel of the 81 weird niches. so, where's the download link???

    • NicheHacks says:

      Did the social locker unlock? It should be hidden behind the social locker but it's sometimes problematic. If you shoot me an email I'll send them over to you.

  11. Mike says:

    Hi Stuart
    I bought internalwallgraphics.com with the intention of selling it. Seeing the amount of searches for wall decals and the fact that there are affiliate programs means I may decide to develop it out.
    So Thanks

    • NicheHacks says:

      Good stuff Mike, so what are your plans for it?

      • Mike says:

        I owned and sold a sign company many years ago and from my research this is still "trending" for some reason. I may still sell but I think I may just join the highest paying affiliate program, drive some traffic and then sell.
        I always like to way up my options.

        Your a breath of fresh air. I went through all my domain names and found angelfishcenter.com, might not be appealing to some but check out bettafishcenter.com. Making a small fortune!


  12. the shoez says:

    Did a search for kirigami and briefly looked at the first two domains in the rankings. (Wikipedia was first)

    2nd and 3rd is http://www.origami-resource-center,com. Mainly free content on the site. Compete,com shows almost 93k unique visitors/month. Monitization seems to be primarily adsense. They do origami book reviews that link to Amazon. And sell paper supplies- $3.50 for a pack of pre-cut paper. jeesh.

    4th is http://www.origami-instructions,com. As before, Mainly free content on the site. Compete shows monthly unique visitors to this site at just a shade over 250k 🙂 Monitization is a combination of adsense and a boat-load of other advertisers. They also sell supplies via Amazon affiliate program. Again, these supplies don't sell for huge dollar amounts.

    I've got a question Stuart. Do you have a rough guess what Adsense pays if you get 250k unique visitors per month. If you were getting this kind of traffic, could you do ok with just adsense?


    BTW, I'm new here. Love you site. I'm spending way, way too much time here. Not getting much other work done.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey, I'm not the person to advise on Adsense. Not my thing. Must be some info online about payouts though.

      A quick Google search tells me that 68% of what advertisers pay goes to you through Adsense for everyone who clicks. So use Google Keyword Planner Tool to see what the cost on your keywords is.


  13. Deborah says:

    I tweeted your 81 weird niches. How will I receive the Excel spreadsheet?
    Thank you,